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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 670

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A world made of pure white light.

Seong Ji-han carefully looked around.

‘Is this the inside of the Transcendental Body? There’s nothing special about it.’

In the past, I couldn’t come to my senses because I wanted to merge into the transcendental just by touching that light.

After Seong Ji-han contained the power of Yeto Honse in the circle.


The color of dark blue was flowing gently throughout the body, successfully blocking the light of the Transcendental Body.

‘Let’s take a walk first.’

Jerk. Jerk.

Seong Ji-han slowly walked inside, looking around.

Every time he takes a step.


The energy of dark blue spreading under my feet.

It remained as the footsteps of Seong Ji-han, who were not easily eaten by the light of the Transcendental Body.

I think I walked like that for about an hour.


‘…The power of light becomes noticeably stronger at this border.’


Seong Ji-han’s expression hardened as he felt Yetohonse’s power being suppressed more strongly than before.

Mithra was defeated more easily than expected, but is the Overmind different?

‘I need to summon the sword myself.’

When he stops for a moment and tries to make one won.


A huge cluster of lights came together in front of his eyes.

A system message appeared before Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

[The target has been identified as a new ‘Mithraic god race’.]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[A new body for the Mithra god race is created.]



A strong light spread out in front of Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

A human figure appeared within it.

What appeared there.

“…Why are you here again?”

It was Uld sparkling with light.

Her appearance made of pure white light was beyond beauty and seemed sacred.

[Would you like to abandon your existing body and accept a new one?]

When a system message appeared recommending that you use a body in the form of Uld.

Seong Ji-han frowned.

“Are you crazy?”

Mithra guy.

He said a lot about being a companion and talking about being a member of the divine family.

Was the partner he was trying to create a female body with the exact same shape as his daughter?

‘Anyway, he’s a disgusting guy.’

Seong Ji-han showed signs of genuine dislike.


The message window that appeared before his eyes disappeared.

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“Why do you deny it so much?”

A female figure in the shape of Uld opened her mouth directly.

“This body is the one suitable for you.”


Meanwhile, the other person suddenly approached and grabbed Seong Ji-han’s hand.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm



Uld’s hand that touched Seongjihan glowed strongly.

‘what is this.’

Sensations began to be shared from the hands that touched each other.


Seong Ji-han quickly withdrew his hand from the female body.


The part of the hand that was touching was still sparkling and resonating with her.


From daotranslate dot com

“ruler. “Look.”

She opens her hands.


A large screen appeared above it.

There it soon illuminated a planet.

‘Isn’t that… the world tree elf’s planet?’

When he thinks he saw it before when he was in conflict with the World Tree elf.

“We will make what you wish for a reality.”

As she did so, she pressed the planet with her hand.


I thought the planet was immersed in light, and then its appearance began to change in real time.

‘…Is this Earth?’

The World Tree Elf planet changed to resemble Earth just by touching it.

For Seong Ji-han, that change is not simply a change that appears on screen.

I quickly realized that it was actually happening.

I knew that the power of the Overmind was enormous.

With just one touch, you can change the planet to look like Earth.

‘The scale is different, but this…’

It’s not over just because Mithra is gone.

Rather, the Transcendental Body is an opponent with overwhelming power.

When Seong Ji-han thinks so and raises his guard.

“Making data from server 2101 tangible.”

Tuk. Tuk.

Let the female body’s fingers touch the planet that has become like Earth.

Light flashed again on the planet and the screen began to close up.

Then there it was.

-uh…? I was definitely dead…

-Princess Hwa! Are you okay?

Kang-sang’s youngest daughter, who examines her body and doesn’t know what’s going on.

She saw escorts approaching her.

A landscape of a planet where buildings have already been built.

People who remember their deaths are confused and do not believe in their resurrection.

-Ah… Couldn’t this have been done by His Majesty the Emperor?

-you’re right. Looks like he succeeded!

He was praising Emperor Kang Sang.

Seong Ji-han, who was quietly watching the scene, turned his attention to a female figure with the appearance of Uld.

“…is this what I wanted?”

“yes. “Didn’t you feel indebted to Kang Sang?”

It’s a debt ritual.

Seong Ji-han smiled bitterly at those words.

When the red manager tries to create a conflict.

It occurred to him that Kang Sang himself had given up on reviving Server 2101 by cutting him down.

For another 100 years.

Kang Sang sincerely taught Seong Ji-han about one won without putting any conditions.

He still had a feeling of regret in a corner of his heart.

But to catch it exactly and revive it right away…

‘But I don’t have any sense…’

This is the realm of ‘creation’ that Seong Ji-han was so wary of for fear of turning into Mithra.

Of course, after holding hands with that female body, he created the shape of the Earth.

Even though he brought back all the people on server 2101, he didn’t feel like he had changed at all.

So, were the worries I had before really unfounded?

“How are you feeling?”

“I thought I would feel quite different if I created through materialization… but it’s not much different.”

“You are already qualified to become a god. “Nothing will change if you use materialization.”

The female body in the shape of Uld was so confident.


He turned off the screen he had opened and showed a new planet.

“I will do the next thing you wish.”


Then, when I touch the screen, the planet becomes like Earth again.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“What are you going to do again this time?”

To Seong Ji-han’s question.


The screen has been enlarged.

Then there.

-count. I have to count…!

After seeing Yoon Se-ah’s body at the hospital.

Seong Ji-han appeared in despair.


“You tried to forget what you saw when you entered the prison of time. But forgetting wasn’t easy. “A desire to change the past arose in my heart.”


At the same time, the female body pointed a finger at the screen.

“That planet is a stage for your wishes to come true. You can achieve whatever you want over there.”

Seong Ji-han twitched the corner of his mouth at those words.

The world she created is a world in which Yoon Se-ah is already dead.

But achieving what you want there…?

‘I thought it was possible to save humanity on Server 2101.’

To Kang Sang, who silently helped him for 100 years.

Because it was true that I felt sorry.

When I read those emotions and recreated the world of the lecture like that.

Seong Ji-han was embarrassed, but on the other hand, he thought it went well.

‘But this case is different.’

There is already a world where Yoon Se-ah is alive and well.

Why would she bring the dead world back to life?

Of course, with Seong Ji-han’s current ability, it would have been possible to revive the dead Yoon Se-ah.

‘Then there are two Se-Ahs on the server, so we can’t leave it like that…’

Seong Ji-han looked at the female body with a hard face.

“Do you really think I wanted that?”

“yes. “That’s how I read your wish.”

“It’s my wish… That’s strange.”

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Seong Ji-han asked a question and summoned a member.

“What I want most is the complete disappearance of Mithras.”

* * *

A member of a translucent sword.

The female figure in the shape of Uld looked at this and slowly opened her mouth.

“…Mithra has already disappeared. So there was no need for that wish to come true.”

“hmm. okay? Then tell me your next wish. “Let’s destroy the Mithraic race.”

“You mean the Mithraic tribe?”

“okay. Delete all data related to it. Let’s not even let Mithra’s Mija appear here. “That is my greatest wish.”

The female body was looking at Seong Ji-han with her mouth closed at his words.


pointed at him with a finger.

“The Mithraic tribe includes you. “Sung Ji-han.”

“why me?”

“The definition of a Mithra god refers to a being with more than 50% of the power of Mithra. So, you are now the only remaining Mithraic god in the world.”

These guys are trying so hard to somehow incorporate this side into the Mithraic tribe.

Seong Ji-han answered those words with a grin.

“Then you can just get rid of everyone except me.”

“Why… why do you have to do that?”

“It’s just that even mentioning Mitra makes me cringe. Can you erase it? Right Now?”

Seong Ji-han said with a grin.


A female figure with the appearance of Uld glared at him.

“I’m sorry you think that way.”

The tone of speech suddenly changed and the atmosphere changed completely.

“Are you Mithra?”

“Yes and no.”


Why are you answering something like that just to talk nonsense?

“That’s it.”


Seong Ji-han moves the translucent sword.

Uld’s shape was instantly split in half.



A female body of light that disappears in an instant.

[Seong Jihan. What was it like when dealing with the power of the Transcendental Body?]

Although the form of Uld disappeared.

Her voice could be heard from all directions.

[We recreated heaven and earth in one fell swoop and resurrected humanity. This is what happened when you and I, both of the Mithra gods, joined hands. [If we hold hands and use that power…]

Mithra continued to say that it would be good if we held hands.

“How can I trust someone who wants to change me in his daughter’s guise?”

Seong Ji-han is already trying to transfer his body into the form of Uld.

He was extremely disdainful.

I’d rather upset the whole situation than work with a guy like this.

[Hmm… good. I give in. I will be in the form of Uld. Would you be satisfied then?]


Seong Ji-han didn’t even feel it was worth responding to those words anymore.



Just move forward while maximizing the blue flame.

Let him advance like that.


[Then is this female body to your taste?]

[She must have been a woman you cherished enough to be trapped in the prison of time.]

[I will live in this form.]

Mitra revealed herself in the form of Yoon Se-ah.

It was cut in half with a single knife by a member.

How many illusions of Mithras could he have cut down like that?


[Do not go in any further.]

[If you do that, you will not be able to control the Overmind!]

Mithra’s voice, which was always relaxed, became urgent for the first time.

Seong Ji-han smiled.

“Really? Then it’s good manners to go in.”

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