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Max Talent Player Chapter 664

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 664

[The sealing of the ‘Seal Dungeon’ has been completed.]

Jihye Cha was notified.

[The creation and sealing of a dimensional dungeon has been completed.]

[Recorded as a great achievement.]

Creating a dimensional dungeon.

And then seal it again.

These two tasks were combined and recorded as one achievement.

[The achievement is recorded in the ‘Slab of Achievement.’]

Cha Ji-hye tilted her head.

‘What are the Tablets of Achievement?’

She didn’t know about the Tablets of Achievement.

“Hyukjin Kim, do you know about the Tablet of Achievements?”

“I heard it was written on the Tablet of Achievements?”

“yes. “Is that so?”


Looking at Cha Ji-hye’s slightly carefree face, Kim Hyuk-jin couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Ah… Was this how Kang Seon-il felt at that time?’

I remembered Kang Seon-il frowning and being embarrassed in the Hall of Fighters.

And the guardians broke into a cold sweat and made excuses.

At the time, Kang Seon-il said this as if he were speaking to a close friend.

-If you have brains, do some thinking. Even though you guys have become guardians, why do you still do such stupid things? You just gave up on the conditions for completely clearing [Hall of Fighters].

-Are you out of your mind? Anyone with logic and reason should not have done this.

I roughly understood that feeling.

The Slate of Achievements is a tool that records top achievements.

In other words, the creation and sealing of the Signiel Dungeon is not an achievement that can be achieved at Cha Ji-hye’s current level.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘The system helped and forced me to do that.’

So Cha Ji-hye was able to activate the Slate of Achievement.

This was a point where you could see how much intervention the system had involved.

But then Kim Hyuk-jin remembered one thing.

At that time.

Kang Seon-il said this.

– “Middle manager. Request a bug review.”

Through that process, the ‘bug in the system’ was recognized, and Kim Hyuk-jin’s existence value went through a process of recovery.

“Can you hear voices that you normally don’t hear?”

“Yes, it’s just making noise like some kind of noise. “I don’t know what that means.”

Unlike Kim Hyuk-jin, who could hear the guardians’ conversation, Cha Ji-hye did not seem to be able to hear the exact content.

‘Did Kang Seon-il already foresee today’s events?’

At that time, Kang Seon-il felt a strange sense of discomfort.

I requested a bug as if I wanted to harm Kim Hyuk-jin, but in the end, it ended up helping Kim Hyuk-jin.

Kim Hyuk-jin said the same thing as Kang Seon-il did.

“Middle managers. Request a bug.”

Cha Ji-hye tilted her head once again.

“A bug?”

“yes. “It has to be pointed out.”

“What if it’s a bug?”

From daotranslate dot com

Cha Ji-hye’s middle manager, ‘Fuzzrino’, appeared.

He was a cube-shaped middle manager.

He said.

“The system does not tolerate bugs. “It will destroy the bugs.”

“Yes yes?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Cha Ji-hye looked at Kim Hyuk-jin with resentful eyes.

‘Do you have any harsh feelings toward me?’

I was angry for a moment, but I didn’t argue with Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘I guess… I have an idea.’

I remembered the things Kim Hyuk-jin showed me.

Kim Hyuk-jin was a decent enough person.

I didn’t think he would do something like this for no reason.

I was able to calm down a little.

Looking at that scene, Kim Hyuk-jin couldn’t help but think of Kang Seon-il.

‘You must have felt this feeling today too.’

From daotranslate dot com

Looking back, Kang Seon-il knew everything and requested a bug review for Kim Hyeok-jin.

At the time, Kim Hyuk-jin thought this way.

-‘Damn you son of a bitch.’

The look Cha Ji-hye is giving now must have been the same as the look Kim Hyuk-jin himself was giving back then.

Fuzzrino’s entire body was dyed white.

It was the same as Senia in the Hall of Fighters.

He said mechanically.

“The bug has been reviewed. Confirmation result. “It has been confirmed as a bug.”

It was exactly what Senia said at the time.

“However, this is not a bug intentionally exploited by players. “It is acknowledged as a bug in the system.”

“This result was achieved as Cha Ji-hye’s special class and situation matched.”

“The current bug has been fixed, and full recovery is scheduled for player Cha Ji-hye, whose existence value was damaged due to the bug.”

Senia repeated everything she said to Kim Hyuk-jin.

Instead of the name Kim Hyuk-jin, the name Cha Ji-hye was added.

Kim Hyuk-jin was much kinder than Kang Seon-il.

“If we had not proceeded with this work, Cha Ji-hye’s existence would have been greatly hurt.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means that a crack has appeared in the value of existence, and if that crack gradually grows… it means that Cha Ji-hye’s very existence will be broken.”

Although Cha Ji-hye did not properly understand the meaning of existence being broken, she did not pry into it.

This was because the trust in Kim Hyuk-jin was strong.

“Anyway, you did something nice for me, right?”

“That’s right.”

“How on earth do you know all this?”

“Someone taught me.”

“Who? Is there someone at the level who can tell this to the guild leader? “Can you introduce me too?”

Kim Hyuk-jin slowly shook his head.

“He is dead.”

* * *

Cha Ji-hye was not the only one who received a new notification.

Hyukjin Kim also received a notification.

He earned the title ‘King of Destruction’.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Senia. “Can you use your pause power?”

“of course.”

Senia used her pause power and the world turned gray.

In the world of temporary power, Kim Hyuk-jin was lost in thought.

‘The king who killed destruction’

was not a very pleasant title.

Because killing Deok-gun meant killing Kang Seon-il.

It did not have a great title effect, but was ‘a title that prevented destruction and recognized the qualifications of a true king.’

And as the Signiel Dungeon was sealed, a gray ring crystal was created in front of Kim Hyuk-jin.

It was a ‘three ring crystal’.

When Kim Hyuk-jin destroyed it, the limitations on players’ voluntary growth disappeared.

Simply put, it meant that there was no level restriction.

“Invite me to the broadcast channel.”

I entered the guardians’ channel.

I decided to listen to what they were saying.

[The ‘Woman of the Scales’ is thrilled that this is the first achievement in the entire dimension.]

[The ‘youngest princess’ has tears in her eyes and regains her ‘lost purpose’. We grant lifelong indulgence to the middle manager ‘Senia’.]

Kim Hyuk-jin tilted his head.

“Does the Guardian have a lost purpose?”

[‘The youngest princess’ tells me that I also had a lost purpose. I claim that the purpose of my existence has been damaged and forgotten for some reason. Her memory has disappeared, but I’m guessing it’s probably because of her promise to her colleague Kang Seon-il. He mentions that the disappearance of the rest of Ohseong, excluding himself and Kang Seon-il, may also be related to him.] The

youngest princess was originally a guardian who was passionate about ‘content that kills middle managers.’

That was the reason she existed as a guardian.

Kim Hyuk-jin knew that, and the youngest princess had also acted that way.

‘But that wasn’t it?’

I couldn’t figure out where and how far the system was involved.

The ‘youngest princess’ was Kang Seon-il’s colleague, and the youngest princess seemed to have overcome certain restrictions to help Kang Seon-il.

So, it seems that the youngest princess lost her original purpose as a guardian and became obsessed with ‘content that kills middle managers.’

‘It seems like the system really wanted to stop Kang Seon-il and his colleagues. Either that or he wanted to insult the youngest princess.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kang Seon-il, the leader of Chilseong.

Six colleagues who followed him.

History recorded them as the Seven Stars.

‘Perhaps six colleagues supported Kang Seon-il through their own sacrifices. In return, he would have either disappeared or become corrupted like the youngest princess.’

And Kim Hyuk-jin realized one thing.

‘If it were true, it would be information that you would want to use your energy to block.’

All the guardians’ words were probably being transmitted as information, but the system did not block anything.

Maybe it’s not that it doesn’t block, but that it can’t be blocked.

“I ask the scale woman. Am I the first in all dimensions?”

[Guardian ‘Woman of Scales’ answers yes, as far as she knows. This is the first such progress made in the history of all dimensions. I recall that the player who came closest to this was Kang Seon-il.]

Kim Hyuk-jin remained silent for a while and organized his thoughts in his head.

After a long time has passed.

Hyukjin Kim opened his mouth.

“There must be a truly meaningful final scenario in each dimension.”

The final scenario that the original system spoke of was ‘judgment’.

But Kim Hyuk-jin realized.

The real thing was different from the final scenario that the system said.

“What does it mean?”

“The true final scenario on the Earth level will probably take place at Geunjeongjeon.”

“By Geunjeongjeon, do you mean the field that exists in the Gyeongbokgung Palace dungeon?”


Hyukjin Kim recalled the contents of the summary sheet.

The words of the great explorer Jackson before his return were written in full on the summary paper.

-[It would be a different story if there was a title of king, but the title of ‘King’ did not exist for me, let alone most players.]

It was natural.

Jackson was a baptist who created a king, but he was not a king himself.

-[If you are a player without the title of king, it is right to walk along the darkness that supports the royal capital.]

In other words, if you are a ‘person with the title of king’, it is right to walk along the royal road.

And there was a lion statue in front of the ‘Royal Capital’, and the lion statue was ‘Magna’.

If you pass by Magna and the royal capital, you will reach Geunjeongjeon.

From daotranslate dot com

“I concluded that the opening of the Magna Gate could be thought of as the final stage of the dimension, and I decided that that place was Geunjeongjeon.”

However, there seemed to be two ways to open the Magna Gate.

How the King chosen by the Baptist opens the Magna Gate.

The way a person who rejects the system and becomes king opens the Magna Gate.

“And the system seems to have been waiting for the king established through baptism to reach Geunjeongjeon.”


“It could be interpreted that he wants to somehow prevent the person who has become king from opening the Magna Gate.”

I could hear various guardians talking.

In general, most of what Kim Hyuk-jin said was correct.

Historically, it has been said that the majority of players who became dimension lords were baptized by the baptist and eventually became kings of the system.

“Looking back, there was one key clue.”

“What clue is this?”

I took out an item.

Bupapa showed me the crown with ‘Bow Power’ engraved on it.

“The crown belongs to me.”

[Guardian ‘Sword Spirit of the Silver Star’, his eyes twinkling, he is delighted to receive the item. I boasted in front of the guardians that I had restored that crown.]

Kim Hyuk-jin chuckled.

“The Baptist tried to take the crown from me.”

Jackson received the crown from Kim Hyuk-jin when he cleared the Gran Seoul dungeon.

-“The entrance is here. We need the restored crown to open this place properly.”

Looking back, Jackson did not want the ‘crown’ to belong to Kim Hyuk-jin.

I wasn’t sure why at the time, but now I definitely know.

This was because Kim Hyuk-jin should not have a crown.

If the power of belonging had not been implanted, the crown would have been taken away.

“And you said there was a great prophet in the nightmare.”

-Someone who went against the original law will appear.

-The day he wears the crown. The world is destroyed.

“Wearing a crown means becoming a king yourself, and that would go against the natural order established by the system.”

It was also said that the world would be destroyed the day he wore the crown.

The destruction of the world that the system spoke of could also be interpreted as the destruction of the system.

That was Kang Seon-il’s desire.

“I had to worry. Is the system good or is Kang Seon-il good? “Who should I believe?”

Are you heading to Geunjeongjeon as the king appointed by the baptist?

Are you going to Geunjeongjeon as a king wearing a crown?

System and Kang Seon-il.

In any case, both wanted the ‘King’ to reach Geunjeongjeon.

The choice was up to Kim Hyuk-jin.

“Someone gave me the answer a long time ago. I didn’t know it was the answer at the time.”

Although it is now wasted, Kim Hyuk-jin had the ‘drawing paper of aspiration’.

It said this:

[I will wait at Geunjeongjeon.]

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