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Max Talent Player Chapter 667

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 667

Kim Hyuk-jin’s warning was shocking.

He became the target of criticism for publicly broadcasting a ‘human-shaped neck’.

-But isn’t that too much?

-No matter how hostile the force is, it seems like they have crossed the line.

The number of people criticizing Kim Hyuk-jin, both online and offline, has increased.

“I know that the Colossus Lord is a great person, but this is not it.”

“That’s right. “No matter how NPC they are, they are the same as people with emotions and reason, so you cut off their heads to warn them.”

“Is it because I have the power I can’t see anything? “I’m a bit uncomfortable with the idea.”

The number was not small.

“What did the giant worshiper do? “Is there anything more than attacking the Michel Division and Magna Prophets, who are on the side of the Colossus Lord?”

In fact, the Magna prophets also killed many people.

He had punished criminals, including the devil’s army.

“The Michel Division probably killed many people without knowing it. “That’s what playing is.”

The society before and after the name of the newspaper are different.


Due to the intervention of middle managers, players escaped the control of the law.

There were many cases where murder was disguised as play, and there were times when they could not be held accountable by law.

“I think it’s a dispute over playing interests, but is there a need to go to this length?”

“I know yeah.”

Public opinion boiled over that the warning was too cruel and arrogant.

There are also an increasing number of people who claim that they are tyrannizing based on their great power.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s house.

Seonhwa Kim said while sitting at the table.

“It’s as if there was a group hint.”

“There is a possibility that that was the case.”

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Kim Hyuk-jin picked up his side dish and ate it without much agitation.

“Who is the person who lifted the level limit for centipedes? “It’s really annoying because I don’t even know who the people who are really working hard for the Earth are.”

Ayoung, who was sitting across from me, tapped the table with her chopsticks! I hit it.

Seonhwa’s body flinched at that sound.

“Stop and eat.”

“Aren’t you angry?”

“He must have an idea.”

As if nothing had happened, Ayoung picked up the egg roll, put it in her mouth, and chewed it.

Kim Hyuk-jin chuckled as he looked at Ah-yeong like that.


Summary: A sister whose anger reached her head


Although she was pretending that nothing had happened on the outside, Ayoung was actually very angry.

When I looked closely, I saw that Ayoung’s chopsticks were shaking.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“I’m taking mom home too.”


“huh. “I thought it would be dangerous.”

Giant worshipers are appearing all over the world.

It seemed like they were trying to attack Kim Hyuk-jin’s surroundings, not Kim Hyuk-jin.

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“We need Seohee’s protection for the time being.”

“Oppa, I will also protect mom.”

Hyukjin Kim smiled.

“okay. “You guys please protect mom.”

Seohee Ahn and Seonhwa Kim.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

And the combination of Yongdori will be able to take responsibility for the safety of this place, also known as Player Town.

After finishing dinner, Kim Hyuk-jin headed to the Geoshin Guild’s office.

A super telescope was waiting there.

Super Telescope was the most influential streamer in the world and had a greater impact than most broadcasters or reporters.

He rubbed his hands together like flies.

“lol. What are you going to broadcast today?”

For Schumann, Kim Hyuk-jin was his benefactor.

And he was also one of the few people who saw Kim Hyuk-jin’s true colors.

When I saw Kim Hyuk-jin, I naturally became humble.

And being humble wasn’t that embarrassing.

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‘Whoever it is will be humbled if they see the Giant Lord killing a giant worshiper.’

From his common sense, this was natural.

“Just leave it to me. “I will take care of everything!”

“Let’s start broadcasting.”

Kim Hyuk-jin spoke to the world through Schuman.

“I would like to reveal some new facts.”

Kim Hyuk-jin summarized what had happened so far.

“…by limiting voluntary growth at the global level. In other words, the level restriction has been lifted.”

In the past, Kim Hyuk-jin broke the gray 1-ring crystal and the 2-ring crystal.

Through him, he brought about the growth of players.

Additionally, the level restriction has now been completely removed.

“That’s because I am the dimension lord of this dimension.”

Dimension Lord.

Words that were unfamiliar to people popped out.

However, the weight of the word was conveyed.

Doesn’t the term dimension lord mean someone who rules the dimension?

“As a dimension lord, I have defined [giant worshipers] as evil.”

No matter how many people pointed and cursed, Kim Hyuk-jin did not feel intimidated at all.

“I know there is some noise, but I have no intention of withdrawing my intention.”

In fact, Hyukjin Kim didn’t want to move like this either.

He respected people’s freedom.

Kim Hyuk-jin thought that it was also people’s freedom not to support him.

Not everyone can be the same.

It is healthy for other people to come together and form a society.

At least Kim Hyuk-jin thought so.

But not this time.

‘The system wants to take its time.’

I had a feeling that I didn’t have much time.

I had to get to Geunjeongjeon as quickly as possible.

It was clear that many secrets were hidden there.

“I will do my best at every moment to prevent global collapse. And I will not forgive anything that holds me back.”

He also talked about becoming a dimensional lord and also revealed that he is moving to protect the Earth dimension.

I have now done everything I can to explain.

From now on, it was a warning, not a recommendation.

“It’s okay for people to curse at me and point fingers at me.”

I had no intention of touching it.

This is an implication that Kim Hyuk-jin himself also suffered.

Even ordinary people could easily be hinted at, and even if that wasn’t the case, Kim Hyuk-jin had no intention of controlling their emotions.

“But I will kill anyone who helps the giant worshipers.”

Actually, I didn’t want to say it like this.

I also know that I do not have the right to kill people.

But there was no time now.

I had to go to Geunjeongjeon as soon as possible and open the Magna Gate.

“I also strongly recommend it to the heads of state of each country. It’s okay to send troops to stop the giant worshippers. Middle managers will also not interfere. They are NPCs, not players, and are merely beings created for a special purpose. “If some middle managers come forward and interfere, please contact us through the Geoshin Guild.”

Before coming here, I talked to the ‘youngest princess’.

-“I would like to accompany Kang Seon-il in his unfulfilled dream. “Can you help me?”

The youngest princess readily accepted Kim Hyuk-jin’s offer.

[Guardian ‘the youngest princess’ was actually in a very unpleasant state. He said he can’t even remember when he started enjoying ‘middle manager killing content’. They feel that the system has ridiculed and insulted them. I promise to give the system a big screw-up. He promised to create a large number of quests to kill all middle managers who interfere with Kim Hyuk-jin, and said that the protective power consumed for these quests is not a waste.]

“The Giant Guild will kill the middle managers in question.”

Kim Hyuk-jin’s warning spread throughout the world in real time.

I wondered if there were any crazy countries that would deploy troops, but such countries actually existed.

-The United States does not ignore its citizens.

-Start a war against the terrorist group called Giant Worshipers.

The Michel Division, which suffered great damage from the Giant Worshipers, was mostly composed of Americans, and the U.S. government issued an official statement declaring war on the ‘Giant Worshipers’.

China deeply sympathizes with and participates in the will of the Giant Godlord.

China, led by Rao Yu, immediately responded to Kim Hyuk-jin’s words.

It was also a golden opportunity for him to take control of the military.

There were countless statements expressing support for the Giant Lord at the guild level, not the country.

People all over the world supported Kim Hyuk-jin.

This happened less than 30 minutes after Kim Hyuk-jin warned.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Kang Sang-gu munched on the snack.

“wow. I really respect you, Hyukjin. A warning to the whole world. “Class is gone.”

The members of the Geoshin Guild actually had no idea that Kim Hyuk-jin would say something like this.

Schurt nodded.

“It was extreme for a guild leader, but it seems to be effective.”

This clearly showed.

What happens when Kim Hyuk-jin decides to make a move?

Leaders around the world moved to a few words from Kim Hyuk-jin.

He also declared that he would move the military quickly.

Ma Sang-hyeon clenched his fists.

“This clearly proves it, brother. “It’s not that I don’t have the strength to stay still!”

Ma Sang-hyeon seemed very moved.

“They say that if you stay still, you guys think it’s a bale.”

In Ma Sang-hyeon’s view, Kim Hyuk-jin was a strong man with more power than anyone else.

However, he did not wield that power excessively.

Ma Sang-hyun has always admired Kim Hyuk-jin, but today he actively supported Kim Hyuk-jin’s decision.

“I feel really good because I think you clearly showed that you can press down with force Hahahaha!”

Kwak Tae-un seemed a little shaken.

I had no intention of criticizing Kim Hyuk-jin’s actions, but it was also true that I was not used to it.

It was surprising that even the Zen-based ‘Woman on the Scale’ did not specifically condemn Kim Hyuk-jin’s actions.

In many ways, strange phenomena occurred.

“World leaders, as well as rankers and guild leaders of famous guilds… it seems like they are competing to see who can accept Hyukjin’s words faster.”

It seemed as if he wanted to impress Kim Hyuk-jin.

In Kwak Tae-un’s eyes, it seemed that way, and it was also true.

Shin Yeonseo laughed.

“Anyway, it’s nice to feel cool inside.”

The members of the Giant Guild each added a word.

Although no one was saying anything, public opinion was very angry at the criticism of Kim Hyuk-jin.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“I don’t think this method is right either. “I will define the giant worshipers as enemies and exterminate them until I successfully open the Magna Gate.”

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Numerous side effects are expected.

For example, if you are accused of helping a giant worshiper when you did not, you could be put to death.

“I have to leave for Geunjeongjeon.”

Hyukjin Kim looked at the members of the Giant Guild.

If it weren’t for the Giant Guild members, I wouldn’t have been able to leave with peace of mind.

Because there was a loving family here.

In other words, Kim Hyuk-jin believed and trusted them.

The presence of colleagues who I could count on was very solid and reassuring.

“Please take care of this place while I am gone.”

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin returned home.


Rapundel was waiting at the front door with her arms crossed.

She sighed deeply.

“It would have been nice if you, the secretary, had accompanied me on such matters.”


“Are you done baby?”


Rapundel was upset because she felt like she wasn’t recognized as a secretary, but she didn’t get upset anymore.

This was because I knew that Kim Hyuk-jin did not have much time.

“anyway… From now on, I hope you will focus on what I am saying. “It has to do with giant worshippers.”

Rapundel adjusted her glasses.

I looked at Kim Hyuk-jin with a serious expression.

“okay. say it.”

“I think giant worshipers have several purposes.”

Intention to hinder Kim Hyuk-jin.

There must be a clear purpose of wasting time.

Rapundel thought so too.

But that wasn’t the end she thought.

“I think their real purpose is.”

Kim Hyuk-jin also listened to Rapundel’s words.

It didn’t seem like he was joking.

“It could be me.”

He poked his chest area with his finger.

“The daughter born from the heart of King Katulu. And the biological daughter of King Miker. Even though I lost all my powers, I am still a giant.”

Rapundel took a deep breath.

After some time has passed.

I carefully said what I didn’t want to say.

“Maybe my presence invited them.”

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