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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 667

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‘Data installation….’

‘Humanity’ data from server 2101, where Kang Sang worked.

If you install this on the current server as the red administrator said.

Are all the subjects of Gangsang’s empire resurrected?

“Please give me that.”

Let Seong Ji-han extend his hand.


A swarm of light summoned by the red manager flew towards him.

Let him touch here.

It appeared that a huge amount of code had been compressed.

At first, I was puzzled as to how Uld, who could only use time reversal, managed to compress it so elaborately.

‘Data backup was done with the devices here.’

Seong Ji-han was able to find out how data backup was done by looking at the mechanical devices located in the center of the Ark.


‘We can analyze data here.’


Let’s put the light beam received from the red manager into the analysis device.

[Analyzing compressed data…]

[Sort players by level.]

With the message.


The image of a high-level player began to appear above the analysis device like a hologram.

The first person to appear was a woman with short black hair.

‘This person, not the emperor, is the level 1 on server 2101…? ah. Gangsang is stored in the Ark in the form of a martial arts sword, so it is not in the data.’

So this woman is the second strongest on server 2101?

When Seong Ji-han looks at the woman with such a cold expression.

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“…I guess it really is backup data. “I can’t believe Seolyoung showed up…”

“Do you know him?”

“That kid is your mate.”

Oh no way.

“Is this your youngest daughter? “I heard there is no 100 year age difference…?”

“I see. Seolyoung Kang. “She is my youngest daughter.”

Kang Sang stroked his beard and looked at the woman in the hologram.

“Looking at it like this, it really suits you. “There is a slight difference in age, but on the outside, don’t they look like they are the same age?”

As Kang-sang said, she is a woman who appears to be the same age as Seong Ji-han.

I felt like I knew why he tried to get involved with me.

‘If I save them through this data, I might push for marriage even further…’

Well, I guess I’ll think about it later.

Seong Ji-han tried to find out how to install the data.

“…No matter how much I search, I can only analyze data through devices?”

“Hmm. Is installation… impossible?”

I couldn’t actually find a process for ‘installing’ the backup data.

‘It seems like everything can be done here, but the limitations are clear.’

Although it is possible to change the current system and modify the data processing method.

Is it impossible to reinstall old data?

It was around this time that Seong Ji-han looked further to see if there was a way.

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[If you can’t find the answer here, why not look for it somewhere else?]

“…What does that mean?”

[Okay… don’t you think there is a solution in Mithra’s power?] The

red manager said that in a meaningful tone.

“By the power of Mithras…?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[Yes. Think about it carefully… There must be a way for you.]

A red-haired manager who seems to know something.

Seong Ji-han looked at that and his expression hardened.

This guy’s attitude is so different compared to when he was trapped in Cheonghong…?


‘…Installing data through the power of Mithra ultimately means entering the realm of creation.’

Seong Ji-han is currently making a conscious effort not to assimilate with Mithra.

However, if you do ‘creation’ through data restoration here.

There was a risk that such efforts would be in vain.

Especially not by restoring it through that mechanical device.

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If you copy the code with Seong Ji-han’s power of light and create an identical being.

Because this was truly reaching the realm of God.

‘…If you do that, you might end up like Mithra in an instant.’

I was already feeling a sense of strangeness just by looking at the code.

Even creating here?

Then, dehumanization would accelerate.

Seong Ji-han recognized this and looked at the red manager again.

He took out the human data from server 2101.

The person who keeps recommending data recovery to Seong Ji-han.

‘It certainly seems like his behavior has changed compared to when he was in Cheonghong. Especially after entering Hephaestus’ body…’

Seong Ji-han closed his eyes.

“Red manager. “Is there something strange about you?”

[How strange. What do you mean?]

“The data from server 2101 was suddenly taken out. As for urging you to use Mithra’s power… the timing is really odd.”

[hmm? Do you really doubt me? It’s unfair. I just found the data in Hephaestus.]

The red giant shrugged his shoulders and expressed his frustration at Seong Ji-han’s question.

[And… Haven’t you received any help from that person so far? Would it be okay to do that much?]

“I don’t know. First of all, with the power of light that I possess…”


Seong Ji-han looked straight at the power of light he possessed.

Powers of Light with numerous items listed.

Still, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can actually be ‘created’ by writing down code.


To Seong Ji-han, who was looking through the items to see if there was anything.

A power came into view.

That’s right.

[‘Materialization’ – 99% success rate]

A power that has not been seen before in the expandable power category.

It was ‘substantialization’.

* * *

‘The success rate was 5%, but when did it become 99%…?’

Could this be after the code was recognized?

When Seong Ji-han saw the materialization, he instinctively realized that it was the power to create through code.

‘If I learn this and materialize that data… will I be able to save the people in the river?’

If that data is installed on this server through ‘materialization’.

Wouldn’t it be possible to revive Kang Sang’s imperial subjects?

It was around this time that Seong Ji-han quietly watched the materialization item.

[Did you find it?]

The manager in red asked him a question.

“Well, that’s fine. “I guess it doesn’t apply.”

[Hehe… Is that so? That’s strange. If it looks like code, it obviously means there is a way to write it. I think it would be a good idea to look into it carefully.]

Even though he initially denied it.

The red-haired manager once again reveals a strange confidence, saying that there is no way there is no way for you.

Seong Ji-han quietly watched him.


I summoned Cheonghong.

Blue-red with only a blue border forming, with the red energy inside disappearing.

He aimed the sword at the red manager.

“hey. “Please come back first.”

[…Go back in there? “You’ll need my help handling these devices, right?]

“I can do it without you. “It’s just slower than planned.”

Seong Ji-han then continued speaking slowly.

“Your behavior has been strange since you entered Hephaestus… First, please re-enter Cheonghong.”

The red-haired manager has been feeling a bit uneasy since a while ago.

Still, Seong Ji-han was going to give him one chance once he came to Cheonghong.

Because there was no solid evidence right now and it was only a stage of suspicion.


[her. I’m just giving you advice… but aren’t your suspicions absurd? Kang Sang. Don’t you feel strange too?]

Instead of the red manager obediently entering the blue and red.

Rather, it was stimulating Kang Sang.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[It certainly seems like he has a method. You only made a promise, but when it came time to actually carry it out, you didn’t fulfill it.]

“…It’s a promise.”

[Yes. Even though he can save the subjects of your empire… he avoids the solution and blindly tries to put me to the sword. Should we just leave it like this? If I am trapped in Cheonghong, your world will end forever.]


[Protect me. Kang Sang. And let’s negotiate with him… That’s the way to resurrect your family.] The

red manager told Kang Sang to keep quiet just a moment ago.

Now they were actively trying to appease.

I really don’t want to come back to Cheonghong.

‘Somehow, doubt turns to certainty…’

When Seong Ji-han’s expression became cold.

Kang Sang slowly moved his hand behind Hephaestus.



Hephaestus’ head was cut off in an instant and he fell to the ground.

[…Is this your choice?]


The head of the giant who fell to the ground spun around and looked at Kang Sang.

[Are you giving up on your family and the resurrection of the empire?]

“What I promised to do with him was revenge. “Not the resurrection of the subjects of the empire.”

[…You guy. Just a little while ago, I was so happy…]

“Of course I had to be happy to see Jim’s child. but.”


Let Kang Sang swing his sword one more time.

Hephaestus’ whole body was crushed all at once and began to disappear in an instant.

“If the son-in-law is assimilated with Mithra while trying to save the subjects of the empire… it will ultimately lead to everything going wrong.”

[No… You’re doing everything wrong? What he will do is creation. It is a miracle that creates something real from a piece of data. Are you going to miss the opportunity to see it clearly with your own eyes from the side?]

Hephaestus is even more excited even though only his neck is left from the giant’s body.

Kang Sang looked down at the giant’s head and said to Seong Ji-han.

“You clearly showed your true colors. “Will you take care of the last part?”

“…All right.”

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Let Seong Ji-han approach Hephaestus’ head.

The giant turned his gaze to him.

[Blue manager… Haven’t we had a long relationship in our own way?]

“So? Are you really going to ask for my life?”

Let Seong Ji-han say that.

The giant’s head shook its head.

[no. Just show me one thing… before I die. Lastly, ‘materialization’… Show me the process by which the code is materialized.]

“You are clearly aware of materialization.”

A manager in red who pinpoints materialization and asks to be shown the method of creation.

When I see you speak clearly like this.

He must have received information about this power from Mithra.

‘…I wouldn’t have known for sure when I was in Cheonghong.’

He was a definite collaborator when he came to Hephaestus and revealed the identity of the code.

At what point did you get the taste for it and turn your attention to creation?

‘Is it from handling that device…?’

Hephaestus played an important role as Seong Ji-han’s assistant in operating the device.

I thought it would be okay since I handled the machines on top of Yetohonse.

At what point did you become influenced by it?


Seong Ji-han looked at the head that was crying out to show the materialization for the last time.


Blue flames rose up and destroyed his head.


The head of Hephaestus disappeared without even ashes remaining.

“I was wondering if it would come back later… but here it goes.”

“I have received quite a bit of help from this guy… “I didn’t expect that we would split up like this.”

“So what do you plan to do now?”


Seong Ji-han looked at the devices with a somewhat helpless expression.

Now that the person who played an assisting role is gone, the existing goal of exceeding the data volume will become more difficult to achieve.

‘I wish there was a way other than changing the settings.’

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han looked at the data capacity.

He scrutinized the numbers and wiggled his eyebrows.

‘…Hmm? Was this how much capacity Hephaestus took up?’

Server 4212, where the empty space in the database increased as the red administrator disappeared.

Seong Ji-han watched the changes in this data closely.


I quickly opened my mouth towards Kang Sang.

“Emperor. “Can I ask you one favor?”

“Please…?Tell me something.”


Seong Ji-han is a shapeless sword held by Kang Sang.

I looked at the martial arts sword.

“I want you to teach me the martial arts sword.”

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Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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