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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 144

Episode 144:

Having successfully concluded negotiations with the Blood Red Island, I and Dokgo Woojin headed to the camp established by the White Island Martial Alliance.

I continued walking while listening to Seo Ho-seon, who came to meet me on the main street, about what had happened.

When I finally reached the barracks located in the center of the camp, a sharp shout reached my ears.

“What do you mean by that!”

“under! “This guy is really no good!”

“I admit that your contribution was great, but that doesn’t mean you should treat us who helped us so poorly!”

I narrowed my eyes and looked back at Seo Ho-seon.

Seo Ho-seon shrugged his shoulders with a troubled expression and said.

“Fights broke out over the distribution of treasures from man-made ruins.”


“To put it simply, the martial forces that cooperated in forming Cheonnajimang also indirectly contributed to the subjugation of the Iron Blood Demon Army, so the treasures obtained from the ruins should be distributed.”

“Are there people who make such absurd claims?”

I chuckled and quickened my pace.

Curiosity arose.

Who on earth are those shameless b*stards?

When I opened the barracks curtain, the sight of three men and women standing face to face with Damun and raising their voices came into view.

A young woman, a middle-aged man, and an old guru.

These were faces I had seen before.

‘That’s worth knowing.’

All of them were people who lost their asceticism due to the Cheonghyeoldomun.

There was no need to tell what they were planning now that the Blue Blood Demon had stopped expanding their power and were confined to their own territory.

‘They will try to rebuild the temple.’

Of course, rebuilding a collapsed family or sect was not as easy as it sounds.

Even if a huge amount of money, manpower, and time were to be expended, there was no guarantee that it would be able to regain its former prowess.

‘Even if we get back the rights that were stolen from the Cheonghyeoldomun, it won’t be easy to keep them. There is no way that other martial powers that have not yet suffered much damage will not be greedy for it.’

Just as yesterday’s enemy can become today’s ally, today’s ally can also become tomorrow’s enemy.

In the first place, the Baekdo Martial Alliance was a group that came together to deal with a common enemy called the Blue Blood Demon.

Since the Cheonghyeoldomun stopped expanding its territory and returned its disciples to the monastery, it could be said that it was natural for the union to disintegrate.

‘They must be desperate in their own way.’

To some extent, I understood the feelings of the three men and women who were pushing Damun.

They were desperate for a penny and would like to share the treasures from the ruins in some way.

Of course, I understood, but I had no sympathy.

Considering their position, I had no intention of accepting any losses.

“Wasn’t tomorrow the day we were originally supposed to enter the ruins? You say you will ignore the alliance’s decision and play as you please, monopolizing the treasures? “There are degrees of shamelessness!”

A young woman who is very excited and points her finger at Damun.

A burst of laughter came out.

I don’t know who is shameless.

Isn’t this like rescuing a drowning person and then scolding them to hand over their bundle?

‘Jeongpa High School, Sapa High School, and Magyo High School. When you look at things like this, it seems like all places where people live are the same.’

What was interesting was that none of the people gathered in the barracks tried to stop her.

There were few people who actively sympathized, but there was no one who stood on Damun’s side and protested against her.

It was something everyone knew.

If the woman’s force works, they too will fall victim to the beans.

As I watched Damwoon sigh and retort quietly, I felt a little bad.

I walked through the crowd and approached Damun, patted his shoulder and said,

“Dam Secretary.”

“Ah, branch manager. “Are you here?”

“Just go and rest. “I will take charge of this matter and resolve it.”

“……thank you.”

“Thank you for your effort.”

Damwoon, with a very tired face, walked outside the barracks.

None of those in the barracks could stand in his way.

Because the enormous energy emanating from my body was weighing heavily on the area.


Silence fell in the barracks, which had been filled with loud noises.


The sound of someone swallowing dry saliva rang loudly.

Seo Ho-seon picked up a chair from the corner of the barracks and placed it behind me.

I sat cross-legged on the chair and looked at the three men and women one by one.

‘An elder of Soolmun, the head of the Muk clan, the head of the Yun family.’

I hope there will be a moment of silence.

I placed my clasped hands on my knees and opened my mouth.

“My name is Yeon-woon, and I am the head of the Sacheon branch of the Murim League. “Secretary Dam seems to be tired as it has been a while since he carried out a subjugation operation, so I will deal with you on his behalf from now on.”

“…Good. “If possible, it would be better to negotiate directly with the person responsible.”

The middle-aged man cleared his throat once, nodded and said.

“I will ask you directly. Branch leader, what do you plan to do with the treasures obtained from the ruins?”

“I plan to escort the martial arts books to Maeng’s headquarters so that they can be delivered to their original owners, the Nine Daemun Sect and the Five Generations. The remaining treasures should be distributed equally to those who participated in the subjugation operation.”

“If you do that, what about us?”

“I heard that there are gold and silver treasures that have not yet been secured within the ruins. It may take some time, but we’ll be able to unearth it someday. “We will share a portion of it with those who helped form Cheonnaji Network.”


The middle-aged man burst out laughing as if it was absurd.

He took a step forward and asked me in a low voice.

“Is that really what the branch manager means?”

* * *

Seo Ho-seon said that the treasure chest located within the artificial ruins is currently buried under collapsed rubble.

[The Demon Cults are not usually poisonous.]

[They are the best in the world when it comes to poison.]

The subjugation team proceeded smoothly with their attack on the ruins and eventually succeeded in driving the Demon Cults, including the Iron Blood Demon Army, into a corner.

It was good up to this point.

The problem was that the demonic cultists were not submissive and resisted until the end.

In the process, a disaster occurred in which part of the ruins collapsed.

[Are you sure that the Iron Blood Demon is dead?]

[I’m sure. Not only did he suffer serious injuries that could not be saved even if the Great God of God came, but he was also poisoned by the Seven Soul Poison….] [In the end, doesn’t this mean that you couldn’t confirm his death with your own eyes

? .]

[I know what you’re worried about, but there’s no way the Iron Blood Demon is alive, even if it’s just possible. It was in such a serious condition that even if left alone, he would not have been able to survive and would have died. He probably knew that too, so he brought out the number of Dong-gwi-jin (同歸於盡).] [

Anyway, I’m glad there were no victims.]

[I’m glad. If Tang Sojeo had not noticed in advance and secured an escape route, it would have been a disaster.]

Currently, many things were buried within the ruins.

The corpses of the demonic cultists, including the Iron Blood Demon Army.

Gold and silver treasures that were not yet secured.

If Damun had not sent Seo Ho-seon to the treasury in advance, all the military books, elixirs, and objects would have been buried.

‘The excavation work will never proceed smoothly.’

Although some parts collapsed, the traps spread throughout the ruins were still intact.

It would probably take quite a long time before the treasure trove was excavated.

This was the reason why the head of the Muk clan was angry with me.

“Is that really what the branch manager means?”

“That’s right.”

I nodded and answered without the slightest hesitation.

Mu Sisegae’s eyebrows rose sharply.

“Homyeonhyeop (狐面俠) was also human in the end. “Is it true that in front of treasure there is no such thing as righteousness?”

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something? Hyeopsa (俠士) does not mean an idiot who cannot even take care of his own share.


“And one more thing. The residents of Zhejiang, who suffered damage from Japanese pirates, were in a much more desperate situation than their family. “Don’t subtly put them and the head of the family on the same level.”


Actually, I was thinking of extending a helping hand to the martial arts forces that were damaged by the Cheonghyeoldomomun.

The goal was to increase their reputation and achievements by supporting them.

But as I watched them doing ridiculous things to Damun, the desire to do so disappeared.

I am not a person with enough generosity to throw another piece of rice cake to an ugly guy.

“Speaking of which, let me ask you a question. “What role did you play in this subjugation operation?”

“He helped form Cheonnajimang.”

“Is that the end?”


“Finding out the existence of the demon cultists hiding in Gwiju, tracking them down and causing a conflict with the vampire demon, interrogating the captured demons to find out the location of the ruins and how to enter the ruins. We were the ones who attacked and subdued the Iron Blood Demon Army. In fact, we handled everything from start to finish.”

“That doesn’t mean our role wasn’t important…”

“I understand your desire to step up, but isn’t it too much to have a conscience?”

“What did you say just now?”

“It was I who went to the middle of the enemy lines and negotiated with the Cheonghyeoldomun lord, made the Cheonghyeoldomun lord retreat, and made them cough up all the interests they had taken away. “But did I demand compensation from you for my merits?”


Muksi Seju hesitated, unable to find the words to answer.

I turned my head and made eye contact with Yoon Jang-ju’s daughter.

“Sojeo Yoon.”

“Yes yes?”

“You said that to our clerk just now. “There are degrees of shamelessness.”


“You must have heard the story that the ganja planted by the Iron Blood Demon Army was inciting the warriors of the alliance. If Secretary Dam had not taken the risk and attacked the ruins with only a small number of people, there would have been many casualties. “Am I wrong?”

“I guess so… I guess so.”

“Secretary Dam ignored the coalition’s decision and acted arbitrarily? I don’t know why that’s a problem. “I asked the alliance to form Cheonnajimang, but I never asked them to attack the ruins.”

The woman’s face turned red.

I looked away from her, who had closed her mouth like a dumb person, and finally looked back at the elder of Soul Gate.

“Elder, do you have something to say to me?”

“……There is none.”

I sighed proudly and took out a document from my pocket.

Those who discovered the seal of the Cheonghyeoldomunju stamped on the corner of the document made a murmuring noise.

“I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know what is written in this document.”

“Why is that suddenly…”

As he held the top of the document with both hands and pretended to tear it in half, cries of astonishment erupted here and there.

I waved my hand holding the document as if enjoying the reactions of those around me and spoke in a cold voice.

“I could tear this up or burn it if I wanted to.”


“No, there is no need to do so. It would be okay to visit Cheonghyeoldomun again and adjust the contents of the treaty. “It would be more profitable for me that way.”


“Please don’t let me make an extreme decision.”

* * *

After wrapping up our itinerary in Gwiju, my group and I immediately set off on our journey to Honam.

It was to deliver military documents obtained from artificial ruins to the main body of the Maeng.

More than twenty people rode in carriages and horses.

Namgung Baek, who knew the seriousness of the matter, assigned the military personnel belonging to the branch to me even though he was busy handling the post-war situation.

Dokgo Woo-jin, worried about his family on Mount Cheongseong, immediately returned to Sacheon, but Dokwang decided to accompany him on the journey.

The trip went smoothly.

Since we were moving such precious items, we thought we would be attacked frequently, but perhaps because the group included the Poison King, no one blocked our way.

At least I didn’t encounter any of the common bandits.


Late evening.

A guesthouse located on the border of Gwiju and Honam.

After finishing the fortune-telling exercise and opening my eyes, I got up from the bed and muttered.

“Fully recovered.”

The remnants of the injuries sustained by the vampire demon were completely removed.

The supernormal abilities of the White Lightning Divine Technique were amazing.

That serious injury was completely healed in just 10 days.

After stretching once, I left the room and crossed the hallway.


I stood in front of the room at the opposite end and knocked on the door, and there was an immediate response.

A woman with half her face covered in burns opened the door and appeared.

“Kite small cooperative? What happened all of a sudden…”

“I thought it was the right time.”


“Didn’t you promise me earlier that I would help you get over the wall?”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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