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Max Talent Player Chapter 569

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 569

Kim Hyuk-jin also knew about the break in the U-Plex dungeon.

I received a call from Song Ki-yeol.

They contacted me asking if I could help them.

Hyukjin Kim refused.

-ah. I’m busy.

Right now, just taking over [Maintenance of Terma] is time consuming. The U-Plex dungeon is a beginner dungeon, and anyone at the level of Korean players, including Song Ki-yeol, will be able to successfully block it.

‘Noah is the most dangerous, but Noah is gone.’

It would be dangerous if there were NPCs following Noah, or agents of the Magic Tower, or something like that, but I couldn’t afford to worry about that.

Because Kim Hyuk-jin’s body was one.

The given time is 24 hours.

Within 24 hours, ‘the life of someone who desperately needed Kim Hyuk-jin’ had to be saved.

I got lost in thought.

About how to do it well.

* * *


– The first collapse of a cleared dungeon!

-Uplex dungeon break occurs!

It was the first.

The dungeon that had already been cleared collapsed, and numerous black dogs jumped out of it.

Not only the Great Black Dog, but also the boss monster on the first floor, the Double-Headed Black Dog, was roaming around Sinchon.

The Sinchon area became a shambles.

100 people died on the spot after the break occurred.

Fortunately, there were many excellent players in Korea, and they formed a battle line to deal with the monsters.

The Two-Headed Black Dog is a monster that level 40 players can easily deal with if they form a party.

The players gathered together and succeeded in blocking the group of black dogs and the two-headed black dogs.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


But screams erupted from everywhere.

-trot! Possessed monsters appear.

The exact identity could not be determined.

The players who had been fighting together against the Black Dog so far swung their weapons at their comrades.

In particular, damage to non-combat auxiliary classes such as healers and buffs was severe.

Among them was the golden priest Gong Jin-hoon.

Gong Jin-hoon, who was the main member of the Iron Blood Lion before Kim Hyuk-jin’s return, is in critical condition after being stabbed by a player next to him.

The player who attacked Gong Jin-hoon was killed by Cheon Su-ji, a poison witch who formed a combination with Gong Jin-hoon.

A battle broke out between players.

in between.

The black dog and the two-headed black dog jumped out again and bit people.

As many as 500 people died and many more were injured.

As time passed, another monster in the Uplex dungeon, the ‘poisonous viper’, also escaped.

What was more problematic was that the ‘poisonous smoke’ that existed on the third floor of the Uplex dungeon began to leak out and take over the Sinchon area.

People who had taken refuge inside the building fell one by one.

Cheon Su-ji bit her lip.

‘You are no threat to me.’

However, it was a very dangerous solo dance for players below level 30 or the general public. In some ways, it was much more dangerous than the two-headed black dog, which could be considered a mid-level monster.

Cheon Su-ji used a poisonous needle to kill the two-headed black dog.

From daotranslate dot com

The body of a two-headed black dog that was trying to devour a woman collapsed.

“hey! hey! What are you doing! Wake! Are you going to die here?”

“Ah, thank you… hap…”

The woman seemed to be in a panic.

“Wake. what are you doing?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The woman seemed to be an employee at a store nearby. The name [Hanna Choi] was written on the nametag. Choi Hanna’s body was shaking.

‘I can’t move.’

She was so scared.

I couldn’t see anything or hear anything.

‘Again… again!’

A nightmare from two years ago came to mind.

I met Kim Min-seong and Tae Heuk-gyeon, who was my boyfriend at the time and is now my husband-to-be.

I was shaking in the arms of my husband-to-be.

A miracle happened back then.

A man had created a miracle.

From daotranslate dot com

[The two-headed black dog temporarily obeyed.]

[It was recognized as a temporary taming.]

[The aggression of the ‘Two-headed black dog’ and ‘Two-headed black dog’ completely disappears temporarily.]

At that time, the man I went up to the second floor after completely obediently subduing the black dog and the double-headed black dog.

The memory of that time became a trauma and it took a toll on Choi Hanna’s mind.

Cheon Soo-ji slapped Choi Hanna on the cheek.

“What are you doing? Run if you want to live! “Can’t you see the solo dance?”

* * *

Currently, Sinchon is in chaos.

That time when everyone was trying to get out of Sinchon. There were people running towards Sinchon.

Kim Min-seong, Choi Hanna’s prospective husband, did the same, as did

Choi Hanna’s older brother, Choi Hyun-soo.


‘Please stay safe!’

Kim Min-seong and Choi Hyun-soo both emerged as players.

Kim Min-seong’s current level was 50.

Choi Hyun-soo’s current level was 62.

Both were cases of rapid growth.

For Kim Min-seong, the bitter memories of the U-Plex dungeon became the driving force for his growth, and

for Choi Hyun-soo, Kim Hyuk-jin from Geoshin, whom he met not long ago, became the driving force for his growth.

The first person to arrive in Sinchon was her older brother, Choi Hyun-soo.

‘Where are you?’

The situation was covered with a thick layer of poisonous fog.

The view was not clear as if there was fog.

Hyunsoo Choi put an item in his mouth that blocks poison.

I frantically searched for my younger brother.

The leader of the Korean Black Butterfly Guild.

For Choi Hyun-soo, who reached level 60, a pack of Tae-black dogs did not pose much of a threat.


The person who had the greatest influence on Choi Hyun-soo recently was Kim Hyuk-jin.

-“Who is bullying my little brother?”

I can’t forget the sight of it suddenly appearing and slaughtering the Hell armored soldiers. The image of Kim Seon-hwa, who applied as a mercenary using the pseudonym Kang Seol-hwa at the time, also came to mind.

-Kang Seol-hwa, with that skill… does she look like that?

-You look like a childish younger sister?

All of that was a huge shock to Choi Hyun-soo.

The way Kim Seon-hwa relied on her older brother, Kim Hyuk-jin. And her older brother, Kim Hyuk-jin, overcame the situation without any hesitation.

All of those appearances were a great stimulus to Choi Hyun-soo.

So I did my best to grow.

I worked harder than anyone else to become stronger than anyone else.

He shouted as if he were screaming and searched the entire Sinchon area.

“Choi Hanna!!!”

And eventually he was able to find his brother.

Hanna Choi had collapsed. It looked like his ankle had been bitten by a viper.

Choi Hyun-soo hurriedly poured the detox potion into his younger brother’s mouth.

“are you okay? Wake!”

“Is he your brother? Take him away quickly. “I think there will be stronger ones coming out.”

When Choi Hyun-soo looked up, he saw a woman with long black hair.

“Poison witch?”

“How many times did we run into each other on the way? If it’s your younger brother, quickly pick him up and run away. “Because I can’t protect you any longer.”

Cheon Su-ji said he had done everything he had to do and moved on.

Choi Hyun-soo carried Choi Hanna on his back.

But I couldn’t take any more steps.

Someone was trotting along.


He carefully put Choi Hanna down.

Since he was given a detox potion, his life would not be in danger.

Choi Hyun-soo pulled out his sword at the person walking through the solo dance.

A voice was heard.

“It was hard to hide.”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“I miss the smell of blood.”

It was an NPC.

An unidentified NPC.

Choi Hyun-soo was able to intuit it.

It must be an NPC that popped out from the 4th floor of the Uplex dungeon.

‘The only NPC we had to deal with on the 4th floor was Noah.’

He said he was hiding.

It seemed like an NPC hiding from Noah’s eyes.

‘It doesn’t look normal.’

I felt alive.

There didn’t seem to be any special purpose.

Those dark red eyes flashing through the solo dance were telling.

‘He is a guy who only… enjoys killing.’

A fun guy in his own right.

Mana of unknown nature was generated in the palm of the hand, forming a sphere.

‘It’s a wizard. ‘Can we win?’

It was bad to run away.

I couldn’t run away with Hannah.

A voice was heard.

“Ac. “I told you to run away.”

It was Cheon Su-ji.

Poison Witch Cheon Soo-ji came to support.

“older brother!”

Choi Hanna’s husband-to-be, Kim Min-seong, also came running in a hurry. Cheon Su-ji spoke quickly.

“You’re weak, so pick up that woman over there and run away.”

In her opinion, Kim Min-seong is not of much help.

First, I told him to pick up Hanna Choi and run away. Minseong Kim was silent for a moment and then nodded.

My pride was hurt, but it wasn’t a time when pride was important.

“All right.”

Kim Min-seong bit his lip and carried Choi Hanna on his back.

From daotranslate dot com

I started running to get out of Sinchon.

* * *

Cheon Su-ji let out a heavy breath.

“Huff… gasp…!”

I don’t know why support is taking so long.

The solo dance is getting thicker.

‘It’s because of this solo dance.’

Even though it was a beginner dungeon break, the solo dance was too strong.

‘Is this the power of that NPC?’


I don’t know if I can call them NPCs anymore.

A monster more than a monster.

The NPC that Cheon Soo-ji saw was a monster crazy about killing.

Anyway, since that NPC appeared, the solo dance has become more intense, and support from other players has been delayed. Now I could barely see an inch ahead.

Cheon Su-ji’s clothes were torn here and there, and blood was leaking through the torn clothes.

Cheon Su-ji spits! I spat it out.

It wasn’t saliva, it was regurgitated blood.

“You’re not a good match for me.”

That guy seemed to have strong poison resistance.

An opponent that poison does not work against.

He was the worst opponent for Cheon Su-ji.

Cheon Su-ji’s condition was not good, but Choi Hyeon-su’s condition was even worse.

Choi Hyun-soo’s chest and stomach were wide open.

It felt like if I moved even a little roughly, all the internal organs in my body would spill out.

‘I feel dizzy.’

I lost too much blood.

The guy used a variety of magic. Most of them were attribute magic with cutting power, but the speed of use was too fast.

“For humans, they’re pretty good.”

He enjoyed the comfort of being a winner.

“female. Your poison was great. But it cannot pierce my great artifacts. And your swordsmanship was pretty good too.”

Choi Hyun-soo clutched his chest and got down on one knee.

I no longer had the strength to get up.

The shape of the NPC approaching appeared blurry.

‘Is this… the end?’


There was a time when I was close to the threshold of life and death.

-Who is harassing my younger brother?

Then and now overlapped.

He had half given up on life after encountering the terrifying wall of Hell’s armor.


Still, it was okay.

At least my younger brother would have been saved.

With Kim Min-seong’s skills, he would be able to at least take Hanna and run away.

‘I’m glad Hannah is alive.’

Hanna Choi has always suffered from trauma and nightmares since the incident two years ago.

For a while, I couldn’t sleep without medicine.

Choi Hyun-soo knows that fact well.

So my heart ached. If I die here today, I will suffer great trauma again.

Suddenly, tears welled up in my eyes.


If I were as strong as the Giant Guild Leader.

If I had the power of that great player, this might not have happened.


That’s impossible in the first place.

The Colossus Guild Leader is a chosen human.

An extra-standard person who cannot even reach his toes no matter how hard he tries.

A voice was heard.

“I’ll kill you.”

The last moments of life.

Choi Hyun-soo dreamed of a miracle.

He had already experienced a miracle.

A person who has tried rice cake said he knows what it tastes like.

Because Choi Hyun-soo had already experienced a miracle, he longed for another miracle.


In fact, he didn’t want to die either.

He wanted to live.

I remembered the back of Kim Hyuk-jin, who suddenly appeared and wiped out the hellish ironclads.

The most concrete miracle he had ever experienced.

The surroundings began to brighten.

The poisonous dance became lighter.

The black dogs were lying flat on the floor, and the two-headed black dog was lying on its stomach.

The pit vipers, whose mysterious eyes were flashing in search of prey, froze in place as if they had turned into stones.

The Sinchon area was quiet.

‘Am I… dead?’

I saw a familiar back.

Hyunsoo Choi smiled bitterly.

Probably the last moment of life. It seemed that the messenger of death, guiding death, took the shape of that person.

“Hyeokjin Kim. It’s you.”


The person who longed for and dreamed of a miracle appeared as the messenger of death.

Choi Hyun-soo thought he was dead.

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