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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 1

Episode 1

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“……What a monster.”

In response to the question from the man whose body was stained with blood, the middle-aged man who was called death stepped back with a tired expression.

There were corpses all around.

There are four elders belonging to the Ten Thousand Demon Palace, the three divisions of the Blood Heavenly Command, which are renowned as the elite striking force of the Demonic Cult, and the only one is Seo Gun-ak, the Iron Blood Demon Lord, who is one of the five disciples of the cult leader. lost his life at the hands of

‘Is this really the inaction of a young man who has just passed his first year of life?’

Cold sweat formed on the middle-aged man’s forehead.

Even though he was poisoned by the Seven Spirits Poison and was weakened, he couldn’t believe it was that bad.

I was able to realize once again how dangerous the man in front of me was.

It was not for nothing that he was praised for his talent surpassing even the current religious leader.

‘As expected, my judgment was right. We need to cut the buds here before they grow any further.’

If we don’t kill him now, there will be great repercussions.

There was an insidious aura in the middle-aged man’s hands.

“Now please tell me. “Why did you try to kill me?”

“Don’t you know the reason?”

“Didn’t I tell you this many times? “I have no interest in being a religious leader.”

“Do you think there would be a fool who would believe that literally? And just because you don’t care about the leader doesn’t mean that’s what other people think.”

The middle-aged man snorted.

Then the blood man sighed and lowered his sword.

“Anyway, that guy’s inferiority complex.”

“… … “What?”

“Anyway, I must have felt sick after hearing somewhere about the talent of the youngest priest and whether it would be okay to leave him as is. “Isn’t that right?”


“The death penalty is also quite common.”

There was a sneer on the face of Yeon Yeon-un, a blood person.

The middle-aged man’s face was distorted like a murderous beast.

“Your mouth is alive. Did you think I would lose my temper and attack such an obvious provocation? “It doesn’t change the fact that you will die here.”

“Although the provocation didn’t work, your expression is quite grim.”


A gray-colored force was released from the middle-aged man’s hand.

Yeonsun swung his sword as if chasing an insect and struck it away.


A deafening noise echoed throughout the area.

Yeonsun wiped the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth with his sleeve.

Although he was pretending to be fine on the outside, his physical condition was at its worst.

‘I won’t be able to hold out for long.’

The poisonous energy that I had managed to suppress ran wild like a foal let loose.

Due to the series of fierce battles, his strength was exhausted and he suffered serious injuries, making it difficult for him to move freely.

Even if you hold it for a long time, it is only a fraction.

I decided I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Enough with the bluff. No matter how monster you are, your strength and stamina are not infinite. Moreover, he suffered quite a few injuries…”

“It’s not wrong, but it’s not something even the death penalty can do.”

“Who said they would deal with me?”

“Then are you going to leave me like this?”

“I think so.”

Yeonsun frowned.

I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, that he would suddenly withdraw after pushing him this far.

“If you don’t kill me here, there will be consequences.”

“You misunderstood what I meant. You die here. “That fact is certain.”

“What does it mean.”

“You probably know best what is currently happening here in Sacheon.”

“……no way.”

“Before the full-scale fight began, a member of the Hyeolcheon unit secretly escaped from here under my instructions. Where do you think he is and what is he doing right now?”

“Damn it!”

Yeonsun cursed and kicked the ground.

The middle-aged man, as if he had been waiting, bit down on Shinhyeong and gave him a slap.

The gray energy released instantly increased in size and covered Yeon-yoon’s body.


An explosion rang out again.

Yeonsun jumped out through the dust cloud and rushed towards the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man burst into laughter and sprayed strong energy one after another.

bang! Kwakwakwak!


The distance between the two sides did not narrow.

Rather, they became distant as time passed.


Yeonsun stopped, gritting his teeth and looked down at his legs.

Blood flowed out of the wound, which was so deep that the bones were visible.

‘I thought he was targeting the lower body so persistently.’

I would have guessed that it was a paving stone with the current situation in mind.

A middle-aged man who stopped behind said in a mocking voice.

“Do you understand now? “There is no way for you to return alive.”

“…I guess so.”

“Give up your neck obediently. If you do that, I will use my warmth to let you go without pain.”

“I can’t do that. Don’t you know about the death penalty? “My personality has been ruined.”

“Do you really mean to reject advice and choose punishment?”

“execution. I will never die alone.”

“Why are you thinking of making me your companion?”

In response to the middle-aged man’s sly question, Yeonsun nodded once and took a step forward.

The moment my feet touched, the ground turned black.

“I think so.”

“Do you think that is possible?”

“You will soon find out.”

An explosive momentum engulfed the area.


at on the plants, which were exposed to the magic energy, withered away in an instant.

The middle-aged man who noticed this strange incident frowned.

“What is this?”

“It’s a magic attack.”

“What! “Do you really think you learned that golden skill?”

“Why are you so surprised? He may have secretly learned one or two techniques of gold. “I visited Cheonryung Library several times.”

“Crazy guy! Do you think Geumgong is Geumgong for nothing?”

“How could you not know? “I will probably die here, having exhausted all my innate energy.”

“Who knows that!”

“But since you can take your brother-in-law with you as a road companion, isn’t it a profitable business?”

The middle-aged man’s face turned pale.

I thought he might be hiding a secret.

However, I never dreamed that it would be a suicide bombing at the cost of my own life.

“……Even if it is gold, it is ultimately martial arts. It would be meaningless if the body didn’t support it. “There’s no way you can handle it when you’ve exhausted all your strength.”

“Haven’t I done quite a bit of work so far? “The number of elixirs bestowed by the religious leader is six.”

Yeonsun kicked the ground with an eerie smile.

The ground exploded and piles of dirt flew out.

The distance between the two sides suddenly shortened.

The middle-aged man let out a cry of astonishment as a purple eye light filled his vision.

“It’s a shame, but I wasn’t able to make all of the energy of the many elixirs mine. “The energy that has not yet been digested is spread throughout the entire body and the person is asleep.”

“This crazy guy!”

Yeonsun’s sword swept the middle-aged man’s side.

The sword energy that spread out randomly caused pieces of flesh to be torn apart.

“I’m dead!”

The middle-aged man loaded the blade of his hand with strength and swung it loudly.

I was planning to somehow widen the distance and adjust my posture.

However, Yeonsun narrowed the gap further by receiving the attack with his shoulder.


Blood poured out like a fountain from the cracked shoulder.

The blood that poured out turned the middle-aged man’s face red.


The middle-aged man felt goosebumps rising on his back.

I could clearly feel the other person’s will to kill me by any means necessary.

A vicious hand trying to grab the nape of the neck.

I was able to escape by tilting my head in the nick of time, but I was unable to respond to the subsequent attack.

The wide open palm blocks the view.


A strong shock was inflicted on my abdomen.

It was so powerful that my internal organs would have been crushed if I had not protected myself with a self-defense weapon just before.

As I took a step back, coughing up blood, a strong sound hit my ears.

As I reflexively lowered my upper body, I felt the eerie sensation of my hair being cut off.

“Now wait!”

“I’m going to freeze to death for a moment.”

Yeonsun, who rotated the new model once around his left foot, lowered his sword vertically.

The middle-aged man stared at it blankly, not even thinking about avoiding it.

I couldn’t believe it.

Even though he borrowed the power of Geumgong, his divine power was so overwhelming.

‘At this level, he is in no way inferior to the Eight Great Demons, who are said to be the greatest beasts of the religion. No, maybe it’s more than that…!’

It was a sword attack that fully reflected the potential of the human being named Yeon-woon and his potential for growth.

A violent sword that has not been refined.

I was thrilled by the immense power that resided within it.


With one strike, the middle-aged man’s body was split into dozens of pieces.

The ground turned red from the blood that flowed down.


Even though he defeated his opponent, Yeonsun did not stop.

The energy on the sword became more intense, and the demonic energy flowing from the whole body became even darker.

The eyes with burst blood vessels turned red, and the blood vessels bulged above the skin, creating a bizarre appearance.

‘Damn it!’

I felt like my body would explode if I didn’t release the uncontrollable energy.

Coo thump! Kugoogung!

Every time he stamped his feet, the earth shook as if there was an earthquake.

Every time I swung my arm, the air exploded.

Entire trees were uprooted and rocks were broken and scattered.

How much time has passed like that?


Yeonsun collapsed in place, spewing out a handful of blood.

The right hand holding the sword trembled.

Internal energy is like a double-edged sword, and if it cannot be controlled, it is bound to become poisonous.

The cost of forcibly drawing on the spiritual energy scattered throughout the entire body was great.

The blood flow in my body was messed up.

Recovery was impossible.

‘It’s really the end.’

Still, I had no regrets about using the bombshell.

Because death was inevitable anyway.

Yeonsun moved with difficulty and sat down, leaning his back against the base of the tree.

Some time passes.

“This way!”

“The leaders of the Demonic Cult are here!”

“What on earth happened here?”

A group of people appeared.

The men gathered around Yeonsun and murmured.

Yeonsun, who recognized their identities, burst into laughter.

‘Are they from the Shaolin Temple?’

Currently, Sacheon was suffering from measles due to the martial arts people coming from all over.

This was because the secret temple of Muyeongsintu (無影神偸), known as the legendary Daedo (大盜) and a former expert, was discovered.

‘It is a warning to kill someone with a sword. ‘It’s a plan worthy of the death penalty.’

An old monk squatted in front of Yeonsun.

He carefully looked at Yeon-woon, who was breathing heavily, and opened his mouth, scratching his bald head with his index finger.

“Amitabha Buddha. “What happened here?”

“Power struggle on campus.”

Yeonsun, who was going to die soon anyway, answered cheerfully.

Things were good after his death.

‘F*ck you.’

The old monk and Yeonsun exchanged various questions and answers for a short period of time.

The old monk, who was staring with a strange expression at Yeonsun, who answered without hesitation no matter what he asked, suddenly asked.

“It’s strange that you answer so obediently.”

“Do you have any doubts as to why this information is false?”

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any doubts. But somehow I don’t think it’s a lie.”

“Thank you for that.”

“I think Siju is a little different from other demons.”

“I didn’t become a demon because I specifically wanted to.”

“I guess so.”

The flame of life that goes out every moment.

The old monk, who was quietly gazing at the eyes that were gradually losing their vitality, put his hands together and recited the Buddhist prayer.

“Amitabha Buddha. I hope you become a Buddha in the next life.”

Yeonsun’s expression became bizarre.

I never thought the day would come when I would receive blessings from Daengjung of Shaolin Temple.

Numerous scenes passed through my mind.

‘Is this what you call a magic light?’

Since being forced into Christianity at the age of ten, I have not had a single peaceful day.

I have reached this position after over twenty years of hardship.

After much effort, he achieved a high position and had many things, but he could not obtain anything he really wanted.

Many people’s faces appeared and disappeared repeatedly through my vision, which had become blurry as if it had been covered in moisture.

From the faces of parents who sold their young children because they could not overcome poverty, to the appearance of a religious leader with a cruel personality.

When I think about it, it was a life where nothing ever went as planned.

‘It’s been a shit life, really.’

Yeonsun let out a swear word and closed his eyes.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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