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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 153

Episode 153:

The Hong family.

Murim Sega with a tradition of 150 years.

When asked to name the martial arts faction that represents Sacheon, people usually choose three.

Cheongseong Army Danga.

However, it was not the case that there were other influential martial powers.

Hwangryongmuwan, the Hong clan, the Lee clan, Baekryeonjang (白蓮莊), etc.

Dozens of large and small sects and families were nesting throughout Sacheon.

The Hong family was a fairly large-scale martial arts family.

The number of members was over 100, and the number of top military families in cooperative and trading relationships reached more than a dozen.

The head of the family, Hong Gyun-seok, was famous in the area as an expert who used dual swords like a ghost.

At first glance, he seems to be similar to Chocheon-gun, the head of the Manjang family, but in terms of height, Hong Gyun-seok was much higher in rank.

His level, known to the public, is at the peak of its peak.

It is said that the last time he showed off his martial arts skills at an official event was five years ago, so he could have reached a higher level than that by now.

‘Of course, I may have regressed because I neglected my training.’

Going back to the story.

The reason why the dispute arose between the Hong clan and the Lee clan was as follows.

‘The Lee family’s military personnel were causing trouble in several of the guesthouses and bases managed by the Hong family…’ The

Hong family described it as a riot, but the Lee family’s position seemed to be different.

In the process of arresting the black thieves who committed illegal acts, a fight broke out, and in the process, damage was unintentionally caused to the store.

Store owners who suffered significant damage were forced to close their stores for a while to conduct internal repairs.

Hong’s family, which could not ignore the store owners’ protests, demanded an apology and compensation from Lee’s family.

However, Lee Sega’s reaction here was spectacular.

They tried to force them by saying that they could not apologize because they had done nothing wrong and that they could not pay compensation for the same reason.

Mr. Lee’s argument was as follows.

< We only responded to Ami faction's request for cooperation. >

< The responsibility lies with Ami faction, so if you want to argue, go to Amisan and argue. >

It was a plausible claim at first glance, but the Hong family could not accept it meekly.

It is true, there is no way the Hong family could invade Ami faction and accuse them of wrongdoing.

Due to Amipah’s continued ignorance, the discord between the two sides became increasingly severe, and eventually led to an incident in which warriors from both families engaged in a knife fight on the main street.

Thinking that this would lead to a big fortune one day, the Hong Clan Sega, after much deliberation, proposed it to the Lee Clan Sega.

Why not select five warriors representing each family and have them perform a secret dance to decide whether it is right or wrong?

Lee Csiseju, who was worried that the battle of pride might escalate into an all-out war, gladly accepted it.

But a problem occurred here.

It was impossible to find someone to take on the role of referee and notary.

The Hong clan and the Lee clan were martial powers that had been active in Sacheon for a long time.

Both families had power and influence that could not be ignored.

Of course, a disciple dispatched from a powerless sect could not perform the role of a notary.

On the other hand, Sichuan’s clans and families that had more than one family’s power were already connected to them in some way.

‘That means we cannot expect fairness.’

However, it was not possible to request mediation from the three martial arts forces representing Sacheon.

The Qing Province and the Tang Family were not interested in the quarrel between the two families, and it was highly likely that Ami would take the side of the Li clan disciple, a lay disciple.

This was precisely the reason why the Hong family asked the Sacheon branch to act as mediator.

The news that the Sacheon branch would resume activities must have been welcomed as a welcome rain to the family by the Hong clan family, who had been wasting time cursing the Lee clan, who continued to insist that arbitration be entrusted to Amipa.

‘It’s rewarding to have increased your reputation and reputation.’

The Hong family formally requested help from the Sacheon branch.

The implications of this were significant.

A large-scale purge. A noticeable change in the branch. The reputation of the branch leader.

The combination of these three things meant that the perception of the Sacheon branch had improved to some extent.

If it had been the previous Sacheon branch, such a request would never have been received.


It was a little embarrassing, but it was definitely a good thing.

There was already a need to leave records of the Sacheon branch’s normal activities, and a good opportunity came along.

‘It’s nice to go on business trips to other places and make achievements, but it’s meaningless if you neglect your main job.’

It wasn’t just that.

The Hong clan had a conflict with the Sacheon branch in the past.

[There is a record of colluding with dark thieves in the red light district, receiving kickbacks from them, bringing in courtesans to work places, promiscuous morals, and molesting women of the Hong family. In addition, like Moyong Sojeo, he embezzled and used funds for activities handed down from the headquarters. ]


[There are so many crimes that it is difficult to read them all. That one is also expelled. And Taehyung is in his 30s. If you have any complaints, please tell me now.]

The face of one of the bandits I had whipped out in the past appeared in my mind.

Was his name Yang Chang-woon?

If the man cleaned up the shit he made at this point, his future activities would be easier.

Ending the bad relationship with the Hong clan family and improving awareness of the branch.

There was no reason to turn down such a great opportunity.

“What would you like to do?”

Damun’s question.

I picked up the documents and stood up.

“I will take care of this myself.”

“I think you could send a representative.”

“You can’t do that. Isn’t this a monumental first job? In addition, there are problems that need to be resolved with the Hong Clan Segawa.”

“If that is what the branch manager wants, I understand.”

“This matter should be dealt with right away and not left idle. “I’m going to go out to work for a bit.”

* * *

I went that route and visited the Hong family and met face to face with the head of the family.

Hong Gyun-seok had a look of bewilderment on his face, as if he had never thought that an answer would come back so quickly.

“I didn’t know the branch manager would come visit me in person.”

“It’s a shame, but the Sichuan branch is short on manpower. So, I took charge of this job because I was relatively more relaxed than my subordinates.”

“The role of arbitrator…”

“Of course I should take it. “Aren’t the Hong clan and Lee clan members of the Baekdo clan affiliated with the Murim Alliance?”

“Thank you for saying that.”

Hong Gyun-seok breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed like he had been going through a lot of emotional distress.

I said, picking up the brush on the table.

“First, we need to decide on a date and location.”

“Any date doesn’t matter. Both families are fully prepared. “We will be able to compete as soon as tomorrow.”

“Even so, a minimum preparation period will be necessary. “For now, we will write it as Shinshi (申時) in five days and adjust it later in consultation with the Lee family.”


“How about setting it up at the Sacheon branch’s training hall? “I think that would be fair and block outside attention.”

“Not bad. “Let’s do that.”

Three documents were completed, and each page was stamped with a seal symbolizing the Sacheon branch.

I handed one of them to Hong Gyun-seok.

“One sheet will be kept by the Hong family, one sheet will be stored by the Lee family, and the remaining sheet will be kept by the Sacheon branch. “The seals of the two matriarchs will be stamped on the day of the match.”

“This is a very neat job done.”

Hong Kyun-seok nodded with a satisfied expression.

I packed the documents in my arms and quietly got to the point.

“I heard that in the past, a member of the Sacheon branch caused a stir in the Hong family.”

“……It did.”

“It’s late, but as the branch president, I would like to apologize on your behalf.”

“There is no need for the branch leader to apologize. Rather, I should say thank you. “I punished him properly for his evil actions.”

“I just did what I had to do.”

“The problem is that that obvious measure has not been implemented for three years.”

There was a bone in the horse.

I could see how much ill-will the Hong family had towards the Sacheon branch in the past.

“The member in question was expelled and flogged.”

“taehyung? “Do you know how many times you hit me?”

“I’m in my thirties.”

“I think it’s too little.”

“For your information, I carried out the sentence myself.”

“I thought it was a little, but it turns out it wasn’t.”

“I hit him so mercilessly that my buttocks sank down. Oh, and a few teeth came out.”

“…Didn’t you say Taehyung?”

“I am a bit more flexible in my caning.”

“I don’t think it’s a question of flexibility.”

Hong Gyun-seok, who had a very serious face, eventually lost his expression.

Judging from the laughter, it seemed that the resentment had been resolved to some extent.

“Then I’ll just leave.”

After saying goodbye to Hong Kyun-seok and leaving for the family home, I walked quickly across the garden.

Since I finished all my business at the Hong Clan, I planned to go straight to the Lee Clan.

I hope you move through the well-maintained garden.


When I spotted the woman appearing across from me, I narrowed my eyes and stopped in place.

The woman’s appearance was familiar to my eyes.

‘Why is that woman here?’

If I had known this would happen, I would have sent a representative instead of coming in person.

A woman approached me at a quick pace and spoke to me with a happy expression.

“I never thought I would see you like this again. “Is this also fate?”

“……Long time no see.”

Although she was a little older, she still had her unique sharp eyes and pretty appearance.

Cho Yeon-hee, the wife of the Manjangse family.

I heard that she married into a military family in Sichuan, but I never thought it would be the Hong family.

‘I think I heard it at first glance.’

It was so long ago that I had forgotten.

I didn’t even pay attention in the first place.

“Wait a minute, I can’t believe it is the head of the Sacheon branch with a strong reputation…”

“It’s me.”

Cho Yeon-hee’s eyes became the size of a lantern.

He seemed to have never imagined that the boy he had taken under his wing would have become so successful.

“I thought it was someone with the same name, but it seems that wasn’t the case.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m a little busy right now. “I am performing official duties.”

I hurriedly left the place, using work as an excuse.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

I don’t know about Cho Yeon-hee, but in the past, I pretended to follow her and acted as a double agent.

It could be said that it was half my fault that she got married, as if she had lost the competition to become the head of the family and was kicked out.

I muttered in my heart as I glanced sideways at Cho Yeon-hee, who was disappointed that she could not talk to someone from the same town whom she had not seen in a long time.

In the future, if I need to contact the Hong family, I will send a representative.

* * *

“This is unacceptable.”

Mr. Lee is my matriarch.

Lee Deok-cheon, the head of the family, frowned and pushed away the documents on the table.

I asked, scratching my cheek with my index finger.

“May I ask why?”

“Because I can’t trust the Sichuan branch.”

Lee Deok-cheon crosses his arms with a disapproving expression.

I thought I knew why he had such a negative attitude.

The Hong family requested help from the Sichuan branch to hold a fair match.

The Lee family, which wanted to gain an advantage with the help of Amipa, would not be pleased with the intervention of the Sacheon branch.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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