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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 152

Episode 152

‘I had some expectations, but.’

He committed suicide by biting off the ganja that the Ma cultist had planted on the top of Hwayang.

Perhaps Ganja’s death was due to an order from the religion.

It seems that Ma Gyo-ju, who realized that Hwa Dae-rang had overcome Sim Ma, hastily took care of the situation.

‘In the end, the fact that Hwadaerang was completely cured was known sooner than the Demonic Church sending someone to contact the head of the sangang.’

I remembered a conversation I had with the owner of Hwayang Sangdan in the past.

[More than anything, if you’ve been wronged, shouldn’t you pay back?]

[What you’re saying…]

[If the Demonic Cult tries to contact you by offering to treat Simma, I’ll let you know right away.]

I feel regretful . He raised his head.

If things had gone according to Hwayang Sangdanju’s plan, something quite interesting would have happened.

Anyway, this makes one thing clear.

Master Ma knew that his plan had gone wrong.

The implications of this were significant.

‘The Demon Cult Master has become conscious of my existence.’

The season of snowstorms has arrived.

Once the Demonic Cult completely engulfs Cheonghae, the war will enter a lull.

The day is not far when religious demons will begin to seek my life in earnest.

Of course, Sacheon is a difficult area for demonic cultists to operate in, and my level was not so low that I could easily be attacked.

However, I couldn’t help but feel anxious.

I knew because I had memories of my past life.

How dangerous are the demons raised by the religious leader himself?

The meticulousness of making a plan by researching the target’s personal relationships and background.

A ruthlessness that will not hesitate to use any means to achieve its goal.

The persistence of not giving up and looking for opportunities for ten days or a month.

Professional assassins who never missed a single thing would constantly be hovering around me.

‘Seo Ho-sun’s growth rate is surprising, but it is not yet at a level where he can be used as a hand against them.’

While rubbing my chin and thinking, I muttered as I left the record room.

“First of all, I’ll have to let Seo Ho-seon and Dam-un live within the branch for a while.”

It wasn’t just me who was in danger.

People around him will not be free from the threat of assassination.

There was a need to protect those with relatively poor martial skills by placing them within reach.

“First, let’s discuss this issue with Damun.”

* * *

“How are you feeling?”

Separate room for guests.

With a groan, the woman raised her upper body and sat with her back against the head of the bed.

“very good. “I think it would be okay to start training in martial arts.”

Bang Cheok-sam, who was sitting on the chair next to the bed and looking after her, had a faint smile on his face.

He seemed to be happy to see his wife in good health.

I said as I placed the things I brought on the bed.

“This is a gift to celebrate your recovery.”


“It’s a flying sword.”

“Rain? Why is this happening all of a sudden…”

“I heard that you have considerable expertise not only in swordsmanship but also in flying swordsmanship. It seems that he lost the ones he originally had while suffering from mental illness, so I asked a nearby blacksmith shop to make a few high-quality blades. “It’s not that valuable, so feel free to use it.”

“How can you thank me? “I already owe you my life, but I don’t know if I’ll be okay with just receiving it like this.”

“it’s okay. “During my last trip, I received help from my husband in many ways.”

“thank you. “I will use it well.”

Gift an item that the target needs.

There was no more effective and simple way to win the favor of others.

There was no need to spend a lot of money.

‘From now on, my husband and I will have to work hard together for me, so if I want to take care of him for a long time, I need to show him that I take care of him often.’

I exchanged good words with her for a while with a fake smile on my face.

Bangcheoksam’s wife, Yeo So-ok.

The powerful people called her Blood Flower Sword (血華劍).

The martial people whose byeol-ho includes the character “hyeol” (血) had two things in common.

Excellent skills and cruel disposition.

It was difficult to gauge her skills when she was in a state of despair, but after recovering her health, I was able to clearly see her level.

As I guessed, she was an expert who had reached the pinnacle of excellence.

Right now, he can’t show off his skills to his full potential due to his low energy and dulled sense of actual combat, but he will be a great force after completing rehabilitation training.

‘Next…’ After

saying hello to Bang Cheok-sam and Yeo So-ok and leaving the separate room, I headed straight to the room across from me.

A young man who had been humming a song while lying in bed felt someone’s presence and raised his head.

“I meet my benefactor.”

“How are you feeling?

“I recovered completely. “I am still lying in a hospital bed because my teacher ordered me to rest and not overexert myself, but…”

Young Baek Li-seon leaned back against the head of the bed with a bitter smile.

I had noticed this before, but looking at her appearance alone, she had such a beautiful appearance that it wouldn’t be strange to mistake her for a woman.

My guess is that if he had participated in the Yongbong branch, many women would have supported and admired him.

“Has the head of the house gone out?”

“yes. He left the village for a while. “He said he needed to prepare the necessary items for the trip.”

“The trip…”

“Now that the disciple has recovered his health, he is probably trying to return to the family.”


I nodded and handed the silk wrapping cloth I had taken out of my pocket to Baek Ri-seon.

Baek Ri-seon took the wrapping cloth and made a puzzled expression.

“What is this?”

“This is a gift to celebrate your recovery. “If you’re curious, you can check the contents here and now.”

Baek Ri-seon unwraps the wrapping cloth as if she had been waiting.

His eyes widened when he saw what was inside.

“This is…”

“This is Cheonjam Temple. “We provided enough portions for both priests to use.”


The ways to use Cheonjamsa were endless.

Depending on how it is processed, it can be used to make clothes, as fishing line, or as a musical instrument string.

From the perspective of Ak Yeo-ryeong and Baek Ri-seon, who handle gold, there could be no better gift than this.

“Can I accept this precious item?”

“it’s okay. “I left enough extra.”

Of course, what he gave to Baek Ri-seon was a part of the Cheonjam Temple that he had secured by releasing Cheonjamboui, who had become tattered during the fight against the vampire demon.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like it was a waste, but this was a necessary investment.

I can guarantee that Ak Yeo-ryeong and Baek Li-seon would become major figures in the Maeng clan in the future.

Wasn’t he the disciple of an absolute master who occupied the first place in the Ten Heavenly Emperors?

If you show them well, you will be able to receive great help in becoming an elder in the future.

‘What can I do to save money? Even if I had it, I have no use for it right now.’

In fact, compared to what the Shandongak family promised me, a gift like this is nothing special.

I cleared my throat and said ‘big’.

Baek Ri-seon, who had been looking at Cheonjam Temple as if fascinated, finally came to his senses and raised his head.

“I have something I would like to ask Baekri Sohyeop.”

“Ask anything.”

“Why did you learn the Wind Baek Gong (風伯功)?”

I’ve been curious about this for a while.

What motivated Baek Ri-seon to learn Poong Baek-gong?

There was a clear reason why Cheon Ga-ryeong, Hwa Dae-rang, Lee Su-yeon, and Yeo So-ok each came into contact with the martial arts book written by Ma Gyo-ju.

In the case of Cheon Ji-ryeong, he had Hao Wen-ju as his teacher, but because he was the youngest disciple and far from being a successor, he gave up learning the secrets early on and learned the Taiyul Shingong (太乙神功).

Hwa Daerang believed that he could not reach a high level by training in Gajeon martial arts alone, so he learned Honghwa Shingong (紅火神功), and Lee Su-yeon admired the Empress of the North Sea and learned Ice Flower Gong (氷花功), an ice technique. I learned it.

Yeo So-ok also learned Blue Qigong (淸氣功) to make up for her relatively poor mental skills compared to other martial arts.

On the other hand, what about Baek Li-seon?

He was a person who had as his teacher an absolute expert who held the first rank of the Ten Heavenly Emperors.

Unlike Cheon Ji-ryeong, who had an ambiguous position as the youngest disciple, he was the Jeokjeon disciple who continued the progress of Shandong Akgaju.

So I couldn’t help but wonder.

What on earth was Baek Li-seon so disappointed that she gave up the mental techniques she had previously learned and learned Poong Baek-gong?

“…It was just greed.”


“It may sound like an excuse, but I was mentally very stressed at the time. “I was fortunate enough to have a great person as my teacher, so I received great expectations from those around me, and I also felt pressured to one day follow in my teacher’s footsteps and become a pillar supporting Shandong music.”

Baek Ri-seon scratches the back of her head with a shy expression.

I felt like I knew a little bit about his feelings.

A person who did not have the surname Ak (岳) was selected as a disciple of the evil spirit, but the impact could not have been small.

I also had a similar experience in my past life when I was selected as a disciple of the Demonic Cult.

Instead of looking at me with anticipation, I received jealousy and checks.

“In fact, the evil family’s vision method is not far behind the efficiency of the wind and white technique. Strictly speaking, Poongbaekgong is a little better, but there was no need to abandon the existing mind method and learn a new one.”

Baek Ri-seon sighed once and continued talking with a self-deprecating expression.

“But I was so excited at the time that I couldn’t look at the situation objectively. “I just thought like a fool that luck had finally come to me, and I just liked it.”

There were a few modifiers that were always attached to the evil woman.

The Red One Point of the Ten Heavenly Emperors.

The final stone of a teenage master.

A walking lump of smoke.

The stories about the various talents she gained in her youth were famous among the martial arts people.

Presumably, the reason why Baek Ri-seon came to regard Poong Baek-gong as a coincidence was to some extent due to the influence of such rumors.

“That’s roughly the story. “It seems like the teacher suffered a lot because of his foolish disciple.”

Baek Li-seon spoke with a determined expression as if making a declaration.

“From now on, I will not do anything to disappoint Master. never.”

* * *

Ten days passed.

It was announced to those around us that the warriors of the Shandong Music Family would return to their families and the Sichuan branch would officially resume external activities.

I did not expect that anything would change much just because the ban on external activities was lifted.

Even before the ban was imposed, there was nothing special to do.

“Branch manager. “The Hong family has contacted the branch.”

“What about the Hong family?”

But contrary to what I expected, I got a job right away.

“This is a reasonably large Wulin Sega from Sichuan.”

“I know. I know everything about the martial arts forces in Sacheon. But why is the Hong family suddenly contacting the Sacheon branch?”

Damwoon explained as he placed the documents he brought with him on the desk.

“There was a dispute with the Lee family, and they said they would like the Sacheon branch to take on the role of mediator.”

“Is that true?”

I ended up making a blank expression.

I never thought the day would come when the Sacheon branch would carry out its duties as a normal branch of the League of Nations.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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