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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 171

Episode 171:

The discovery of Muyeongsintu’s secret treasure took place more than ten years in the future.

There were two main items needed to enter and exit Bi-dong.

Grocery stores and new items.

The place where Jangbodo was discovered was none other than Hebeuk Paengga.

The discoverer was Peng Kunhu, a collateral relative of the Hebei Peng family.

‘It was said that after discovering a secret device built into the mother-of-pearl lacquerware that had been passed down in the family for generations, he took out the Jangbodo hidden inside and gave it to the head of the family.’

It has not been revealed what kind of connection exists between Hebei Paengga and Muyeongshintuui.

However, one theory circulated throughout the Central Plains for a while.

‘I wonder if Muyeongshintu is from the Hebei Peng family.’

In fact, I knew where Muyeongsintu’s Bidong was located and the location of the entrance to Bidong.

Because in my past life, I had been on a mission to that area.

Nevertheless, there were two main reasons for needing a grocery store.

The first reason was because it was possible to secure a rough structural diagram of Bidong, and the second reason was because the location of the sacred object was indicated on the Jangbodo.

-What favor would you like?

-It’s not right to tell you right now, but we’ll talk about it later when we visit Panga.

-Are you planning to visit your hometown?

-yes. I will make time to visit you later. I hope you won’t treat me harshly.

-It can’t be.

Peng Yanji’s eyes narrowed.

She was chatting away with a flushed face, but then she said goodbye and walked away.

Now that the banquet was over, it seemed like they were going straight back to the family.

“See you again. “Small cooperative.”

“Please return carefully.”

* * *

After returning to the hotel, I gathered my group and discussed our future plans.

Damun, Tang Seoyeon, Bangcheoksam, Yeo So-ok, and Zhuge Hyuk-jin sat around a large table in the center.

“As I told you before departure, I plan to stop in Zhejiang instead of going straight back to Sichuan.”

As I spoke, marking the route with my finger on the map on the table, the group nodded in unison.

I went on a long-distance business trip all the way to Anhui, but it was a shame to end my itinerary here.

Zhejiang is a region adjacent to Anhui.

I was thinking of going to the headquarters of Hwayang Sangdan to take care of some errands I had been putting off.

There was a story I had to share with the owner of Hwayang Sangdan in person.

“What are you going to do with Tang Soje?”

“I will follow along. It’s a pity to part ways here, and I am also indebted to the owner of Hwayang Sangdan. “It would be okay to go say hello at this point.”

“All right. As for Zhuge Xiaoxiao….”

“I think I should return to the Yiman family. “I really want to go with you, but if I extend the schedule without permission from the head of the family, problems may arise.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to part ways with Zhuge Xiaoxiao here.”

Zhuge Hyukjin sighs slightly and nods his head.

He buried himself in the back of the chair and muttered.

“It’s a shame. “I wanted to receive martial arts instruction from Sohyup as long as possible.”

“I don’t think that’s what the So Jia of the Zhuge family would say. “Even if it’s not me, there are many people who can teach Sohyeop.”

“Of course, there are talented warriors in Sega, but there are not many strong ones who can compare to Sohyeop.”

“Is that possible? “It is a great family that holds the first place in the five generations.”

“If my thoughts are correct, Sohyeop is a much more talented person than is known to the public.”


“I was sick and stayed in bed for a long time, but given my social status, I came into contact with many people. Well, most of them were family members.”

A faint smile appeared on Zhuge Hyukjin’s lips.

The eyes that seemed to see right through the heart of a person made me feel uncomfortable.

I’ve felt this way before.

I felt exactly this way when I had a conversation with Zhuge Hye at Hwayang Sangdan.

“I had many opportunities to get to know talented martial artists. Among them, there were a few who were among the top 100 masters.”

“As I came into contact with various talented people, my insight naturally developed. “What are you talking about?”

“yes. I don’t know anything else, but I am confident that my eyes on people are accurate. “The head of the family also recognized my insight.”


“I can assure you. “The Cheonryong Sohyeop is a powerhouse that cannot be defeated even compared to any warrior belonging to the main family.”

There was no basis.

An inference that relies solely on one’s own senses.

However, Zhuge Hyuk-jin’s expression was full of confidence.

‘That’s fun.’

There was one thing I learned through our short conversation.

Although they seem similar at first glance, Zhuge Hyukjin was a person with completely opposite tendencies to Zhugehye.

It seemed clear now why the Zhuge family chose him, who was naturally weak, as the next head of the family.

“The praise is too much. “It’s burdensome.”

“Isn’t the reaction too plain? “I thought I could see you looking a little embarrassed.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know that Zhuge Xiaoxiao thinks highly of me.”


“I hope we can continue a good relationship with the small cooperative in the future.”

“Sohyup is saying what I wanted to say.”

Zhuge Hyukjin and I looked at each other with bright expressions and exchanged good words.

There was a warm atmosphere in the accommodation.


Damun looked at me and Zhuge Hyukjin alternately with a shocked expression.

* * *

My group and I stayed in Nangong House for two more days and then set off on a trip to Zhejiang.

Markers were not hired.

In order to move quickly, it was necessary to reduce the number of people in the party.

There was no way to know what Sima Seju would do to gain access to the True Beop Daohai.

We had to move with as much safety as possible in mind.

Immediately after departure, I told Tang Seo-yeon what had happened.

Because I couldn’t put her in danger because she knew nothing.

Of course, I asked for Damun’s understanding in advance.

“……So something like that happened.”

Tang Seo-yeon shed tears after hearing what had happened.

What is the relationship between Sima Seohwan and Damun and what happened within the Namgung family?

After learning everything, she looked back at Damun with sunken eyes.

It was as if he had no idea that something like that would have happened to Damun.

Damwoon turned his head to avoid her gaze with an awkward expression.

“I thought he wasn’t an ordinary person, but I didn’t know he was from Simase.”

“I’m sorry for not telling you until now. “It’s not something that can be easily discussed with others.”

“I understand.”

“I’m telling you this, but I think it would be better for you to break up with us here and return to Sichuan.”

“I refuse.”

“You don’t have to take unnecessary risks because of us.”

“It is not an unnecessary risk. “Isn’t it possible to pretend not to know what a close friend is doing?”

Damun looked back at Tang Seoyeon with a slightly surprised expression.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Seo-yeon’s lips.

“I thought of Dam Sohyeop as a close friend for quite some time, but it seems that it wasn’t Sohyeop.”

“…Is that possible?”

“If you don’t help a friend who is in an unjust situation, how can you be considered a member of the Party? Please help me.”

The guards, including Dang Seok-su, nodded as if agreeing with Dang Seo-yeon’s words.

I spoke in a humorous voice on behalf of Damun, who was making an indescribable expression.

“Thank you for saying that. However, I don’t think there will be any need to ask Sojeo for help.”

“What does it mean?”

“It’s hard to say this after warning so much, but the dangerous situation you’re thinking of probably won’t happen.”

“It is clear that a dangerous situation could arise…”

“I was saying that with an emergency situation in mind. “We knew for sure that Sima Seju would do something, so there was no way we wouldn’t have prepared anything.”

“What do you mean by preparedness…?”

“I called for reinforcements. Very strong support group.”

* * *

“My lord. “It is a report that Sogaju has left the Namgung family.”

“Now it’s finally moving.”

“But… the destination is a little strange.”

“What are you saying.”

“They say it seems to be heading to Zhejiang, not Hubei.”

“Zhejiang? Isn’t it a region located in the opposite direction from Sacheon? “Aren’t you going back to the branch?”

“I couldn’t figure out why.”

Mak Wan, the Master of Secret Killing, was lost in thought while stroking his chin.

Following the orders of the head of the family, I came here with all the members of the Bissaldae.

The goal is to secure Sima Yun, the owner of Soga.

They were waiting in ambush in advance, anticipating the route Sogaju and his party would take.

‘I don’t know your intention.’

I don’t know what Tianlong was thinking when he decided to go to Zhejiang, but from his perspective, there was nothing bad about it.

It’s unfortunate that the ambush we had prepared was useless, but in the end, we were able to attack the opponent by preparing more thoroughly.

‘It worked out better. ‘I had a lot of anxiety because the mission deadline was so tight.’

Although no one else knows, Changmyeong Palace and Heavenly Dragon were burdensome.

Aren’t both of them top 100-level powerhouses?

In particular, Changmyeonggung was an expert who reached the state of flower scenery.

The person you should never collide with was him.

“Where is Lord Soga now?”

“It is said that after passing Hefei, we entered Muho (芜湖).”

“We’ll have to hurry to catch up.”

“It looks like the Jeolyeongdae has already moved.”

“You can’t be later than those guys. “Gather the crew together.”


As some time passed, all the members of the non-slaughtering team who had been lying in ambush here and there gathered together in one place.

Makwan looked around at them and opened his mouth.

“Erase your traces and move on. Everyone pack their bags…”

That was then.

Tiring! Ding!

The sweet melody penetrated the ears of the middle school students.

Makwan, who instinctively felt a sense of crisis, looked around and shouted.

“Who are you?”

There was no answer.

I looked around with excitement, but there was no sign of me.


The sound of the playing became increasingly clearer.

A furrow was carved between Makwan’s eyes.


The sound of a musical instrument resounds in a deserted forest.

An eerie sensation passed through my back.

The moment when Makwan was about to explode Lion’s Roar in order to calm down the members who were screaming in confusion.


A member of the non-slaughter squad suddenly fell to the floor and vomited blood.

That wasn’t all.

The other members also screamed and tore down the new model one after another.

Some people were spitting out what was in their stomachs, while others were in pain, tearing out their limbs.

There was even a person pouring out blood from the seven holes.

Makwan muttered, looking around with an expression of disbelief.

“What the hell is going on?”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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