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Max Talent Player Chapter 669

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 669

“What was it that Kang Seon-il said you were pursuing?”

It wasn’t clear because it was a blurry image, but it looked like the ‘white hunter’ was touching his chin.

“for a moment. “I also need some mental preparation.”

“All right.”

“Anyway, not much time has passed since [Hall of Fighters], so you can talk to me? Is it the majesty of a dimension lord?”

Kim Hyuk-jin read a bit of the white hunter’s psychology through his sense eyes.

‘A strong desire to win?’

I was on the verge of laughing.

I’m so excited to win.

It wasn’t something that couldn’t be understood given the White Hunter’s tendencies.

“It’s a shame. “If the circumstances were right, I would have happily hung out with you.”

“Is that so?”

“I hope the same goes for the Pearl of Cheonmasan Mountain.”

“I’m just a player.”


“That’s the dullest joke I’ve ever heard in my life.”

As time passed, the white hunter’s appearance began to appear a little more clearly.

He was very big.

It seemed bigger than Ma Sang-hyeon.

His hair and eyebrows were all white, and he was very muscular.

“The only player who has come this far since the current system was established is just one player.”

The white hunter said haha! I burst out laughing.

“Humility only needs to be moderate. If you do that, is that a deception?”

“…Is that so?”

There was a bit of silence.

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The white hunter surprisingly found this silence awkward.

It seemed like he was a little shy.

“anyway. good. “I am now mentally prepared.”

I’m not sure, but I sensed some sort of solemnity from the white hunter.

It seemed like he was trying to say something important.

“Do you remember exactly what happened back then?”

“I remember. “With your permission, I was able to acquire the ultimate fighter.”

The Hall of Fighters was said to be a place that creates the ‘ultimate fighter.’

It was the ‘Conductor of Noise’ who proposed the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ and needed the permission of the ‘White Hunter’ to obtain that trait.

“It was like that. “Thank you, right?”


Silence came again.

The white hunter cleared his throat again, perhaps unable to bear the awkwardness of the silence.

“Hmm. “Do you remember what Kang Seon-il said back then?”

“It flies.”

Kang Seon-il laughed and said this.

-“You’re out of your mind. “Once you obtain the [Ultimate Fighter], you will know very well that you cannot obtain the — — you seek.”

The white hunter hesitated for a while again.

“Oh, this is true. “I thought this day would come someday, but I never thought it would really come.”

There was another awkward silence for a long time.

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I kept thinking about whether I was going to say something or not.

“I still don’t know. “Is our choice right or not?”


“You guessed it roughly. The conductor of noise and I. “Isn’t something strange?”

“It was strange.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A former noise conductor suggested the ‘ultimate projection’.

The Conductor of Noise is a guardian who supports the monarch class and usually likes that type of play.

It was somehow strange that a guardian with such tendencies suggested ‘fighting’.

The offer was one worthy of a white hunter.

‘And… the White Hunter had to give approval for a free pass to the Hall of Fighters.’

It was full of strange things.

It was strange that the leader of the noise proposed a fighter, and the person who had to approve it was the white hunter who was externally hostile to the leader of the noise.

‘On the other hand, what the white hunter is actually pursuing…is it the characteristics of the monarch line?’

It probably seemed like that.

And the person who approved it seemed to be the conductor of the noise.

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“As you expected, those who originally obtained [Ultimate Fighter] will not be able to obtain [Absolute Monarch]. “It was designed that way in the current system.”

“Didn’t you say you would get help from someone?”

In the Hall of Fighters, the White Hunter said:

-“—- — decided to help me with that.”

And now the white hunter repeated what he had said then.

“[The donkey master] decided to help.”

A guardian who suddenly appeared recently.

An unknown guardian with a much greater presence than other guardians.

A donkey craftsman was mentioned.

“To be more precise, there was an agreement with [Donkey Master] to help us. “From the beginning.”

For a moment, the white hunter’s spirit form became blurred.

It felt like there was noise.

The white hunter frowned.

“There’s already interference.”

Hyukjin Kim felt it too.

It was just a disruption in the system.

“From this moment on, I seem to be recognized as a bug.”


Are you treating guardians like bugs?

Didn’t the system originally respect the guardians?

At least on the outside.

The white hunter spoke faster.

“This is why I didn’t want to start talking.”

The white hunter trembled and screamed.

His speech became faster.

“I don’t know where to start and explain, but Kang Seon-il did not trust [the donkey master]. “When he was a player, Kang Seon-il did not accept [the donkey craftsman]’s offer but was baptized and became the king of the system.”

“What kind of person is [the donkey master]?”

“He was the guardian of the beginning. “He is our father.”


“It may be a little different from the human concept, but in a broad sense, he is our father.”

The term ‘us’ meant ‘conductor of noise’ and ‘white hunter’.

“Unlike other guardians, we were born from the beginning of the covenant and have lived as guardians for today.”


“Father prepared this day.”

“It’s hard to understand what you’re talking about.”

“It means that He has prepared for me to meet you today.”

The white hunter chuckled.

“I thought the promised man was Kang Seon-il. “I never understood my father’s decision.”

It was said that even the white hunters at the time did not understand the donkey craftsman.

Kang Seon-il was a player with unprecedented abilities, and in the eyes of the white hunter, he had abilities that were close to perfect.

“It’s ridiculous, but I thought it was dementia.”

He said that in the days when Gelon was powerful, the donkey craftsman’s power was almost sealed and he wondered if his judgment was clouded.

“That’s how much of a monster Kang Seon-il was. “I didn’t know there would be a monster that surpasses that monster.”

The white hunter continued to explain various things, and Kim Hyuk-jin was shocked.

‘The universe in the beginning. Nature in the beginning. The original system. Guardian of the beginning.’

It is said that the donkey craftsman is the original system and the original guardian.

He was said to have governed the order of the universe and respected the will of nature.

As time passed, many guardians were born, and at the same time, immortals were also born.

‘And Gelon, the immortal of the beginning.’

Known as the Demon Tower Lord, he was the first immortal born.

‘He eventually ended up sealing [the donkey craftsman] and established a new system.’

He needed a lot of strength to see the end of the magic.

Many planes were sacrificed, robbed of mana and life.

“For him, the system was a kind of farm. “To raise the value of existence and stigmata and eat them.”


“Also, it is false to say that the total amount of existence value is fixed. In my father’s universe, the total amount was infinite.”

“Does that mean that Gelon artificially limited and controlled the total amount?”


Mage Tower Lord Gelon was afraid of another Gelon being born.

So, he set the limit of the dimension and tried to prevent beings stronger than himself from appearing in the first place.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A farm to eat up the value of existence.

And an environment where the strong can never be born.

Nevertheless, when a monster like Kang Seon-il appeared, they tried to restrain him by labeling him ‘king’.

“It was different from my father. My father knew about Gelon’s birth, and he also knew about Kang Seon-il and your existence. “Long before you were born.”

However, the donkey master said he did not stop anything.

He said he let everything go as it went.

“I and the leader of noise have been living like other guardians, waiting for the real king to be born.”

And for this day, the Conductor of Noise and the White Hunter said that they had acted like other guardians and supported the players.

It was to escape the surveillance and suspicion of this system run by Gellon.

“In the end, we did not choose Kang Seon-il, and Kang Seon-il did not choose his father. “Looking back, I think it was the right choice.”

If you accept the ‘ultimate fighter’, you cannot receive the ‘absolute monarch’.

Conversely, if one accepted the ‘absolute monarch’, one could not accept the ‘ultimate champion’ either.

It was said that only if one possesses both, one can become a true king.

“At that time, Kang Seon-il ended up being a king bound by a contract with Gelon.”

From Gelon’s point of view, Kang Seon-il was the second Gelon.

An unrivaled player with more power than Gelon.

However, after being baptized by the Baptist, he became unable to kill Gelon.

“The king established by the Baptist could never kill Gelon.”

That was the system Gelon created.

In the end, Kang Seon-il was unable to kill Gelon and sealed him in a dimensional prison.

Thanks to this, Gelon’s power was greatly reduced and the system he created was also weakened.

“A long time has passed since then and you were born. And with your father’s help, we would like to offer you absolute monarchy.”

He said that all circumstances point to today.

Kang Seon-il sealed Gelon.

Afterwards, as Isabel expanded Geomlim’s power, the power of the Magic Tower weakened.

This was because Geomlim had to be kept in check.

Accordingly, surveillance on other dimensions was relaxed, and the donkey craftsman was able to regain some of his strength.

It was at that point that the donkey craftsman appeared.

Also, thanks to the appearance of new people leading the Magic Tower, Kim Hyuk-jin was given time.

If it weren’t for them, Gelon would have raided the Earth level before Kim Hyuk-jin could become the ‘real king’.

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“Geomlim’s Jundong. The chaos of the Magic Tower. Kang Seon-il’s choice. A person who breaks the rules of the system. The sacrifice of those who were promised. “Only when all of these things are in place can today be completed.”

I was able to understand the source of the solemnity I felt from the white hunter earlier.

‘I’m preparing for extinction.’

He said it was the sacrifice of those who were promised.

The arrangement of the ‘Donkey Craftsman’, the guardian of the beginning, seemed to require the disappearance of the ‘White Hunter’ and the ‘Conductor of Noise’.

“I intend to uphold the covenant from the beginning, reverse the flow of time, and honor as absolute monarch those who break the laws of the system.”

Kim Hyuk-jin felt like he had been hit hard in the back of the head.

‘I know about regression!’

The system does not recognize regression.

Treat regressions as bugs.

However, the white hunter seemed to be aware of Kim Hyuk-jin’s return.

According to him, ‘return’ also seemed to be the donkey craftsman’s plan.

“No one will remember us, but it would be nice for you to remember us.”

Then I heard a message.

[Guardian ‘Conductor of Noise’ criticizes the White Hunters for being ‘compromising’. Since we don’t have much time, I tell him to finish everything quickly and rest. He blushes and adds that he has worked hard so far.] The

white hunter asked.

“Will you ever become a monarch?”

While listening to the story, Kim Hyuk-jin had already made up his mind.

In fact, the white hunter could not be trusted 100%.

But Kang Seon-il believed.

If you think about it based on the white hunter’s words, you can understand all of Kang Seon-il’s actions.

‘I ultimately have to move in the direction I believe is right.’

I had to make a choice.

He has already decided to become a king against the system.

There was no hesitation in Kim Hyuk-jin’s choice.

“I will accept it.”

The white hunter grinned.

“Thank you.”

And then the notification continued.

[‘The Covenant of the Beginning’ is completed.]

A hazy fog began to form throughout the secret tea ceremony room.

Fog that Hyukjin Kim also experienced a lot.

It was ‘the fog of the beginning’.

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