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Max Talent Player Chapter 657

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#Max Talented Player Episode 657 Cha

Ji-hye shouted urgently.

-Hyukjin! Don’t rush! never!

Kim Hyuk-jin listened to Cha Ji-hye’s voice.

I cautiously asked Cha Ji-hye, aware that a change had occurred based on her suddenly speaking informally.

-It looks like the map creator’s manual has been updated.

-it’s okay. I’ll tell you slowly, so don’t be too hasty.

-All right.

Hyukjin Kim took a deep breath.

‘I never thought using the Nameless Eye could be so fatal.’

I felt like I was seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see.

There wasn’t much I could find out through the anonymous eye.

I only read that this place was a space for only one person, ‘the one who would be king’.

‘Seven cards.’

Kim Hyuk-jin slowly approached the card.


There were pictures of monsters drawn on the cards, and they were monsters I had never seen before.

Even when I think back to my memories before returning, I have never seen monsters that look like this.

‘Caesas. Abraca. Wilhelomtan. Kiraxas. Olgonisha. Herol Cactu. Memsala.’

The name was also unique.

Just one of the unfamiliar names.

There was one name that sounded familiar.


This is the name of ‘cannabis water’ that I heard from Isabel.

‘They said there are 7 types of cannabis water in Geomlim.’

In that case, the names of those seven monsters, including Abrakka, seemed to mean Geomlim’s great monsters.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Cha Jihye’s voice was heard.

-Do you remember what I said about the significance of Signiel’s existence?

-You said you would complete the qualifications of a king and open the Magna Gate through him.

-that’s right. Now let me tell you the details.

The last page of the manual has been updated.

It was said that three conditions were needed to open the Magna Gate.

-first. There must be a huge change that penetrates the world. There is also a condition that more than two dimensions must experience the change at once.

-second. Stigmata and existence value that exceed the world’s dimensional value.

-third. The awakening of a specific guardian with the authority to open the ‘Magna Gate’.

Cha Ji-hye’s voice trembled slightly.

-If any of the three conditions are not met… the Magna Gate will not open.

-They say the world will be destroyed if the Magna Gate doesn’t open?


Cha Ji-hye’s hands were shaking.

-The moment the 124th floor of Signiel Dungeon was activated, the timer turned on.

Jihye Cha saw numbers in her eyes.

[29 days: 23 hours: 59 minutes: 51 seconds]

-The time given to the Earth dimension is… 30 days.

The activation of the 124th floor of the Signiel Dungeon was the trigger.

Floor 124 was activated and the trigger was pulled.

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Will the Magna Gate open or will the Earth perish?

-The Magna Gate is a gate that is absolutely necessary to stabilize the Earth.

I read the manual with trembling hands.

-There weren’t many dimensions where the Magna Gate was properly opened. Most dimensions that failed to open the Magna Gate the right way were destroyed. As the dimension disappears, the stigmata and existence values that existed in that dimension are scattered into the universe, forming a new dimension. Creation and extinction. The universe has been maintained by repeating it.

The system referred to this as a ‘circulatory system’.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

-The total amount of ‘existence value’ that exists in all dimensions and servers is fixed.

If one side takes a lot, the other side has to lose its value.

-So, this system that we are experiencing was a system that the universe created itself to maintain balance.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to realize.

‘So, those who have accumulated countless stigmata and achievements and become overflowing with value are eventually promoted to guardians.’

Because it would have a stigmata that would be difficult to handle on the general level and server.

So the system grouped them into a category called ‘Guardians’ and managed them separately.

‘Instead, we provide them with entertainment. Watching the creation and extinction of other dimensions for fun.’

And the value of existence of those with that degree of stigmata is gradually consumed through the form of ‘sponsorship’.

So, the existence value is divided into the newly created dimension.

From daotranslate dot com

Through him, the universe maintains balance.

‘Because sponsorship alone is not enough, the dimension of Geomlim is needed.’

When guardians who were obsessed with one goal no longer want to live.

When even that is boring and uninteresting.

They choose extinction in front of Geomlim’s extinction tree.

Isabel said this:

“When a guardian chooses to annihilate himself and gain new life. At that time, the final act unfolds in front of the extinction tree.”

I was able to understand those words more accurately at that time.

‘The Guardian destroys all of his or her existence value and is then reborn as a new life in another dimension.’

That new life does not require a great value of existence.

‘Distributing the remaining value of existence to the universe.’

I’ve never thought of it this way.

I came to realize part of the principle by which the universe is maintained.

‘I guess this isn’t everything.’

If it’s simply about maintaining balance, why are the Guardians fighting by dividing into factions?

‘for a moment.’

It is said that the guardians have achieved everything and live only one or two pleasures.

They had no special sense of purpose or passion.

‘But do they fight in factions?’

Having a faction meant that they had a specific purpose.

The Guardians will know about the universe coming into balance.

You will also know the significance of the existence of the system.

‘The devil’s side guardian. And the Guardian of the Throne Side.’

The two were in sharp conflict.

Before the return, when the Demon King’s side took hegemony, ‘Magna Heretic’ appeared, and

when the current throne side (Kim Hyuk-jin’s side) took the lead, ‘Magna Prophet’ appeared.

‘Magna President Cha Ji-hye is trying to open the Magna Gate.’

What about the opposite Magna pagans?

What about the devil?

I remembered Cha Ji-hye’s words.

-“The Demon King was the entity that blocked the Magna Gate.”

Then why did the Demon King try to prevent the Magna Gate from opening?

Only when the Magna Gate is opened can the Earth dimension survive.

‘Did they want to destroy the Earth dimension?’

Kim Hyuk-jin, who was lost in thought for a moment, remembered one thing he had missed.

‘They killed a lot of people.’

He killed countless people and wasted the value of their lives.

This meant artificially reducing the total amount of existence value on Earth.

‘It seems they were trying to protect the Earth dimension in their own way.’

It felt like everything was becoming clear now.

It’s not that their method was right, but they reduced the value of existence in their own way.

He killed people and absorbed some of their power and used it.

‘I wanted to create a world of strong self-respect while reducing the overall number.’

If you think about it that way, it was similar to the devil’s actions before his return.

They killed countless people and ruled over them.

‘And just as I am on the same side as the Magna Prophet, the Demon King and the Magna Pagan are on the same side.’

The Magna pagans claimed this.

[They claimed that tens of thousands of people had to be sacrificed to prepare for the Magna Gate.]

In fact, the Demon King’s army and they killed countless people.

The ‘preparation for the Magna Gate’ they were talking about was ‘preventing the Magna Gate from opening.’

By artificially controlling the value of existence that the Earth can bear.

‘That’s why I insisted that people should continue to be killed.’

[You must prepare for the future.]

[When you are deceived by the sweetness of newspaper articles. Doomsday is coming.]

What they said was true.

Even at that time, the value of existence would have accumulated to a level that would be difficult for the Earth to handle.

‘Right now, I’m the only one who plays a big role.’

Before his return, there was no overwhelming powerhouse like Kim Hyuk-jin.

However, the average ability of most players was superior to what it is now.

‘We have reached the limit of the value of existence that the Earth can bear in a different way than now.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

So the Demon King and the Magna pagans said that they must prepare for the future.

They shouted that people should die.

They said that if we don’t kill people, the end of the world will come.

‘They must have had a reason why the Magna Gate should not be opened.’

If they simply ‘loved the Earth dimension’, they would not have prevented the Magna Gate from opening.

Since the Magna Gate cannot be opened, they tried to preserve the Earth dimension by killing people.

‘Then why?’

There was only one conclusion that could be made now.

‘Because [the king] should not be born.’

Dan Cheonwoo taught me.

-“Keep in mind. “Once the tutorial is over, the real world will arrive.”

That world will be a new world where a king exists.

And that king was the devil’s enemy.

Dan Tianyu and Magna Pagan said the same thing.

“Prepare for the future.”

[You must prepare for the future.]

They both said the same thing, but the content was completely different.

Dan Tianyu hoped for the birth of a king, but Magna Pagan did not wish for the birth of a king.

at that time.

A voice was heard.

-Kim Hyuk-jin! Wake! What are you thinking like that!

Kim Hyuk-jin suddenly came to his senses.

It felt like quite a bit of time had passed without me realizing it.

‘How much time has passed?’

According to Senia, he stood there blankly for almost 10 minutes.

According to Hyukjin Kim, it only lasted 12 minutes.

-Can you hear me now?

-I can hear you.

-Listen carefully. The monsters engraved on the card are seven types of monsters that exist in a dimension other than this one. You must choose one of them and defeat it. To open the Magna Gate, we must destroy the balance of the dimension.

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

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It became clear.

Those monsters are seven types of monsters that live in Geomlim.

Hyukjin Kim said.

-Did you say that the first condition is a huge change that penetrates both worlds?

-that’s right. First, listen to my explanation…

Kim Hyuk-jin walked briskly.

I stood in front of one card.

-Can I select a card?

-Wait! I have to explain the characteristics of monsters!

Hyukjin Kim shook his head.

-No matter how you listen, you can’t win.

You can’t fight and win against the seven types of cannabis on your own.

The entity that even Isabel had a hard time with was cannabis water.

The current Kim Hyuk-jin was not an opponent he could beat.

-still! You should listen. We need to increase the possibility by at least 1%. Wake!

Cha Ji-hye decided that Kim Hyuk-jin had given up.

-You geniuses are just like that!

Geniuses don’t know fear.

It was because I had done so well so far.

It may be a challenge for others, but it is not a challenge for them.

To others it was a mountain, but to them it was a garden.

-always! So easy! By doing everything! If you encounter even the slightest difficulty, you just give up.

For them, the standard of difficult problems was so high that it was completely different from the standards of ordinary people, but they lacked the strength and stamina to overcome the difficulties.

That’s what Cha Ji-hye thinks geniuses are.

-In moments like these, you have to think more and work harder to overcome difficulties.

She was urgent.

I had to change Kim Hyuk-jin’s mind.

-The time allowed for us is only 30 days.

Regardless of Cha Ji-hye’s urgency, Kim Hyuk-jin calmly asked.

-You said you can fight by choosing cannabis water, right?

Kim Hyuk-jin did not think long.

I chose the already dead cannabis drink ‘Abraca’.


Kim Hyuk-jin paused for a moment while trying to select a card with Abrakara written on it.

‘Originally, this information was blocked by the systems going out of their way.’

Dan Tianwu, who mentioned the Magna Gate, met death by the laws of the world.

Now you’re teaching me everything you tried to hide?

At the same time, the nameless eye was controlled from being used?

‘I can’t let my guard down until the end.’

I almost chose Abraca.

‘I met Isabelle in front of Abrakka’s body.’

At first, Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t know it was Abraca’s body.

I thought it was just a huge mountain range.

‘During reconstruction analysis.’

I remembered the shape of the mountain range.

A mountain range created when a monster as large as a mountain range fell.

‘As expected, the appearance is different from the name.’

Kim Hyuk-jin put down the card with Abrakara written on it and picked up another card.

It was a card with Kiraxas written on it.

“I will choose this one.”

At that moment, the surroundings started to get dark and a notification was heard.

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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the years since Players, Streamers, Guardians, dungeons, and monsters became a part of our everyday life, my sister died from leukemia trying to support me, and my mom passed away from a disease we couldn’t afford to treat. I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning to continue my futile life, I found… that I had somehow gone 10 years back in the past, to the day the world changed. While going through the Tutorial, I realized something. Everything’s too easy. Was I really talentless?


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