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Max Talent Player Chapter 680

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#Maximum Talent Level Player Episode 680

He had been thinking about it for a long time.

Does this place exist?

If it exists, where is this place?

Do I exist?

If I exist, who am I?

For eons, he has been thinking and thinking.

While he was worrying, his world became wider and wider.

Eventually he was able to come up with an answer.

I think.

Therefore it exists.

When he fully acknowledged himself, his world stopped expanding.

He became a guardian.

To be precise, he was already a guardian from the time he was born, but he was not aware of the fact that he was a guardian.

To be more precise, he could be anything.


Since I was born from nothing, I could become anything.

But he didn’t become something else.

‘My name is Eyes of the Deep Sea.’

I was satisfied with that.

He did not provide support like other guardians.

I just watched.

I lived quietly and as if nothing existed.

He was comfortable living alone for almost an eternity.

He was both amazed and delighted to see countless living creatures moving forward with their own egos.

Then one day.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

He found someone special.

‘Who is it?’

He said he was already a famous player.

The most famous player across all dimensions.

His name was Kim Hyuk-jin.

He observed Kim Hyuk-jin for a long time.

‘Why am I attracted to that player?’

I couldn’t figure it out.

There wasn’t much else to it other than showing excellent play.

After a while.

The eyes of the deep sea were able to understand the reason.

‘He is a person who goes against order and law.’

The eyes of the deep sea recognized that fact.

It was a being that was far from the existing world and order.

Because of that, I could feel it.

The fact that the author is different from other people in this world.

‘Why is he here?’

I began to have a vague idea that there might be some big relationship between the author and myself.

I think.

Therefore it exists.

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‘Is that the end?’

Is it the end if you think and exist?

If it exists,

‘what do I exist for?’

The eyes of the deep sea gave the answer themselves.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘I have existed to give my all to the author.’

Some might say it was a vain reason, but he didn’t care.

It was a baseless belief, but it was his only choice for eternity.

Then he could hear a voice.

“Everything is your choice, son.”

As soon as she heard that voice, Deep Sea’s eyes filled with tears.

“Are you my father?”


“Then why didn’t you come looking for me until now?”

“I called you anxiously. “From the beginning until now.”

From daotranslate dot com

The voice described itself as a ‘donkey craftsman’.

He said that he plucked out his own eyes and created himself, the eyes of the deep sea.

He said that he continued to talk to the eyes of the deep sea.

“Did I not hear you? “Then why did you do that?”

“You have been rejecting my voice.”

“I have never done that.”

Deep Sea’s eyes were a little angry.

I burst into tears and felt uncomfortable.

Why did I cry as soon as I heard that voice?

Why were you moved?

Are you saying that the author who is passing all the responsibility on to me is really my father?

“Do you have any proof that I rejected your voice?”

Something blurry appeared in front of him.

The eyes of the deep sea realized that that ‘something’ was a collection of numerous things.

“Who are you?”

“He is the one who has been observing you since you were born.”

His name was ‘Unknown Observer’.

“Now it has the name Sublime Aspiration.”

He who has been observing for eternity now has a new name.

“I risk everything to notarize. “The donkey master prepared you before you were born and called you.”

A noble wish spoke.

“Find your reason for being. “I found it.”

* * *

The deep-sea eye realized that life had entered its soul.

One was Gelon, another was Kim Hyuk-jin, and the other was Senia.

Among them, Senia could clearly be felt in the eyes of the deep sea.

It was thanks to the ‘luminous deep sea fish’ sleeping in her inventory.

‘Am I now free too?’

This is the deep sea, a space where nothing can exist.

If something is created in a space where nothing can exist, then the law of ‘space where nothing can exist’ is broken.

The regulations of this space break down and the ‘deep sea’ disappears.

When the deep sea disappears, the ‘eyes of the deep sea’ also disappear.

‘I’ll lead the way.’

I concentrated my mind.

The luminous deep-sea fish was merely an object embodying the will of the ‘eyes of the deep-sea.’

However, great sacrifices were needed to create it in the deep sea.

It was the disappearance of creators and users.

In other words, it meant the disappearance of ‘Eye of the Deep Sea’ and ‘Senia’.

I could feel Senia’s will.

‘You too have found your way.’

That Elyos found his own path.

I made my own choice.


I also chose the eyes of the deep sea myself.

It was the first choice I had to make in my life.

‘I want Gelon to disappear and Kim Hyuk-jin to come back to life.’

I hope my choice was the right one.

May my life come to a complete end.

The eyes of the deep sea prayed for it and guided the way.


The luminescent deep-sea fish ate the space of ‘nothingness’ and became luminescent.

Thanks to this, Senia was able to accurately recognize her existence.

Senia felt her existence collapsing.

The wing tips gradually disappeared.

‘I hope this deep-sea fish is passed down to player Kim Hyuk-jin.’

The wings disappeared one by one, and then all the wings disappeared.

Senia began to fall.

The luminescent deep-sea fish got further and further away.

The goal of the bioluminescent deep-sea fish was to find Kim Hyuk-jin, and it paid no attention to Senia.

‘Please complete today.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Senia closed her eyes.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-jin tried hard to prevent his own extinction.

The moment you relax even a little, your spirit collapses and your existence becomes meaningless.

But I felt something.


It was amazing to feel a presence in a space where I couldn’t feel anything.

A light was visible far away.


He didn’t know why he could see the light, but the moment he recognized the light, Hyukjin Kim felt as if he had woken up from sleep.

Once I had a clear understanding of myself, everything became information and was passed on to Kim Hyuk-jin.

‘This is the deep sea.’

And this was the world of ‘Eyes of the Deep Sea’.

And that luminescent deep-sea fish was the one sent by Senia to consume its existence.


I read Senia’s sacrifice.

Senia was falling into deep darkness.

If you fall into that darkness, you will never be able to get out again.

‘We need to find Senia.’

Gelon forgot for a moment.

Saving Senia was more important than killing Gelon.

At least that was the case for Kim Hyuk-jin.

I could feel the will from the luminous deep-sea fish.

-I violated the laws of my world.

-I have waited eternity to perfect who I am today.

-Please get your priorities straight and complete today.

What ‘Eyes of the Deep Sea’ demanded was not to save Senia.

The request was to kill Gelon and get out of here.

That was what ‘Eyes of the Deep Sea’ aspired to be.

‘Such a wish.’

From daotranslate dot com

I understand that deep sea eyes are desperately needed.

But Kim Hyuk-jin was more desperate than that.

‘I have to survive.’

All of Kim Hyuk-jin’s senses were directed towards Senia.

At this moment, all I had in mind was to save Senia.

‘I didn’t want to make this sacrifice!’

But then.

Senia opened her eyes.

[The True King’s True Intention is activated.]

[‘The last stab to the head is thrilling!’ has been applied.]

The reservation message has been delivered.

[Is this the real headache?!]

When King Jin created a huge power that surpassed the law.

When the eyes of the deep sea awakened the will with a wish greater than the deep sea that had been accumulated over eternity.

It was designed to be activated at that time.

The ‘whispering devil’ was, after all, a whispering devil.

It was said that he would give Gelon the final blow, but even that was a deception.

The world began to brighten little by little.

Deep Sea’s eyes were a little embarrassed.

‘My world is falling apart.’

It was not collapsed through a luminous deep-sea fish.

‘From Kim Hyuk-jin….’

Kim Hyuk-jin created ‘true will’, shaking the foundation of this world, and the true will of King Jin began to seep into every corner of the world.

The will of the King of Jin appeared in a space where there should have been nothing.

The deep sea has lost its value.

‘Feel so good.’

I had never thought of an ending like this.

He burst out laughing at the unexpected result.

‘Is this what it means to feel a tingle in the back of your head?’

As a result, Senia did not use up all of its existence value.

The final power applied by the Whispering Demon at the risk of extinction. This was because ‘the last stab in the back is thrilling!’ was applied.

Although she lost all of her wings, Senia eventually opened her eyes.

Hyukjin Kim held Senia in his arms.

“are you okay?”

“Player Kim Hyeok-jin?”

Senia thought she was dreaming.

Just before dying.

Thinking it was God’s last gift, I hugged Kim Hyuk-jin.

“I was scared.”

Because it’s a dream anyway.

Because it’s the last time.

Senia hugged Kim Hyuk-jin’s neck and cried.

“Thank you for coming. Please be happy.”

“What kind of will are you saying? Wake.”

Kim Hyuk-jin gently squeezed Senia’s forehead as if to bring her to her senses.

Only then did Senia come to her senses.


I felt a touch in a place where pain didn’t exist.

I felt warmth in places where no warmth existed.

I could sense the scent of a person in a place where there was no sound of breathing or heartbeat.

“Player Kim Hyuk-jin?!”

Senia stood up suddenly.

‘What happened?’

There were a lot of things I wanted to ask.

I don’t even know why I’m alive.

Hyukjin Kim said.

“Hold me tight.”

Although it was not a mantra, King Jin’s command had power.

Without realizing it, Senia hugged Kim Hyuk-jin tightly.

“The world is shrinking.”

Senia could feel it too.

The deep sea was gradually disappearing.

There may be some big shock.

Senia did not have the strength to withstand the shock.

Without Kim Hyuk-jin’s help.

“Gellon must be feeling it too.”

The moment the deep sea completely disappears, the road will become visible.

You have to find that way.

Otherwise, he would be trapped in a dimensional gap and wander forever.

“If I were Gelon, what choice would I make?”

You can’t escape anywhere except the deep sea.

For Gelon, this was the last refuge.

That refuge is now gone.

“I’m going to try to finish here eventually.”

Kim Hyuk-jin took out Isen.

As I concentrated, I felt Gelon approaching from a very distant place.

Hyukjin Kim grinned.

“I escaped the worst and came to the lesser evil.”

Gelon certainly did.

To avoid the worst, I chose the lesser evil.

“It’s no longer a lesser evil.”

It is not the lesser evil, but you will have to make an inevitable choice.

Gelon was still nowhere to be seen.

But now I was able to read its existence perfectly.

A few seconds to spare.

Everyone risked their lives because of that leisure, and both Kim Hyuk-jin and Gelon were desperate.

But now both of them have had enough time.

It was enough time to be reborn as a complete true king.

A voice was heard.

-Today is complete.

It was a will left by the eyes of the deep sea.

His will was filled with lighthearted and refreshing emotions.

Kim Hyuk-jin, slightly assimilated into his emotions, bit his lip.

‘Complete today.’

Kim Hyuk-jin took out Isen and swung it.

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