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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 610

[Musin Returns to Level 2 Episode 610]

-No, why is the Cosmic Heavenly Demon so strong?

-Why do you get so upset about chopping with a sword and stroking your beard? ㅡㅡ

– In the past, when I was serving as the servant of Musin, I heard about Sedan and thought that he was more ostentatious than Mushin… but it’s a different level, isn’t it?

-Are any players awake? Let’s make a strategy;

While playing the newly added game type, ‘Tower’.

The alien players were completely destroyed by ‘Dongbangsak’, an enemy that always appears on the 20th floor.

They gathered their collective intelligence to attack Dongbangsak in their own way.

-No, you have to block the blow or make a strategy…

-Oh, I know that. If the old man takes out the sword, the game is over haha

-ㄹㅇ I don’t know what he does with the sword, but as long as he takes it out, the game is over…

As soon as Dongbangsak took out his sword, whoever the player was would be cut down, making it impossible to create a strategy.

“You’re complaining.”

Meanwhile, Jihan Seong looked at the reactions of alien players on his channel and smiled.

Dongbangsakgi, called the Universe Cheonma.

It also pops out from the 20th floor and cuts them all down, so it seems plausible.

“That old man was a bit harsh…”

“Did you meet him too?”

“Yeah… I thought I saw a sword, but he died in an instant.”

Yoon Se-ah touches her neck and says she still doesn’t know why she died.

“But why does that old man always come out? “Hasn’t he passed away?”

I asked Seong Ji-han why Dongbangsak appeared.

“ah. That’s because… the tower content hasn’t been updated after the 20th floor yet.”


“So I needed to have the strongest finisher I know.”

Game type ‘Tower’.

Unlike the other four game types, this game came in the middle.

Without even having time to settle into Battle.net, I was immediately matched with one of the games.

The tower matching started before Seong Ji-han could properly prepare.

The game system was basically a way for each player to determine victory or defeat based on who could climb the tower higher first.

Treatment of supporters, individual and group exhibitions.

Play style during matching, etc.

There were a lot of things that needed to be established as the owner of the ‘tower’.

‘But I didn’t have time for that.’

In that situation, what caught Seong Ji-han’s eye was.

It was the final boss setting of the tower.

The final boss where he could choose one of the players he had encountered so far.

As soon as Seong Ji-han saw it, he immediately chose ‘Dongbangsak’ as the final boss of the tower without much hesitation.

If so.

No matter how much stat correction was done or not.

Because I had no doubt that I would beat all the players.


‘He lived up to my expectations wonderfully.’

On the tower map, where content has not yet been updated beyond the 20th floor.

Dongbangsak ruled with an iron wall.

Whoever the challenger is.

When Dongbangsak took out his sword, everyone was cut down.

“So… when the tower content is updated, the old man won’t appear?”

“no. “We should keep it on the top floor.”

“Ugh. why?”

I thought it was a temporary ending only during the update.

Yoon Se-ah was disgusted by Seong Ji-han’s story that Dongbangsak would continue to reign on the top floor of the tower.

Yoon Se-ah also fought against many opponents.

This was because Dongbangsak had no confidence in winning.

“I shouldn’t give the right to challenge the God of War to just anyone.”

“omg. “Is that the reward you get when you clear the tower?”


“Hmm… Didn’t you feel like in the past, please participate as much as possible, Tower of War?”

Seong Ji-han nodded at those words.

Definitely in the past.

They even posted an image on BattleTube that you could click on to enter right away, asking people to just come to the Tower of War.

This tower shape can be accessed by players from all over the universe with just a click.

Because it was enough to be used with the power of white light possessed by Seong Ji-han.


‘There’s no need for that anymore.’

The purpose of running the Tower of War was primarily to raise Seong Ji-han’s level.

Secondly, it was to foster humanity.

Among these, the primary purpose is to replace ‘Tower’ with a completely upward compatible one.

Seong Ji-han’s level growth rate was dozens of times faster than when he was running the Tower of War.

That’s right too.

‘While only a portion of the Tower of War can be entered, the Tower applies to the entire Battle.net.’

No matter how famous Seong Ji-han is on BattleTube.

On Battle.net, new races that could not even watch alien channels made up a large portion.

So, of course, they didn’t even know that the Tower of War God existed.

In ‘Tower’, if these people play the game, they have a 1/5 chance of getting caught.

The number of people playing was incomparable to before.


‘There is no need to open the Tower of War God separately.’

And the previously used Tower of War is finally fused into the ‘Tower’.

Seong Ji-han had made such a plan and was proceeding with the update step by step.


“If my uncle doesn’t run the Tower of War… the place to level up humanity will disappear.”

This is the second reason for running the Tower of War.

Its usefulness as a ‘place for humanity to level up’ has disappeared.

Although I did get one win through the Void Follower’s self-destruction.

Humanity still has a long way to go in the Gold League.

The Tower of War was a means for humanity to catch up with the competing races of the League.

However, if this disappears, it will be more difficult to narrow the gap with competing races.

Let’s say Yoon Se-ah is so sad that the Tower of Musin is abolished.

“We have prepared measures for that as well.”

“This too?”

“uh. “You will find out when the update is finished.”

When Seong Ji-han answers like that.


[Partial updates to ‘Tower’ have been completed.]

Finally, a message appeared saying that some updates had been completed.

“uh. uncle. A message appeared for me too. “The tower has been updated.”

“Looks like it’s going to all the players.”

While running the Tower of War separately.

Now that it’s part of the Battle.net system, it’s definitely different.


-Are you finally not seeing the old man?

-Yeah, it should have been patched a long time ago… The game is meant to be cleared

-ㄹㅇ Well, let that guy be the gatekeeper on the 20th floor

-Will it be easier to attack now? I want to challenge it quickly

-Stat enemy…please let me get it this time…

Has the news of the update also reached other alien players?

Everyone gathered at the sacred channel and prayed for Dongbangsak to disappear.

‘It seems like the final boss of the tower has been chosen to be that old man…’

It was around this time that Yoon Se-ah looked at the alien’s appeal with pity.


For human players only, additionally.

[In the realm of ‘NO.4212 Humanity’, the shape of a tower is revealed.]

One more message came to mind.

* * *

The summit of Namsan Mountain.

A huge, translucent blue tower was created in the place where the Government General was located.

[…So, that’s the newly added tower?]


Calaine looked up at the top of the tower with her mouth wide open.

A huge blue tower stretching all the way to the sky.

Is this the ‘tower’ that has recently become a hot topic on Battle.net?

[If I come in, can I play the game?]

“It’s possible.”

[Wow… that’s fascinating. For game types such as survival or defense, there is no way to always enter. Only towers are given this exception. Isn’t this too much of a scam?]

The biggest limitation of Battle.net was that you can only play once a day.

If you use that tower built on Namsan Mountain, wouldn’t you be completely free from these restrictions?

Even though Calaine has administrator privileges, let’s say this is too much of a scam.

Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders.

“It also depends on the settings. Even in survival or defense, there may be places we don’t know about.”

[Oh… really?]

“Uh. “More than that, what happened to you creating an undead park?”

[That… is still under construction. If you try to do something. [Something always happens on this mountain and it drives me crazy.]

Calaine made Namsan an excuse for the delay in the Undead Park.

Do it.

Because something appears and disappears every time.

There will be many cases where things go against the initial plan.


“Don’t try to make something great, just create something that will help you level up.”

[Um… aren’t you too bored for that? People should also have fun conquering it…]

“Even if you twist your undead park and make it complicated, you won’t be able to level up any more, right?”


“Let’s just put a few coffins next to that tower and have the players destroy the undead.”

Seong Ji-han pointed to the empty space next to the tower and spoke indifferently.

[no. Coffin…? It’s not like we’re going to build a tomb, so you’re just going to make my undead pop out of the coffin?]

“Huh. “It’s used as a way to level up before arriving at the tower.”

[Wow, that’s too much…! Then it’s just a level up offering! Mechanically destroying my undead and leveling up, without any sense of aesthetics…!]

“Uh. “That’s what I want.”

What kind of undead theme park is this?

To level up easily, just place a coffin next to the tower and destroy it.

Let’s create a route that places extreme emphasis on efficiency, as Seong Ji-han did.

Just right. Just right.

Calaine gritted her teeth and protested.

[no. That’s too much! Anyway, I have to prepare a great stage for my revolutionary comrades!]

“It’s a great stage… Well. okay. I’ll leave you one floor in the tower, too. then.”

[Respawning in some kind of coffin, broken… Not even an aesthetic sense… Huh?]

Calaine was excited for a while.

When Seong Ji-han offered to entrust me with one floor, my mood suddenly subsided.

[They said they would leave it to me on one floor…?]

“Uh. Just like there was Dongbangsak on the 20th floor. I’ll also let you appear randomly in the middle floor. There, you can create a floor with any theme you want.”

[Hey, over there. Then… what’s good?]

“On Battle.net, the owner of the floor will be given a separate reward. You can think of it as a usage fee. If you don’t like it, tell other players…”

Before Seong Ji-han could finish his words.


Around the tower, dozens of coffins made of bone began to rise.

[ruler. ruler! I did as requested. Tower owner! As human players go to work at the tower, all they have to do is put the vampire head and heart in that coffin!]

“…Was it possible to do it right away like this?”

[Giggle. If you don’t worry about the concept and just offer it as a level-up sacrifice, you can wear it right away! ruler. So, now that the work is over, what floor will I be assigned to…?]

Seong Ji-han chuckled as he saw Calaine’s eyes sparkling as she looked at the tower.

“I also have to think of a top concept, so just wait.”

[no. What a top concept!]

“You are the one. “I’ve been procrastinating on such an easy task, so I should wait just as long as I did, right?”


Calaine couldn’t reply to those words.

Jerk. Jerk.

Seong Ji-han walked towards the tower.

“I need to meet the owner of the top floor. “I can’t make an assignment right now.”

[Owner of the top floor? Space Heavenly Demon? That person is dead, right? Aren’t the ones in the tower like NPCs anyway?]

“Originally, that’s right….”

[Originally? Then you’re saying they’re not NPCs?]

He didn’t answer that question.


I stood in front of the tower.

“To the top floor.”

Let him say that.


A new form of Seong Ji-han that is engulfed in blue light and disappears.

His body had already arrived at the top floor.

And, there.


Even though Seong Ji-han came, Dongbangsak had blank eyes.

He continued to stroke his own beard.

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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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