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Max Talent Player Chapter 678

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 678

Gelon (Bern) also understood the current situation better than anyone else.

‘Things like dirt…!’

Gelon also calculated the time almost the same as Kim Hyuk-jin.

Originally, there was about 10 seconds to spare, but as miscellaneous things came in, the margin was greatly reduced.

When I thought that time was shortening, my concentration became distracted.

‘no. This is not the time to be distracted by such petty things.’

Anyway, no matter how crazy they try, they won’t be able to touch even a single hair of theirs.

‘I just have to do well.’

How many twists and turns were there to get here?

Even when Kang Seon-il appeared with a sword, Gelon did not die.

“It’s Elka. “I only trust you.”

The wand glowed.

I could feel the will to render all of the players’ attacks null and void.

Gelon believed in the power of the staff.


From now on, it is a momentary fight.

A very brief difference in concentration would determine victory or defeat.

The will of the wand was conveyed.

-The others weren’t that big of a deal, but one guy was annoying me.

That guy was Dan Cheon-hak, a bachelor.

Minor attacks were being added, with the annoying guy taking the lead.

Of course it’s bound to be annoying.

Time passed.

The players gradually became tired.

Kim Hyuk-jin’s heart became impatient.

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‘It’s not enough.’

The players are doing their best.

However, doing your best did not always produce the best results.

‘2 seconds.’

I just needed two more seconds.

If I was given two more seconds to recover, I was confident that I would not be defeated in the fight with Gelon.

‘But everyone is tired.’

Gelon focused only on defense.

Thanks to this, players were able to focus only on attacks without defense.

It was a double-edged sword.

I was able to launch a more powerful attack, but I got tired just as quickly.

‘How do I secure two more seconds?’

Gelon somehow wanted to remove Kim Hyuk-jin from this position, and Kim Hyuk-jin did the same.

Many people prepared the way and sacrificed for this day.

If you don’t complete today, you never know when the next opportunity will come.

‘Another great force approaches.’

That too was Geomlim’s power.

However, it felt much more familiar and warm than before.

It felt like the warm sun was approaching.

‘Just as Bern came here, Isabelle eventually found her way.’

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The Pureblood Sword Emperor is coming.

But time was running out.

‘I’m still doing my best to come.’

I couldn’t have asked him to come sooner.

The key was time.

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A split second will make the difference between life and death.

As Kim Hyuk-jin became more anxious, Gelon became more relaxed.

“No matter what you do, you won’t be able to shorten the gap of two seconds.”

Only then was Gelon able to smile.

“This guy’s body is fresh and strong.”

The assimilation of soul and body was very easy.

This was because Bern’s desire was that strong.

‘I like it very much.’

Extreme resentment and anger towards Kim Hyuk-jin.

That became the driving force.

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Bern’s spirit accepted Gelon more efficiently and quickly than anyone else.

‘Much more than I thought.’

Bern helped Gelon much more actively than Gelon expected.

Thanks to this, Gelon had more time.

“I guess it’s 3 seconds, not 2.”

In the battle between the absolute and the absolute, one second is close to eternity.

In that one second, a gap is created that can never be reversed.

“What are you going to do?”

The purple curtain gradually cleared and Bern began to be revealed.

A black haze shimmered from Bern’s body.

The attacking players flinched.

This was because I instinctively felt Bern’s value.

Kang Sang-gu swallowed his saliva.

“I thought he was crazy… but I didn’t know it was this bad.”

I glanced behind me.

Kim Hyuk-jin, who sits on the throne, is still recovering.

‘If I risk my life, will I be able to secure 0.1 second more?’

Kang Sang-gu gritted his teeth.

He didn’t want to come here.

It was because of the uneasy feeling that it was somehow going to be the final battle.

‘The price of my life is only 0.1 second.’

Something doesn’t seem right.

Thinking like that, Kang Sang-gu increased his strength.

He raised the flames and chanted ‘Inferno’, the strongest flame-type magic he could use.

Inferno was a magic that Kang Sang-gu could use only once in his life.

This spell did not consume M/P.

‘It’s hot.’

He had to sacrifice his own body to make magic happen.

It was like that.

Inferno was not M/P, but a magic that used vitality as a raw material to generate great power.

The ground around began to boil.

The heat rose.

Shin Yeon-seo, who was taking a break under Kim Seon-hwa’s protection, discovered Kang Sang-gu.

“hey. Damn you! What’re you doing!”

Shin Yeon-seo knows well the power of Kang Sang-gu.

The power that was blooming now was far beyond Kang Sang-gu’s abilities.

She had a hunch.

“You idiot!”

I told you to do your best, but someone told you to sacrifice your life!

Shin Yeonseo stood up with his sword on the ground.

“sister. “You need to rest more!”

Kim Seon-hwa tried to stop him, but Shin Yeon-seo did not listen.

I got up and went over to stop Kang Sang-gu.

“Do you think Captain Hyukjin will be happy if things turn out well if you do it this way?”

Kang Sang-gu did not answer.

Inferno had to be completed.

‘I hope my 0.1 second is not in vain, you stupid Hyukjin!’

Still, I was proud because it was the last moment.

‘Later, you have to show off that I was your friend!’

Kang Sang-gu opened his eyes.

Soon the magic will be complete.

‘I am Jayang-dong’s fire prevention master!’

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin closed his eyes and bit his lip.

‘Kang Sang-gu!’

I could feel what Kang Sang-gu was trying to do.

His mind was also read.

He didn’t want to die now.

Kang Sang-gu was a friend who dreamed of a thin, long, smooth, and happy life more than anyone else.

But now he has chosen to make a sacrifice.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

To buy 0.1 second of time.


I didn’t tell you not to do it.

That is an act of insulting Kang Sang-gu’s choice.

I had to use the time that Kang Sang-gu gave me valuablely.

That was the remaining task for my friend Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘Nevertheless… we still don’t have enough time.’

Isabelle is approaching, but she is late.

The final decision will be made before Isabel comes.

But then I heard an unexpected notification.

[Guardian ‘Whispering Demon’ captures perfect timing. The ‘Whispering Devil’ is giggling as he senses that the best moment in his entire life has arrived.] [The ‘

Whispering Devil’ uses up all of his protective power and uses the final power, ‘The last stab in the back is thrilling!’]

The name of the power was funny.

The last stab in the back is thrilling.

However, the power felt from the authority was not funny.

[With the help of the power of ‘The last stab in the back is thrilling,’ a shortcut is shown to the pure-blooded sword emperor.]

At that moment, a look of disappointment passed over Gelon’s face.

‘Whispering devil, you damn bastard!’

The target of the Whispering Devil’s final stab in the back was Gelon.

A shortcut to this direction was opened.

[Guardian ‘Whispering Devil’ is delighted with the final blow.]

The Whispering Devil was purely happy.

He seemed incredibly happy that he had stabbed Gelon in the back.

He smiled happily and accepted extinction.

The ‘Whispering Devil’ disappeared, but the last power he left behind worked deeply into the Geunjeongjeon field.

Gelon had about 2 seconds to spare, and Kim Hyuk-jin was about 2 seconds short.

Those two seconds were canceled out by the whispering devil’s stab in the back of the head.

Dancheonhak slowly moved and hit Kang Sang-gu hard on the back of his neck.

100 million!

Kang Sang-gu collapsed, letting out a death-like scream.

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“Hey hey! “You’re the best!”

“Don’t worry kid. “He didn’t die.”

It may be painful enough to kill you.

I didn’t say that.

When Inferno was almost completed, the magic was forcibly canceled.

The reaction caused the internal mana flow to become completely distorted.

He suffered injuries that required treatment for at least a couple of months.

Dan Cheon-hak knew that Kim Hyuk-jin and Gelon would clash.

“We did the best we could. Gimyeong-ah. “You help the guardian tower.”

The spirit of the spiritualist helped Ahn Seo-hee.

And Dan Cheon-hak spoke to Kim Seon-hwa.

“You must unleash your unique abilities.”

“My unique ability?”

“okay. “It is a net that captures the sky.”

Seonhwa Kim acquired a class called ‘Euncheonmang of Service’ and accordingly acquired the unique ability ‘Euncheonmang’.

Seonhwa Kim didn’t think for long.

I immediately unfolded the silver net.

The fields and sky around Kim Seon-hwa were dyed silver.

A silver net covered the sky and covered the people gathered here.

“There will be a clash.”

Dancheonhak spoke with force.

“All we can do is hold on. Get your mind straight. “In a split second, everything will end, and one point of disruption will cause the disappearance of existence.”

And the dimension door opened.

Just as Bern revealed himself, the pure-blooded Sword Emperor Isabel also revealed herself.

Isabelle was breathing heavily.

It was said that she had moved across dimensions so quickly that it was too much for even her to do.

Kim Hyuk-jin and Gelon opened their eyes at the same time.

The newly born King Jin.

Gelon successfully merged with Bern.

Their eyes collided in the air, and the Sword Emperor’s sword split the air.


Light burst out.

The entire world turned white and time stopped.

Meanwhile, will and will clawed at each other.

The Geomrim Cheonsal Sword cut down the false order, and the Thunder Hwang Sword collapsed the artificial settings.

After obtaining a powerful body, Gelon once again established order and confronted Isabel and Kim Hyuk-jin with powerful power.

No, I pretended to fight back.

At the point when Isabel appeared more quickly, Gelon realized that he had no chance of victory.

‘Run away.’

There was no way now.

I had to run away quickly and plan for the next time.

Just as Kim Hyuk-jin went through all the almost impossible processes to get this far, Gelon thought he could do the same.

After nearly eons, he decided to become another Gelon himself.

‘There is only one place to run to.’

Since King Jin was born, there was only one place for Gelon to hide.

Another world beyond the reach of the Jin King’s power.

An unknown universe that even the donkey craftsman, the guardian of the beginning, does not know about.

Gelon called that place ‘the deep sea.’

In that place, I would have been able to escape from Kim Hyuk-jin.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-hwa noticed something strange.

‘I don’t feel any pressure!’

The collision of two absolutes was clearly dangerous.

A simple shock wave could have completely melted all life here.

However, Kim Seon-hwa felt nothing.

‘That’s right!’

The parties involved, Kim Hyuk-jin and Isabelle, seemed not to be feeling it, or even if they were feeling it, they were unable to respond actively.

Seonhwa Kim made a split-second decision.

‘My job is not to protect.’

Euncheon Network is the power that protects everyone in the area.

At the same time, it was also a ‘net’.

This meant that it could be used as a power to protect allies, but on the other hand, it could also be used as a tool to catch enemies (fish).

The power was used in reverse.

‘I have to catch it!’

Of course, I know that there will be no chin.

However, Kim Seon-hwa’s heart was the same as Kang Sang-gu’s earlier.

‘You only need to gain 0.1 second.’

Just 0.1 second.

All Kim Seon-hwa wanted was just that much time.

There was a belief that Kim Hyuk-jin would solve the problem as long as Gelon had enough time to flinch.

‘I’m just doing the best I can.’

At that moment, it felt like a huge darkness was devouring Kim Seon-hwa.

It was dizzying.

An immense fear of unknown origin consumed her mind.

I felt like my soul was being shattered.

‘No, I can hold on!’

She was of the service class and is spiritually connected to Kim Hyuk-jin.

Thanks to you, I was able to endure.

Eventually, Euncheonmang lost its shine.

It seemed like Kim Seon-hwa was able to buy a fleeting moment of time as she had intended.


Before losing consciousness, Kim Seon-hwa looked around.

Everyone seemed fine.

There was just one thing that wasn’t okay.

‘I can’t see my brother!’

Kim Hyuk-jin and Gelon had disappeared somewhere.

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