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Max Talent Player Chapter 573

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#Max level talent player Episode 573

Speculation bloomed in Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

I forgot for a moment the presence of Song Jeong-hee in front of me.

‘This… is the power that consumes hero power.’

Hero power was consumed.

[Consumes 1 hero power.]

[Title effect. Activate the one-man war.]

I clenched my fist.

A faint gray aura leaked from Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

‘This feeling is like…’

It was a similar feeling to the spirit exuded by the guardians I met in the Hall of Fighters.

Song Jeong-hee flinched for a moment.

She also read Kim Hyuk-jin’s changed momentum.

“No matter what you do, you can’t attack me.”

Song Jeong-hee believed so.


Even the ultimate magic boasted by Kim Hyuk-jin could not harm his body.

None of Kim Hyuk-jin’s attacks will be able to hurt his body.


I swung my whip.

Hyukjin Kim raised his left hand.


The whip wrapped around Kim Hyuk-jin’s left arm.

Song Jeong-hee smiled in remorse.

“You got caught.”

Black energy leaked out from Song Jeong-hee’s body.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It came over the whip and began to wrap around Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

“A sin that robbed me of everything I should have. “I will hold you accountable for that crime.”

Kim Hyuk-jin glanced at the whip wrapped around his arm.

I also felt a black energy coming towards me.

“It’s no big deal.”

Kim Hyuk-jin pulled the whip.

Song Jeong-hee could not overcome that force and came towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin grabbed Song Jeong-hee by the collar.


Song Jeong-hee felt that something was wrong.

“Your eyes…!”

In an instant, fear engulfed Song Jeong-hee’s body.

“Golden eyes?”

Hyukjin Kim muttered.

“Lightning of Rest.”

Lightning containing the power of the giant king Katulu struck.

Intense brain energy and speculation were added.

In an instant

, the surroundings became brighter.

It felt like a flashbang had exploded.

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A bright light burst out and

the surroundings became empty.

Song Jeong-hee was no longer in front of Kim Hyuk-jin.

All that remained was the whip that had crumbled into powder.

A gray spirit flickered in Kim Hyuk-jin’s body, and

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

his golden eyes stared at the spot where Song Jeong-hee had disappeared.

Choi Hyun-soo twitched his eyes.

He didn’t even really understand what he was seeing.

‘I just felt that…’

Even though the distance was quite far away, I felt it.

An intimidating aura burst out that I couldn’t dare approach.

‘It was so blinding that I couldn’t see it.’

I closed my eyes for a moment and then opened them.

Even though I closed my eyes, I knew that something enormous had swept around me.

But when I opened my eyes, Song Jeong-hee was gone.

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‘Where did it go?’

I saw whips scattered on the floor.

When Song Jeong-hee was holding it, it was a shiny whip.

But now it has completely disappeared.

It felt like it would crumble at the slightest breeze.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Was that your last hidden move?”

Song Jeong-hee emerged from Choi Hyun-soo’s shadow.

Hyunsoo Choi screamed without realizing it.


Song Jeong-hee’s appearance was beyond words.

All of his hair was burned off and he had serious burns all over his body.

The skin on his face was almost peeled off, and smoke was still rising from his body.

“It looks like even the power given by that great [him] cannot stop speculation.”

Song Jeong-hee fell to her knees.

It was not voluntary. It was difficult to stand any longer.

Dark red tears flowed from Song Jeong-hee’s eyes as she knelt down.



“Why are you taking everything away from me?”

“Do you really think I stole everything from you?”

I confirmed with my senses that he was sincere, but I still asked again.

“If it weren’t for you, the Holy Ghost would be mine.”

“It’s a meaningless assumption.”

Kim Hyuk-jin walked towards Song Jeong-hee.

“Any last words you want to say?”

Aimed at Isen.

My relationship with Song Jeong-hee was very long.

Now is the time to end it.

‘He’ is not Kang Seon-il. If so, I have a rough idea of who it is.

We met only once.

“It’s pretty good. “You notice me.”

“The Baptist chose the king’s wood very well.”

“anyway. I also took some damage, so I won’t be able to be active for a while. Good, baptist. “It bought me time.”

Time has passed since then.

It seemed like the Demon King had regained his strength and started moving in earnest.

‘The Magna Gate that will be there someday. Kang Seon-il. Jundong of the Magic Tower. From the legacy of the subterranean giants to the true devil.’

As the game progresses, more things unfold.

My head hurt, but it was also enjoyable in its own way.

Song Jeong-hee also seemed to have given up on life.

“I hope you don’t forget that you are a thief who stole everything from me.”

It wasn’t worth answering.

Kim Hyuk-jin swung Lee Seon.


Isen split the air.

Cheon Su-ji, who closed her eyes tightly, was slightly surprised.

‘Did you avoid it?’

Song Jeong-hee, who seemed to have no strength, dodged Kim Hyuk-jin’s sword.

Even though it appears to be swung with ease and without much effort, it is difficult to avoid a sword wielded by someone as skilled as Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘You escaped in that condition?’


It wasn’t something I avoided.

‘Someone pulled…’

The body was small.

He seemed like a boy still growing up.

It was a familiar face.

‘Song Jin-cheol?’

Holy Ghost’s bastard.

It was Song Jin-cheol. Song Jin-cheol, who was hiding, appeared.

Looking at him, it seemed like Kim Hyuk-jin already knew.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“I saw what you were planning while hiding.”

Hyukjin Kim frowned.

A scene I did not want to see was created before my eyes.

* * *

Blood flowed from the corner of Song Jin-cheol’s mouth.


While he was chewing something, blood came out of his mouth and ran down his chin.

Song Jin-cheol said.

“But my sister’s heart is delicious.”


Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Song Jin-cheol, radiating gray speculation.

Song Jin-cheol giggled.

“why? “Why don’t you use that lightning on me too?”

“Have you met him too?”

In the past, I just thought of myself as a spoiled brat.

But not anymore.

Kim Hyuk-jin already knows what happened before his return through his meeting with the anonymous observer.

‘Whew. Let’s calm down.’

Song Jeong-hee said.

Kim Hyuk-jin took everything away.

But that wasn’t true.

Kim Hyuk-jin only chose Song Ki-yeol over Song Jeong-hee, and he never directly took anything away from Song Jeong-hee.

However, Song Jin-cheol’s case was different.

‘Song Jin-cheol.’

The image of Song Jin-cheol before his return came to mind.

-67 talent boards? You’re talking bullshit.

-This bird It makes you unable to do anything.

Because of this, Kim Hyuk-jin was unable to develop his talent as a player,

was unable to do anything while his family was dying, and

had to endure the hardship of repeatedly failing the civil service exam.

From daotranslate dot com

Before returning, Kim Hyuk-jin had nothing.

Faded family photos and a single room in a semi-basement.

That was all Kim Hyuk-jin had.

‘Let’s not get excited.’

Song Jin-cheol would not have appeared without thinking.

Perhaps the person called ‘The Devil’ tested Kim Hyuk-jin’s strength through Song Jeong-hee and prepared Song Jin-cheol as his next hand.

Song Jin-cheol was still giggling.

“It’s all because of you.”


“My sister died because of you. “Grandpa died because of you.”

Kim Hyuk-jin could not believe his ears.

“Chairman Song Ki-young is dead?”

“huh. Because of you.”

Kim Hyuk-jin was also shocked by the unexpected words.

Chairman Song Ki-young suddenly dies? why?

‘no way.’

I saw before my eyes the little devil who had chewed up his sister’s heart.

-“But my sister’s heart is delicious.”


would mean that he also ate other hearts.

“Did you kill your grandfather?”

“No, no. “You killed it.”

Song Jin-cheol waved his finger.

“Originally I liked my grandfather. “I met my grandfather recently and had a nice chat.”


“But my grandfather didn’t acknowledge me.”

Song Jin-cheol’s eyes were bloodshot.

I recalled the memories of that time.

-“I wasn’t as good as you, but I will definitely do better than Kim Hyuk-jin.”

-“okay. The higher your dream, the better. haha.”

Song Jin-cheol was hurt by those words.

If he were a normal grandfather, he would say, ‘Be sure to do it.’ I would have encouraged it like this.

But my grandfather didn’t say that.

“You talk like I can’t surpass you. “Young Taengi.”


“It seemed like his eyes had rotted away due to old age.”

“So you killed him?”

Song Jin-cheol chuckled.

“I chewed up those rotten eyes and ate up the heart. “It wasn’t delicious.”


“You killed my grandfather. “If it weren’t for you, my grandfather wouldn’t have died from me.”

Hyukjin Kim frowned.

“Actually, I was trying to keep you alive.”

What happened before returning.

I tried to bury that matter for now.

I’m still angry, but at this point, it hasn’t happened.

It was impossible to condemn Song Jin-cheol for something that had not happened yet.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s reason thought so.

“And I thought I might get some clues about [him].”

But I didn’t think I should let him live.

“You have crossed a line that should not be crossed.”

Ultimate magic can be used regardless of M/P.

Kim Hyuk-jin decided to completely kill and eliminate that little demon right here and now.

Ultimate magic.


At that moment, the entire surrounding world was filled with ten thousand swords.

Each one was filled with gray speculation.

Kim Hyuk-jin planted his will into each and every one of those swords.

The one-man war is currently active.


Kim Hyuk-jin’s murderous intent was contained in all 10,000 swords.

It was a much more advanced form of Mangeomwoo than the previous Mangeomwoo.

I put my will into the ultimate magic.

This was similar to planting a chant in the ultimate magic.

Miracle chant.

He put that power into Mangeomwu.


Those who possess this title will demonstrate great power in battles against their opponents.

In battle with the enemy, the ‘hero who opposes’ is imbued with the power of ‘miraculous chant’.


One thing has become clear.


*The attribute value of this title is set to ‘Immortal’ and ‘Faction that follows the Immortal’.


Song Jin-cheol was set as an ‘immortal’ or a ‘force that follows the immortal’.

He must not be immortal. Then, Song Jin-cheol was ‘a force that follows immortals’

and ‘that would mean that [the Demon King] is an immortal.’

We also got a clue that the Demon King is immortal.


Ten thousand swords rained down on Song Jin-cheol.

In an instant

, several pieces of silver silk unfolded.

‘Silver silk?’

It was an item that Hyukjin Kim knew about.


[Euncheon Silk (銀天緋緞)]

Silk made by weaving the silver sky with thread. Spread the silk just once and summon the silver sky. The silver sky is a masterpiece of the ancient master Pluto, a treasure that can even ward off the ravages of hell.


A magic circle was created beneath Song Jin-cheol’s feet, and someone appeared through the magic circle.

Several layers of silver silk covered Song Jin-cheol and someone else. The ultimate magic used by Kim Hyuk-jin, who

was in

a one-man war state with a miraculous chant, even pierced the silver silk.

Ten thousand swords eventually tore the silver cloth.

Hyukjin Kim came closer.

I lifted up the torn silver silk.

‘does not exist.’

ran away

Someone helped.

Kim Hyuk-jin activated the reconstruction analysis on the spot and interpreted what had just happened.

I analyzed it in detail.

‘It’s Jackson.’

Jackson saved Song Jin-cheol and ran away.

Da-Rong Kim poked Hyuk-Jin Kim on the cheek.


There was a note in Da-Rong Kim’s cute hand.

[This child was also a candidate for the king, so he had to be protected. Sorry.]

A day has passed.

Korea was turned upside down.

-Chairman Song Ki-young. Suspicious assassination!

-The Korean giant collapses.

Chairman Song Ki-young was found covered in blood at his home.

It was a bizarre incident.

The murderer ripped out Chairman Song Ki-young’s eyes and heart.

Numerous political and business figures from around the world gathered in one place to commemorate the death of Chairman Sungshin.

Kim Hyuk-jin also wore a black suit and headed to the funeral.

Inside the funeral home.

Song Ki-yeol, whose eyes were red, expressed his gratitude.

Taegeuk Shield Song Ki-yeol’s eyes were full of tears.

“Thank you for coming.”

But then.

Hyukjin Kim’s body flinched.

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