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Max Talent Player Chapter 622

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 622

“Are you that scared?”

Pedro was a little excited by those words.

“Okay then. “I will help you.”

Those words made me a little more excited.

Is there anyone else in this world who is so dependable and trustworthy?

Kim Hyuk-jin was close to Pedro’s ideal type.

‘no. Wake.’

Now was not the time to be distracted by strange emotions.

He said hastily.



“I can do well.”

Pedro gritted his teeth.

Kim Hyuk-jin is currently using the pure flame power of Athens.


Pedro thinks Kim Hyuk-jin is doing his best right now.

‘It’s going to be hard for the guild leader too.’

Because that flame is not just a flame.

Just operating it will consume all your physical and mental strength.

I don’t know, but I thought that Kim Hyuk-jin was now in a state of physical exhaustion.

‘Nevertheless, you are willing to go even harder for me.’

From now on, we enter the realm of the ‘herd’.

Pedro did not want to force Hyukjin Kim to do too much.

“I will overcome it.”

You have to overcome your fear.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Only then can you help that person.

For the first time, that will overtook fear.

Cold sweat was rolling down Pedro’s back, but there was a strange gun in his eyes.

“That’s not it.”

Kim Hyuk-jin lightly shrugged his shoulders.

Pedro, who was doing his best to strengthen and restore the Silver Star pocket watch, did not see it.

‘Pedro just needs to do his best.’

Pedro decided to let Pedro be.

Kim Hyuk-jin decided to do his best.

‘A noble wish. The trumpeter of the blue thunderbolt. A night when a meteor falls. Because the Lady of the Scales additionally intervened…’

The noble wish even hinted at using the Nameless Eye.

‘It’s difficult to maintain for a long time.’

I decided to try it out only for a short time.

Summarizing what they wanted, it was simple.

The idea was to attack somewhere with arrows containing thunderbolts.

It seems like you have to figure out the strategic point with an unknown eye.

‘Nameless eye.’

Exploring without knowing the goal is difficult and tiring, but if the goal is clear, the difficulty is reduced by more than half.

‘The target is the points to attack with lightning arrows.’

As I thought about it, seven points appeared.

From daotranslate dot com

‘I’ll have to break the glass space first.’

The problem was that Pedro’s concentration would be greatly disturbed, but it seemed that Pedro in his current state would be okay to some extent.

I don’t know where such a strong will suddenly came from, but it was a good thing for Kim Hyuk-jin.


I broke the glass space with a white sword that consumed very little stamina.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


The glass space was broken.

Meanwhile, insects described as phantom species poured in like a flood.


Fortunately, Pedro was still concentrating.

It seemed like they didn’t even know that the glass space was broken.

‘Some are fantastic species and some are real bugs.’

This moment.

Kim Hyuk-jin unintentionally started studying fantasy.

Understanding of fantasy has increased significantly.

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I just knew it the moment I saw it.

‘You planted real bugs and amplified the illusion using those bugs as a medium.’

Even the location of the bugs seemed to have a big impact.

The bugs each had their own mana waves, and the mana waves collided with each other to create a single flow.

‘Man and mana meet to create resonance… maximizing the illusion.’

This is how you use it.

So can this be seen as a fantasy circle designed by Elder Bupapa?

It was fun.

‘If I had the ingredients, I could make it too, right?’

I couldn’t make it this elaborately, but I thought I could roughly imitate it.

It was a story that would make Cha Ji-hye’s blood boil when she heard it, one of the other eight heroes and the map creator.

Because I can’t even imagine that there is someone who can understand and operate a fantasy circle simply by experiencing the illusion.


Hyukjin Kim is deep inside his body.

Brain energy was raised from Isabel, the second heart.


Blue lightning flashed through Kim Hyuk-jin’s body.


Although insects were pouring in, Kim Hyuk-jin was relaxed.

It felt as if time passed slowly.

It was even more so because these things meant nothing to Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘I think my body has changed a bit.’

In the past, I accepted the ‘Trumpeter of the Blue Thunder’ through Advent.

He was a powerful guardian who controlled the blue thunderbolt.

‘Following the trumpeter of the Blue Thunder, to Katulu.’


So, the ‘Colossus who chose eternal sleep’ was also a guardian who used the lightning of rest.

‘Originally, it was said that Advent inflicts tremendous damage on the human body.’

It was said that accepting a Guardian into a human body is extremely dangerous and causes many side effects.

Even before the regression, it was a public fact and close to common sense that everyone knew.

‘But it seems like my body has changed in a positive way.’

It seemed like he was able to better control the thunderbolts that the blue thunderbolt trumpeter handled and the thunderbolts that the giant god who chose eternal life handled.

As I experienced their bodies, changes occurred tailored to their bodies.

‘Can I say evolution…?’

I couldn’t think of anything specific to say.

It was close to the word evolution.

Kim Hyuk-jin brought out the ‘mukgun’ for the first time in a long time.

‘long time no see.’

I tried to implement a female flower palace based on the ink palace.


But my thoughts changed a little.

If there was a situation where ‘firearms’ were desperately needed, the ‘Giant of the Sunset’ would have appeared and given advice.

But the sunset giant was silent.

‘There’s no need to insist on the female fire palace, right?’

If you know how to do 1 and 1, you should also know how to do 1 and 2.

The basic principle was the same.

‘Four things are needed to create a female fire palace.’

Chanting of will.

The energy of pure flame.

Gungsinjiche (弓神之䫔).

The mana wavelength of the Dark Fire Palace imprinted on the body.

These four things are added to the ink palace to create the female flower palace.

‘Everything else is the same… Instead of the energy of Athens, it has the energy of lightning. And instead of the mana wavelength of Dark Fire Palace, the mana wavelength of [Lightning of Rest].’

Since the basic principles were the same, application was easy.

[Interpret the mana wavelength with the ‘eyes of the observer.’]

[Overlay the mana of the palace body on the ink palace.]

It was the same as before.

I did everything instinctively.

[A temporary ‘Blue Lightning Palace’ is created.]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[The base item for ‘Blue Lightning Palace’ is ‘Ink Palace’.]

Pedro, who had not lost concentration even when attacked by insects, lost his concentration.

I’m not sure exactly, but it seemed like Hyukjin Kim carried out the item production process.

Pedro’s hand stopped in the air.

‘Did you make a new item based on the ink palace?’

The flow itself was sloppy.

Although it contained tremendous power, it seemed like it would not be able to be used for a long time.

And Pedro’s prediction was correct.

As soon as Kim Hyuk-jin fired his arrow, the imperfect ‘Cheongnoegung’ was completely destroyed.

The Blue Thunder Palace was unable to withstand the power of the blue thunderbolt and was destroyed.

Pedro bit his lip when he saw that.

‘Guild leader Kim Hyuk-jin… took a gamble.’

It was a luxury to be afraid of these bugs that came right in front of us.

Kim Hyuk-jin has now made a ridiculous gamble.

Why would someone as thorough and calculating as Kim Hyuk-jin suddenly shoot an arrow by making a strange production that he normally would not do?

‘It’s a desperate situation where we can’t handle the transcendent artifact Isen.’

Pedro waved his hand.

“Get away from me!”


With a sound, an insect in the shape of a flying cow flew away.

‘I’m not scared!’

I wasn’t afraid of bugs anymore.

I had to repay the guild leader’s efforts to do his best.

I overcame my fear of insects, which I had been unable to overcome my entire life.

‘Let’s focus again.’

Kim Hyuk-jin is overdoing it.

Fed also decided to push himself too hard.

Meanwhile, the seven arrows fired by Kim Hyuk-jin fell to the ground.

Kim Hyuk-jin was satisfied.

‘Good shot.’

From daotranslate dot com

Arrows were inserted into the seven spots shown by Myungan Moo.

It was a bit of a shame that Cheongnaegung was destroyed.

‘It seems like I need to use another item as the base instead of the ink palace.’

Anyway, the production was successful, so next time I will be able to make a more perfect Blue Thunder Palace.

Kim Hyuk-jin watched the situation, satisfied with his own performance.


A thunderbolt erupted from the arrow.

The blue thunderbolt began to run as if it had life.

‘A road made of lightning that started from seven dots.’

So to speak, brain tracts began to be created.

It seemed to form a magic circle, but soon it formed a heptagonal magic circle.

A huge thunderbolt was created and spewed out above the heptagonal magic circle.

Numerous bugs that existed everywhere disappeared.

It almost disappeared, almost evaporating.


The thunderbolt hit the invisible ceiling and scattered in all directions.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes followed the flow of mana.

‘The scattered thunderbolts are gathering on Pedro’s work table.’

Pedro, who closed his eyes and began to concentrate again, could not read this situation.

However, I intuitively realized that now was the time.


I’m not sure why, but some powerful force was helping to strengthen and restore it.

Now was the ‘time’.

[Unique ability. It uses the ‘Secret Art of Restoration.’]

And it contains the strong wish of the caster of the Secret Art of Restoration.

You have to do it perfectly.

Only then will it be helpful to the guild leader.

‘The secret art of restoration is also an ability completed with the help of the guild leader.’

The Secret Art of Restoration is also an ability completed by clearing Kim Hyuk-jin and Referee Duke Castle.

All of these become one element.

At that moment, Pedro’s eyes turned silver for a split second.

[The ‘Silver Star Pocket Watch’ is perfectly restored.]

[The true appearance of the ‘Silver Star Pocket Watch’ is revealed.]

Light emanated from the Silver Star Pocket Watch.

An auspicious light appeared.

‘I did it… everything.’

At the same time, I could see the surrounding situation.

It seemed that Kim Hyuk-jin had exterminated all the bugs around him.

‘Was this… possible?’

While operating Athens, he created new items and slaughtered countless bugs at the same time with them.

And that too in such a short period of time.

‘This… is really happening.’

Pedro trembled without realizing it.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s formidable abilities were surprising.

‘anyway. I did my best and I did it in the end.’

I decided to quickly check out the ‘Eunseong Pocket Watch’.


This wasn’t just a watch.

Aside from everything else, one explanation caught my eye.


This is a summoning tool that summons the ‘Silver Eye Giant’, a rare species of giant known to exist only once in one dimension.

However, you can only summon the ‘Silver Eye Giant’ in the ‘Silver Eye Workshop’ where special protection is added.


“They say you can summon a silver-eyed giant. “In this special space.”

While Pedro completely restored the Eunseong pocket watch, he was able to instinctively read and feel other things behind the explanation window.

“The silver-eyed giant… is a boss monster. “If they show themselves, they will be hostile to us.”

“is it so?”

Kim Hyuk-jin was lost in thought for a moment.

‘Boss monster?’

They are the Silver Eye Giants.

The name is giant. Is it really a ‘giant’?

‘No matter how great Bupapa’s achievements are… will he be able to create a tool to summon a giant?’

And it’s a rare giant species that only exists in one dimension.

I had no idea such a giant existed.

“They say if you hunt the Silver Eye Giant… you can get the Silver Eye.”

Only then did Hyukjin Kim clearly understand the significance of this place.

This was the place for the ‘Silver Star Sword Spirit’ to gift the ‘Silver Eye’ to the Giant Guild.

It’s like how Sunset Giant prepared a ‘Short Table Dungeon’ to foster its favorite character, Kang Sang-gu.

“How do I summon the silver-eyed giant? I don’t know how.”

“I can do it.”

“Then let’s summon it.”

“Guild leader.”

Pedro bit his lip slightly.

From what Pedro could tell, Kim Hyuk-jin was not in a normal state right now.

I continued to use the Flame of Purification Athena, and in addition, I went overboard and hunted down all the bugs.

Proceeding further now was too greedy.

I decided that I needed at least some rest.

“I have something to tell you.”

Suddenly, Pedro stopped cosplaying as a manly man.

His voice wasn’t deep and he didn’t shout out manly things.

The way he speaks has also changed a lot.

“Say yes.”

I saw it in Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

Yellow light was emanating from Pedro’s body.

It seemed like it would bring another opportunity.

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