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Max Talent Player Chapter 619

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 619

“Extinction means disappearance of existence. There was no Bupapa in this world from the beginning. You will be forgotten by everyone. Extinction means fading away from exhaustion and loneliness in everyone’s oblivion. Like burning fallen leaves. “The soul disappears like that.”

Isabel said.

“You may die here, but your history will not stop.”

“I will remember your name in my soul so that I will not forget your history.”

Bupapa answered.

“This will postpone my disappearance.”

“It’s okay to not overdo it. “As a guardian spirit, you are now barely holding on to your lifeline.”

“I will start with rehabilitation step by step. “My time and the king’s time are different.”

* * *

[Would you like to attend the conversation table with the ‘Silver Star Sword Spirit’ who revealed his true name?]

[If you do not attend the ‘Conversation Table’, ‘Silver Star Sword Spirit’ will disappear.]

“What should I do? “Guild leader.”

I intentionally put emphasis on the word ‘guild leader.’

Pedro was also now an honorary member of the Giant Guild, and through the word guild leader, he once again hinted that you and I were one guild.


Pedro decided that Kim Hyuk-jin would naturally tell him to refuse.

Kim Hyuk-jin is a thorough, extremely calculating and rational guild leader.

‘There’s not much to be gained by being swayed by such a novice… huh?’

Hyukjin Kim answered.

“Of course I agree.”

“of course.”

Pedro didn’t ask or argue.

From the beginning, he acted as if he wanted to join the ‘table of conversation’.

“Would you like to accept it right now?”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[Enter the ‘Conversation Table’.]

Just like last time, Senia briefly explained the ‘Conversation Table’.

“This is a special space called [Conversation Table], where no action other than conversation is allowed.”

The same situation ensued as before when Bupapa proposed a ‘table of conversation’.

Tap, tap, tap.

I heard footsteps.

Pedro and Hyukjin Kim looked at one place at the same time.

‘Redbeard. And red eyebrows.’

It was Bupapa.

As Kim Hyuk-jin thought, Elder Bupapa was right about ‘Silver Star’s Sword Soul.’

Bupapa said he would start with rehabilitation step by step.

And in the end, it seemed like he succeeded in making a comeback and was reborn as a guardian.

“It’s been a while, Elder Bupapa.”


Bupapa’s beard trembled.

I bowed deeply.

“Thank you very much.”


“Do you remember your last moments?”

Bupapa chose to disappear on his own.

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“it’s okay. I have no intention of living as a guardian. “Everything that can be accomplished has already been accomplished.”

“yes. I will disappear. But don’t be sad. “I am happy.”

Bupapa had certainly said so.

But that wasn’t the case on the inside.

“Actually, I didn’t want to disappear.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


“I wanted to survive longer and see how the King of Geomrim rules my hometown. “I wanted to see how someone with the qualities of a king for whom I forged a crown would grow.”

Pedro was silent for a moment.

‘You look familiar.’

It looked strangely familiar.

I felt like my heart was pounding.

‘What was that shock earlier?’

Shock as if I had been hit on the head.

I thought about it again.

Eunseong pocket watch.

From daotranslate dot com

A dead man heading towards the Forest of Swords.

As these two keywords were combined, another word came to mind.

‘Why did I say Master?’

Did I ever have a teacher in the first place?

It seems like there was.

‘Something feels strange.’

That red beard and red eyebrows kept looking familiar.

This tickling feeling in my heart was perhaps a feeling close to longing.

“So I stubbornly survived. Still, rehabilitation was not easy. There were no people who remembered me, and I was losing my protection day by day. But one day. “A miracle happened to me.”

“A miracle?”

“Do you know that my name is imprinted on your soul?”


Hyukjin Kim recalled the notification he heard at the time.

[‘Bupapa’ has been imprinted on the soul of Isabel, a transcendent artifact.]

[‘Bupapa’ has been imprinted on Isabel’s soul.]

[‘Bupapa’ has been imprinted on the soul of the ‘Bride of the Sword’.]

System The ‘bride of the sword’ mentioned here is Kim Hyuk-jin.

In other words, it meant that Bupapa was imprinted in Kim Hyuk-jin’s soul.

“He performed the greatest miracle. “And twice.”

Once when hunting the clone of a subterranean giant.

Once when the new transcendental species Chorongi was born and the world of Chorongi was created.

“One time it seemed like an expedient was used, but the other time it was a true miracle.”


“When the Achievement Tablet was activated, a great miracle came upon me and I was also able to recover my protective power.”

‘The Dead to the Forest of Swords’, who was a guardian spirit in another dimension and another time, said he tried his best.

He was desperate because he was a ‘dead man heading for the forest of swords’ who had crossed the last threshold of life.

He lived harder than anyone else and aspired to become a guardian.

And that desire was rewarded.

“I was eventually able to become a guardian named [Sword Spirit of the Silver Star].”

Pedro was a little confused.

The more I listened, the more I felt nostalgic.

‘What on earth is Elder Bupapa?’

Pedro had thought that ‘Silver Star Sword Spirit’ was a guardian of a level that could be ignored.

But after listening to the conversation with Kim Hyuk-jin, it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

‘It seems like the two have known each other for a long time.’

It also touched my heart to see Kim Hyuk-jin looking at the dwarf guardian with warm eyes.

Kim Hyuk-jin seemed to trust him a lot.

In fact, Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Bupapa with very affectionate eyes.

Because he is a friend who did not hesitate to disappear and worked hard for a miracle.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s belief was that even if you forget resentment, you should never forget grace.

“Then the name Sword Soul is….”

“That’s right. This name came about because my name was engraved on the sword body of Isabel the Sword Emperor. and.”

Bupapa raised his red eyebrows and grinned.

“The guardians call me a third-generation guardian.”

* * *

Pedro was silent and just listened to the conversation.

‘3rd generation guardian?’

Pedro also distinguishes between first and second generation guardians.

In other words, the first generation guardians are the guardians of the older generation and are faithful to the basics and principles.

They avoid interfering greatly with the system or play and place importance on the cause.

Therefore, in most cases, they operate according to principles, but the support is relatively small compared to the power they have.

‘The 2nd generation guardians are great.’

The word that describes them is ‘low-income’.

Guardians who suddenly gain strength and power and become powerful at once are usually called the second generation.

Compared to the first generation, they are more enthusiastic about providing support and are so-called ‘money-mongering’ people.

‘But the third generation…’

The third generation goes beyond active sponsorship and is deeply involved in playing.

They said that they were young guardians who could not be understood by the first generation.

He said that he ignores the principles, does not consider justification as important, and arbitrarily goes up to the limits set by the system.

‘So the first generation calls the third generation fools?’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

If I were to group them together, the first and second generations had a vaguely similar feel.

The first generation are established guardians created by sponsors.

The second generation are established guardians who provide a lot of support.

‘The third generation is the guardian of the new generation.’

Kim Hyuk-jin was a little shocked after hearing the words of ‘Silver Star Sword Soul’.

The term 3rd generation guardian was a word that did not exist before the regression.

‘A new type of guardian has appeared.’

It was a completely new form.

Guardians who actively try to intervene in play.

Bupapa had no qualms about disclosing information.

“But it’s not completely new.”


“As you know, [The Prophecy of the White Eyes] that we are currently working on is, if we are to be serious, the third generation.”


The Prophecy of the White Eyes is a guardian who has been active since the beginning of play.

If you think about it that way, you could say it was the first generation.

“Although they are the first generation, there is also a growing trend of third generation guardians.”

Bupapa narrowed his eyes.

“Do you guess why?”


This is something that never happened in the past.

A new type of guardian appeared and this was a significant change.

How much will this change change play at the global level?

Hyukjin Kim focused on that.

But Pedro intervened.

“Isn’t it because of our guild leader?”

Bupapa frowned deeply.

“Why are you interfering?”

“No, Master, your words are too harsh.”

Pedro tilted his head as he spoke.

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‘Again, Master?’

Why are you calling that red-haired dwarf Master?

Why do I say things like that without even realizing it?

“Don’t get involved, kid. “It hurts.”

Bupapa hit Pedro in the back of the head.


There was a loud noise.

“A real man doesn’t faint…”

Pedro fainted.

Bupapa looked at his fainted disciple with affectionate eyes and then spoke.

“That guy is right. It’s because of you that the Guardians began to change. “It looks like even the first generation guardians are quite a bit stingy.”

“…What do you mean?”

“There is only one unique content, but there are an overwhelming number of guardians who want to monopolize that content.”

Kim Hyuk-jin is only one guardian.

A contract was signed with ‘Noble Aspiration’.

Other Guardians cannot contract directly with Hyukjin Kim.

“It must be frustrating because you can’t directly sign a contract and then sponsor and watch over it. So what options are left for them?”

Guardians who were unable to contract with Kim Hyuk-jin but were anxious to more actively intervene and enjoy Kim Hyuk-jin’s play tended to become 3rd generation guardians.

“Representatively, [Pearl of Mt. Cheonmasan] and [Fairy of the Furnace] are also like that. [The Fairy of the Furnace] is even abandoning her own contract players and focusing on your play.”

“I’m not even a production player?”

“So it’s not typical. “This is something a typical first-generation person would never do.”

“Can I give you information about the other guardians like this?”

Bupapa speaks casually, but now he is opening up to each player about the guardians’ behavior patterns.

This could be quite a problem for some guardians.

“I’m a third generation motherfucker.”

He smiled and continued speaking.

“And although there will definitely be Guardians who dislike my actions, there will also be many Guardians who secretly support me.”

According to Bupapa, they wanted to somehow appeal their existence to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“You can also say that he has lost his mind because he is crazy about unique content. To put it simply, there are a lot of crazy people.”

For a moment, even Kim Hyuk-jin was a little embarrassed.

Is it okay to say that much?

“Nothing to think strange. Isn’t this happening enough in the world you live in? As far as I know, there are cases where people support BJ by giving up all their money or even going into debt, and then commit suicide. “It’s a similar situation.”

Bupapa had no qualms about disclosing information.

It was as if he would answer no matter what I asked.

“Do you have any other questions?”

Hyukjin Kim had many things he wanted to ask.

Guardians’ faction or power structure.

Information related to the Guardians of the Demon King and those opposing the Demon King.

‘Let’s ask slowly.’

Instead, I asked something else.

“Have you ever been lonely?”

Bupapa’s body flinched.

It seemed like a completely unexpected question.

Kim Hyuk-jin grabbed Bupapa’s right hand.

His right hand was full of calluses and very rough.

I felt it even without using the nameless eye.

How long and how much pain must this third-generation guardian, who was called a bastard, have endured to become a guardian from a guardian spirit.

In fact, how desperately the guardian spirit, who did not want to disappear, survived when he was given the chance to live.

“Thank you for coming back, Bupapa.”

At the same time as those words were said, changes began to occur at the ‘table of conversation’.

Golden radiance poured out from Bupapa’s body.

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