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Max Talent Player Chapter 656

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 656

– Don’t lose your mind! The last trap! The name of the trap is Sapilgwi…!

Before Kim Hyuk-jin heard Cha Ji-hye’s words, he noticed something strange.

After the cold and hot wind, I felt something suspicious about Trap.

As always, this was an area of ‘feel’.

“Mr. Somi. “What is your opinion as an explorer?”

“Something like the final trap will be arranged.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“If this trap is Kim Hyuk-jin’s custom trap… I think it’s probably a counter to the power of assimilation.”

“As expected, isn’t it?”

Hyukjin Kim thought so too.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who gained confidence in his thoughts through Kang Som-i, took out Isen.

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know the exact law of destruction, so we have to destroy the attack.”

“How can I help?”


Although it was in the form of a question, Kang Somi already knew exactly what to do.

Since it wasn’t a question anyway, Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t really answer.

He took out a palm full of blue magic stones.

“Trust me and use it to your heart’s content.”

[Unique ability of ‘Explorer of Service’. ‘Mana Connection’ has been activated.]

Kim Hyuk-jin nodded.

It was very comfortable playing with Kang Somi.

After all, if you pretend, you pretend.

Kim Hyuk-jin concentrated his mind.

‘It’s been a while since I had this ability.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The trap probably has a hidden counter ability to the ‘Assimilation Power’.

Kim Hyuk-jin decided to cut down that ability.

‘Let’s remember when Dan Tianyu used it.’

The ability that Hyukjin Kim wanted to use was ‘light lightning’.

It was an ability learned from Sword Emperor Dan Cheon-woo.

‘When Geomwang used it… he even cut off the world and the settings surrounding it.’

I felt one with Isen.

A black haze began to seep out of his body as he entered the state of becoming one with the sword and body.

Suddenly, his eyes turned golden.

‘I haven’t reached the level of Geomhwang yet.’

However, it was okay to not have the power of the Sword Emperor.

The Emperor of Swords cut down the world.

‘What I’m cutting down now is not the world.’

The intention is to cut down something much smaller than the world.

It was simply a matter of cutting out the powers in the traps placed in the dungeon created by map creator Cha Ji-hye.

‘you can do it.’

A chant flowed from Kim Hyuk-jin’s mouth.

“There is a song at dawn that wakes us up from winter’s hibernation.”

“The eyes of eternity that dwell in hymns are holy.”

Kang Somi’s body, who was using Mana Connection, was shaking.

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The amount of mana being sucked out of the body was beyond imagination.

I almost collapsed.

If that were the case, the mana connection would have been released and Kim Hyuk-jin would have been damaged due to the rebound.

‘Let’s focus, Kang Som!’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kangsom controlled his breathing and closed his eyes.

I only focused on the flow of mana.

The magic stones she was holding in her hands turned into powder and disappeared.

She felt calm.

It felt like I was floating in the middle of a quiet lake.

It seemed as if a singing voice could be heard through it.

To Kang Som-i, Kim Hyuk-jin’s chanting sounded like a sacred song.

‘This is the first chant I’ve heard.’

Kang Som-i had a hunch.

Kim Hyuk-jin has stepped into another world.

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“He who gave his flesh and bones and was buried in silence sings.”

“The power is in his lips to declare miracles.”

A new sensation was felt within Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘This chant.’

Kim Hyuk-jin, who had become much more sensitive to energy than before, was able to realize this.

‘It’s Geomwang’s song.’

Geomhwang Dan Cheon-woo.

It was a chant he left behind for Kim Hyuk-jin.

Perhaps it was a gift from the Geomwang, now a guardian.

‘The Sword Emperor’s ability in the Sword Emperor’s chant.’

It was clear that the effect would be doubled.

Kim Hyuk-jin swung his sword.

“Third second. “Sweetheart.”

I deliberately brought it up.

The Geomwang, who has become a guardian, may be watching.

I deliberately spoke of his power out of respect and reverence for him.

At that moment, the world surrounding Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Som-i was immersed in darkness.

‘I got cut.’

I definitely felt like I had cut something.

I could no longer feel the sharp energy of iron digging into Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart.

The darkened world found its light again.

* * *

Cha Ji-hye, who shouted urgently, ended up feeling embarrassed.

-That’s what happens.

There was no one watching, but my face turned red out of embarrassment.

I didn’t know I could get out of the trap like that.

‘I didn’t break the trap.’

In fact, Cha Ji-hye didn’t really know what happened.

But one thing was certain.

Instead of destroying the entire trap, only one power inherent within the trap was selected and destroyed.

‘Should I say I didn’t destroy it… I cut it down?’

Cha Ji-hye’s sharp eyes were unable to read the dark lightning in detail.

Cha Ji-hye no longer read the manufacturer’s manual carefully.

“What’s the use of all this?”

Cha Ji-hye closed the manual.

The manual didn’t seem to be helpful.

“It’s a bit vain.”

It was true that Hyukjin Kim hoped to clear the Signiel dungeon properly.

But I had no idea it would proceed this absurdly.

Regardless of what I wanted, my pride as a map creator was hurt.


Kangsom was also moving in his own way.

Map creator Cha Ji-hye was able to roughly understand what Kang Som-i was doing.

‘The balance in the space where the protective power was located was subtly distorted as all the protective power disappeared.’

It seemed like he was finding a space where the balance was distorted.

Kangsom said.

“Guild leader. “Can you pour the power you just gained from the trap into this space?”

A green guidance line appeared in the air.

The guide line drew the shape of a six-pointed star.

“It’s like pouring cement into this shape. “Think of it as building.”

“All right.”

Cha Ji-hye silently watched what they were doing.

‘There’s nothing like that in the manual anyway.’

From now on, the content was beyond the capabilities of the map creator.

But I got a feeling.

‘I guess that’s the right way.’

Kang So-mi and Kim Hyuk-jin got along very well.

The six-pointed star made up of green lines began to glow.

At some point,

it flashes!

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

And light burst out.

“There are stairs!”


Kangsom asked raising his voice.

“Map maker. “Can I come up here?”

Cha Ji-hye was a little taken aback.

We stir-fry and stir-fry ourselves, and then he suddenly asks.

-I don’t know either. There is no manual from here on.

-Then I’ll go here.


Cha Ji-hye gave up being surprised or amazed anymore and looked at Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang So-mi climbing the stairs.

“It looks amazing even for a map maker, right?”


Cha Ji-hye was startled when she answered without realizing it.

“You are all! Oh no. Rather, what about here!”

This is the command room.

A special space that only map creators can enter.

Someone has broken into this space.

He grinned.

“calm down. “I have no intention of harming you.”

“How did you get in here?”

“I am an explorer.”

Cha Ji-hye bit her lip as she looked at the mischievous smile on her face.

“Even if you are an explorer, you cannot enter this place without permission.”

“I didn’t come in carelessly and came in carefully. “My skills have improved a lot in the meantime, Jihye.”

Jackson stood next to Cha Ji-hye.

Cha Ji-hye felt instinctive fear.

I’ve worked with Jackson before, but today’s Jackson seemed a little different.

I felt an ominous energy somehow.

“What are you planning?”

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“I don’t have any plans. “I have only come to worship the birth of the King.”

Jackson let out an exclamation.

“I can’t believe Geomwang’s song is being reproduced. “I was really surprised too.”

Jackson looked at the monitor.

Kang So-mi and Kim Hyuk-jin have already arrived at the ‘124th floor’, Signiel’s hidden field.

* * *

“wow. “It’s an unusual door, isn’t it?”

I saw a huge door.

It was an incredibly large iron door.

It felt like I was standing in front of a large mountain.

“It’s so big that it feels shabby.”

Kang Somi cautiously approached the door and calmly looked around the door.

“I don’t think there are any special traps.”

When Kang Som touched the door, the heavy door began to open with a squeak.

As soon as the door opened, the surroundings became brighter and a notification was heard.

[You have entered the top floor of Signiel Dungeon.]

In an instant, the field changed.

I could feel the soft texture of the carpet.

“It looks like a penthouse.”

It looked like a well-maintained penthouse.

Or it was like a hotel suite.

“I thought a boss monster would appear, but it’s a bit surprising.”

Kangsom looked around with curious eyes.

Just in case, I asked Cha Ji-hye as well.

“Map maker. “Is there any hint? Any hint?”

Cha Ji-hye, who heard that question, unconsciously looked toward Jackson.

Jackson grinned.

“A Magna presidential prophet can do the work of a presidential prophet. I don’t disturb anything. As I said, I am a complete bystander today and all I want to do is worship the birth of the King. “But I don’t want you to reveal the fact that I’m here.”

Jackson sighed lightly.

“Unfortunately, the king is not pleased with the baptist.”

Cha Ji-hye was silent for a moment and then opened her mouth.

-From there, it’s an area created by Signiel Dungeon itself, so I don’t know much about it. However, you will choose ‘King’s Sacrifice’.

-The king’s offering?

Kangsom tilted his head.

No matter how excellent Kang Som was, he could not infer everything from the words ‘the king’s offering.’

However, there was one catch.

‘Something happened to the map maker.’

Up until now, I had always been polite, but suddenly I started using informal language.

When I glanced at him, it seemed like Kim Hyuk-jin also noticed something strange.

Kangsom acted naturally without showing any signs of it.


Kangsom looked around and shrugged his shoulders.

“I can’t find any more clues with my explorer’s skills.”

“is it so?”

“yes. “I think this place has a lot to do with guild leader Kim Hyuk-jin.”

It meant that this was a moment when Kim Hyuk-jin’s abilities were needed.

“All right.”

Kim Hyuk-jin, who understood Kang So-mi’s words, immediately used the anonymous eye.

Kang Somi once again used Mana Connection to help Hyuk Jin Kim.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked around with his anonymous eye and hurriedly stopped using it.

“Why are you doing this? What? Guild leader!”

Bloody tears were flowing from Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Kang Somi supported Kim Hyuk Jin and sat him down on the sofa.

He quickly took out the potion and poured it into Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

“it’s okay. But I think I need some rest.”

Kang Som-i did not ask specifically what Hyuk-jin Kim saw.

Without disturbing Kim Hyuk-jin’s rest, she looked around in her own way and shook her head! I collapsed.

Kim Hyuk-jin slowly got up from his seat and picked up Kang So-mi.

‘This place was created for me.’

‘Signiel’ was created by map creator Cha Ji-hye.

However, this ‘124th floor’ contains the power of Magna’s Great Prophet Cha Ji-hye.

Maybe you don’t know it yourself.

‘I do not allow anyone other than myself to enter.’

This place is too difficult for Kang Som to endure.

The blow from just using the unknown eye affected both Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang So-yi.

Kim Hyuk-jin walked briskly while holding Kang So-mi.


I swung Isen to create space.

“Mr. Cha Ji-hye. “Please take care of Somi.”

Kang Somi was pushed into the space.

Kang Som-i tumbled into the space, and Cha Ji-hye confirmed through the monitor that Kang Som-i fell to the 123rd floor.

‘Because the trap has been completely destroyed… Kang Somi will be safe too.’

The 123rd floor is not a place where monsters respawn.

It was fortunate.

When Kang Somi disappeared from the 124th floor, the space began to hum and tremble.

It felt like an earthquake had occurred.

As the ceiling collapsed, powder fell and cracks formed on the walls.

Kim Hyuk-jin looked around without panicking.

‘I need to regain my stamina.’

I suffered a huge blow because of the nameless eye.

It felt like my mental world was cracked.

Before we knew it, the field had completely changed.

The magnificent penthouse disappeared and a dark space appeared.


Seven cards were seen shining in front of Kim Hyuk-jin.

At the same time, Jihye Cha’s ‘Map Creator Manual’ was updated.

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