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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 173

Episode 173

After taking a deep breath, Ak Yeo-ryeong stared at Hwayang Sangdanju with a stern expression and said.

“I would like to ask for your support.”


“I hope that Hwayang Sangdan will help Shandong Musicians in the future when they move their activity area.”

“……Please tell me in more detail.”

Hwayang Sangdanju’s expression became more serious.

It seemed like he never thought he would receive a request like this.

I tilted my teacup and quietly watched the conversation between the two people.

A conversation I had with an evil woman in the past flashed through my mind.

[There is one thing I would like to suggest.]

[Tell me.]

[How about relocating the entire family?]


[I don’t want to say this, but if the head of the family joins, it will be possible. I don’t think the fundamental problem can be solved.]


[Go to the battlefield, make a contribution, use that achievement to raise your voice, and take advantage of the increased speaking power. Not a bad plan. But do you really think that alone will solve all the problems?]

[What do you want to say?]

[I know that it is the best option the head of the family can choose at the moment. But that alone is not enough. As long as the Hwangbo family exists, and as long as that family reigns as a pillar of the political faction and martial arts, the Shandong music family will continue to be persecuted and have to endure absurdity.] [It is not wrong

. Relocating a family is not as easy as it sounds. Establish a foundation, build a foundation, and gain support and trust from residents living in the area. There are many other things to take care of.]

When the story of the family’s relocation was first brought up, Akajou showed a negative attitude.

It was a natural reaction.

Would it be easy to make the decision to give up your hometown, the place you have protected for so many years?

[What the matriarch said is correct. Relocating a family is not something that can be accomplished simply by having money and manpower. If things go wrong, Shandongakga may just disintegrate.]


[For a large tree to grow, its roots must be firmly established. Compared to soil, Shandong is a rocky mountain. The land is insufficient in nutrients to grow stems and spread branches.]

[That is correct. But…]

[I assure you that if the environment does not change, the evil family will have no choice but to decline. Even if the head of the family makes a great contribution on the battlefield and raises the position of the Shandong Akga, it will only be able to keep the family alive a little longer.] [……I can’t refute

that. You are right.]

[There is no future in Akga unless you risk losing and take on the challenge of pioneering. Didn’t the head of the family tell you? In order to avoid being left behind, we need to make changes. Moorim is a place where you can’t achieve anything just by lamenting over a given situation. In the end, in order to get what you want, you have no choice but to step forward yourself.]

[That’s right.]

[If you are truly concerned about the future of your family, don’t hesitate to involve Gasol. Carrying everything on your own is not the answer.]

[Let’s think about it seriously.]

[If the head of the family makes a decision, I will help you.]


[Actually, I am close to the head of Hwayang Sangdan. .]

[Hwayang Sangdan? Are you talking about the caravan in Zhejiang?]

[Yes. Many things will be needed for the family relocation. A considerable amount of funds and materials will be consumed to successfully lay the foundation.]

[So you are saying that you will do your best to receive help from the Hwayang Sangdan at that time. But would the owner of Hwayang Sangdan help the evil family simply because of his friendship? If he is a merchant too.]

[That part is up to the head of the family.]

[To me?]

[I am just building a bridge. It is the role of the head of the family to persuade the owner of Huayang Trading Company.]


[The owner of Huayang Trading Company is not an easy person to the extent of putting down a large amount of money just trusting the words of a broker.]

I will go to Zhejiang via Anhui. This was the reason for making the plan.

Isn’t such an important issue not possible to be handled simply by sending a letter?

“What can Hwayang Sangdan gain by supporting Shandong music?”

“You will gain powerful allies. “I also promise to repay the support I received.”

“That’s a vague expression. Isn’t it natural to get back the money you lent? In short, we are asking you to invest based on the future of Shandong Music. Do you have any specific plans? “Relocating a family and putting down roots in a foreign land may not be as simple as it sounds.”

“there is.”

Ak Yeo-ryeong nodded confidently.

These were difficult times.

The Demonic Cult was in full swing, and martial arts forces in various regions were actively moving accordingly.

There was an opportunity and a gap to dig into.

I quietly joined in on the conversation between the two people.

“Shandong Music is planning to move to Jiangsu in the future.”


The head of Hwayang Sangdan narrowed his eyes and looked back at me.

I quietly put down my glass and spoke in a relaxed tone.

“Of course, the relocation of Shandong Music Street will not be welcomed by those around us. This is just words, but in reality, for the residents of Jiangsu, it will be no different from the emergence of the new martial arts family. “The local residents as well as the existing martial arts factions will never be pleased with the actions of the Shandong Musicians.”

“I guess so.”

“However, if there were clear villains and the Shandong Musicians took the form of punishing them, the story would be different. “Not only will we be able to gain local public support, but we will also be able to minimize opposition from existing martial arts forces.”


“The Wulin faction that currently reigns as the loser of Jiangsu is Sima Sega. “Well, even though they are losers, they are not at the level of controlling the region like the Odaesae or the Gudaemun faction.”

“Know. “It has grown rapidly in the last ten years.”

I nodded and continued explaining step by step.

The other side of Sima Sega’s family as told to him by Damun.

The sacrificed merchants and the martial arts forces.

Mysterious histories that are not known to the world.

Even all the illegal acts that the family has committed so far.

As the story continued, the interest in Hwayang Sangdanju’s face grew.

By this time, he would have realized it too.

What are you and Ak Yeo-ryeong planning?

Fertilizer was needed for seedlings to grow quickly.

Samasega would have performed the role of fertilizer well.

“Not bad.”

The owner of Hwayang Sangdan was immersed in thought while stroking his chin.

As you may know, investing is something that can only be profitable when it is successful.

From an objective perspective, the relocation of the Shandong Musicians had many unsettling factors.

Therefore, Ak Yeo-ryeong and I revealed our specific plan to him.

To minimize investor anxiety.

“I think it will be well worth the investment. “Isn’t this the family of a sound ghost, not someone else?”

In order for the emerging martial arts power to function properly in the region, it is necessary to win the hearts of the residents.

However, with conventional methods, the process takes decades.

Most of the new sects and families were unable to withstand the process and fell.

From that perspective, it could be said that Shandong Music had very advantageous conditions.

Taesang Gaju was a well-known voice throughout the central plains, and a method was even suggested to drastically shorten the time required to lay the foundation for activities.

Under these conditions, it would have been an attractive enough offer for the owner of Hwayang Trading Company.

Ak Yeo-ryeong looked at Hwayang Sangdanju with calm eyes and said.

“Hwayang Sangdanju. “I plan to devote myself to the Murim Alliance in the near future.”

“Are you saying you are going to join the alliance?”

“That’s right.”


The owner of Hwayang Sangdan let out a sigh of surprise.

Who would have thought that someone so evil and evil would decide to join the military?

Soon, Hwayang Sangdanju’s eyes narrowed.

It seemed like he had come to a conclusion in his mind.

“I know very well the level of determination the head of the Taesang family has.”


“But we cannot promise unconditional support. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to it, but it’s too important an issue to jump to conclusions.”

“If you do…”

“I will watch the progress. “If you have the conditions to clearly prove the corruption and evil deeds committed by Sima Sega, please come see me again then.”

Although there were conditions attached, it was practically no different from consent.

Passion filled the evil woman’s eyes.

As I watched the conversation between both sides, I nodded with a satisfied expression.

A conversation I had with Damun not long ago flashed through my mind.

[There is one thing I want to make clear.]

[Please speak.]

[The subject of revenge must be Seonhye Dojang. Not me or the branch leader.]

Damun said.

The hilt of the sword should be held in the hand of Seonhye Dojang.

The identity of the knife that would be held in her hand was none other than Shandongakga.

‘How did it end well?’

I drew a smile on my face as I gazed at the figure of the evil woman who was tyrannizing with restraint.

This is a strategy that kills two birds with one stone.

We also handle issues related to the Sima family.

Prevent the Shandong Musician’s betrayal and definitely bring them to my side.

‘In the future, if the Shandong music family reigns as the loser of Jiangsu, it will be able to receive a lot of help.’

Everyone in the martial arts community knew how great the potential of Shandongakga was.

Wasn’t it from a family of evil spirits?

If it were not for Hwang Bose, the family that would have reigned as the loser of the region was the Shandong Akga.

It was clear that if appropriate support was provided, it would grow into a large tree based on Jiangsu’s fertile land.

‘If things go well, I’ll be able to get a background to replace my poor background.’

* * *

“Would you like to talk for a moment?”


After leaving the reception room, Ak Yeo-ryeong and I walked around the grounds of the upper level and exchanged light chatting.

I wonder how far we had traveled when Ak Yeo-ryeong gave me a quick thank you.

“I owe you a debt so big that I can’t even repay it.”

“Isn’t what I did only a little bit like building a bridge?”

“It was you who suggested the direction for Shandong music to follow from now on. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even thought of advancing into Jiangsu.”

“I will hear you say thank you after everything is finished. “Isn’t it time to toast yet?”

“yes. “You are right.”

Ak Yeo-ryeong nodded once, searched inside her chest and took out a book.

She said, handing me a book.

“This is what I promised.”

“This is…”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to learn hand music?”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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