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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 122

Episode 122

‘……The condition is more serious than it looks?’

Despite his healthy and clean appearance, the young man’s insides were a mess.

It was considered a miracle that I was alive in this body.

‘Even Cheon Ji-ryeong wasn’t like this.’

I recalled the time when I saw Chen Ji-ryeong in the slums of Chengdu.

A body so thin that it is reminiscent of the inner ear of the tree.

Her hair was thin and bare, and her wrinkled skin was cracked like an old tree.

But what about the young man in front of me?

Aside from being a bit thin and pale, his appearance was not much different from that of an ordinary person.

It was to the point where I wondered if it was a person dying from a mental illness.

‘Could this happen?’

I felt a sense of disconnect.

His blood vessels and organs are damaged and even dying, but he looks fine on the outside.

Ak Yeo-ryeong, who was watching with a heavy expression, asked cautiously.

“How is it?”

“Not good. Originally, I was going to force him to become conscious and then have him perform fortune telling techniques, but I don’t think that would be possible. “It could be dangerous if you do it carelessly.”

“Is it that much?”

“Where is the civil service office?”

“we are here.”

Ak Yeo-ryeong handed me a book she had taken out of her bosom.

After checking the outside of the book, I narrowed my eyes.

‘It’s called Wind Baek Gong (風伯功).’

I turned the pages, looked through the contents, and tilted my head.

It was not a martial art with strong characteristics like Honghwa Shingong (red fire spirit art) learned by Hwadaerang or Ice Flower art (氷花功) learned by Lee Su-yeon.

If I had to point out some characteristics, I could name two.

First, the efficiency of accumulating air is quite high.

The second is that it is a mental method that builds up energy that is soft and versatile, like the Taegeuk Shingong of the Shaman sect.

‘It would go well with the sound technique.’

I don’t know if it is worth replacing the Shandong Musician’s vision of Naegongsimbeop.

I put the book down on the edge of the bed and rubbed my chin in thought.

Since I couldn’t forcefully awaken the patient’s consciousness, I had no choice but to control the patient’s energy myself and proceed with the treatment.

‘I can’t do it.’

The risk was high and it would take a long time to fully recover, but there was no other way.

I slowly turned my head, looked at Ak Yeo-ryeong, and asked.

“Have you tried anything special to treat your disciple? For example, they were made to take elixirs.”

“I didn’t give you the elixir. “I invited a number of doctors and tried various treatment methods with their advice.”

“What specific method did you use?”

“A needle connected to a tube is inserted into the skin to release medicine prepared in a special way.”

“…I’ve never heard of such a treatment existing.”

“They say it’s a secret art from the West. “In fact, that method had some effect.”

“well. “On the outside, he looks fine.”

“I knew it wouldn’t be a solution to the fundamental problem.”

“I hate to say this, but the treatment probably made the patient’s condition worse.”

“What does it mean?”

“Doesn’t the head of the family have some guesses as well?”


“Since the drug was injected directly into the bloodstream of a person suffering from a heart attack, it is inevitable that side effects will occur.”

The evil woman’s expression darkened.

Of course, this was just a mistake born of ignorance.

It was difficult to see it as her fault.

She probably didn’t know that the mysterious illness her student was suffering from was Simma until she received the letter I sent.

A drowning person usually clings to straws.

She would have had no choice but to cling to it since the treatment, which seemed to be some Western secret technique, actually showed some effect.

“Can you save me?”

“It’s probably possible.”

“Thank goodness.”

“However, I cannot guarantee whether I will be able to fully recover my martial arts skills. Because the condition is more serious than the others…”


“The total number of martial arts documents written by Lord Ma is five. So far, I have cured three of those who suffered from mental illness due to those martial arts books.”


The evil girl’s eyes opened wide.

I said to Damun, who was standing in the corner and watching the situation.

“Dam Sohyeop. Please assign accommodations to our guests.”

“All right.

“one more. “Please ensure that no one enters the separate room during treatment.”

After Damun left the room, taking Ak Yeo-ryeong and other warriors of Shandong Akga with him.

I laid the patient on his side and placed my hand on the Myeongmunhyeol.

He then closed his eyes and sank into consciousness.

‘Let’s focus.’

The energy flowing through the Myeongmun acupoint stimulated the patient’s dantian, and the inner energy flowing out in response was guided to the Qi and Sea acupoint.

Perhaps because he was a disciple of a sound ghost, his total internal energy was at a considerable level.

What if this amount of internal energy gets out of control and causes a runaway?

‘I don’t even want to imagine.’

I couldn’t let go of tension even for a single moment.

In a near miss, the patient could have died.

Kihae (氣海), Jungwan (middle body), Danjung (檀中), Cheondol (天突), People (人中), Indang (印堂), Baekhoe (百會), Okchim (玉枕), Amun (啞文), Jujube (大椎), Shindo (啞文) The path of the spirit, the middle of the body, the middle gate, the long and strong, and the perineum.

The inner energy emanating from the dantian circulated through the bloodstream at a slow but constant speed.

It was only after achieving the Small Zhou Heaven (小周天) once that the speed gained momentum.

As the meditation continued, the blood pressure stimulated by the soft energy gradually began to recover.

It was a very slow pace, but I didn’t feel impatient because I was expecting it.

How much did you focus on treatment?

A thought suddenly crossed my mind.

‘……Is it possible?’

Wouldn’t it be possible to burn off the accumulated debris in various parts of the blood vessels by using the thunder energy of the White Lightning God Gong?

If possible, the patient’s recovery time could be greatly accelerated.

It was a method that I had not thought of when treating three people addicted to Simma earlier.

‘Because there was no need to directly control and operate the patient’s energy like this time. You just tell the patient how to do it and the patient does the rest.’

That wasn’t the only reason.

It was impossible to withstand the white lightning unless the blood vessels were strengthened by the white lightning magic.

If you carelessly send white lightning energy into someone else’s acupuncture channel, the acupuncture point could explode.

‘But if you apply the recently learned method of using white lightning, the story is different.’

Condensation of white lightning.

What if you condense brain energy, which has a diffusing nature, into a fine needle and scrape away waste with it?

It would be possible to clean the bloodstream without putting any strain on the patient’s body.

‘It’s worth a try.’

It was a risky gamble, but somehow I thought it might be possible.

Even if something went wrong, it wasn’t me who would die.

I also happened to have insurance.

Wasn’t that how he answered Ak Yeo-ryeong when he asked if treatment was possible?

You may be able to save the patient, but you cannot guarantee whether you will be able to regain your martial arts skills.

Since there was a foundation laid down, even if an emergency situation occurred, I would be able to handle it somehow.

‘If we control the amount of white lightning, we can avoid the worst situation.’

In any case, as long as you don’t die.

Thinking like that made me feel at ease.

‘First, return the patient’s internal energy to Danjeon.’


A white light shimmered above the hand placed on the Myeongmunhyeol.

Brain energy compressed so small that it could not be seen penetrated into the patient’s body.

I sweated hard and concentrated on controlling my brain energy.

The tedious but delicate work that did not allow for even a moment’s inattention continued for a long time.


When I sighed and took my hand away from the patient’s acupuncture point, my son-in-law was already immersed in darkness.

‘I’m dying.’

My whole body was drenched in sweat.

Not only was there physical fatigue, but more than anything, mental fatigue was significant.

I had a strong urge to lie down in bed like this.

‘I should at least wash and change clothes.’

I sighed and sat cross-legged in my place.

I was planning to have a quick prayer before leaving the room.

Once, twice, three times.

As I continued practicing Sojucheon, my fatigue decreased.


Soon, I forgot about time and myself and fell into a state of no-self.

At some point, the thought of simply praying and resting disappeared.

Absolutely! Quick!

As I increased the speed of my luck, my brain energy naturally flowed out and enveloped my whole body.

The energy to travel through the blood path without hesitation, strengthened by the supernormal ability of the White Thunder God.

Currently, my Danjeon contained seventy-five years worth of internal energy.

By taking Gongcheongseokyu, he filled his life and gained an additional 15 years of inner energy by taking Plum Blossom Goddan, which he received as the winning prize of the fighting competition.

Now, I wouldn’t have to go anywhere and be made fun of for having poor internal skills.

‘……Right. Is it time to take the next step?’

My body became light, as if I could fly.

The fatigue that had been weighing down my whole body just moments ago was no longer felt at all.

The tips I had learned while treating Ak Yeo-ryeong’s disciple were engraved in my mind one by one.

‘Now that I think about it.’

The reason I took the risk of undergoing treatment using a white light device may not have been simply to speed up the cure time.

Maybe it was something I felt instinctively?

That that action would be a great help to my growth.

Moments of enlightenment tend to come suddenly.

Once you miss that moment, you never know when the opportunity will come again.

‘I can feel it.’

Even with my eyes closed, I could clearly perceive the surrounding terrain.

The door in front of the chair, behind the bed on the left, and even the presence of Damun and evil female spirits standing guard beyond the door.

The feeling was significantly different from when I released my energy senses and sensed a presence.

Now, even if Cheon Ga-ryeong or Seo Ho-seon used their best stealth techniques, it seemed like they could easily find out their location.


Heavy waves spread out in concentric circles.

Ak Yeo-ryeong, who was chatting quietly with Dam-un outside the door, noticed the strange incident and flinched.

The wave did not stop just once, but repeatedly engulfed the surroundings.

Don’t fall in!

The brain energy surrounding the body gathered onto the top of the head and took the form of a plant.

Even though my eyes were closed, I could definitely feel it.

The three flower buds growing above your head are slowly blooming.

The moment the thunderflower bloomed perfectly, I was so excited that my shoulders shook.

No dramatic changes such as metastasis occurred.

The body that had been strengthened through the training of the White Thunder Godkong did not necessarily need such changes.


The moment I opened my eyes, a white light flickered in my eyeballs.


I concentrated my energy on my tightly clenched fists.

The energy that had been quivering along my skin rose and took on a clear form.

This is a skill that only a master who has reached the state of hwagyeong can perform.

It was a strong energy.

I felt an indescribable joy.

‘at las.’

I regained the state of my previous life.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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