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Max Talent Player Chapter 558

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 558

Kim Hyuk-jin received an offer of 1 million coins from the system.

In fact, 1 million coins was a huge amount.

In the past, when I hunted the ‘Incarnation ruled by the ruler of the Nine Palaces’, the coin I received was only 3400 coins.

The coin I received from hunting the underground farmer was 700 coins.

The Red Devil, which was nearly impossible to hunt just a year ago, was a 500 coin monster.

In another example, riding the Baekdu Mountain Coin once cost 5,050 coins, and

the ‘Arrow Shooting Baby Angel’ won 100,000 coins by completing an unprecedentedly large mission.

In that sense, 1 million coins could be said to be too large an amount to be given as a one-time reward.

‘If it were the original, it would be an amount that would turn a blind eye.’

However, the value of the coin soon plummets.

Kim Hyuk-jin, a regressor, spoke without giving off any signs of being a regressor.

“It’s too much for a one-time reward.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means that the compensation the system has prepared for me is too excessive.”


Senia waited quietly for Kim Hyuk-jin to speak.

“I was wondering why it was so excessive.”


“Because my value of existence has been seriously hurt.”

Even though it is said to have been recovered, the compensation for the injury is this large.

…, but Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t think that way.

Anyway, I had to convince the system.

A justification was needed and an understandable explanation was needed.

“But I am an unknown observer. “I am a class that constantly observes myself.”

It wasn’t a lie.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

From Isabel, the second heart, to the fusion of different abilities.

Hyukjin Kim always observes and studies his own body.

For better development.

“My value of existence has been damaged, but not that much.”

“Are you sure?”


Senia nodded.

“Then you think there is another reason.”

Senia was also curious.

What will Hyukjin Kim say?

And how will the system react to Kim Hyuk-jin’s words?

‘Guardians are also concentrating.’

The guardians are also focusing on Kim Hyuk-jin’s words now.

‘Player Kim Hyeok-jin has now gone beyond being a guardian… and now seems to be trying to negotiate with the system.’

There were people who played like this in the past.

It was said that the 7 stars, including the youngest princess, also showed off this type of play in the latter half of the game.

Senia spoke in a voice that only the Guardians could hear.

“yes. That’s right. Let me explain it clearly. About 60% of players are in the beginner level, and the remaining 40% of players are in the intermediate level. According to the manual, the Earth level is currently in the heavy water zone.”

The Earth level is currently in the middle water zone.

A player negotiating with the system appeared in the mid-water section.

From daotranslate dot com

Accordingly, the guardian, who showed great interest, sent a message to Kim Hyuk-jin.

[‘The Merchant of Venice’ is in focus.]

Kim Hyuk-jin was convinced there.

‘I’m doing well.’

Experience as a regressor.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A message from ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

These two things gave Kim Hyuk-jin confidence.

“Perhaps there will come a point in the near future when the power of this reward itself weakens.”

“What exactly does it mean to weaken the power of the reward itself?”

“For example…”

Kim Hyuk-jin pretended to think for a moment.

“Something like the appearance of event monsters that drop coins in large quantities.”


Senia opened the manual book and looked at it.

I looked through the list of scheduled updates.

From daotranslate dot com

There was no answer to Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

However, it was explained so that only the guardians could hear it.

“April 27, 2020. Coin boxes will be created on the Earth level.”

When a coin box is created, coins are dropped in large quantities.

The value of the coin plummets.

This is something all guardians know.

“So, I have a reasonable suspicion that they may have offered compensation that has great value now, but will soon lose its value…”

“Does player Kim Hyuk-jin not intend to accept the system’s recommendations?”

“Recommendation is not mandatory, is it?”

“It is not mandatory.”

Senia felt strange.

What on earth will Hyukjin Kim choose? I was curious.

“It’s not mandatory, but… there’s nothing wrong with going against the will of the system.”



Hyukjin Kim continued speaking quickly.

“If the value of the coin plummets, it is difficult for me to be satisfied with this amount of coin, so what? “Can you file a formal objection?”

“Are you asking for a formal objection?”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

’90 days later. The value of the coin soars again.’

So to speak, it is a lottery after 90 days.

The more you pack now, the better.

“All right. Please wait a moment.”

And in the end, Hyukjin Kim got it.

Obtain a whopping 100% additional compensation.

“We have decided to pay 2 million coins. Will Hyukjin Kim accept the system’s recommendations?”


2 million coins were paid.

And the very next day.

A monster called ‘Coin Box’ was created.

All over the world.

Most of them were monsters that appeared on the server.

-Coin box! Drop 500~800 coins per animal!

It was a monster that could be easily hunted even at level 40.

It was a monster that took some time to hunt, but was not dangerous.

-Dream Monster Coin Box!

-You can also purchase Mana Stones using the special store!

The coin box was called the dream monster.

Numerous players went hunting for coin boxes.

A few more days passed.

People acquired a lot of coins. I opened the store and purchased the items I had my eye on.

-Coins galore!

-Item shop boom.

I started to reach out to luxury goods that I didn’t normally look for.

Coins began to be poured into simple skins without any skills or abilities.

Some more time passed.

– Decrease in value due to mass supply of coins. Is this starting now?

Too many coins were supplied.

There was no longer any place to write.

Coins began to accumulate in players’ inventories.

From this point on, the value of the coin began to decline.

Senia asked.

“The value of the coin has plummeted. Isn’t this what you expected? Please note that the broadcast channel is not open at this time.”

I was curious.

Kim Hyuk-jin never engages in business at a loss.

Kim Hyuk-jin, whom Senia had seen, was like that.

But this time was different. Even if 100% additional compensation was received, it was a loss.

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

“well. “Do you think it’s a loss?”

“That’s right.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“I plan to secure as many coins as possible in the future.”


Kim Hyuk-jin stopped breathing for a moment.

“You can open a broadcast channel. “I’m going to talk rationally.”

* * *

After the relay channel is opened.

Hyukjin Kim shared his thoughts with Senia and the guardians.

“I am convinced that Coin Box is an event monster.”

“May I ask why?”

huh. I regressed.

“Because the balance is not very right. You’ve seen it so far too. “How much the system values balance.”

That is why they are always intervening to undermine Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s middle manager, Senia, was a little angry for no reason. But he didn’t show any emotion.

‘I am an Elyos with no emotions.’

Thinking so hard.

“That’s right.”

“Why would you do something that upsets the balance like this? “It must be an event.”

“Is there a connection between that and collecting coins?”

“You have to balance the balance that is tilted to one side.”

The seesaw is tilted to one side.

Then you have to put your weight on the other side.

“Now that we’ve made coins so common, we’ll make them rare again next time.” Of course, I don’t know when that time will be.”

“Are you… so sure?”

“uh. “I’m sure.”

“There must also be a reason why this event was planned.”

It will bring good luck to those who are prepared.

Hyukjin Kim knows.

That time is about 3 months later.

It is around the end of July 2020.

At that time, the ‘Decade Store (10-year cycle store)’, an event store that was opened only once in 10 years, opens.

From daotranslate dot com

This store can only be activated in Las Vegas, USA.

The event store, called D Store for short, was, so to speak, a lottery store.

A large amount of coins were needed to draw.

A very special item was selected in that store.

‘I don’t know anything else…’

What Hyukjin Kim was aiming for was largely two categories.

1. All-purpose healing potion.

2. Book of each attribute.

The all-purpose healing potion is literally an all-purpose healing potion.

It is an elixir that can cure any incurable disease.

In 10 years of play, only five have been found, two of which were sold at the D Store in Las Vegas.

And they are also aiming for the ‘Book of Attribute Delays’.

The names of the attributes are as follows: the book of the fire body, the book of the wind body, the book of the water body, the book of the brain body, etc. It refers to a book that creates a body specialized for each attribute.

‘If you’re lucky…’

You’ll need an astronomical amount of coins, but acquiring and learning these items will be a huge help to your play.

Kim Hyuk-jin summoned the members of the Giant Guild.

It was a call that included honorary guild members.

All members of the Giant Guild gathered at the Giant Guild’s office located in DMC.

Everyone gathered except for ‘Joker’ and ‘Ban Ki-myeong’, who are currently in the dungeon.

Hyukjin Kim ordered one thing.

“Stop spreading unnecessary rumors and secure as many coins as possible.”

* * *

Michelle always kept a close eye on Kim Hyuk-jin.

Both as a man and as a player.

After finding out Kim Hyuk-jin’s sincerity, I gave up on Kim Hyuk-jin as a man, but I couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Anyway, she always kept a close eye on Kim Hyuk-jin and the Geoshin Guild, and strange movements were detected.

“Collecting coins? “In these times?”

So Michelle also gave an order.

“We also collect coins.”

Thomas, my adjutant and childhood friend, frowned.

“…what? I’m serious?”

“of course.”

“the reason is?”

“Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“Is that the end?”


Michelle laughed.

“why? “Don’t you understand?”

Thomas sighed.

As a lieutenant, you must stop the guild leader if he goes crazy. That’s right. In fact, we deserve to hear rational and specific evidence and reasons.

“I understand.”

But it made sense because Kim Hyuk-jin was the reason.

It wasn’t logical, but it was what it was.

Michelle wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on Kim Hyuk-jin.

The same was true for Song Ki-yeol of the Taegeuk Shield.

Song Ki-yeol visited his grandfather, Chairman Song Ki-young.

“President. I think we should also collect coins.”


“It was a sudden report, so I wasn’t able to find out exactly, but…”

Normally, when I post a report like this, I get scolded.

This is because the report is posted without any specific understanding.

“Kim Hyuk-jin and Geoshin Guild members began purchasing coins in large quantities. Not only are they disposing of items, but they are also mobilizing huge amounts of cash. The same goes for honor guild members.”


Chairman Song Ki-young nodded.

Song Ki-yeol swallowed his saliva. Anyway, is it right to follow Kim Hyuk-jin simply because he does it? Could it be that I posted a report that was too hasty? I suddenly started to worry.

“Good job.”

“…yes. thank you.”

Meanwhile, Song Ki-yeol visited Kim Hyuk-jin’s house.

We talked a little bit.

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

He seemed to already know that some players and factions would follow him.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“In principle, I only gave instructions directly to members of the Giant Guild and the Giant Honor Guild.”

And he told me to watch my mouth.

I was told not to go out and promote it. Because I didn’t want to create unnecessary variables.

However, I had no intention of going out and stopping him again.

“You are responsible for imitating me.”

“of course. “I trust Guild Leader Kim Hyuk-jin’s choice.”

“Unconditional faith is not right. No matter how much faith you have in me.”

“All right. But this time I will believe it.”

Kim Hyuk-jin did not actively dissuade him.

Seeing that, Song Ki-yeol was convinced.

‘My judgment was right.’

Just following along is halfway there.

It was a philosophy that Song Ki-yeol learned from watching Kim Hyuk-jin.

While Song Ki-yeol was relieved, Rapundel came peeling apples.

“Let’s have some tea and talk.”

“But this person…?”


Kim Hyuk-jin scratched his head.

“This is the secretary we have hired this time.”

I somehow ended up like that.

Rapundel is needed. You must clear the ‘Father’s Disappearance’ quest, which is a server-level quest.

It was a bit awkward to just keep her by her side, but Rapundel insisted on being her secretary.

He was confident that he could do well, so I told him to just do it.

“I’d like to talk about [the division of players]. Do you mind if the secretary listens?”

“Yeah well, it’s okay.”

Rapundel’s ears perked up.


Can I listen with you next to me?

Is this confidential?

I wanted to ask, but I held back.

I felt like I would be disqualified as a secretary if I stepped forward for no reason.

Anyway, I felt good because I felt like I was recognized as a secretary.

“I would like to make a suggestion.”

Song Ki-yeol brought up an interesting story.

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