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Max Talent Player Chapter 613

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 613 Kang

Somi’s voice was heard.

“Guild leader Hyukjin?”

“…Where am I?”

“The Taebaek Mountains. “In front of the cliff.”


Kangsom smiled shyly and said.

“Now stop your hair…”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Kim Hyuk-jin fell asleep with his head resting on Kang So-mi’s shoulder.

Even Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t know when it had been like this.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Exactly 17 hours 42 minutes 03 seconds.”

Hyukjin Kim stood up.

“Am I borrowing your shoulder all this time?”


“yes. As you can see.”

Kang Somi still sat in her seat and smiled.

My shoulder hurt, but I couldn’t massage it with my other arm.

This is because Justin (Yongdori) was fast asleep with his head resting on the other shoulder.

“It seems like Yongdori also used up a lot of stamina.”

“Iknow, right.”

“And the secretary who is the guild leader’s kisser.”

Kim Hyuk-jin heard the sound and squeaked.

“It was CPR. Somi must have seen it too.”

“That’s right.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kangsom laughed with a mischievous expression and looked down at her thighs.

Rapundel was sleeping on Kangsom’s thigh.

“It looks like it became a pillow for three people.”

I laughed bitterly.

“It feels like we have become a real couple.”


Kim Hyuk-jin, who was drinking water, squirted water without realizing it.

“It looks like I’m sleeping with my husband on my left shoulder, my son on my right shoulder, and my daughter on my thigh.”

Kangsom laughed and joked.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked around for no reason.

It is said that birds hear what you say during the day, and mice hear what you say at night.

“Somi, please.”

“I’m kidding. I’m kidding.”

A smile bloomed on Kangsom’s face.

“I thought it was funny to see the guild leader getting flustered, so I stopped without realizing it.”

Kim Hyuk-jin, as seen by Kang So-mi, is the leader of the Iron Blood Guild.

A person who is not shaken by any situation and only moves forward toward his goal.

That was always cool, but sometimes he didn’t seem human.

“Would you say I’m a bit human when I’m embarrassed like this?”

“If you don’t want to destroy the Earth, don’t make jokes like that.”

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And Kim Hyuk-jin sent a whisper.

-We did not clear the dimension quest properly.

-yes? why?

-Just think of it that way.

Kim Hyuk-jin used the power of the purple magic stone and the Nameless Eye to realize that there was something called the ‘Spying Eye’.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I can’t feel the presence of that spying eye right now, but maybe it’s still working.

If you explain too much, people on the other side might feel strange.

I decided it would be better to just move on naturally for now.

“The result is disappointing, but… Somi, please get some rest too. “I will stand guard.”

As soon as I said that, a loud snoring sound was heard.

Although he was able to endure with superhuman mental strength, Kang Som seemed to be at his physical limits.

A day passed like that.

* * *

In a dark room.

A man said.

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The man was wearing a thick robe, and his eyes glowed blue even in the dark.

It was as if a small blue lamp had been turned on.

“He was able to read the presence of the spy through special situations and buffs.”

“Have you been caught spying?”

“yes. I think I got caught. But it’s okay now. “I don’t think I have any idea now.”


“It seems like I failed to clear the quest. “If anything has changed, Rapundel seems to have acquired a new body.”

A man with blue eyes stared into the darkness.

There was no one to be seen in the darkness. The shadow flickered.

“That’s fortunate for us.”

said the shadow.

“But what is the probability that he noticed the spying and was lying?”

“It cannot be ruled out, but it is unlikely.”


“He was asleep for 17 hours. It means that you made a huge effort. The chances of you remaining sane after doing such a big strain are very small. “At least you might have felt some sense of accomplishment or joy.”

But I didn’t feel that feeling of joy at all.

“Even for an iron-blooded lord like Kim Hyuk-jin, even a servant explorer wouldn’t be able to act so perfectly.”

The man with blue eyes decided so.

If you cleared the quest and came out, you should have been a little happy.

However, there was no such sign at all, neither from the explorer nor from Kim Hyuk-jin, who woke up from his sleep.

“I think I gained some opportunity and time by failing the quest.”

A laugh came from the shadows.

He also seemed quite satisfied.

“Then you know what we have to do, right?”


Their goal has already been set.

We need to find Alveron’s research results.

“We are looking for the Hemolysis Research Institute.”

“of course. However, the Giant Guild will also be busy searching for the Dragon Blood Research Institute.”

“Of course we should find him faster than him. Since he failed to clear the dimensional quest, he would not have been able to obtain any of the giant’s items.”

* * *

In the car returning to Seoul.

Kang Som-i was caught in a dull mood.

‘What the heck is this feeling…’

This feeling started from the time Kim Hyuk-jin and Rapundel kissed.

From then on, I was somewhat depressed.

‘It shouldn’t be like this.’

I gave up my feelings for Kim Hyuk-jin a long time ago.

In my head, I thought it would never happen.

Kim Hyuk-jin has someone he loves(?), and Kim Hyuk-jin was never the type of person to betray that love.

So Kang Somi gave up on Kim Hyuk Jin long ago and treated him only as a guild leader.

I was satisfied that we could just enjoy playing together.

‘Ah Mr.’

How should I express this strange feeling?

And on the other hand, I was also afraid.

Kim Hyuk-jin has a special power called sensory eyes, and Kang Som will be able to see through his psychological state.

“Guild leader. Please stop using the sensory eye for the time being. “For me.”

“I don’t look at it unless I need to.”



Hyukjin Kim didn’t think about it too complicatedly.

I thought there must be a good reason for an explorer of service to be an explorer of service.

Unless there was a reason to look at Kangsom with my senses, there was no need to search.

Kangsom closed his mouth and looked out the window.

I could see the green mountains of Gangwon-do.

‘I don’t feel so good after that scene.’

I was still trying to get my mind together, but I also thought that Rapundel was a bit of a bad idea.

I know very well that I couldn’t help it, but that’s how I felt.

To put it mildly, my mind was complicated even after I cleared the dimensional quest.

‘Right after clearing, Rapundel was hugged by the guild leader.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kangsom knows.

Rapundel has a huge crush on Kim Hyuk-jin.

And Kang Som expresses it more actively than he does.

Secretary. It’s a romance. When you say it’s your first kiss.

‘It wouldn’t have been necessary.’

That’s why Kang Som-i also made a joke by mentioning the ‘couple’.

‘It’ll be okay in a few days.’

I don’t see Kim Hyuk-jin as a man anyway.

At least that’s what I thought.

I don’t see him as a man and I will work hard not to see him as a man in the future.

I will hide my feelings and control my emotions.

‘So, it’ll be fine in just a few days. ‘Let’s not show it.’

Kang Som didn’t know it, but he had deceived the spy without even intending to do so.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin, who had regained some of his stamina, tried using the Nameless Eye once again.

When I had no idea of the existence of the spying eye, I had no idea about it, but once I became aware of its existence, it was not difficult to detect it.

‘Not now.’

You won’t be able to use advanced abilities like spying indefinitely.

Currently, he has avoided spying.

‘I don’t know when the spy will be watching me again.’

Then, we will lose the information war.

This side has no information about that side, but that side will continue to obtain information about this side.

“Mr. Somi. “Is there a tool that can protect against spying?”

“well. “What does Yongdori know?”

“Yongdori is still a dragon. “Once you become an adult, you can find as many spying eyes as you need.”

Yongdori seemed a little proud.

Even if he died soon, he never said, ‘I can’t do it.’

Hyukjin Kim smoothed his chin.

“I’m in trouble.”

“Iknow, right. I never thought you would have such an annoying ability. “It’s going to be a lot of trouble in the future.”

From daotranslate dot com

“There is a way to defend yourself…”

“What is it?”

“It’s a rainbow reflector.”

Rainbow reflector.

This is a very special item that can be purchased at the summit store.

I remember seeing it when the Jeongsang store opened a long time ago.

Kang Somi didn’t know much about the rainbow reflector.

“yes? “What is that?”

At the same time, Senia in a spirit form appeared.

It was in the form of an overlay over Kang So-mi’s body, but it seemed to be an inevitable choice due to the limited space in the vehicle.

“The climb begins. This climb was organized by [Pearl of Mt. Cheonmasan].”

1 coin.

2 coins.

3 coins.

Guardians’ coin sponsorship has begun.

The climb to Mt. Baekdu started as soon as Kim Hyuk-jin mentioned the ‘rainbow reflector.’

The Pearl of Cheonmasan Mountain used a shout message.

[Guys. Let’s go!]

The Pearl of Mount Cheonmasan seemed to quite like Kim Hyuk-jin’s play this time.

The 42 guardians who sent a message to Kim Hyuk-jin began to race to climb Mt. Baekdu.

99 coins.

100 coins.

“After a total of 5050 coins….”

Senia could not continue speaking.

‘Isn’t it Mt. Baekdu?’

Even Senia, who rarely expresses emotions, opened her eyes wide.

Looking again, the Jinju of Mt. Cheonmasan was not in charge of ‘Climbing Mt. Baekdu.’

101 coins.

102 coins.

‘Climbing Mt. Lee Baekdu…!’

To be honest, Kim Hyuk-jin was also surprised.

It was rare for a player to successfully climb Mt. Baekdu before returning.

However, Hyukjin Kim has already received Baekdusan coin support three times.

That alone is surprising, but now we are climbing Mt. Lee Baekdu, not Mt. Baekdu.

150 coins.

151 coins.

Senia’s wings trembled.


NDoosan Coin is only meaningful if it runs to the top.

I hosted Mt. Lee Baekdu, but if it stops at 199 coins, all sponsorships are lost.

152 coins.

153 coins.

The speed at which coins are sponsored gradually decreased.

It was natural.

The Baekdu Mountain coin alone is amazing, but Lee Baekdu Mountain.

A total of 20100 coins were needed.

170 coins.

171 coins.

By that time, coin sponsorship had almost stopped.

Senia thought seriously.

‘We need to take the lead and encourage coin sponsorship…’

Most middle managers do that.

It’s just that Senia hasn’t done that until now.

It solidified Senia’s identity and character.

Now, no guardian expected any active response or reaction from Senia.

‘I have to do it.’

For Kim Hyuk-jin.

In order to succeed in Kim Hyuk-jin’s climb of Mt. Lee Baekdu.

‘Other middle managers…’

Some middle managers act cute, while others do funny dances.

There are numerous reactions depending on the tendencies of middle managers.

‘I am…!’

There wasn’t much that could be done.

I realized it again.

If it weren’t for the content named Kim Hyuk-jin, he would be a middle manager who couldn’t do anything.

‘The only thing I can do is…’

My face turned bright red.

Nothing came to mind right away.

If I had known this would happen, I would have at least prepared a reaction.


I did monitor other middle managers.

Among them, I monitored a lot of Elyos middle managers.

Most of the Elyos used their beautiful appearance as a weapon to elicit positive responses and showed many sexy or charming reactions.

The sexy concept was impossible anyway.

Then all that was left was cuteness.

‘I have to do it.’

I made a firm promise.

‘For the growth of player Kim Hyuk-jin.’

But then.

The ‘donkey craftsman’ appeared.

172 coins.

173 coins.




199 coins.

200 coins.

200 coins were completed in an instant.

Senia barely opened her mouth.

“A total of 20,000…”

But that wasn’t the end.

Second-generation guardians, commonly called ‘low-income guardians’, began to appear on Senia’s channel.

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