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Max Talent Player Chapter 682

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#Max Talent Level Player Episode 682:

Whale Clan.

They were originally born beings who lived.

It was okay to not think about anything, and there was no need to make desperate efforts to find food.

They were okay with doing anything else as long as they protected the order of this world.

I used to be like that, but after losing my hometown, I learned what desperation is.

This was especially true for Naftan, who is raising a daughter.


When I saw my daughter swimming leisurely in the shape of a small whale, I couldn’t help but smile with joy.

‘It’s pretty.’

When he saw Natalie swimming towards him, he felt like he had the whole world.

‘I almost lost that kid.’

One day, Natalie was caught up in a fight between humans.

I don’t know if Kang Seon-il can really be called a human, but anyway, it was a fight between Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Seon-il.

‘What on earth happened then?’


In fact, Naftan did not know what happened between Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Seon-il.

I never even thought that Kim Hyuk-jin and Kang Seon-il would be there.

The Whale Clan moved to punish those who disturbed order according to the contract, and at that time, one of Natalie’s arms was cut off.

‘If I had been just a little late, Natalie would have been in danger.’

Since then, Naftan has become a commodity.

He was born so powerful and rich that he had no sense of desperation, but now he became desperate.

Then, little by little, changes began to occur in the whale clan.

They also began to have feelings and began to value life.

Naftan didn’t like the change.

“Daddy daddy. But are we the species that protects the great order of this world?”

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“yes. “We were born for that.”

“What happens if I can’t keep that order?”

“Then wouldn’t the meaning of our existence disappear?”

The reason for the existence of the whale clan disappears.

“We are born strong and have everything. you know that?”


Natalie took a deep breath.

My mind became clearer and I was filled with a sense of happiness.

It was thanks to the mana in the sky.

“We enjoy these privileges and live in order to protect the order of this world.”

“You didn’t teach me that when I was in the Sea of Clouds.”

“We didn’t have heaven back then, right?”

As the special space called heaven disappeared, the mission of the Whale Clan also disappeared.

They said there was no need to be obligated since the preferential treatment was no longer available.

“ah! When we returned to our hometown, we had a new mission, right? “If we don’t fulfill our obligations, our right to heaven will disappear?”

“You’re smart.”

In fact, it was something you could understand even if you weren’t smart, but even hedgehogs have their own babies.

“If the sky disappears, will we die?”

“I guess so.”

“You can’t die.”

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In fact, the whale clan did not care much about survival.

It was enough to live, it was enough to die.

But now that I have returned to my hometown, things have changed a lot.

Neither Naftan nor Natalie had any desire to die.

The species that naturally survived has now become a species that survives.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“I also want to date…”

Natalie’s skin turned a light red.

Whatever I imagined, it changed into a human shape.

Natalie, who had the appearance of a woman around 20 years old, blushed.

“I want to marry Hyukjin oppa… no. no. “Not this.”

Natalie realized her mistake and hurriedly waved her hand.

“I want to marry someone like Hyukjin.”

Naftan sighed lightly at Natalie’s immature words.

And since my daughter was talking about dating and marriage, I felt a little annoyed without realizing it.

How dare someone take my daughter away?

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When Naftan felt that way, he found it surprising himself.

I never thought the whale family would feel such strong emotions.

At that time, Natalie asked with curious eyes.

“But what does it mean to protect world order?”

“well. I don’t know about that either. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

And that time finally came.

An old woman named Elka appeared in the sky.

The woman was covered in blood.

However, the mana in the sky was helping and healing her.

“Perform your mission.”

Then, the sealed memories of the whale clan were awakened.

“If you don’t kill King Jin, your world will collapse.”

As soon as I heard the word Jinwang, I realized who he was.

King Jin was none other than Kim Hyuk-jin.

* * *

Tears welled up in the eyes of Naftan, the King of the Sky.

The whale family members standing behind them also had solemn expressions.

Everyone had human appearance.

It seemed like it was a minimum courtesy to Kim Hyuk-jin to have a human shape.

“Only in this way can the heavens survive.”

As soon as Kim Hyuk-jin heard those words, he realized what had happened.

I also felt that Elka was hiding somewhere in the sky.

I also learned why the sky had such an exclusive and oppressive energy towards almost all living things except the whale family.

‘The sky was the place Elka left behind as her final arrangement.’

Not the deep sea, but the sky.

A world designed in such a way that it cannot be endured without the power of the Fairy Tale Power and Moby Dick.

‘No matter how much I awakened into the True King… I would have suffered if I had come without any preparation.’

Heaven was that kind of place.

It was dangerous to come to the sky after spending a lot of energy crossing dimensions and even from the deep sea like now.

Kim Hyuk-jin thought of Kang Seon-il.

‘Now that I think about it… Kang Seon-il did mention [Heaven].’

Kang Seon-il said this.

-“I will wait in the sky.”

Kang Seon-il was not originally this friendly type.

I wasn’t the type to give specific instructions on where to wait.

Nevertheless, the reason why he taught me the name of the sky and made me gain the ‘power of assimilation’ here and experience ‘hundreds of days late’ is

‘maybe Kang Seon-il was also preparing for this day?’

That’s what I thought.

Kim Hyuk-jin, whose thoughts had gone that far, opened his mouth.

“I know what you’re thinking. But you know that we are bound by a covenant, right?”

“I know.”

“The Whale Clan cannot break the covenant.”

“For that we will die.”

Behind them, the whale family could be seen biting their lips.

They all seemed prepared to die.

In fact, Naftan did not want to die.

However, the sky had to be protected.

Even if it meant breaking the covenant, I had to protect my daughter’s home.

“I know that?”

“What do you mean?”

“The order and laws you are trying to protect have already been broken.”

King Jin has already been born.

At the time King Jin was born, the Whale Clan failed to fulfill its obligations.

“Gellon must have called you.”

I felt that Gelon was embarrassed at Geunjeongjeon.

This was because the Celestial Whales did not respond to Gelon’s call.

“Your world has probably already started to crack.”

Hyukjin Kim could definitely feel it.

This sky, which stretched out to near infinity, was shrinking little by little.

Just like the deep sea did.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Whether you kill me or not, the sky will collapse.”

“That can’t be possible.”

“You probably want to believe that it can’t be like that.”

Kim Hyuk-jin continued to feel Elka’s energy as he spoke.

Elka’s appearance was pictured in my mind.

It was clear that Elka would target the moment when Kim Hyuk-jin had exhausted his stamina after confronting the Whale Clan while recovering from the drill.

‘They’ll kill me when I lose my strength.’

Actually, this wasn’t very likely either.

Kim Hyuk-jin was exhausted, but Elka was also exhausted.

It didn’t seem like Elka wanted a head-to-head match either.

‘Either trap me here and try to escape.’

This was more likely.

If this place follows the same path as the deep sea, all living things breathing here will return to nothingness.

‘If you want to rule out both possibilities, you shouldn’t fight the Whale Clan.’

I couldn’t fight them.

In the end, we had to persuade them and find a better way.

“Your order has already collapsed.”

“…what does that mean?”

“Since you were born, you are longing for life, and the Whale Clan has someone to protect.”

It was visible in obscurity.

Naftan truly loved his daughter.

He was willing to give up his life for his daughter.

In addition to being a member of the whale family, he was also a father.

“And you, who had no particular purpose, are moving with purpose. “The world order you were trying to protect has already collapsed.”

“Don’t lie!”

Naftan didn’t want to believe it.

The moment I acknowledged those words, it felt like there was no way to restore the sky.

The whale family cannot survive without the sky.

“I’m sure you feel that what I say is not a lie, Naftan.”


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Naftan, who was in the shape of a human being, clenched his fists.

“Then… what should we do?”

“Trust me.”

The sky of this world is collapsing.

It’s just a matter of time.

“I will open a new sky for you.”

Hyukjin Kim knows about the new sky.

The place where the new transcendental species Chorong lives.

A new world is opened with the birth of a new whale family.

It was another hole in the sky.

“Do I… have any proof that I can believe you?”

I couldn’t show the evidence right now.

Senia’s channel was forcibly closed due to Elka’s intervention, and videos could not be loaded from outside.

There was no objective data to reveal the existence of the new transcendental species.

There was only one thing I could say now.

“Trust Naftan, King of the Sky.”

I called Naftan’s name just as I did to Gelon.

King Jin called out his title and name and instilled true meaning in him.

However, that alone was not enough to completely change the mind of the head of the whale clan, who had lost half of his reason.

Hyukjin Kim took a step forward.

“I’ll show you first.”

It required faith.

So I decided to show my faith first.

Kim Hyuk-jin closed his eyes on the spot.

‘Looking for a new sky.’

I had to find the dimension of the new transcendental species Chorong.

I concentrated my mind and felt Chorong.

It would have been difficult to find if you searched blindly, but it would be much easier if you used Chorong’s existence as a medium to find it.

I entered a state of complete defenselessness.

It was a situation where anyone could cut off Kim Hyuk-jin’s head.

Naftan heard an auditory hallucination in his ears.

-Kill it. You can kill as much as you want now.

-You have to kill him. That’s how the sky survives.

-You should think about your daughter.

Naftan’s head hurt.

He realized that this auditory hallucination was from Elka, but it was difficult to deny it.

I saw a vision.

In the fantasy, Natalie vomited blood and died.


The voice kept coming.

-I am the one who created the hole.

-It will be able to prevent the disappearance of the sky.

-Quickly kill the false king.

Naftan’s body trembled.

Who should we trust?

Anyway, Naftan was prepared to die.

What was important was my daughter.

Because Naftan had lived without major worries and conflicts until now, he was exposed to extreme stress.

‘I have to kill him.’

I felt like I had to kill Hyukjin Kim.

That feeling soon became a certainty.


That’s how heaven survives.

Only if Heaven survives can Natalie survive.

At that time, Kim Hyuk-jin opened his mouth.

“In my world, we don’t force anyone to sacrifice.”

He was still defenseless.

While Naftan flinched, Kim Hyuk-jin began to embody the will chant.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for.”

“It is evidence of things that cannot be seen.”

It was a chant of salvation filled with mantras.

The ‘chance of salvation’ began to leak from the mouth of King Jin, who stood in front of the heavenly and whale clans facing destruction.

Naftan flinched.

“He who believes without seeing will live even if he dies.”

“I have heard their cries and supplications.”

“In the end, I will sublimate that spear-like suffering into rest and joy.”

“I will proclaim, standing on firm faith and trust.”

Only then did Senia understand why the name of the chant was ‘Chant of Salvation.’

‘It was a chant for today.’

Miracles began to happen.

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