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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 169

Episode 169

: Peng Yanji and I entered the empty training hall guided by the Sega warrior.


A direct blood relative of the Hebei Peng family.

A talented person who won a prize at the Yongbong branch.

She was the representative of the delegation dispatched from the Paeng family to the Nangung family.

His nickname is Dobong (刀鳳).

Strictly speaking, she and I were spherical.

Because we were on the podium together during the opening and closing ceremonies of the bimu competition.

Although this was our first time interacting properly.

“Please take care of me.”

“Please take care of me.”

Peng Yanji held the sword drawn from his waist with both hands and took a deep breath.

I felt this way when I saw her before, but she was a woman with quite aggressive tendencies.

I heard that when he faced Hakkyung Dojang in the semifinals, he showed tenacity in biting his opponent even when he was covered in blood.

‘Thanks to that, Hakkyung Dojang became a villain instead of a villain.’

Needless to say, his martial arts skills would have been outstanding.

If we were more advanced than before, we would have progressed and not regressed.

Wouldn’t he be one of the highest-ranking talents among the late-stage exponents?

To ensure a safe distance, onlookers who were watching the new model formed a large circle.

There were people urging us to start, and there were also people chanting Paeng Yeon-ji’s name or my name.

There were even some who were chatting amongst themselves and exchanging bets.

‘It would be ideal to end it in a way that saves the other person’s face. It’s not a competition where there is much benefit even if you win.’

I didn’t want to appear obsessed with victory.

There was no reason to do so and no desire to do so.

But did he read my thoughts?

Paeng Yeon-ji, who had been slowly narrowing the distance, suddenly sent out an electric sound.

-Small cooperative. Won’t you make a bet with me?

-What do you mean by betting?

-I think that the small cooperatives will not deal with us properly if compensation is not provided.

-Is that possible?

-The loser must do one favor from the winner. How about this?


-yes. Anything within the scope of possibility.


-You don’t have to worry about not being able to get paid. Because I am not a petty person like Changin Dojang.

-……How does Soje know about that?

-Didn’t you know? That the commander of the military unit is my uncle.

I let out a low exclamation, ‘Ah.’

An image of a middle-aged man with a slovenly appearance appeared in my mind.

Pang Moon-hwan, head of the Hyeonmu unit.

It seems that he told Paeng Yeon-ji what happened between Changin Dojang and me.

Since he joined the alliance as if he was being kicked out due to succession issues, I thought he wouldn’t have a very good relationship with his family’s family, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

‘Well, I didn’t specifically ask you to keep it a secret.’

It felt like I could hear the reputation of Changin Dojo being undermined.

-great. I will accept it.

I nodded and straightened my sword.

It was an offer I had no reason to refuse.

Peng Yeon-ji, with a satisfied smile on her face, suddenly kicked off the ground and rushed towards me.

The herbiography of the Five-Handed Gate Sword, which is said to be handed down only to the direct blood relatives of the Paeng family, created a dizzying pattern in the air before my eyes.

I could have attacked it head on, but I spread my ghost guard and retreated out of the range of the herbivore.

Instead of hanging out by exchanging moderate amounts of money, I planned to immediately dig into the gap and put an end to it.

‘If the person concerned does what they want, there will be no gossip later.’

Paeng Yeon-ji twisted Shinhyung around his right foot and chased after him.

The momentum was terrifying.


A loud metallic sound rang out.

It was not possible to avoid all attacks.

I avoided what I needed to avoid, I took what I needed to attack, and I continued to be bitten by the new type.

At the same time, I observed the other person.

Foot movements, breathing intervals, habits revealed when casting Herbivore, etc.

I made calculations in my head about when and at what moment I would need to dig in to see great results.

‘Fast and strong.’

As expected, her skills had improved incomparably compared to when she participated in the Yongbong branch.

He was said to have shed tears after being defeated by Hakkyung Dojang, but he seemed to have dedicated himself to training with utmost dedication.

‘It seems like we’re about to reach the peak. If given the right opportunity, I will soon overcome the wall.’

Paeng Yeon-ji was considered to be quite old among the later exponents.

Did I mention I’m twenty-eight this year?

But even taking that into account, it could be said to be a great achievement.

Namgung Seong-hoon and Tang Seo-yeon’s Jin-gyeong were unusually fast, but it was by no means that they lacked qualifications.


The sword wielded by Peng Yanji fell with the force of splitting the top of his head.

I dug into the opponent’s gap as if I had been waiting.

Instead of the sword body, the wrist tapped the shoulder.

Exquisite spacing control.

A look of bewilderment appeared on Peng Yanji’s face.

He placed his left fist on her abdomen, which was frozen in an awkward position without being able to bite the sword or retrieve the sword.



As I stepped on the Jinak and pushed it, Paeng Yeon-ji let out a sharp scream and flew backwards.

She barely managed to balance in the air and landed on the ground, gritting her teeth to catch her breath.

My trembling shoulders quickly stabilized.

‘I don’t think you’re pretending to be okay.’

As I narrowed my eyes and examined her appearance, I glanced down at my left hand.

Although the power was adjusted, the attack was not so weak that it appeared unharmed.

‘It wasn’t the sensation of hitting a human body. Are you wearing armor under your outer clothing?’

I slowly narrowed the distance to the other person and shook out my left hand.

Peng Yanji looked at me with a more cautious expression and raised his sword.

“That’s amazing.”

“Is that a fight between late exponents?”

“It’s not that Dobong’s skills are lacking. “The Heavenly Dragon is too strong.”

“It’s a masterpiece. I heard that you are already close to the level of a 100-year-old expert…”

“Cheer up! Dobong!”

A loud noise penetrated my ears.

Is it because alcohol was added to the party atmosphere?

There were many people screaming and getting excited.

Of course, it wasn’t just those who were happy.

Among the onlookers, Sima Seju’s figure was noticed, observing this area with a sharp gaze.

I don’t know what he was thinking when he followed me to the training ground, but I’m sure he didn’t have good intentions.


The sharp sword passed through the air.

I dodged the opponent’s attack by taking a half step back, and then blocked the opponent’s view with my left hand and unleashed a first attack with the Wolyeonggeom.

The fifteenth herbivorous month (朔月).

The moon that rises on the first day of the moon is hidden in shadow and is not visible.

The herbal food called Sakwol was also like that.

Although it had a similar personality to Janwol, which instantly deceived the opponent’s senses by eliminating the presence of the sword, its method of operation was completely different.

In some ways, it could be said to be an imperfect herbivore that can only be effective if used in conjunction with auxiliary martial arts.


Pan Yeon-ji, who belatedly sensed the crisis and bit Shin Hyeong, cracked his forearm and blood spurted out.

I was preoccupied with the movement of my left hand, so my reaction was slightly delayed.

I didn’t miss that opportunity and cornered her.

April, the twelfth herbivorous month.

The fifth herbivorous half moon.

The illusion of a fluttering sword obscured Feng Yanji’s vision, and the sword, rising in a curved line, fell down on her head.

In no time, Pang Yeon-ji grabbed the blade with her left hand and raised it above her head, moaning.

Somehow the attack was blocked, but the difference in skill was clear.

She bent her knees after being pushed out of the struggle, biting her lip and swinging her arms.

The wall was pushed out with an unpleasant friction sound.

I didn’t care about that and took a step closer to the other person.

Peng Yeon-ji suddenly kicked the ground and kicked up his knees.


A dull noise rang out.

Peng Yanji, clutching his abdomen, hesitated and retreated.

The seventh herbivorous fist of Byeokryeokken (碎腸拳).

Before Peng Yanji’s attack could reach me, my fist hit her abdomen.

Gwongyeok, who had a knack for striking attacks, ignored the armor and delivered the impact directly to Peng Yeon-ji’s body.

I couldn’t hold on and held the sword to her neck as she knelt on the ground.

“I think it’s over.”

“…You are strong as expected.”

Peng Yeonji meekly admitted defeat with a bitter expression.


Deafening shouts echoed throughout the training hall.

The warriors of the Peng family rushed out and supported Peng Yanji.

A young man appeared in front of me while I was massaging my shoulders and shaking my head.

“My name is Hyeokjongun of the Han Sang family. “I would like to ask Cheonryong Sohyeop for a secret dance.”

I let out an embarrassed laugh.

I thought it would be like this.

With so many energetic warriors gathered together, how could it possibly end with just one dance?

Not only the successor to the Han Sang family, but also some spectators who couldn’t control their excitement and jumped in, challenged me.

I reluctantly nodded and drew my sword again.

It was going to be a long night.

* * *

When I returned to the hotel with a tired body, an unexpected guest came to visit.

Sima Sehuan, Sima Seohwan.

‘I knew you would come find me, but.’

I didn’t expect that he would come at such a late hour without any message.

Did he think that now was the right time when his opponent was exhausted from fighting with so many warriors?

I thought it was funny rather than unpleasant.

There was no one whose movements were easier to predict than a person blinded by greed.

“Please come over here and sit down.”

Without revealing my true feelings, I offered him a seat.

Sima Seohwan, who was sitting across from me across the table, immediately took out the business.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“You mean me, not Secretary Damun?”

“It’s not Damun, it’s Simaun.”

“I heard from the person concerned that the Sima family name has already been discarded.”

“As I said before, the declaration of separation was just made unilaterally by my son. I have never accepted that.”

“I apologize to the head of the family, but I respect the decision of the secretary.”

“The stories run parallel paths. “Let’s skip over that part for now.”

“You said there was something you wanted to ask me.”

“Is it true that you took Reporter Cheon’s legacy?”


I nodded without any hesitation.

A conversation I had with Damun not long ago flashed through my mind.

[I can assure you that Simaseju will try to contact the branch leader in the near future.] [Do

you mean he will find it on his own from over there?]

[You will want to confirm the truth of what I said. You can’t make a move without certainty.]

[Then what can I do?]

[Please present the appropriate evidence.]

I took a booklet lying in the corner of the room and put it on the table.

Sima Sejue’s eyes narrowed.

“What is this?”

“This is a transcription of the map of Jinbeop left by Reporter Cheon.”


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