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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 666

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[It means depriving the Arc and the system, and by extension, the authority of the Overmind… That’s a good idea, but is it possible?]

Then, the red manager pointed with his finger in the direction where the Overhead was located.

[How can we deprive ourselves of authority in a situation where we cannot even fight against the light of the Transcendental Body? It is more dangerous if you touch it for no reason and cannot maintain the status quo.]

“…This guy. “They come out of nowhere and are very keen to maintain the current system.”

[Shouldn’t we prevent the destruction of server 4212?]

After learning that the server is not a virtual world but reality.

Kang Sang-wae is determined to take revenge on the remains of the black administrator that remains on the server connection device, minus the helmet.

Managers in red are told to respond more realistically.

If you look at it objectively, the red manager’s story was correct.

If you react emotionally here and the server gets reset.

Because in the end, everything came to an end.


“If we continue the way we are now, I won’t be able to endure it.”




[Why can’t I hold on? Didn’t they prepare their own means of staying in the Ark?]

“If you just hold out, you will fall prey to Mithra’s intentions.”

Mithra attempted to control the Overmind by creating several beings equal to himself.

He was firmly convinced that even if he left Seong Ji-han alone, he would eventually join him.

“Definitely, my perspective on the world has changed since analysis began. “If time passes like this, you will start thinking like Mithra.”

[If they are like Mithras…]

“They will view their own people as insects and recognize that a world that is seen as code is something that can be overthrown at any time.”

Except for a few beings that the system did not understand.

A world that appears entirely as code.

For Seong Ji-han, code is not just visible.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I thought I could make something similar to this by making additions and modifications through the system.

‘If I completely copy my sister’s code I saw earlier and create a new one, I might be able to achieve perfect replication…’

Of course, I had no intention of doing this at all.

If this is successful by creating or modifying it through code.

The real self is a being completely separate from humans.

Because we will become like the ‘Gods of Mithra’ that Mithra spoke of.

[In the end, we have to deal with the matter here before our people look like even more worthless bugs.]

“Well, to put it simply, that’s right.”

[hmm. I don’t understand why so much value is placed on the old compatriots rather than on raising the status of existence…]

Seong Ji-han quietly watched the red giant as he heard those words.

Come to think of it, this red manager also used the ‘enemy clan’ for his own needs.

In some ways, Mitra and this guy are just different in scale.

Isn’t it something similar?

“hey. If you are following Mithra, tell me quickly. “I will destroy it right away.”

[no. In the past, I was overwhelmed by his and the new humanity’s technology, but now it’s different. Didn’t that brilliant new human system not understand me properly?]

Was it really that good that I wasn’t completely analyzed?

From then on, he became a red-faced manager.


[If you want to collapse the current system, I will actively help you. And later I will create my own system. Through my ability to understand the system, I can create a more perfect system…] You

are very ambitious.

From daotranslate dot com

Kang Sang frowned as he watched the red-haired manager openly revealing his aspirations.

“After all, wouldn’t it be better to kill that guy now? “Someone like that will end up in trouble later.”

[Don’t worry about that. I’m going to a faraway place so I don’t have to get involved with you guys. I also don’t want my system to be ruined by monsters like you.]

“After hearing that, I think I need to cut it in the bud even more…”

“I need his help right now. Let’s leave it alone for now. “You can do it at any time.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


At Seong Ji-han’s words, Kang Sang-eun glared at the red giant and put away his sword.

“Good. “But if that guy does something stupid, I’ll cut his head off right away.”

“yes. “Yes, please.”

“So… what are you going to do from now on?”

Seong Ji-han smiled at Kang Sang’s question.

“For now, I plan to only do things that the black manager would dislike.”

“Something you don’t like?”


At the same time, Seong Ji-han recalled the time when he encountered the main body of Uld in the past.

From daotranslate dot com

-First, we need to saturate the data on the server.

This is what Uld first said when he persuaded Seong Jihan to share the power of the Overmind.

In the past, I thought I just said something to take advantage of Seong Ji-han.

‘It’s suspicious that the dark manager even talked about himself as a data management AI.’

Honestly, if you’re going to pretend to be an AI, there are a lot of things to name.

Isn’t there a reason why we say ‘data management’ so specifically?

Seong Ji-han thought about this and opened his mouth.

“Let’s saturate the data.”

* * *

The center of the arc.

Beep. Beep.

Seong Ji-han was manipulating the new human machinery with skillful hands.

Unlike when I first encountered this, I feel like I have become an expert in my movements.

[Now there is no need for me to give advice.]

The red manager who gained the body of a red giant and followed in his footsteps.

I looked at Seong Ji-han with his arms crossed.

Definitely since absorbing Mithra’s power.

Unlike before, Seong Ji-han was extremely skilled in operating the device.

“no. It’s still not enough. So, don’t be distracted and just help out.”

[I understand.]

Meanwhile, the red-haired manager is talking about equipment with Seong Ji-han.

Kang Sang quietly looked at the machine submerged in light and gently stroked his beard.

“…I have no idea about reporting. “What are you doing now?”

“We are trying to saturate the data on the system.”


“yes. “First of all, we are eliminating the loss penalty.”

“If it’s a loss penalty…”

“If we end up at the bottom of the Bronze League and get relegated, won’t the world end?”

“I heard about it… but did it really happen?”

Kang Sang expressed doubts about the story that the world will end if the team is relegated from the Bronze League.

Do it.

The humans of the Murim Empire where he was, unlike the current humans, have reached the Platinum League.

If you get relegated from the league, there is no way you would know the fear of being ‘erased’.

“Hmm… But I don’t know what that has to do with data. “What is the data here in the first place?”

To the lecture’s question.

Beep. Beep…

Seong Ji-han answered by changing the settings of the device.

“Everything that falls within the realm of the system.”


“yes. “It contains information not only on the races that participated in, but also on the planets they live on.”

“Is it that extensive…?”


“Huh. But can we exceed the data just by preventing demotion?”

[He’s so busy, but he has a lot of questions.] The

red-haired manager who was assisting Seong Ji-han said something while looking at Kang Sang, who kept asking questions.

[Anyway, wouldn’t learning about the data help you?]

“…What? “Is that really what you’re saying to Jim?”

[okay. I don’t know why something that was merely a weapon wasn’t analyzed… After all, isn’t it your sword? If it’s a sword, just quietly stand guard.]

Unlike the red manager, who was more than half analyzed by the system.

A martial arts sword that had not been analyzed at all.

The red manager was not very cooperative with Kang Sang, perhaps because he did not like it.

“Huh… this guy. “Can I cut it?”

“hmm. We need him right now. “Please be patient for a moment.”

The red manager guy.

It’s good that the momentum is up, but it’s too much.

‘No matter how strong the body is now, honestly, it would be destroyed in one hit by the martial arts sword…’ He said

he doesn’t know how to be scared of a one-day puppy tiger.

The red manager had been overly confident ever since he entered the red giant’s body.

Although Hephaestus’ body was very well completed.

Even so, if Kang Sang turns his eyes, he will be destroyed with a single sword…

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Don’t start a fight that doesn’t matter. “If it disappears, it cannot be revived.”

Despite Seong Ji-han’s warning.

[no. I deserve it.]

The manager in red continued to maintain his current attitude.


What do you believe in and do that?

When Seong Ji-han looks at the red manager with puzzled eyes.

“Okay… I won’t kill you like my son-in-law said. But I don’t think I can leave it like this. “It looks like you need some training.”

Kang Sang was also wiggling his eyebrows and trying to take out his sword.

I wonder if it was Dongbangsak.

The emperor is not the type to tolerate this quietly.

“After seeing my son-in-law, I will just cut off his arms and legs.”

Let’s try to educate Kang Sang like that.

The red-haired manager spread his palms.

[Can I really come out like that? I have important data?]



The hand is on fire and above it.

A sparkling sphere of light appeared.

“What is that?”

[This is human backup data from server 2101.]


Kang Sang opens his eyes wide at those words.

Seong Ji-han was also surprised and opened his mouth.

“what? Why do you have that on you?”

[Uld ordered backup within this body. At first, I didn’t know what this cluster of lights was, but after working as your assistant here, I figured out its identity.]

“It’s our empire’s backup data…?”

[okay. Of course, Hephaestus’s capacity is limited, so it only seems to have stored humanity’s data.]

Then, the red manager patted his body.


From daotranslate dot com

A huge cluster of lights appeared in front of him.

Is that a collection of human information from the world where Kang Sang was located?

Around this time, Seong Ji-han was looking at this closely.

Kang Sang opened his mouth with a calm expression.

“…If that’s true, then you have the right to argue with me.”

[You understand quickly.]

“What do you want from me?”

[I don’t really want anything from you. ah. I wish you would shut your mouth. Because I can’t concentrate.]


Kang-sang’s face turned red when he was told to just shut up.

Tuk. Tuk.

The red manager tapped the halo of light and said.

[Blue manager. How about installing this backup data on our server?]


[Isn’t our goal to exceed data?]


The red giant smiled darkly.

[In that case, it would be nice to prevent deletion, but it would be faster to install it.]

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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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[NO. 4212. ‘Humanity’ was defeated in the relegation war.] [The obliteration of mankind begins.] After the last survivors on Earth failed the final mission and perished, he was given a chance to return to the ‘first entry point’ before the world was doomed to end. -I, Sejin Yoon, have decided to live as a Japanese from this point forward! –From now on, please call me Ryuhei Ito. As soon as he opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was the news of his brother-in-law’s betrayal, the “current king of swords” in Korea. “…that’s it, I’ll take care of this bastard first!” Watch the relentless steps of the Korean martial artist, Seong Ji-han, who will save the future from destruction and achieve peace with his thorough planning for a thorough revenge! [MTL]


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