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Max Talent Player Chapter 628

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 628

[‘Wish of more than 100’ confirmed.]

[Hidden piece. ‘One Hundred Wishes’ has been activated.]

The wish of those who gathered as a Red Blood Death Squad was not simply ‘Save us’.

Whatever their motivation, they gathered here with their own causes and beliefs.

Not everyone was a Red Blood Death Squad, but the proportion of people who gathered as a Red Blood Death Squad seemed to be over 60%.

‘Their true wish… is to punish He Yichuan for betraying their beliefs.’

Although Huashen Enterprises provided support, it did not give money or sponsor items to the Red Blood Brotherhood.

The full-scale war had not yet begun, and the Red Blood Organization did not receive any compensation.

In other words, they were people who gathered voluntarily to overthrow Kim Hyuk-jin without expecting anything in return.

‘They were people with that level of belief and action. I was actually going to kill them.’

He Yichuan (Qing Yi) seemed to have thought wrong.

It seemed like I never thought something like this would happen in the first place.

‘People whose beliefs have been betrayed.’

In a way, those people’s anger was natural.



“all right.”

Ahn Seo-hee’s red thread spread out around her.

It gnawed away all the abandoned buildings around it, like a swarm of locusts eating grain.

This place quickly became a ruin.

The building suddenly disappeared and turned into an empty lot.


“What is it?”

People were scattered and dispersed throughout the building.

People gathered at the exit.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Many people were able to find each other.

Pedro blinked at Ahn Seo-hee’s amazing abilities.

‘This is what happens?’

How should I express this?

‘Reconstruction of space?’

It felt like the space had been completely rebuilt.

Because all the abandoned buildings have turned into dust and disappeared.

It has become an empty space where only people exist.

“This is Hyukjin Kim!”

“Colossal Lord?”

People discovered the Colossus Lord.

Some of them even showed hostility towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

Hyukjin Kim was so dumbfounded that he ended up laughing.

‘Even though the situation has reached this point… are you still recognizing me as an enemy?’

They clearly knew that they were kidnapped and that they were taken advantage of.

Even in such a situation, it was surprising that Kim Hyuk-jin himself was perceived as an enemy.

[Achieve ‘100 wishes.’]

Kim Hyuk-jin raised his voice.

“I understand that many of you have gathered together to kill me.”

However, now in the system, they are set as ‘King Munmu’s people with aspirations’.

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There was a need to change their minds and move them.

A world shining in brilliant yellow spoke.

Something had to be done here, and Kim Hyuk-jin instinctively realized the method and put it into practice.

“And at this moment, the system has made you my people.”

That fact was felt by all the kidnapped people, including the Red Blood Death Squad.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“He Yichuan wanted to use you and then abandon you.”

He Yichuan tried to make an excuse.

I tried to make a sound but couldn’t.

‘100 million…!’

I felt a heart-shrinking pain.

The red thread surrounding He Yichuan’s heart put strong pressure on He Yichuan’s heart.

“Regardless of whether your beliefs are right or wrong, you have been betrayed.”

Kim Hyuk-jin had no intention of forgiving He Yichuan.

Even if I didn’t forgive him, his life was already dead anyway.

“I will make you pay for betraying your beliefs.”

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An Xixi’s red thread wrapped He Yichuan tightly and lifted him into the air.

He Yichuan, whose heart was suppressed, could not even scream.

“At least at this moment. “I am your king.”

Kim Hyuk-jin is the King of Munmu.

King Munmu was also a special title that allowed him to acquire hero power from his people.

And Kim Hyuk-jin directed the production in parallel to ensure that hero power was maximized.

“Your king will not turn away from you and this is proof of that.”

He threw He Yichuan into the crowd.

“Do as you wish.”

* * *

An Xixi watched He Yichuan’s final moments with calm eyes.

‘It’s a shame.’

The burst heart was forcibly rescued and kept alive.

I wanted to decorate the finale myself.

Because I dared to covet what was my brother’s.

If he’s that kind of guy, I’ll have to cut off his head.

However, Ahn Seo-hee did not step forward.

He Yichuan was ruined beyond recognition by the crowd whose faith had been betrayed.

“I think it’s over.”


“How long will this space be maintained?”

“A little more.”

“all right.”

Hyukjin Kim calmly waited for the next alarm.

If what he expected was correct, the next notification about the fulfillment of ‘one hundred wishes’ would follow.

[‘One hundred wishes’ were fulfilled.]

As many as one hundred wishes were fulfilled in one place.

In an instant, the world turned gray.

The power of pause was unleashed.

As always, Senia appeared when conveying something important.

“I have something important to convey.”


“It has been officially confirmed that 100 wishes have been fulfilled in the same field and at the same time.”

This is a fact you already know.

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

“Therefore, you will acquire the corresponding hero power.”

“I’m not trying to convey everything I know.”

“The hero power you acquire this time is a very special type of hero power. This is because the system was set up to fulfill the wishes of the people who had been betrayed by their own justice. Additionally, it was confirmed that the person who betrayed justice was either a person who claimed to be the [Devil King] or [a close associate of the Devil King]. From now on, I will collectively name the Demon King and his forces as [Demon King Army].”

I’ve faced off against the Demon King’s army more than once, but today seemed a bit special.

The aspirations of the people betrayed by the devil.

This was also achieved by activating the hidden piece, the wish of 100 people.

“If player Hyukjin Kim acquires 100 hero power today and satisfies special conditions, it will be the final scenario of that dimension. You can obtain [Judgment].”

The pause power has ended.

Senia, the middle manager who delivered the information, disappeared.

‘Is acquiring hero power a priority first?’

Kim Hyuk-jin waited for a while.

Originally, it was said that obtaining 1 hero power was almost impossible.

However, Kim Hyuk-jin has already experienced this several times.

Kim Hyuk-jin had acquired a strangely large amount of hero power at once, and he guessed that it would be the same this time as well.

[1 Hero Power has been acquired.]

[2 Hero Powers have been acquired.]

The notification continued.

[98 hero power was acquired.]

However, the hero power did not increase any further.

‘It’s a miracle up to this point.’

I had no intention of stopping here.

If you were going to stop, you wouldn’t have come this far.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Fortunately, there was another way for Kim Hyuk-jin to increase his hero power.

Kim Hyuk-jin took out the gimbap from his inventory before it was too late.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate for the situation, but I stubbornly stuffed the kimbap into my mouth.

[99 Hero Powers have been acquired.]

I thought the acquisition of Hero Powers would stop, but in the end, I was able to acquire ‘100 Hero Powers’.

[100 hero power has been acquired.]

[101 hero power has been acquired.] The

hero power has exceeded 1 hero power, reaching a whopping 101 hero power.

At this level, he might have achieved 100 hero power even if he hadn’t eaten Ayeongpyo’s gimbap.

[You can activate the final scenario ‘Judgment’ by consuming ‘One Hundred Heroic Powers’.]

[However, there are conditions.]

Senia also said that special conditions must be achieved.

The terms and conditions were communicated.

Information poured into Kim Hyuk-jin’s head without stopping.

It felt like the information had become a huge tidal wave and was flooding my entire body.

It was dizzying.

I felt like I would lose consciousness if I didn’t come to my senses.

‘You just have to come to your senses.’

As I fainted several times, I developed a sense of fainting.

I bit my lip slightly.

At this level, I didn’t think I would faint.

[To activate ‘Judgment’, ‘Dignity of King Munmu’ is required.]

Kim Hyuk-jin frowned slightly.

In summary, in order to properly activate the final scenario, judgment, his qualities as King Munmu had to be evaluated and recognized by the system.

‘Eliminate those who threaten me and dare to be disrespectful toward me…?’

It came as if it were King Munmu’s supreme command.

Kim Hyuk-jin felt as if his body was being swept away by the flood and tidal wave of information.

Kim Hyuk-jin smiled even though he was dizzy.

‘It seems like the system is quite anxious.’

The system was coercive.

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Kill them all.

It also presented a very detailed method.

‘The abilities of the Giant King Katulu. Use [Lightning of Rest] to grant eternal rest.’

I can’t believe the system so kindly informed me of everything and how to do it in detail.

‘I’m so thankful that I’m almost in tears.’

So Kim Hyuk-jin did not use the lightning of rest.

I muttered to myself.

Although it was a monologue, the meaning would be clearly conveyed to the system.

“They are my people and I have professed not to turn away from my people. “If you betray those whose beliefs have been betrayed once, can you really be called a king?”

Kang Seon-il, who was looking at that scene, smiled.

“That damn director.”

Joker swallowed his saliva.

Joker still did not understand the current situation.

Why does Kim Hyuk-jin not notice himself and Kang Seon-il at all?

Kim Hyuk-jin’s spirit is beyond imagination.

Kang Seon-il smiled and continued talking.

“The guardians must be going crazy.”

Guardians… This?

This is the first time I’ve seen a player refer to a guardian as a ‘bastard’ so openly.

‘no. ‘Isn’t he a player in the first place?’

I could not guess the identity of Kang Seon-il.

Kang Seon-il came closer and tapped Joker on the shoulder.

“You are lucky today.”


“I’m in a good mood, so I’ll save you.”

Joker couldn’t respond.

Kang Seon-il disappeared before my eyes.

Now that it was clear that the final scenario would be activated, only voices were scattered on the wind saying that it was now done.

* * *

[The final scenario ‘Judgment’ has not been activated.]

[The activation of the final scenario ‘Judgment’ is on hold.]

Kim Hyuk-jin did not panic or fret.

‘This is not a good place to activate [judgment].’

The system pushed Kim Hyuk-jin by pouring in information as if this was the best place, but Kim Hyuk-jin did not fall for it.

‘What I have to do now.’

To comfort those whose beliefs have been betrayed.

The goal was to solidify his position as King Munmu and attract him to my side.

I turned my gaze towards Pedro.

“I think it’s Pedro’s turn to help.”

“A master of service. “I’m ready.”

I brought Pedro here on purpose.

If the Demon King prepared two arrangements to hunt this side, Kim Hyuk-jin prepared a ‘master of service’.

“But guild leader. “Is this real?”

Pedro is practicing manipulating the power of the ‘Silver Eye’.

In other words, I was practicing the power related to ‘time’.

Pedro’s power alone was not enough, but with the help of Bupapa’s masterpiece, the ‘Silver Star Pocket Watch’, he was able to control the power of the silver eye to some extent.

“I do not know. “Let’s do it.”

The content of Kim Hyuk-jin’s proposal itself was simple.

The idea was to use the ‘power of the blue eye’, which Kim Hyuk-jin could at first glance control, and the ‘power of the silver eye’ that Pedro possessed.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s idea was that by combining them, he could read and spy on the other person’s past memories and reveal the truth to the world.

‘Bringing out He Yichuan’s past records… That’s easier said than done.’

It is difficult to handle only the power of the silver eye.

But it also deals with the power of the Blue Eye?

‘Is that okay?’

Even Kim Hyuk-jin does not have clear eyes.

Pedro, who has worked with silver eyes, knows how difficult it is to work with this special eye.

I didn’t know how to use the power of the Blue Eye when I didn’t even have it.

‘Anyway, there’s nothing to lose.’

Pedro closed his eyes in doubt.

I entrusted myself to Kim Hyuk-jin, with whom I was connected through ‘service.’

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