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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 202

Episode 202

“That’s amazing. “Not even a day has passed.”

“I have caught the evil beasts as promised. Now it is the Chief’s turn to keep his promise.”

“…I guess so.”

The Harel tribe chief, who was looking at me and the group with a wary expression, reluctantly nodded.

He said, looking back at the warrior standing behind him.

“Open the door.”


After passing through the open door and entering the wooden fence, the first thing that came into view were the tribal warriors with expressions of a mixture of hostility and anxiety.

There were several people who were putting their hands on the weapons flag so that they could go out if the situation occurred to them.

It seemed like he still didn’t trust the delegation.

‘Well, I wasn’t really expecting any hospitality.’

All he wants is an apology from the chieftain and to be treated as a guest.

Although no one was speaking, they were exhausted from several days of forced march.

I desperately needed some time to relax.

After some time, the chief came down from the fence and appeared in front of me and the group.

The demonic cultists who had been suppressed by the Blood Blade knelt before him.

“Seven people in total. “The numbers are just right.”

The chief muttered quietly and suddenly bowed his head.

The atmosphere was somewhat serious, but the posture was quite awkward.

“I have heard that warriors in the central plains take their bows in this way.”


“He was hostile to the delegation for no reason and made remarks that seemed to ignore the representative of the delegation. “I apologize to everyone.”

It seems that he was not familiar with the etiquette of the central region.

Still, I could tell that he was trying to show some sincerity, so I decided not to point it out.

“I accept your apology. “Just raise your head now.”

The chief returned to his stance and signaled to the warriors behind him with a hand gesture.

The warriors, who hesitated for a moment, took five or six steps back to clear the way.

It was not difficult for my group and I to recognize that this was an act that meant ‘we will welcome the delegation as guests.’

“Now, I want you to hand over the personal security of the evil beasts.”

“Before that, there is one thing I need to tell you first.”


“You promised to pay an appropriate reward if you catch the evil beasts.”

“Of course I remember. I have no intention of changing my words now, so don’t worry. Although there is no gold or silver treasure, many valuable medicinal herbs grow naturally in the territory of the Harel tribe. “If you take it to the midfield and sell it, it will make a lot of money.”

“The herbs are fine. “I would like to be paid something else.”


“I will hand over everyone else’s personal information. Please let us take the leader of the beasts.”

“……What does it mean?”

The chief’s eyes became sharp.

The warriors standing behind also did not hide their discomfort and clearly revealed it.

It was a natural reaction.

To them, Jeolyounggaek was their enemy who murdered their colleague.

However, there was a reason why we could not back down from this side.

Isn’t it impossible to give up on the talent you have acquired?

“I mean it literally. “We will take care of the man over there.”

“Can I hear why?”

“You may not know, Chief, but they are demons.”

“Magic? “I didn’t feel any magic at all…”

“Not all magicians learn magic. In particular, military personnel in foreign hospitals who are frequently dispatched on missions often learn Jeongjongsimbeop.”


“I think the Chief knows that the Baekdo Murim is currently waging war against the Demon Cult. “I know that the Harel tribe’s residents hate them, but we have a duty to escort him to the Murim Alliance’s headquarters.”

The chief, who had been staring at me in silence for a while, scratched the back of his head with his left hand.

It must have been quite a troubling situation from his perspective.

Isn’t the person being taken away not someone else but the leader of the evil beasts?

If you agree to my words in front of the tribesmen, the backlash that will follow is obvious, and you cannot simply ignore the delegation’s wishes.

After thinking for a moment, he spoke in a calm voice.

“I understand the delegation’s position. However, even on this side, we cannot simply give in. “I think you will understand the reason without me having to tell you.”

“We are the ones who caught them in the first place. “This is also a big concession.”

“Then let me make a suggestion. “Why not decide right and wrong with a dance?”


“Representatives from both sides will be selected to compete, and the winning side will be the new recruit of the demon cultist. “I think this is a pretty good offer. What do you think?”

Should we really say that he is a person who stands at the peak of a power?

I couldn’t ignore the official record.

For a solution that I came up with in that short period of time, it was quite good.

‘I’m asking for help so I can at least have some respect for myself.’

Whether he won or lost, the chieftain had nothing to lose.

First of all, there will be no complaints from the tribesmen.

‘There’s nothing bad about this either.’

Southern Man warriors had a culture of revering the strong and respecting the winner of a fair fight.

I thought it would be better to tie the knot now than to incur the hatred of the tribesmen needlessly.

“great. “I will act as the representative of the delegation.”

“Are you saying you’re going to come forward yourself?”

“That’s right.”


The chieftain’s eyes narrowed.

He looked like he didn’t know why the young late Jisoo was leaving aside other prominent experts.

On the other hand, the members of the delegation did not show much agitation.

This was because they had previously seen me defeat four supreme masters in a row at the Sichuan branch.

“i get it. “Let’s set the stage right away.”

“If I win the competition, I will ask you one more favor.”

“Are you saying you’re going to add conditions?”

“As I said just now, we are the ones who caught the demon cultists. “In principle, we have the authority to dispose of them.”


“Nevertheless, we accepted the chief’s proposal considering the position of the Harel tribe. So shouldn’t the chief also show appropriate sincerity?”

“First, let’s listen to what you are asking for and then decide.”

As the opponent was a young man, it was easy to feel let down, but the chieftain of the Harel tribe showed a cautious attitude until the end.

I said with a faint smile on my face.

“I don’t mean to ask for such a big favor.”

* * *

A vacant lot located in the center of the tribe.

I stood facing the muscular giant with a length of distance between me.

“i look forward to.”

“Please please make me happy.”

When I politely bowed and bowed, an extremely arrogant response came back.

It seemed like he didn’t think he would lose.

ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!


The sound of drums echoing at regular intervals heightened the atmosphere.

The tribesmen surrounding the vacant lot cheered for Geohan with enthusiastic voices.

I untied the sword from my belt, placed it on the floor, and took a stance, clenching my fists.

The giant’s eyes suddenly turned grim.

“What does it mean?”

“Aren’t you a magistrate? “I thought it would be more exciting to use martial arts here too.”

“Are you ignoring me?”

“Is that possible?”

“Raise your sword right now.”

“I don’t like it. “No matter how I fight, it’s not my heart.”

“You will regret it.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

The chief, who was watching the exchange of nerves between me and the giant, announced the start of the dance in a low voice.

The giant leaped like an animal and swung both arms, aiming for my head.

‘You’re really underestimating me.’

It was a needlessly big move.

I clicked my tongue and punched the air repeatedly.

The sixth herbivorous pitching fist (透空拳).

The young Gwongyeok, who had a knack for attacking the empty space, struck the air and became entangled in the body of a giant.

Bub bub bub!

Heavy hitting sounds rang out in succession.

As the level rose and the total amount of internal energy increased, it was a herbivorous diet whose efficiency increased dramatically.

There was no comparison in power compared to when he faced Changin Dojang at Yongbong Branch.

‘There is nothing better than this to use to harass opponents of lower rank.’

The badly beaten giant fell to the ground, letting out a suppressed groan, unable to resist as he was in the air.


The sound of the drums stopped and the shouts died down.

A heavy silence hovered over the clearing.


The sound of the spectators swallowing dry saliva echoed loudly.


The giant, who struggled to raise his upper body, stared at me with an expression of disbelief.

It seemed like he had no idea that he would be dealt such a one-sided blow.

‘Well, just by looking at him, he looks twice as old as me.’

The giant took a breath and straightened his posture with a serious expression.

There was no longer any sign of ignoring me in his eyes.

‘It’s worth praising that speculation hasn’t died.’

Even though the gap was revealed, Geohan did not appear to be intimidated.

He must have known.

The probability of winning this fight is infinitely close to zero.

“I apologize.”

“What do you mean?”

“Failure to recognize the strong and commit rudeness.”

I thought he would either be very scared or excited and rush at me, but the giant’s reaction was neither.

Certainly, the warriors of Nanman were different from the prideful warriors of the political faction.

I quite liked the trend of obediently acknowledging the other person’s skills.


The giant let out a powerful shout and extended his fist towards me.

I slightly twisted my body and pushed away the other person’s arm with my left hand.

At the same time, he hit his chin with his tightly clenched right hand.


The giant’s head suddenly bent.

The upper body is exposed defenselessly.

Immediately, he unleashed his first attack of force and struck the opponent.

The first herbivorous digging tool.

The power of the government, with the mighty power of 10,000 won, was thrust into the abdomen of a giant.


The giant flew out, blood spurting from his mouth, and rolled on the floor in an awkward manner.

I lightly shook my hands and looked in the direction where the chief was.

He stared at the fainting giant, drooling, and spoke as if making a declaration.

“victor. “Yeonhwaun.”

The atmosphere in the vacant lot became cold.

The frozen images of the tribesmen came into view as if I had seen an unbelievable sight.

‘They won’t like this result.’

Rather than being equal, it was a one-sided fight.

Even worse, the person who lost was not me, but the representative of the Harel tribe.

As a result of this meeting, the new recruit of the beast who killed the tribe’s warrior was transferred to the mission.

It would have been a difficult situation for the tribesmen to easily accept.

‘I’m tired.’

Because I had been dancing without getting proper rest, I was quite tired.

I was about to leave the clearing with a small sigh.


Yeonsun! Yeonsun! Yeonsun!

A deafening roar filled the clearing.

There were even people chanting my name.

I ended up making a bewildered expression at the unexpected reaction.


Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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