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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 156

Episode 156

: Currently, the Demonic Cult’s forces were stuck in the Cheonghae and were not making any significant movements.

The survivors who had struggled to escape to Sacheon had no reason to be impatient.

It was reasonable to rest sufficiently for the injured to recover and then head to Gansu.

‘Nevertheless, insisting on a forced march means that there is a purpose other than stopping the advance of the Demon Cult.’

Laughs flowed out.

It couldn’t have been a funny old man.

What are you going to do as a member of the now ruined Kunlun faction?

‘The person called Taoist is greedy.’

There was also a way to leave the wounded at the Sacheon branch and take only healthy disciples.

However, if that were the case, public criticism could have formed, asking, ‘Did they abandon the wounded in Sacheon?’

‘The angle fits perfectly.’

That was probably the reason why he tried to entrust the escort request to the Sacheon branch in an unreasonable manner.

While I was quietly staring at the old monk who was spitting and speaking passionately, I spoke out loud.

“I heard that Jang Mun-in was seriously injured.”

“I see. So, we have to go quickly.”

“I don’t think anything will change just because the elder goes.”

“I seem like a frustrating person. Jang Mun-in is unconscious and in critical condition. How great must the disciples be? “As an elder of the sect, shouldn’t we encourage them?”

“Well, now might be the best time to build a support base.”

“Okay… what are you talking about now?”

Master Noh, who was unconsciously trying to nod his head, momentarily looked blank.

Soon his face turned red.

“Elder. “Don’t be blinded by greed and cause trouble to others.”

I was far from being a philanthropist.

I had no intention of putting all my effort into something that had no benefit.

Above all, I had to participate in the 80th birthday party that would soon be held at Namgung House.

There was no time to make the long trip to Gansu.


The old Taoist master, Hyukseong, jumped up from his seat and glared at us.

Judging by the fact that he even placed his hand on the sword, he seemed quite angry.

Some expect a period of heavy silence to pass.

Hyukseong Dojang sighed and put his butt back on the chair.

He must have known.

If you fight with me here, you will do more harm than good.

“It’s a shame.”


“If the elder had been unable to control his anger and pulled out his sword, I would have been able to use force without hesitation.”

Hyukseong Dojang bit his lips tightly.

Seeing as he didn’t give in to blatant provocation, it seemed like he had a lot of discipline.

‘You probably want to avoid fights where you can’t be sure of a winner.’

As the incident in Gwiju became known, people’s evaluation of me rose significantly.

It was significant that he showed superiority over Guiju Samjeol (貴州三切), an elder of the Cheonghyeoldomun.

Although I was not officially recognized, people in the world already recognized me as a top 100-level talent.

“Is there anything else you want to say?”

“Is that really what the branch manager means?”

“No matter what you say, it won’t change my mind.”

“Nothing good can come from treating me poorly like this.”

“I don’t think anything good will happen if you go overboard and accept the escort request.”

“If that’s what you mean, I understand. “Let’s find another way.”

“I’m telling you this out of anger, but please don’t mistreat the Secretary of the Wall any more.”

“Are you threatening me now?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a warning.”

“Kangho’s duty has fallen to the ground. “I can’t believe my junior, so far away, insults me like this.”

“I never insulted you.”

“It would be better not to ignore the value of Kunlun’s name. They say it has declined for a while now, but it will return again in the not-too-distant future…”

“You seem to be misunderstanding something, but I have never ignored Kunlun.”

I placed my clasped hands on my knees and drew a smile on my face.

It wasn’t Kunlun, but he was trying to say that he was ignoring them.

Dojang Hyukseong gritted his teeth making a ‘crackling’ sound.

After glaring at me in silence for a while, he grumbled and left the office.

‘What should I do with that old man?’

I scratched the back of my head and was lost in thought.

Although he was an insignificant old man, his social status could not be ignored.

‘If I leave it like this and go back to the Namgung family, there will definitely be trouble.’

There was a need to keep Hyukseong on a leash to prevent him from causing trouble while I was away.

After thinking about it for a while, I quickly came to a conclusion.

It was realistically impossible to change the character of the old Taoist monk overnight.

In that case, we have no choice but to injure him and restrict his movement.

It was called Yeokjisaji (易地思之).

Shouldn’t Hyeokseong Dojang feel at least once the feelings of the wounded who were forced to leave the army in the middle of winter?

* * *

Late at night.

Hyukseong Dojang crossed the narrow alley and cursed.

“shit. “A good-for-nothing young b*stard, intoxicated by the fame he got by luck, ignoring me?”

There weren’t many options left for him as he couldn’t get the cooperation of the Sacheon branch.

At most, all he could do was go around to famous clans and families in Sichuan and propose deals.

‘The Shenfeng Bureau under the Li family has been doing business with the Kunlun faction for quite some time. At least when you ask for help, there is a high chance that you will reach out to them.’

It was unclear whether Seonpoong Pyo-guk, who was just one of many business partners, would take the risk to help him, but it was worth trying to negotiate.

If done well, I might be able to elicit cooperation from Lee Csega.

“……Who are you?”

I moved around for a while, thinking of various thoughts.

Dojang Hyukseong stopped and looked back.

When did they catch up?

A stranger wearing black long clothes and covering his face with a mask stood silently looking at him.


There was no reply.

The gunman looked Hyukseong’s seal up and down with his sharp eyes.

“I would have asked who it was!”

Hyukseong, who instinctively felt wary, placed his hand on his waist.

My back became wet from the tension.

‘I didn’t notice it at all until it got closer. Who on earth sent the author? There is no way the Demonic Cult’s pursuer would have followed him all the way to Sacheon. Could it be that he is the Sacheon branch president?’

Let’s explore and confront each other without saying a word.

Finally, the gunman made his move.

A dagger digging silently into the side of Hyeokseong’s dojo.

The great Hyeokseong Dojang pushed Shinhyeong back and performed the first technique of Oksim Jeongyang’s Gwiilgeombeop.


A sharp sound of metal echoed through the alley.

* * *

‘You’re good at it.’

I leisurely drank a glass of wine and watched the fight between Hyukseong Dojang and the masked man.

It was a dark night where I couldn’t see an inch in front of me, but as I strengthened my eyesight, I could see the two people clearly.

The identity of the masked person was none other than Seo Ho-seon.

I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give him actual combat experience at this point, so I gave him this job.

[Are you telling me to attack the elder of the Kunlun Sect?]

[Yes. Please don’t kill them, but only moderately injure them.]

[That can’t be easier said than done.] [The

current warrior Seo will be able to do it.]

[The opponent is a supreme expert.]

[Don’t get too caught up in things like realms. . I, too, once defeated an expert at the peak level.]

[Not everyone is a monster like the leader.]

[Not all peak peaks are the same. The opponent is a person who has already retired from active duty twenty years ago.]


[There are definitely warriors who do not decline with age and become stronger, but the majority of warriors gradually lose their skills after their prime. It decreases. Hyukseong’s dojo is exactly like that.]

[I understand for now. But if Hyukseong’s dojo is attacked at this point, wouldn’t the captain be under suspicion?]

[It doesn’t really matter. All you have to do is leave no physical evidence. There is nothing that Hyeokseong Dojang can do with just his heart.]

[……Sometimes I wonder if the leader is a member of the political faction.]

[What do you think? It’s a world where even people like Hyukseong Dojang are treated like gurus. There is nothing strange about having at least one Murim leader like this.]


[Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing. When dealing with Hyeokseong Dojang, do not launch a surprise attack.]

[Do you mean to fight with restrictions against a high-level warrior? It seems like the conditions are too tight.]

[This is an opponent you can easily beat even if you do that. Be confident.]

[I happened to have a boss like this…]

Seo Ho-seon, who had melted into the darkness, took advantage of Ghost Bo’s supernormal ability to dig into the blind spot of Hyuk-seong’s dojo.

Hyukseong Dojang, who reacted half a beat late, sprayed swords and swept away the entire side.


The wall collapsed with a loud noise.

However, Seo Ho-seon’s body was not included in the wreckage.

“Damn it!”

Hyukseong Dojang’s calf cracked and blood splattered.

The wound itself was not that deep, but the problem was the poison that had penetrated through the affected area.

Even if he was a supreme expert, it would have been difficult to suppress his poison and continue the fierce fight.

‘It’s worth all the effort I put into teaching you.’

Seo Ho-seon did not show the slightest signs of intimidation while dealing with a high-level martial artist.

He just uses his organs to gradually drive his prey into a corner.

Wounds appeared one by one on Hyukseong’s body.

Although surprise raids were prohibited, Seo Ho-seon had an environmental advantage.


Hyukseong Dojang spat out his sword energy in all directions.

Seo Ho-seon was not embarrassed and swung his sword at Shin-hyeong.

The sword energy that could not be shed grazed Yongrin Gap (龍鱗甲), creating an unpleasant friction sound.

‘The end is slowly in sight.’

Seo Ho-seon’s eyes, revealed above the mask, shined sharply.

He threw the marble he took out of his pocket onto the floor.

The beads exploded and white smoke rose.

Dojang Hyukseong hurriedly covered his mouth with his sleeve and bit down on Shinhyeong.

Seo Ho-sun, who silently occupied the opponent’s side, put his clenched left hand into his side.


Hyukseong Dojang’s body was bent like a bow.

Seo Ho-seon strongly stepped on him as he fell to the ground, letting out a defeated sound.

Kaga River!

Seo Ho-seon kicked away the sword that had fallen helplessly to the ground, grabbed the dagger, and climbed onto Hyeok-seong’s boat.

A merciless punch hit the old master’s face.

Hyukseong’s body, which was shaking like a person suffering from a disease, soon calmed down.


Seo Ho-seon sighed and withdrew his fist after confirming that his opponent was unconscious.

After Seo Ho-seon leisurely left the place after finishing his errand, the officers who had been drawn by the noise found Hyeok-seong’s dojo and let out embarrassed cries.


“What on earth happened here?”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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