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Max Talent Player Chapter 670

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 670

[‘The Covenant of the Beginning’ is completed.]

[The trait ‘Absolute Monarch’ has been acquired.]

A hazy fog rose.

Kim Hyuk-jin could feel that this primordial fog was unusual.

‘A kind of trap that blocks all senses.’

I couldn’t see anything and felt dizzy.

It was on a different level from the primordial fog I experienced during the tutorial.

A notification followed.

[Confirmation of ‘Ultimate Fighter’ and ‘Absolute Monarch’.]

[The qualification of ‘True King’ has been obtained.]

The crown in Kim Hyuk-jin’s inventory naturally came to mind.

It gave off a bright light.

Soon, the bright light enveloped Kim Hyuk-jin’s body and shone once before disappearing.

[The ‘crown’ illuminates the vision of the person who is qualified to be the ‘true king.’]


The dizziness stopped and I began to see slightly ahead.

My mind became clearer.

The notifications continued.

[Check the ‘King who killed Destruction.’]

[Hidden piece has been satisfied.]

[‘Destruction’ has been added to the attribute of ‘True King.’]

A question was asked from someone.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to intuit it.

In order to fight Gelon, simply being the ‘Jin King’ was not enough.

It had to be added to King Jin’s ‘destruction’ attribute, and that was only possible by killing Kang Seon-il.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

But that didn’t seem to be the end.

“I will ask the person who has achieved the qualifications of the True King. “Who is waiting for you here?”

I couldn’t tell whose voice it was, but I felt like I had to answer.



The Emperor said he would wait at Geunjeongjeon.

We haven’t even passed the royal road yet.


Nor was it the transcendent species Magna.


Kim Hyuk-jin did not miss the keyword ‘destruction’.

Before meeting Kang Seon-il, there was a being who dreamed of destruction.

And she said this:

-“The day when you have the qualities of a king and truly reborn the daughters of giant kings.”

-“I will wait for you at the place where the dragons and giants will make arrangements and the final curtain will open.”

-“Make my wish come true there.”

Hyukjin Kim was finally able to realize this.

The ‘destruction’ that Nakchalsa mentioned was not simple destruction.

false order.

It seems that they wanted the destruction of this artificial system created by Gellon.

From daotranslate dot com

“This is Rakchalsa Temple.”

Kim Hyuk-jin judged that the wish of Nakchalsa Temple was ‘self-destruction.’

It seems that that judgment was wrong.

“That is correct.”

[Free from the influence of the ‘primordial fog.’]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

My vision has become brighter.

And then I heard a voice again.

“He won’t know the answer.”

‘He’ seemed to mean Gelon.

When my vision became completely clear, three figures appeared.

‘Donkey craftsman. Conductor of noise. White Hunter.’

I guessed it was probably three.

The huge white hunter continued.

“Go and open the Magna Gate.”

Kim Hyuk-jin frowned for a moment.

From daotranslate dot com

It was difficult to handle the presence emanating from the donkey craftsman.

‘no. It’s not just about presence.’

A flood of information flooded my mind.

The donkey master seemed to teach me everything.

‘The Magna Gate is not a gate that controls existence…’

In fact, it was a gate that connected the Magic Tower.

If anything, it was a meticulous design.

‘The royal road – Magna Gate – was designed to pass through Geunjeongjeon.’

From Gelon’s point of view, it is best for the king established by the Baptist to arrive at Geunjeongjeon.

However, there may exist someone like himself who became a king on his own.

‘That’s why I told you to open the Magna Gate before heading to Geunjeongjeon.’

There are all kinds of reasons, such as needing to protect the dimension and what the value of the dimension is.

‘If the road to the Magic Tower was opened, Gelon would have come and killed the king.’

Gelon seemed to be extremely afraid of another Gelon being born.

We have prepared double and triple precautions.

The voice of the donkey craftsman was heard.

“This is an opportunity that only exists once in the entire history of the universe. “I don’t want to let this opportunity go to waste.”

Kim Hyuk-jin felt that the donkey master was bleeding.

It wasn’t actually bleeding, but it felt like the value of existence was leaking out.

“When the Magna Gate is opened, Gelon will come here immediately.”

So it seemed like the ‘original fog’ was created here.

To confuse Gelon.

Kim Hyuk-jin was able to escape from the effects of the fog through the correct answer, ‘Nachalsa’, but Gelon seemed unable to give the answer.

“Hyukjin Kim, if you ask, someone will make a move. “We must open the road to Geomlim.”

If Gelon heads here, Kim Hyuk-jin will not be able to deal with him alone.

He said that the pureblood swordsman should help.

“The passage is already open, so it won’t be a difficult task.”

The Earth level and Geomlim are already connected.

This also seemed to be an essential element in the birth of King Jin.

This means that the newly born Jin King cannot stop Gelon, and in the end, the pure-blooded Sword Emperor must help him.

The saying that this was an opportunity that only existed once in the entire history of the universe did not seem to be nonsense.

“You name it. “The dimension lord’s words will be heard.”

Hyukjin Kim closed his eyes for a moment.

I had to point out someone.

A road connecting the Gyeongbokgung Palace dungeon and Geomlim must be opened.

It seemed like I had to point to a guardian, but I couldn’t figure out which guardian had that ability.

Then, Kim Hyuk-jin suddenly remembered the conversation between the guardians.

[tutelar. The ‘Whispering Devil’ claims that suicide is always welcome and claims to be a guide to Geomlim.]

[Guardian ‘Whispering Devil’ wants you to secretly teach him the name of the dimension controlled by ‘a group of traitors against the system’. The name of the dimension is Marias, and he boasts that a passage to Marias can be opened at any time through some kind of quest.] The

whispering devil said that he can open a passage connecting other dimensions.

He also expressed that he could provide guidance through Geomlim.

“I will point to [Whispering Devil].”

Then a message came from the whispering devil.

[Guardian ‘Whispering Demon’ is amused by the dimension lord’s nomination. I am happy that we have created the most interesting attraction in the world. We are going to spend our guardian power to carry out the task of connecting Geomlim and Gyeongbokgung Dungeon. However, it is said that a suitable cause is needed.]

I could feel that the whispering devil was truly happy.

It was as if he was enjoying the ‘final pleasure’ that he had longed for for so long.

The White Hunter conveyed his will through a message.

[Guardian ‘White Hunter’ wants extinction. However, he claims that he does not want to die in front of the extinct tree that smells of other people’s corpses. He says he chose this place as his grave.]

[Guardian ‘Conductor of Noise’ also wants to disappear. Even though I don’t like it, I made a pact with the White Hunter to be born at the same time and die together, so I add that I will wait here for the pure-blooded sword emperor.]

That served as justification for the ‘Whispering Devil’.

[Guardian ‘Whispering Demon’ grins, saying this is justification enough.]

The White Hunter said.

“Go quickly. Go and open the Magna Gate and head to Geunjeongjeon. “We will block Gelon, so become a true king and restore order.”

Hyukjin Kim nodded.

The road was clearly visible to his eyes.

The royal capital was filled with golden light.

I started walking.

The leader of the White Hunter and Noise knelt while looking at the path Kim Hyuk-jin walked.

That was their courtesy towards the ‘Jin King’ they were sending.

* * *

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A voice was heard.

“You’re here.”

The thousand-year lava and thousand-year shaved ice have disappeared.

Instead, the transcendent species Magna was waiting for Kim Hyuk-jin.

It was in the form of a lion, and an auspicious light flowed from its body.

“The Magna Gate is sealed in my heart.”

Magna approached Hyukjin Kim.

When I looked up close, it was quite large.

“Cut my skin and take out my heart and break it. Then the Magna Gate will open.”

Magna didn’t feel any emotion.

It was as if he was born for this purpose.


I felt a powerful energy coming from Magna.

“If you are not qualified to cut me down, I will kill you.”

Hyukjin Kim shrugged his shoulders.

I remembered once again what the donkey master had said.

-“This is an opportunity that only exists once in the entire history of the universe.”

We were able to come this far thanks to coincidence upon coincidence and countless factors being added to one another.

Breaking the heart of the transcendent species and opening the Magna Gate was not a simple realm of power.

‘Is this what the old man meant when he said he would wait at Geunjeongjeon?’

Dancheonwoo has already disappeared.

Even if he went to Geunjeongjeon, there was no way Dan Cheonwoo would be there.

‘When he said he would wait at Geunjeongjeon, he meant to use the Thunder Yellow Sword to open the Magna Gate.’

Only then will you be able to reach Geunjeongjeon.

I finally understood why the Sword Emperor’s Thunder Emperor Sword was a sword that cut down the world and the values surrounding it.

To be exact, it was a sword that could destroy and cut this fake world.

All of that has already been taught and disappeared.

‘Follow the Emperor’s teachings.’

I decided to break Magna’s heart.

“There is a song at dawn that wakes us up from winter’s hibernation.”

From daotranslate dot com

“The eyes of eternity that dwell in hymns are holy.”

Wake up from winter hibernation.

It restores the order that had been frozen for a long time.

The ‘Nameless Eye’, created through the accumulation of time and wishes of countless people, looked at Magna.

The song of Geomhwang flowed from the mouth of Kim Hyuk-jin, who opened his nameless eye.

‘It has to be done in one go.’

It is true that by becoming a dimension lord, he has become much more powerful.

But now I couldn’t get help from Connection.

“He who gave his flesh and bones and was buried in silence sings.”

Cut the skin, take out the bone, take out the heart and break it.

The transcendental species Magna let out an animal howl as if relieved by something.

“The power is in his lips to declare miracles.”

Brain yellow sword 3rd second. Lightning.

A sword that cuts through worlds and settings.

The sword split the shell of the transcendent species that was protected from all physical forces.

Magna’s voice was heard.

“I’m glad. “I am finally free.”

The laws of the system did not protect Magna’s skin.

The transcendent species Magna gradually disappeared due to the dark lightning, and a shining jewel-shaped heart appeared.

Before coming here, Kim Hyuk-jin cut down Kang Seon-il.

I learned a lot from Kang Seon-il at that time.

‘Did Kang Seon-il die for me for today?’

The realization at that time shone through.

Before all of the energy of the lightning was recovered, he used that energy to unleash the lightning without consuming much stamina.

Isen’s sword energy, imbued with the strong power of lightning, cut through Magna’s heart.


Multicolored brilliant light began to emanate from the heart.

Magna’s will was heard.

“Thank you. But be careful. He will come.”

Magna Gate.

It is a gate that must be opened to head to Geunjeongjeon and the final defense created by the Mage Tower lord Gelon to prevent the birth of another Gelon.

It was opened.

Ugh-! Ugh-!

A black hole-like gate appeared with a large vibration.

‘It moves quickly.’

I don’t know how long it will take for Gelon to arrive here.

However, the three guardians and the primordial fog would buy time.

Kim Hyuk-jin walked the royal road and headed to Geunjeongjeon.

[‘The person who has acquired the qualifications of the True King’ has arrived.]

[The Geunjeongjeon field appears.]

The real Geunjeongjeon has appeared to greet those who have acquired the qualifications of the True King.


It was not the Geunjeongjeon that I was familiar with.

I felt the heat as if my skin was burning.

The world was red.

‘It’s a hot place.’

If it wasn’t for Kim Hyuk-jin, it would have evaporated in an instant.

It was a place full of indescribable hot fire.

[Geunjeongjeon awaits ‘the one who has acquired the qualifications of the true king.’]

Flames soared strongly here and there.

A huge wall of fire was created.

‘Is it a maze?’

It seemed to be a carefully designed maze so that it was impossible to properly reach Geunjeongjeon.

This too may be Gelon’s solution.

Kim Hyuk-jin began to walk quickly as if he already knew the path to this maze.

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