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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 174

Episode 174:

Masturbation skills.

A martial arts attack based on the noise made when palms collide.

It was one of the secret martial arts handed down in Shandong music.

In the past, when I treated Baek Li-seon, who was suffering from a mental illness, Ak Yeo-ryeong promised to do me a favor.

[Tell me what you want.]


[I am also very thorough in benevolence. I can’t promise to grant any request like Changmyeonggung, but I will do my best to fulfill your request as much as possible.]

[As much as possible. What would you do if I asked you to teach me the martial art I showed you just now?] [

I’ll teach you.]

[Are you serious? Even if the family’s vision is simply passed on to outsiders…] [

Well, there may be some backlash, but it will be okay. Even my students are not from the evil family.]

It was something I said half-jokingly, but it was taken so simply that I still remember being embarrassed.

“I tried to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, but there are probably limits to learning the tricks on your own. “If you get stuck, come see me at any time.”

“All right.”

I packed the books in my arms and politely bowed to them.

Afterwards, we talked about a few more things.

After parting ways with Ak Yeo-ryeong and returning to my dorm, I immediately looked at the contents of the book.

‘This is my first time learning proper pitch.’

It was not a skill that could be learned in a short period of time.

That’s why I have a greater desire for challenges.

Isn’t this the martial arts of an absolute master who occupied the first rank of the Ten Heavenly Emperors?

‘Well, in the case of Ak Yeo-ryeong, it would be correct to say that she was more outstanding in character than in martial arts.’

Among the martial arts books stored in the Demonic Cult’s Tianlong Library, there were some on Yin Gong, but I had never seen anything of this high standard.

Put energy into sound waves.

This act itself was not that difficult.

The technique of Jeoneum Ipmil (傳音入密), or Sajahu (獅子吼), used by martial artists who have reached a certain level, could also be seen as Yin Gong in some sense.

‘A warrior with deep inner strength is capable of inflicting internal injuries on others with a simple shout. But that’s just an ineffective boast of power.’

What was really difficult was manipulating the shape of the wave by using inner energy in a special way.

In order to perform advanced techniques like those shown by Ak Yeo-ryeong before, it was necessary to learn proper yin technique.

‘It’s definitely going to be difficult to learn it just by looking at martial arts books.’

It was different from general martial arts such as swordsmanship or martial arts.

Since the form of herbivory was not visible to the eye, the process of trial and error was naturally bound to be prolonged.

There are two main ways to check whether the herbivory was done properly.

The first was to guess through the scars on the target, and the second was to sense changes in the shape of the wave by stimulating energy.

‘Easier said than done.’

I thought I could understand why Ak Yeo-ryeong had chosen Oein as his disciple to continue his progress.

In some ways, Yin Gong was a martial art that required more talent than Flame Gong or Ice Gong.

There were limits to inferring whether the herbivory was carried out properly just by looking at the results.

In order to master yin gong, excellent energy was needed.

But does it make sense that those who have just entered martial arts are skilled at using energy?

Presumably, the most common way to practice yin gong would be to practice qigong for a long time to develop one’s senses and then enter martial arts in earnest.

Of course, this method inevitably led to low growth efficiency.

Because the most important years, childhood and adolescence, should be wasted on Qigong training.

‘In the end, it means that we need to find talented people with naturally excellent senses.’

It’s simple, but it’s not uncommon for people who are born with a sense that can be acquired only after training for a long time.

Even across the entire midfield, there would not have been many talents who met that standard.

I thought that the reason why Ak Yeo-ryeong rejected the dissuasion of Gasol, who was worried about the leak of secret information, and appointed Baek Ri-seon as his successor was also related to this.

‘First of all, in my case, my training will not be disrupted due to my inability to sense the shape of the wave. It’s a bit unfortunate that my initiation period was late, but…’

It wasn’t a big deal since I wasn’t specifically trying to excel in martial arts.

In the first place, Sueumgong was a martial art of inferior quality compared to the Eumgong performed while playing musical instruments, including the geum.

It was not because the power of martial arts was low, but rather that only limited techniques could be used.

‘But from my point of view, it’s better that way. It’s not like you can carry a large piece of gold on your back like Akyeoryeong or Baekri-seon.’

I wanted to broaden my range of tactics, not throw away the martial arts I was currently learning and learn something new.

‘Even if we try to dig into the sound hole now, it would only be difficult.’

I had no intention of learning umgong in earnest.

It was enough to learn a few techniques that could be useful in real life.


When we put our hands together, a heavy wave spread throughout the room.

I frowned and shook my hands.

It seemed like he had performed some great feat, but in reality, it was just a meaningless bragging about his skills.

Actually, the target, Damro (湛盧), was fine.

‘First, start by pushing down the fence that was leaning against the wall.’

It was impossible to fill up after the first drink.

First of all, it seemed like I needed to focus on learning the ropes through repeated practice.

* * *

“Please take care of me.”

A training hall located within Hwayang Sangdan.

Hwadaerang, the son of the owner of Hwayang Sangdan, came out and stood facing me in the center of the training hall.

He pointed his sword at me with an intrigued expression and said.

“I have been looking forward to the day when the Federation of Small and Medium Business Associations will visit Hwayang Sangdan again.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Let’s take a look at how much progress has been made in the martial arts of Hwa Sohyeop.”

Hwadaerang kicked off the ground with great enthusiasm and quickly swung his sword.

Red energy rippling along the surface of the sword.

The sword became much clearer than what I had seen before.

‘It looks like the state has been completely taken care of while we haven’t seen each other.’

With a smile on my face, I swung the damro and took away Hwadaerang’s sword.

It was worthwhile taking the time to teach him.

I felt a sense of stability when I took a step, and the movement of doing the first move became much simpler.

Even though he only showed one movement, it was clearly visible.

Hwadaerang has grown incomparably since the last time I saw him.


The sword clashed with the sword, emitting a sharp metallic sound.

Perhaps because it was a martial art based on the red fire god technique, I felt the heat just from the confrontation.

I unexpectedly dove into the gap between the opponent and raised my sword to cut him.

Hwadaerang, who did not panic and blocked the attack, stepped back and bit Shinhyeong.

‘Distance control has also become much more proficient than before.’

My body stiffened from the tension and I couldn’t move or spread the distance further than necessary.

Then, he went on to block the opponent’s movements with appropriate checks.

It wasn’t just that the level was raised.

As I made decisions that suited the situation at each time, even if I used the same martial arts technique, its effectiveness was not comparable to before.


I thought it would be okay to push a little harder.

I unfolded the Wolyeonggeom’s Chosik, blocking Hwadaerang’s view and immediately cutting into his side.


The sword clashed with the sword, emitting a strong collision sound.

Hwadaerang’s new model was pushed away, leaving long marks on the ground.

I let out an inward exclamation.

Although he had the upper hand in the power struggle and pushed his opponent away, he did not actually inflict much damage.

Hwadaerang ignored the waves of illusions, accurately identified my location, and launched a counterattack.

I remembered that my ability to distinguish between truth and truth was excellent before, but not to this level.

If it had been Hwa Dae-rang in the past, he would have been fooled by the illusion fluttering before his eyes and made useless moves.

“Ugh… As expected, there is still a long way to go to follow the movements of the small cooperatives.”

“It looks like you have had several fights with a high-level expert.”

“How did you know?”

“I just thought I couldn’t make this much progress just by practicing alone.”

“I had several opportunities to receive teachings from the nuns of Botaam.”

It seems that the owner of Hwayang Sangdan spent a lot of money to invite Botaam masters.

After all, money was good.

I narrowed my eyes and walked toward Hwadaerang.

“I think we can push it a little harder.”

“…Please be gentle.”

The next moment, I stood behind Hwadaerang and swung my sword.

In Hwadaerang’s eyes, it would have looked like my new model had disappeared like smoke in its place.

The method of Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi (以形換位).

The great Hwadaerang turned his sword around his left foot and swung his sword at them.


Unlike before, Hwadaerang was unable to maintain his posture and stumbled.

I didn’t miss the opportunity and plunged my fist into his side.


Hwadaerang, who was rolling around on the ground unsightly, coughed a little and raised his upper body.

Although he managed to spread his left hand to protect his side, he would not have been able to completely escape the shock.

“This much!”

Gritting his teeth, Hwadaerang stood up and straightened his posture, pointing his sword at me.

I nodded and used Lee Hyeong-hwanwi’s technique again and moved behind him.

Blah blah blah blah!

A heavy collision sound continued to echo throughout the training ground.

* * *

After exchanging approximately two hundred seconds, Hwadaerang let go of the sword in his hand and collapsed to the ground.

Because we controlled our strength, we were able to withstand two hundred seconds. If not, we wouldn’t have been able to last even ten seconds.

“How is it.”

“Honestly, I was surprised. “At this level, you will be able to hear the sound of coriander wherever you go.”

“I am proud that the small cooperative says so, and that all my efforts have been rewarded.”

A smile appeared on Hwadaerang’s face.

He asked, lying down on the floor.

“If I do, will you take me with you now?”

“What does it mean.”

“Didn’t you promise? “I will make a place for myself and wait for you.”


I remembered the conversation I had with him before leaving Zhejiang.

[When you have developed enough skills and can announce to the outside world the complete cure of the Hwa Sohyeop, then please come to the Murim Alliance. We will prepare a meeting for the small group and wait for you.]

[You must keep that promise.]

The fact that Hwadaerang was completely cured had already been announced to the outside world.

Even though I didn’t see him, his skills improved to the point where I couldn’t recognize him.

‘Now it’s my turn to keep my promise.’

I made a troubled expression and scratched my cheek with my index finger.

I was worried about what answer to give.

‘My status is not yet high enough to provide a position commensurate with Hwadaerang’s level.’

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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