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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 194

Episode 194:

A man and a woman stood facing each other in the center of the training hall.

One person is Changin Dojang, a former disciple of the Jeomchang school.

The other person is Tang Seo-yeon, a direct blood relative of the Sacheon Dang family.

Changin Dojang pulled out a sword from his waist with a shocked expression.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“If something goes wrong with your personal life during the meeting…”

I laughed in my heart.

Who cares about whom?

“Do not worry. “I won’t hold a grudge against the outcome of the fight and harm the master.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Let’s get started quickly. “It’s a waste of time.”

Despite Dang Seo-yeon’s dismissal, Chang-in Dojang showed hesitation.

It was no wonder he felt anxious.

The other person is a direct blood relative of the Tang family and the biological granddaughter of the King of Poison.

‘It’s not that I don’t understand that feeling.’

In the past, it wasn’t because I had any good reason to avoid Dangseoyeon, who bothered me by suggesting bimu.

Originally, human beings had different mindsets when entering and leaving a back yard.

After losing in a match, mothballs who held grudges against their opponents were widespread throughout the central plains.

What if Tang Seo-yeon decides to get revenge on Chang-in Dojang?

Not only the Changin Dojang himself, but the entire Jeom Chang Sect could have been in trouble.


Changin Dojang looked back at me with sad eyes.

It seemed like I would never be able to start dancing like this.

“Then how about something like this? “If you have a notary, you can focus on your duties with peace of mind.”

“Do you intend for the Sacheon branch manager to take on the role of notary public?”

Changin Dojang asked back carefully.

I could clearly see that he was worried that Dang Seo-yeon and I might be playing a trick.

“Of course not. So the Dojang won’t be able to rest assured.”

“…I’m not saying this because I don’t particularly trust the branch leader.”

As I watched him trying to clean up after a beat, I couldn’t help but laugh.

After comforting Changin Dojang with kind words, I headed straight to the branch’s lodgings.

A little bit has passed since then.

I showed up at the training hall again, taking with me Geomhu (劍后), who was resting at the lodgings.

Geomhu looked at Changin Dojang and Tang Seoyeon alternately with interesting eyes.

“So, are you asking me to act as the referee for the fight between those two from now on?”


“Sounds like fun.”

Finally, Changin Dojang sighed in relief and regained his bearings.

It seems that they judged that if a person of the rank of a prosecutor took on the role of a notary, there would be no problem at all.

“I will give up who goes first.”

Changin Dojang waved the tip of his sword and provoked Tang Seo-yeon.

A furrow was carved between Dangseomyeon’s eyebrows.

The Tang family’s basic strategy for dealing with Germans was to fight quickly and make a quick decision.

When fighting a warrior skilled in poison poisoning, it was better to see the outcome as quickly as possible.

Even though he couldn’t have known that, Changin Dojang said he would give up the first strike.

In other words, he was showing confidence that he would never be defeated.

‘That’s right.’

Not only was she the same age, but she was also a woman.

It was no wonder that Changin Dojang was caught off guard.

‘You’re digging your own grave.’

Changin Dojang’s remarks could have been felt as an insult depending on how you listened to them.

And Tang Seo-yeon was a blood relative of the Tang family, which was famous for its outrageous family customs.

‘It would be difficult if the fighting got so intense that Changin Dojang got seriously injured. If the situation arises, I may have to intervene.’

Except for me, Tang Seo-yeon was a strong contender among the later indexes.

It never occurred to me that she would lose in the fight.


Tang Seo-yeon shook her arm once, and a dagger that came from an unknown source was caught in her hand.


The next moment, a sharp metallic sound rang out.

Changin Dojang looked at the dagger that had fallen to the ground and Tang Seo-yeon alternately with a surprised expression.

He seemed surprised by the power that went far beyond what he had imagined.

Seo-yeon Dang calmly widened the distance between herself and Chang-in Dojang and continued to memorize.

The basic tactics were similar to those used when fighting with me in the past.

Instead of giving up distance, he pushes his opponent step by step.

Changin Dojang, who came to his senses belatedly, kicked the ground and rushed forward, but the gap between them was hardly narrowed.


Dozens of reflections filled the front of the dojo, which was a window.

The spearman, who avoided it by rolling on the ground awkwardly, hit the ground with his left hand and lifted himself up from the recoil.


A dagger barely grazed the shoulder of the chieftain.

The uniform was torn and drops of blood formed on the exposed skin.

Changin Dojang chased after Tang Seo-yeon, memorizing the words with a more cautious expression.

‘It’s a drawing that wins easily.’

As I was watching the dance, I drew a soft smile on my face.

The Changin Dojo has definitely become stronger than when it faced me at the Yongbong branch.

However, the extent of growth was not as extreme as that of Tang Seoyeon.

‘I think my skills have improved even though I haven’t seen him.’

It was truly an incredible growth rate.

Did he receive separate martial arts instruction from the King of Poison?

Geomhu, who was watching the dance from the side, let out a low exclamation.

She probably had a rough idea of Tang Seo-yeon’s level.

It made no sense that she, who recognized my level, could not recognize Tang Seo-yeon’s level.

Nevertheless, the reason she looks so surprised is probably because Tang Seo-yeon’s capabilities are much higher than she vaguely thought.

It was not simply that the level of martial arts was high.

Situational judgment, knack for using herbivorous skills, skill in psychologically pushing the opponent, etc.

There wasn’t a single thing missing.

Not all peak peaks were the same.

It couldn’t even be compared to the poisonous snake sword that kidnapped the heavenly woman in the past.

Soon the decision was reached.

In the end, Changin Dojang, who was unable to close the distance to Tang Seo-yeon, took a deep breath and lowered his sword.

“… … “I lost.”

It was a bland ending.

This meant that the skill gap between the two sides was large.

In fact, Changin Dojo was not as seriously injured as it seemed.

My uniform was in tatters and my skin had only a few scratches.

Nevertheless, the reason he meekly admitted defeat was simple.

Because I realized that the other person had a situation in his hands.

If Tang Seo-yeon had used poison, he would have collapsed and crawled on the floor a long time ago.

Geomhu nodded once and declared in a calm voice.

“victor. “Dang Seo-yeon.”

Changin Dojang gave the sword with a confused expression.

His pride must have been greatly hurt because he lost so lopsidedly after showing such a confident attitude.

I muttered to myself as I stared at his lonely back leaving the training ground.

‘This isn’t enough.’

** *

Late at night.

I went to the accommodation where Hong Seong-hyeon was staying.

Hong Seong-hyeon, probably surprised by the sudden visit, hurriedly cleaned up the room and offered me a seat.

“What brings you to see me at this hour?”

“There is one thing I would like to ask of you.”

“Are you asking me a favor?”

“I’d like you to do some hand painting and mixing.”


There was a doubt in Hong Seong-hyeon’s eyes.

I explained the situation step by step in a humorous voice.

Hong Seong-hyeon, who heard the entire explanation, looked embarrassed.

“Are you suggesting a secret dance to lower the Changin Dojo’s self-esteem?”

“That’s right. “We decided to hold a total of three dances, two days apart.”

“It’s not easy to understand. It would have been an offer that Changin Dojo had no reason to accept. “There is no benefit, is there?”

“Even if I didn’t like it, I would have had no choice but to accept it. Depending on what I say to Jang Mun-in of the Jeomchang faction in the future, his treatment will vary. “Until the mission is completed, Changin Dojang will have to criticize me and crawl if I have to.”


“Anyway, Changin Dojang’s first dance partner was Dang Sojeo. And I’m thinking of picking Warrior Hwang as my next opponent.”

Hwang Ho-jin, the son of Namhakgeom.

If I could see his skills with my own eyes, I would have been able to easily overpower Changin Dojang.

“So you’re saying I have to take charge of the last one.”

“That’s right.”

“Branch manager.”

“Please speak.”

“…It’s a bit hard to say this, but I think it would be better to find someone else.”

Hong Seong-hyun, who hesitated for a while, sighed softly and said.

His expression became noticeably gloomy, perhaps because he thought he had failed to live up to his expectations.

“Honestly, I’m not confident I’ll win.”


“I saw a Changin Dojo match at the Yongbong Branch. “I’m angry, but I’m not as good as him now.”

I crossed my arms and stared at Hong Seong-hyeon for a while.

It wasn’t wrong.

Although they were the top winners of the same Yongbong branch, there was a clear gap between Hong Seong-hyeon and Changin Dojang.

If the two were to face each other right now, it would most likely be Changin Dojo who would win.

“If the goal is to lower the self-esteem of the Changin Dojang, I should win the competition. But…”

“Rather, that is why I chose Sohyup as the last runner.”

“yes? “What do you mean by that?”

“Perhaps Changin Dojo will find the reason for his defeat from factors other than himself.”

Tang Seo-yeon was a direct blood relative who inherited the Tang family’s vision.

Hwang Ho-jin was much older than Chang-in Dojang.

Because there was a clear excuse, it was difficult to destroy Changin Dojang’s self-esteem with just the two of them.

That’s why I chose Hong Seong-hyun as the last runner.

Poor origin and background. Younger than Changin Dojang.

He was the person who met all the conditions.

“That’s why we will be even more shocked if we lose to Sohyeop.”

“Isn’t that assuming that I win?”

“Of course.”

“As I said a little while ago, my skills are not up to the level of the Changin Dojo.”

“Probably Changin Dojang has the same thoughts as Sohyup. “I saw Sohyeop having s.e.x with Hwangjangdaewon during the day.”


“So there is a chance of victory. Impatience caused by two defeats. “If you add a feeling of disdain for small cooperatives, you will definitely see a gap.”

“I don’t know if things will work out that easily. “I think this is too hopeful an observation.”

“What the cooperative said is correct. So, I would like to use one additional secret.”

“Secret plan?”

“There is a way to take your martial arts skills to the next level in four days.”

“Is there such a way?”

Hong Seong-hyun showed a skeptical expression.

I nodded with a faint smile on my face.

“You said that before when Sohyeop asked you to accompany him on a mission. He followed my lead and applied to the Sacheon branch. “I have been working hard to prove my worth.”


“Actually, I felt a little sorry when I heard that. “I think I may have been too indifferent to Sohyeop all this time.”

“Please stop talking. “There is no reason for the branch manager to feel sorry for me.”

“I know that the cooperative has worked harder than anyone else in the branch. So I would like to give you a small reward.”


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