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Max Talent Player Chapter 659

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#Max Talented Player Episode 659

The notifications kept coming like a flood.

[Guardian ‘Wanderer of the Milky Way’ leaves.]

[Guardian ‘Constellation of Red Desire’ leaves.]




[Guardian ‘Master of the Whirlwind’ leaves.]

[Guardian ‘Eyes of the Abyss’ leaves.]

[Unnamed guardians left in large numbers on channel #19207.]

Many guardians left.

Even for Kim Hyuk-jin, it was unexpected.


The devil’s words were whispered.

[The ‘Whispering Devil’ laughs loudly at those who have left. I expect them to return within 3 days, wondering where they could go.]


[‘The Shepherd of Las Vegas’ is offering 3 million coins for more than half to return within 7 days.]

I was wondering what was going on, but the Pearl of Mount Cheonmasan pointed out the key point. .

[They say that the most interesting thing about ‘Pearl of Mt. Cheonmasan’ is the dog The kids who are out now are swearing and calling them bastards.]

‘Ah. ‘Have I become too strong?’

Kim Hyuk-jin has become too strong.

As he was promoted to a dimensional monarch, all prohibitions were lifted and all the talents of Kim Hyuk-jin’s body blossomed.

‘If the main character becomes too strong… it’s no fun, right?’

Kim Hyuk-jin burst out laughing.

‘No, but what on earth is Jinju of Cheonmasan doing?’

What era did you live in to know the term dog x munchkin?

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The more you know, the more amazing he is.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“why? Are you worried?”

“What… do you mean?”

It was clearly visible to Kim Hyuk-jin.


Summary: Middle managers worried about falling


The higher you fall, the more it hurts.

Senia, already a highly successful middle manager, was fearful of the future.

“don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about anything.”

But now I could see exactly how Senia felt.

As I was promoted to Dimensional Lord, all the invisible things began to become visible.

Senia was not expressionless.

There were very subtle changes in facial expression that were not noticeable to the player’s eyes.

Most people just couldn’t read that expression.

‘Looking at you like this, you have a rich expression.’

It seemed like a shadow had fallen over his face.

“Guardians also have tastes.”

From daotranslate dot com

Kim Hyuk-jin no longer uses honorifics such as ‘To the Guardians’.

However, none of the guardians took offense to it and Senia did not raise the issue.

Now there was no problem at all.

“The guardians who have now left in large numbers are not to my taste.”

This is what Senia is worried about.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Since signing with Kim Hyuk-jin, the number of guardians on the broadcast channel has continued to explode.

But today it took a nosedive.

It was Senia’s first time experiencing it, and she was mentally unprepared.

“The guardians with whom I have enjoyed overcoming adversity and completing scenarios in the nick of time. “They have left now.”

Even the frantic guardians fell silent.

It was proof that they were all listening to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“But there are also guardians of opposing tastes.”

It’s the same as reality.

Some people like content where the main character rolls around, while others like content that leads the unfolding story with more power than anyone else.

Some people like heart-pounding thrillers, while others like heart-warming healing dramas.

From daotranslate dot com

[Guardian ‘Pearl of Mount Cheonma’ nods with great sympathy. For your information, I hereby declare that Munchkin water is my favorite.]

Kim Hyuk-jin grinned.

“So don’t worry.”

A message was delivered to Senia.

It was a message sent by the pearl of Cheonmasan Mountain.

[Munchkin is a popular pick. Don’t worry.]

* * *

Jackson bowed while looking at the monitor where Kim Hyuk-jin was visible.

“The day will come when I will see the birth of a dimension lord with my own eyes.”

I stuck my head on the floor and did not stand up for a long time.

Cha Ji-hye was suspicious of Jackson’s sudden behavior, but she didn’t bother to question him.

For some reason, I felt like I shouldn’t talk to Jackson.

And after some time.

‘has disappeared.’

Jackson’s body was gone.

Jackson really just watched as a bystander and then disappeared.

‘Mr. Hyukjin Kim…?’

I turned my gaze towards the monitor.

Hyukjin Kim was walking.

‘Where are we walking?’

This was the place where Kim Hyuk-jin cut down the space earlier.

When Kim Hyuk-jin stood there, the space that had been cut off opened its mouth.

Cha Ji-hye watched the scene while rubbing her eyes.


It was as if the wound reopened as Kim Hyuk-jin approached.

It was a ridiculous idea, but it felt like the space was afraid of Kim Hyuk-jin’s presence.

‘That doesn’t make sense!’

Does space have any feelings?

It’s a nonsense idea.

– Mr. Hyukjin Kim. Where are you going?

-I’m picking up Somi.

Before we knew it, Kim Hyuk-jin had arrived at the 123rd floor.

He hugged Kangsom.

At the same time, Cha Ji-hye screamed.


This is the command room.

It meant that it was a special space allowed only to dungeon creators.

“This is obviously the command room…”

I don’t know why people come and go so easily.

“Who has been here?”

“yes. came.”

“It was Jackson, right?”

Who else but Jackson could break into the command room?

Cha Ji-hye opened her eyes wide.

“How did you know?”

“Because no one but Jackson can come. “It seems quite complicated to get in here.”

…Looks complicated?

It seems like you just came here in less than a second.

I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t.

‘okay. There’s a saying that’s popular these days.’

She knows too.

Now I can fully understand the meaning of the words, ‘Kim Hyuk-jin did Kim Hyuk-jin.’

“What did Jackson say?”

“He said he came to worship the birth of the king. “What on earth happened here?”

“I met the transcendental species Magna, was recognized by Magna, and was invited by Magna.”

Cha Ji-hye had a headache.

“I have never included such keywords when creating a dungeon.”

“So I’d like to ask.”


Kim Hyuk-jin looked at Cha Ji-hye for a moment.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Cha Ji-hye unknowingly avoided Kim Hyuk-jin’s eyes.

Just making eye contact with Kim Hyuk-jin gave me a strange feeling, as if I was somehow committing a sin.

“Did you build this dungeon by yourself?”

“yes. “I made it alone.”

“Without anyone’s help? Think about it carefully. “I’m sure there would have been help.”

There was no way I could have created a dungeon of this scale alone.

No matter how much the guardian helped, the guardian’s intervention was limited.

There must have been someone’s help.


“Can I read your memory for a moment?”

Cha Ji-hye almost shouted ‘No!’ for a moment.

It cannot be pleasant for someone to read one’s memories.


I don’t know why, but I felt like I couldn’t disobey it.

“From where to where you will read?”

“I will only read content related to this dungeon, excluding personal areas as much as possible.”


Cha Ji-hye was a little worried, and Kim Hyuk-jin calmly waited for the time to worry.

Soon Cha Ji-hye nodded.

“all right.”

Kim Hyuk-jin brought out the power of the spying eye, which he had used many times.

Now that I have become a dimension lord, I can use it much more easily, and thanks to that, I can even read Cha Ji-hye’s memories.

“Signiel is a very large dungeon.”

It is the largest single dungeon in Korea.

“To build the framework of this dungeon, such powerful materials would have been needed.”

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to read one peculiarity in Cha Ji-hye’s memory.

In a field called ‘Arctic Ice Plain’, Cha Ji-hye accidentally discovers a huge corpse.

It was an item that could be stored in the inventory and was named ‘Dragon Bone’.

So, it was like acquiring a very large dragon bone.

‘Is there any player on Earth who can hunt that level of dragon?’

From daotranslate dot com

does not exist.

If there is, it will only be a steel wire.

Kim Hyuk-jin thoroughly looked through Cha Ji-hye’s memories related to Dragonborn.

Cha Ji-hye tightened her toes.

‘It feels strange.’

It felt like something was tearing through my body.

It’s difficult to describe in detail, but it felt like a tiny electric current was penetrating my entire body.

It was a strange sensation, as if a being named Kim Hyuk-jin had entered his body and was touching every inch of his body.

It felt itchy and it also felt like my fingertips and toes were shrinking.

“How long are you going to do this?”

“Please be patient. “Almost done.”

After some time passed, Cha Ji-hye said Haa! He let out a deep breath.

“It’s a feeling I never want to experience again.”

“I’m sorry. But I think I’ve seen everything I need to know.”

“What did you see?”

Hyukjin Kim glanced at Senia.

I could feel that the guardians of the chat room were also looking forward to what Hyukjin Kim said.

I deliberately took some time.

Some Guardians began to participate in Senia’s broadcast channel again.


You said you would come.

I felt better because Senia seemed a little relieved.

“I obtained the Dragonborn, but it was no ordinary Dragonborn.”

Dragonborn itself is rare.

I’ve never seen Kim Hyuk-jin in real life either.

But it wasn’t just any dragonborn.

“Someone strengthened the Dragonborn through transcendental treasures.”

at that time.

match! match! match!

Applause was heard.

“It’s been a while.”

Cha Ji-hye has now given up on being surprised.

In addition to Jackson and Kim Hyuk-jin, another person has now joined.


I tried not to be surprised.

‘Demon demon lord?’

It was Kang Seon-il, known as the Demon King.

It was known that the Demon King was dead.

Isn’t he dead?

Is he alive?

Cha Ji-hye was confused.

Hyukjin Kim told me.

“The former devil just imitated the author’s face.”

“You now have the time to kindly explain things in front of me.”

“Isabel taught me this.”


“I don’t think what you took was the whale’s treasure.”

Kang Seon-il walked over to an empty chair and sat down, crossing his legs as if it didn’t matter.


“It is said that there is an energy of destruction in it that would be difficult for anyone but the Whale Clan to handle.”

“It did.”

“It seems that the energy contained within it was not the treasure of the Whale Clan. “The Whale Clan’s treasure was actually the box itself, not the contents inside.”

A box containing an energy that is difficult to handle unless you are a transcendent species of whale.

Even then, the box was not broken and had been sleeping in the sky for so long.

That box was truly a treasure.

“In order to use that box as a material, the energy of destruction contained within it would have to be eliminated.”

It was said that it was an energy that even the Whale Clan could not handle.

How many people in the world have the ability to erase that energy?

Kim Hyuk-jin spoke honestly.

“I’m not sure, but I’m not confident either. “No matter how much you have the power to assimilate.”

Although he has been promoted to a dimension lord, he does not know his own power.

I wasn’t sure if I could handle the power contained within the box.

But what if Kang Seon-il?

‘Kang Seon-il also had the [Assimilation Power].’

Perhaps Kang Seon-il could have erased that powerful power and made the box fully usable.

“I could feel traces of that box in the dragonborn I saw.”

“You’ve grown quite a bit.”

Kang Seon-il waved his hand.

Then, like magic, the field changed.

Cha Ji-hye and Senia also disappeared, and all that was visible around them was a wide expanse of land.

“You remember what you said when we first met, right?”

Kim Hyuk-jin said this when he met Kang Seon-il.

-“Enough to bring you, the reigning power, to your knees right here and now.”

-“On the other hand, enough to be a fierce sword that you can trust and wield.”

Kang Seon-il said.

“Prove that, right here and now.”

Fierce murderous energy began to emanate from Kang Seon-il’s body.

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