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Max Talent Player Chapter 612

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 612

“Now I do it.”

Kim Hyuk-jin concentrated his mind.

Rapundel cannot accept all this energy.

‘We must take steps first so that Rapundel can accept this energy.’

That measure was also something Kim Hyuk-jin was familiar with.

I’ve never tried it myself, but I experienced it once.

I learned it from Isabelle.

I remembered Isabelle’s words and concentrated again and again on the memories of that time.

“Remember this feeling. In our body. Mana flows like this. After going through the second heart. Via the virtual aorta. “It really goes through the heart and goes to every corner of the body.”

It was the same as back then.

If she creates a second heart, absorbs the energy of Katulu and the giants, and reorganizes her body, Rapundel will be able to gain new life.

“I have to remember this path and this feeling. Only then can we achieve —.”

Isabelle taught her exactly how to create a second heart and succeeded in creating it in Hyukjin Kim’s body.

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin was in a position to benefit from Isabel.


‘This time, I’m in a position to do the favor.’

One by one.

In order not to miss a word of Isabelle’s trivial words, a reconstruction analysis was used at the same time.


In the reconstruction analysis poem, Kim Hyuk-jin and Isabel kissed.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

“Open your mouth and stay still.”

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin felt a bit of ecstasy beyond excitement.

It felt as if the mana filtered through Isabelle’s body was consuming every inch of Kim Hyukjin’s body.

‘You have to do it the same way you did then.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was quite uncomfortable to kiss Rapundel while thinking of Isabel.

But I thought to myself.

This is not a kiss. In other words, it is CPR.

It would not be entirely wrong to say that it was CPR as it was a way to save Rapundel.

‘Is this the right way to do it?’

After kissing Rapundel, he filtered out the power of the body that accepted the ‘Colossus who chose eternal sleep’ and passed it on to Rapundel.

On the contrary, the power of chants and lightning that were excessively transmitted to Rapundel was absorbed here and the concentration of mana was controlled.

‘I can feel the stench.’

It was the same as back then.

When Isabelle did this to Kim Hyuk-jin, all kinds of foul-smelling waste products came out of Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.

‘I’m doing it right.’

I gained some confidence.

Katulu, who was trapped in Kim Hyuk-jin’s mental world, seemed to have felt something and did not struggle anymore.

In fact, I felt a little calmer and it seemed like I was finally able to look at the situation objectively.

Katulu did not interfere with Kim Hyuk-jin and assumed the role that Kim Hyuk-jin had played earlier.

-I will help.

A warning was also heard.

-But if you make a mistake, I will explode your body and kill you.

From Katulu’s point of view, it was a very urgent and urgent remark.

Fortunately, Kim Hyuk-jin did not hear those words.

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‘It got a little easier.’

The flow of mana has become easier.

I just felt comfortable using Katulu’s power.

I wasn’t even aware that Katulu was helping.

no. I completely forgot about Katulu’s existence for a moment.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kangsom’s middle manager, Nelbo, muttered quietly.

“That’s incredible concentration.”

Nelbo forgot his role to relay Kang Somi.

I was unconsciously distracted by Kim Hyuk-jin’s transcendent concentration.


Anyway, Kang Somi is only focusing on mana connection using purple magic stones, so it is difficult to hold a separate event like this.

This meant that there was no need to worry too much about broadcasting Kang Somi.

‘Can I take a look at Kim Hyuk-jin?’

A manager in the form of a human boy.

He always carried a thick book at his side and wore very large glasses, but he took them off today.

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‘Can I see it?’

It was an unconscious habit that appeared when I wanted to concentrate deeply on something.

Nelbo looked at Kim Hyuk-jin, forgetting Kang So-mi’s commentary.

Just like a guardian, he forgot his duties as a middle manager.


Kim Hyuk-jin, wow! And I started to gag.

The scum coming out of Rapundel’s body was not just a scum.

‘It’s poison.’

At that time, Isabel also went through the same situation.

Isabel didn’t show any signs.

“Don’t worry about anything else. “Right now, purifying my husband’s body is the priority.”

Once again, I felt that Isabel was amazing.

Regardless of his feelings, Kim Hyuk-jin spoke quickly.

“I have to remember this path and this feeling. “Only then can you achieve a second heart.”

I don’t know if Rapundel is conscious.

But I did the best I could.

Just like the Pureblood Sword Emperor did.


Kim Hyuk-jin almost gave up on all of this work due to the extreme pain traveling up his esophagus.

I felt a burning sensation as if my whole body was on fire.

Even Kim Hyuk-jin, who was quite accustomed to pain, wanted to scream.

I bit my lip hard and blood leaked out from my lip.


My consciousness kept wanting to run away from the overwhelming pain.

I would rather faint. If I passed out, I wouldn’t have to feel this pain.


In my fading consciousness, I thought of Isabel.

“The pain I just felt. “I went through that for you.”

Isabel accepted the pain on Kim Hyuk-jin’s behalf without any hesitation.

Even if I couldn’t do it as well as Isabel, I had to bring some of the pain that was inflicted on Rapundel here.


I thought of a way.

Only then did I remember the existence of the ‘Colossus who chose eternal life’.

-Did you say you were the daughter born of your heart?

The current Kim Hyuk-jin is Kim Hyuk-jin, but he was also Katulu.

So I thought it was possible.

-I will be Rapundel’s father for a while.

Katulu, who regained his senses and started helping Hyukjin Kim, immediately understood what Hyukjin Kim was saying.

He wasted no time in helping as best he could.

A notification was heard.

[The ‘Colossus who chose spiritual sleep’ consumes the guardian power.]

[The role of ‘father of the heart’ is applied to the main body.]

The guardian’s power came and it was converted through the system into a system-like manner.

[The temporary title ‘Princess Underground’s Stepfather’ is applied.]

[The father-daughter relationship is temporarily established.]

There was no time to look at the title effect or the title description.

One o’clock was urgent.

“Because my husband and I are bound by the oath of the sword. “I just brought on the pain that should have been inflicted on my husband.”

They were bound as father and daughter, not by a sword oath.

It was closer to a contract of adoption rather than a sword oath.

Anyway, they were connected systematically.


Katulu shouted.


It felt like every bone in my body was shattered into pieces.

It felt like broken bones were traveling through my blood vessels and clawing through every corner of my body.

When the burning pain reached his eyes, Hyukjin Kim cried out! I ended up screaming.

Kim Hyuk-jin did not have a body as strong as Isabel.

I couldn’t endure it like this.

I tried to find a way out with extreme mental strength.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘I… do it.’

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin eventually succeeded in creating a second heart by absorbing the mana of the sky.

Kim Hyuk-jin spoke earnestly, recalling that memory.

“Rapundel. “This space is full of the energy of giants.”

Aratesa, the fire giant’s flame.

Laperado, the wave of the water giant.

Even the power of Katulu, the king of giants.

“You must accept that power into your body. Otherwise, you die and I die too.”

And one more.

“Your other father dies too.”

Those words awakened Rapundel’s dormant consciousness.

Another father.

Those words were heard.

It felt familiar.

-I must go to rescue you.

The uncle who said that.

I felt the power of Katulu, who followed me like another father.

Rapundel, who regained consciousness, heard a notification.

It was the same notification that Hyukjin Kim had heard in the past.

[A new heart has settled in the Danjeon.]

[A new name must be imprinted on the new heart.]

Hyukjin Kim said.

Just like Isabelle said before.

“Since something was created that did not exist originally, the Creator gives the creation a name. “Quickly give it a name.”

So Kim Hyuk-jin decided to name the heart ‘Isabel.’

This time Rapundel spoke.

“Kim Hyuk-jin.”


Kim Hyuk-jin realized that those words were not calling him.

Just as Kim Hyuk-jin gave Isabel’s name to the second heart, Rapundel seemed to have given Kim Hyuk-jin’s name to the second heart.

From daotranslate dot com

[The name of the new heart has been set to ‘Kim Hyeok-jin’.]

[The naming of the heart has been completed.]

When the work was completed, Kanglim was released.

The ‘Colossus who chose eternal life’ has disappeared.

It seemed like he was barely holding on.

‘It’s not extinct, right?’

I thought I would have to wait until I heard the message to find out.

Fortunately, Rapundel survived and no one died.

As the ‘Colossus who chose eternal life’ disappeared, the temporary title ‘Princess Underground’s stepfather’ disappeared, and the father-daughter relationship established in the system also disappeared.

Rapundel’s voice was heard.

“I never thought I would have my first kiss like this.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin had to remind himself several times that it was not his first kiss and that it was CPR.

Rapundel, who has finally come to her senses, imprinted Kim Hyuk-jin as her second heart, and has a new body that can adapt to Earth, spoke again.

“Isn’t it romantic to have your first kiss with your secretary?”

“no. Wake.”

“Still, I won’t forget it.”

Rapundel laughed and waved her hand.

“I’m kidding. I’m kidding. “Hyukjin rarely gets embarrassed… so I tried to make fun of him.”

“For the sake of peace on Earth, it is better to refrain from such jokes.”

“You’re not wrong.”

Rapundel lost all her powers as a ‘Giant of the Underworld’.

Now I have a body identical to a human body.

This seemed to be what Katulu wanted.

Making Rapundel able to survive even if she loses all her powers.

It seemed like a success.

[Dimension level quest. ‘The record of the giant who chose eternal rest’ has been cleared.] The


crumbled and the giants’ energy gradually disappeared.

At the same time, quest clear rewards were given.

[‘Giant’s Tomb’ is given.]

Numerous guardians have sent messages.

The majority were impressed and amazed by the play.

I cleared a dimensional quest, and unusually, more than 5 guardians rushed to send me messages.

Senia spoke in a calm tone.

“The total number of messages is 42.”


Kim Hyuk-jin looked at the messages carefully.

There was no message from the ‘Colossus who chose eternal sleep’.

Meanwhile, Nelbo forgot his duties and spoke to Senia.

It was a conversation only between middle managers that players and guardians could not hear.

“It is said that [Record of a Colossus Choosing Retirement] has never been cleared in this direction. “I confirmed it directly with ‘Nothing’, a first-generation middle manager.”

“…Is that so?”

“okay. What does this mean? “You know that, right?”

“I know.”

Currently, Senia’s channel is full of enthusiasm.

A play that had never been played before was played under the hands of Kim Hyuk-jin.

Showbidobi added a video.

It was a scene where Showbidobi was having a conversation with Senia.

“I never thought there would be a crazy bastard who could beat this scenario and obtain [Lightning of Rest].”


“The Lightning of Rest is also connected to the highest scenario [Judgment]. You know that, right?”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s body shook as he confirmed that the quest had been cleared.


I fell asleep.

I had no memory after that.

How much time has passed?


A voice was heard.

“…Guild Leader Jin?”

“Guild leader Hyukjin?”

It was Kangsom’s voice.

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