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Max Talent Player Chapter 606

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 606


[Apocalypse of the ‘Followers of Mass Infection’]


I activated the Nameless Eye for a moment, but it is surprising to me that this much information is being conveyed. It also meant that the level of the Apocalypse was not very high.

‘hmm. ‘I don’t think it’s a very strong trap.’

What kind of trap is being prepared with this?

I decided not to let down my guard, but I was sure I wasn’t letting down my guard this time.

‘Surely and quickly.’

It is true that you must always keep in mind that this is the final variable, but on the contrary, there are also things that need to be decided and acted upon quickly.

We had to be careful when we needed to be careful, but we had to proceed boldly with things that needed to be done boldly.

“So this is [the record of a giant who chose eternal life]?”

“That’s right. As far as I know, it definitely is.”

Kim Hyuk-jin sent a whisper to Ahn Seo-hee.

-If I disappear, please protect the kids.


-yes. Do not worry.

Listening to Ahn Seo-hee’s words was extremely reassuring.

“Give it to me.”

Alveron acted as if he was very frightened and handed over the ‘Record of the Giant Who Chosen Eternal Life’ with trembling hands.

“Shall we take a look?”

“When you infuse mana, it will become activated naturally.”

Alveron had to hide his trembling feelings.

‘That is the apocalypse of mass infection followers.’

Alveron believes that there is a very powerful illusion magic at work.

From the looks of it, that guy must have even prepared for the unexpected.

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For example, he told the Guardian Tower to watch over other personnel, just in case.

‘The more this happens, the more you will struggle because of the group illusion!’

I confirmed that there was a strong connection between the Guardian Tower and that guy.

The guys here were pretty closely connected.

Mentally and systematically.

‘The stronger your connection, the more powerful the collective illusion effect will unfold.’

If that happens, they will fall into confusion.

I admit that he has tremendous abilities that are unusual for a mid-level player.

‘Originally, those in the heavy water section would die instantly… but you won’t die.’

Maybe there won’t be a very big impact.

But it may take some time.

‘First of all, my target is Myrong.’

Ah-ryong is the first target.

Their death or condemnation is the secondary goal.

‘For my beautiful research.’

He looked at Kim Hyuk-jin with a trembling heart.

Hyukjin Kim finally accepted the book.

On the cover it was clearly written, ‘Record of a giant who chose eternal life.’ Hyukjin Kim infused mana into the book.

At that moment, black fog surrounded Kim Hyuk-jin.

I felt like I was falling into deep darkness.

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‘Is it an illusion?’

It felt quite familiar.

‘I don’t think it’s a big deal compared to the fantasy I experienced right before I came here.’

The fantasy I experienced just before was truly dangerous.

An illusion that was further entangled by using Kim Hyuk-jin’s power in reverse.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Compared to the terrifying fantasy that I might not have been able to escape from without Kangsom’s help, it didn’t seem that dangerous.

A voice came from far away.


It was Alveron’s voice.

“You guys are finished now.”

Kim Hyuk-jin was a little taken aback.

It is clear that you are in an illusion, but you can also hear sounds outside the illusion.

It was said that the boundary was that blurred.

‘I think I can just wake up if I recite the chant.’

Don’t fall into the same trap again.

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I have already experienced the devil’s trap.

If this had the same power as that trap, I would have noticed it long ago.

‘Can I hear whispers from here?’

Hyukjin Kim sent a whisper.

-Seohee. Can you hear me?

-I can hear you.

Ahn Seo-hee, who was a little nervous, almost burst into laughter.

Looking at Alveron’s attitude, he seemed very confident.

‘I think my brother has fallen into perfect illusion magic…’

But that was just Alveron’s illusion.

Seeing him smiling so brightly made me feel a little sorry for him.

-Take some time.

-Is it difficult to get out?

-It’s not like that, but there’s something I need to find out. If you ask people like that about their research results, they’ll talk excitedly.

-all right.

I had a rough understanding of Alveron.

If you take your time here, you will become confident that your strategy is exactly right.

‘If you ask him about his great research when he is full of confidence, he will happily answer.’

It was as obvious as seeing fire.

And Kim Hyuk-jin’s thoughts were true.

* * *

Kangsom covered Yongdori’s ears.

Covering your ears didn’t mean you couldn’t hear, but Kangsom did it anyway.

‘What are you saying such horrible things about?’

Alveron announced himself as a wizard from the Magic Tower.

He was expelled from the Magic Tower because he conducted biological experiments with a dragon.

The content of the biological experiment was said to be an experiment to strengthen humans by extracting dragon blood and injecting it into humans.

“There were definitely a lot of side effects at first.”

Many young children died.

For experiments, about 300 children were kidnapped, used as test subjects, and then killed.

“But soon the research was almost complete. “If only it wasn’t for fucking Veilsara.”

Seohee Ahn asked Alveron calmly and curiously.

“Bail Sarah?”

“okay. “That crazy dragon was a mutant with an unusually strong love for his kin.”

It is said that the Heavenly Dragon Balesara eventually found Alveron’s laboratory, and Alveron made an emergency escape.

“Just one year. “If there had been one more year, the experiment would have been completed.”

Alveron said he finally figured it out.

There clearly existed a body that could be strengthened by receiving dragon blood.

As a very special constitution, Alveron called it ‘dragon body.’

“That crazy dragon released all three dragons I had secretly collected.”

Alveron seemed to regret that.

“But it’s okay now. “You will get a new dragon.”

“What are you planning to do by taking Yongdori?”

“Nothing much. Locked them in a special space.”

Hehe, he smiled and looked towards Yongdol.

Kangsom hugged Yongdol, who was about to convulse.

-You’re not a good boy. wait.

-Don’t treat me like a puppy!

-The kid is nice.

Yongdori tried to struggle but held back.

-I’m not holding back because of Somi’s words. I just want to hear what that lowly guy has to say.

Alveron continued.

“I’m going to insert a needle. Hehe. “Dragons have a very strong vitality, so they can bleed for decades.”


“We will create an army of dragon bodies.”

Suddenly I gritted my teeth.

“I will declare my great research to the magic tower bastards who fucked me up and destroy them.”

“Is that your ultimate goal?”

Ahn Seo-hee slowly felt her limits.

I don’t know what to say anymore.

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“The ultimate goal is to advance to Geomnim.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin watched the illusion as if he was watching TV.

Since I knew it was an illusion, it wasn’t that threatening.

It felt a bit like watching a movie.

‘Is it an illusion that a grown dragon will destroy the world?’

Kim Hyuk-jin felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

It was a scene I felt like I had seen somewhere before.

‘ah. It’s the same as the future poetry I saw when I first met Yongdori.’

A destroyed world.

Numerous cities were in ruins, surrounded by flames and ash.

A dragon roaring over a burning city.

‘It’s so similar.’

Hyukjin Kim was lost in thought.

Why are they so similar?

‘I understand now.’

The real name of the book that activated the illusion magic was ‘Apocalypse of the Mass Infection Followers’.

It was a magic containing the power of a malicious guardian, which could be called malicious code.

‘At the time… I thought it was an intense future poem.’

But I guess that wasn’t the case.

‘The malicious guardian intervened with me at the time.’

Things started to look clear.

The malicious guardian intervened deeply and showed us a fake future vision.

‘Fortunately, Kang Somi was next to me.’

Kang So-yi blocked Kim Hyeok-jin’s path with the absurd summary of ‘a guardian full of maternal love.’

Nevertheless, Kim Hyuk-jin tried to kill Ah-ryong (Yongdori).

“Give me a reason to convince me. Otherwise, I will kill this subdragon.”

“Can’t you trust me?”

Even though Kang Som said that much, Kim Hyuk Jin did not really listen to what she said.

This dragon will destroy the world.

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This was because Mirae City continued to send the same warning.

“I trust Kang Somi. But this time I won’t believe it.”

Things that Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t know back then began to appear to Kim Hyuk-jin now.

“Player Kim Hyeok-jin. “Many guardians advise you not to kill Subryong.”

“A lot of guardians?”

At that time, the guardians did not intervene by consuming their protective power without any reason.

Guardians are reluctant to intervene directly without a just cause.

It was said that the ‘intervention of a malicious guardian’ was a just cause for the guardians.

Kim Hyuk-jin had no choice but to admit it.

‘I was a beginner back then.’

I thought that what the future vision showed was real, and I had confidence in it.

In hindsight, I think that thought was wrong.

Now a wider world came into view.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who felt his own growth, continued to watch the illusion.

‘then. ‘What’s your next fantasy?’

I kept watching, but no other visions continued.

The same thing was repeated several times.

There seemed to be a limit to the detail that fantasy could show.

‘It’s the intervention of a malicious guardian.’

How does it intervene and influence my mind?

I suddenly became curious.

‘Malicious guardians are also guardians.’

This means that it can exert protective power.

How did you use that protective power to imbue this book?

Why did this book unfold its fantasy magic?

As a player, I was filled with curiosity.

If Kang Sang-gu had heard, he would have shaken his head and said, ‘He’s such a pervert.’

‘There is a protective power in it, but…’

It didn’t seem like this book was created with just the protective power.

‘But the name is a bit grandiose.’

It was given the name Apocalypse.

Hyukjin Kim also recently experienced an apocalypse.

When the malicious guardian was killed, ‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’ was activated.

‘The name Apocalypse seems to be related to malicious guardians.’

So I asked Senia.

“Is there a way to activate [Apocalypse of the Dawn] with my achievements engraved on it?”

“yes. It is possible to call it through a middle manager.”

“Call me.”

“All right. Please wait a moment.”

Senia looked at Kim Hyuk-jin with an expressionless face as always.

A thick book was created in front of Senia.

The book opened on its own


‘All blank pages. Only the front page says something.’

The content was written on only one page.

[The wise men who returned to the Apocalypse]

[1. Ruler of fantasy.]

Kim Hyuk-jin burst out laughing after reading the contents.

‘The Apocalypse of the Dawn… seems to be the root of the malicious guardians.’

In this book, ‘malignant guardians’ were created.

And those malicious guardians may have spread out into the world.

Hyukjin Kim killed one of the malicious guardians and it was recorded in this book.

One of the four major achievement tools.

I realized the fundamentals of the Apocalypse of Dawn.

‘The Apocalypse of the Dawn… was the cradle of the birth of malicious guardians.’

Then suddenly a bright light appeared.

[‘Apocalypse of the Mass Infection Follower’ reacts to the higher-level Apocalypse.]

[Check the highest-ranking Apocalypse of the corresponding series.]

White light leaked from the ‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’ that was floating in the air.

[Check the achievements of ‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’.]

Apocalypse of group infection followers.

Apocalypse of the Dawn.

The two apocalypses reacted together.

[The wise man returned to the Apocalypse. Confirm the ‘Ruler of Illusion’.]

[You can inherit the authority of the ‘Ruler of Illusion’ through ‘Apocalypse of the Dawn’.] An

interesting notification followed.

[This determines the highest level of illusion experienced by the person who recorded the relevant achievement.] An

illusion that even uses the power of chanting to devour the opponent.

I experienced a terrifying fantasy.

The system determined the level of the fantasy.

[The level of the fantasy in question is ‘Rachalsa (羅刹斯)’.]


I never thought that name would appear here.

Kim Hyuk-jin focused his mind on the notification.

A heavy voice was heard.

It was as if this world was asking a question.

“What is the wish of Rakshasa Temple?”

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