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Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 725

Episode 725

“Isn’t the floor too slippery? “Can I help you clean up?”

As the seniors kept falling, Lee Han looked puzzled and asked.

Professor Verdus looked at the floor and looked irritated.

“Why is that floor so slippery that I keep getting in your way!”

“Didn’t the professor just throw it away after the experiment?”

Professor Verdus protested Lee Han’s suspicions as if they were nonsense.

“Students clean up!”


Lee Han shook his head at the words of Professor Verdus, who never said, ‘I didn’t do that.’

“Seniors. “I’ll help you…”

“I said it’s okay!”

“Wardanaz. Do you think your seniors are idiots who can’t even control a slippery floor? “Do we look like Baldrogard students?”

When the seniors complained, Lee Han was a little dumbfounded.

Didn’t he fall twice right away?

If the opponent had been Gai Nando, the wand would have gone out first to tell him not to talk nonsense.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t worry about that. “Try casting magic absorption.”

Professor Verdus stamped his foot impatiently.

I’ve already wasted 58 seconds because of that trashy floor.

“Magic power, be absorbed by the rules of Bible.”

Slowly –

While Professor Lee Han and Verdus were putting their heads close to the workbench, the seniors were quietly moving their chairs.

Did that junior really learn < Bible's Magic Absorption Grant >?

“No matter how much he is, doesn’t that just… make no sense?”

“I can’t believe I even learned < Bible’s Magical Radiation Grant > in the first place.”

“Sigunting. You are from the school of granting magic. what do you think about it.”

A third-year dwarf student with a geometrically braided beard had a cautious expression.

And then he opened his mouth.

“hmm. “I’m not sure because I’m not interested in other students.”



‘You piece of trash.’

Students from other schools looked at him with disdain.

Of course, they could not conscientiously take good care of their juniors. Because I was busy right now just solving their lecture assignments and conducting research.

However, the Buyeo magic school was a bit harsh.

A school where students often forget the names of their professors and seniors sometimes forget the existence of their juniors.

Looking from the outside, you could even wonder why it was called a school.

‘Isn’t it right that those guys just work separately?’

“< Bible’s magic absorption grant > is a difficult magic, right? “I’m not mistaken, am I?”

“It’s like that.”

There was a reason why the students in the classroom were shocked when they heard the name of magic.

Bible’s magic control magic series was a huge barrier to students who did not major in the magic school.

Surprisingly, even if one did not major in that school of magic, there were many cases where one or two magics were learned as needed.

Thanks to the unique usefulness of enchantment, the number of students from other schools taking related lectures has increased considerably.

Aren’t there many students from other schools listening to the lecture right now?

Of course, since they did not major in a school, it was difficult to learn magic of high difficulty, but the students did not want to go that far in the first place.

What students from other schools wanted was magic that was easy to learn and highly versatile, so it could be applied to their own school’s magic…

-Now. Everyone take it. It’s the professor’s < Bible's magic release grant > magic. It is much better and more convenient than existing magic attribute conversion magic.

-Wow, can I just give this away?

-The professor doesn’t care anyway. Anyway, what you want is roughly in these magics, so learn them well.

-thanks. … for a moment. Is this something you can learn?

Although it was superior and more convenient than existing magic, students who did not major in the Buyeo School of Magic had no choice but to reject it as it required memorizing much more detailed and complex movements and understanding the principles.

Even students majoring in the Buyeo School of Magic often failed to master a few things.

“Then it’s really great. “I started by learning emanation and learned absorption so quickly.”

“no. Is that possible? Sigunting. “I know you’re not interested, but what about your standards?”

Si Gunting said nothing. The students were puzzled and grabbed Xi Gunting and shook him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“ah. sorry. “After today’s lecture, I was thinking about what to ask my junior to do.”


The seniors pushed Si Gun Ting back.

When Lee Han raised his head, his seniors shouted first.

“The floor is really fine now!”

“Don’t worry, even if you roll a well-oiled wagon wheel, it will stop up here! “Concentrate again!”

“it’s okay. “The work is all done.”


* * *

While his seniors were talking in front of him, Lee Han helped Professor Verdus and additionally learned amplification, increase in volume, acceleration, explosion, curve, and illusion magic.

Professor Verdus, excited by the speed of work that was incomparable to usual, shouted with momentum.

“Next task too!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Professor.”

Professor Verdus complained that his student was too uninterested and unenthusiastic about magic, but Lee Han ignored him.

Now Lee Han also had to prepare according to the lecture content.

‘It seems like I lost all my strength before the lecture started.’

After checking the chairs and floor just in case (the classroom seemed particularly slippery today), Lee Han sat down.

As you can guess from the lecture < Wand Materials and Magic Amplification >, the performance of a wand varies depending on what materials are mixed and how.

For example, if you make the frame of a staff out of blue water wood and put the fragments left behind by the Great Duke of the Deep Sea inside, the staff will become a truly extreme staff specializing in the water element.

If you make a frame with demonic metal and draw a pattern with devil’s blood, you will have an advantage when casting a devil summoning spell.

‘A cane that is easy enough for me to use and has decent performance.’

The cane that Lee Han uses now was a cane made by a talking oak tree.

The first basic wand was made by Einroguard, so its shape and balance were close to perfect, but it did not have particularly strong power or magic hidden in it.

– While the professor is blocking you, take it and run away!

-These bandits! You are now stealing rightful property protected by imperial law!

-Are you bringing up the imperial law to say that there is no one who does not follow the imperial law as much as the professor?

There was a loud noise next to him, but Lee Han ignored it to concentrate.

The walking stick made by the talking oak tree contained a tree spirit.

There’s even a frost giant king and a space moving statue.

The body of the staff was inhabited by a tree spirit, and the tip was encrusted with the blue ore of the Frost Giant King and the ore of the Space Shifting Statue.

‘It’s possible to move it, but we’ll have to take that into consideration when making it.’

It was not good to force a force that was too strong for the cane to withstand.

In the worst case, the wand could crack or break.

-oh my god! I really learned it! Look at this!

-Ainrogard’s miracle!

-How on earth is this possible? for a moment. Isn’t this amplification? Did he also do the amplification?

-Give it to me! You bandits!


-shit. You’re already back! Everyone scatter! Take your time!

Lee Han drew a simple magic circle and prepared a summoning spell.

When Lee Han first received this wand, he could not use a few magics, but now that he has spent time in Einroguard, the number of magics he can use has increased considerably.

The magic I am going to use now is Circle 2 < Lesser Spirit Conversation >.

It is a magic that falls under the school of summoning magic and attempts to ask a few questions to a spirit that has not made a contract.

Lee Han was unable to use it since he had very few encounters with spirits, but he studied it diligently.

‘It’s good that you learned it. After all, if you learn magic, you won’t lose anything.’

Lee Han cast a spell to ask a question to the tree spirit of the staff.

“Spirit. Please answer the question.”

The spell was cast accurately, but no answer came back from the spirit.


Lee Han wondered if he had made a mistake.

Since I had never done it before, it was difficult to figure out what was wrong.

“Senior… Senior, what happened?!”

Only then did Lee Han look around and realize that his seniors were limping and bleeding from their noses.

“not a big deal.”

“Are you trying to learn Professor Verdus’ magic again?”

“That’s the way it is.”

“You are amazing.”

As the junior gave a look of respect, the seniors felt a pang of conscience.

I couldn’t say, ‘I had a fight to check whether you really cooked it or not.’

“The great thing is that you are great. “This is the first time I’ve seen a student who has the ability to help Professor Verdus with his work.”


Lee Han did not understand.

Of course, Lee Han had special advantages in some aspects of Buyeo magic, but there were definitely seniors in the Buyeo magic school who were better than Lee Han.

“Aren’t there seniors at the Buyeo Magic School?”

“ah. “People who have the ability to help Professor Verdus don’t help him and usually use their own magic.”


Lee Han felt bitter as he realized once again the bleak human relationships within the Buyeo School of Magic.

‘When I think about it, if my seniors had taken on Professor Verdus’ work, I wouldn’t have had to suffer like this.’

Lee Han thought so, not realizing that due to the nature of his magical power, he would unconditionally participate even if his seniors took on the task.

“Seniors. “Could you please check if there is anything wrong with this spell?”

“Improvement magic? “I think you’ll be better than me when it comes to enchantment.”

“haha. “You’re joking too far.”

“It’s not a joke.”

“All right. Thank you for the compliment.”

“No, it’s not really a joke…”

The senior was dumbfounded, but first confirmed the problem Lee Han had mentioned.

It was a staff with a tree spirit, but even when I cast < Lesser Spirit Conversation >, there was no response.

“Did you cast the spell properly? “There doesn’t seem to be any problem.”

“Is that so?”

“Let me try casting again.”

The senior waved his staff and cast < Lesser Spirit Conversation >.

Looking at that scene, Lee Han suddenly felt ominous.

‘…I’m sure you didn’t answer because you were scared.’

“Spirit. Are you listening?”

A positive symbol was drawn on the front of the wand and then disappeared.

“Is it okay? What a strange thing. “What was the reason?”

The senior was lost in thought.

As this magic can only be answered as right or wrong, the questioner also had to ask somewhat sharp questions.

“Seniors. “Please ask me if I didn’t answer because I was scared.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

The senior burst into laughter at Lee Han’s words.

“hey. Of course, you may seem scary to Einrogard students. “Because I’m listening to all the schools.”


Lee Han glared at his senior with a shocked expression.

“But the spirits are not afraid of such things.”

“Try it.”

“okay. okay. “Are you afraid of this wizard here that you didn’t answer?”

Surprisingly, the answer was negative.

Lee Han was startled, grabbed his senior’s shoulder tightly and shouted.

“Seniors. Look!!! They say the spirits are not afraid of me!!!”

“That’s right. Congratulations. I don’t know why you’re so happy, but can you lighten up? “The collarbone I broke earlier because of Professor Verdus still hurts.”


The senior, who was freed from his strong grip, rubbed his shoulders and was lost in thought.

“hmm. “I really don’t know why.”

“I was going to ask you a few questions about making a new wand…”

“Well. I can’t help it. “Let’s ask everything we can.”

The senior took out a book on spirit summoning magic from his pocket and asked questions one after another.

“Is it because you made a contract with an evil being?”


“Have you ever had an overly dangerous fight?”


“…what’s the matter? “Where does it hurt?”

“No, please continue.”

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Life of a Magic Academy Mage

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