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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 213

Episode 213:



The sharply forged blade dug into the shoulder of an older warrior.

The warrior who was stepping back, clutching his shoulder with a deep stab wound, glared at the masked man who had made a sneak attack and asked.

“Who are you?”


“For what purpose did you attack me?”

No answer came back.

The masked man who was staring at the warrior quietly left the barracks and disappeared.

“Damn it.”

The warrior, who was groaning in pain and glaring at the masked man’s back, let out a soft curse.

The seriously injured warrior decided that it would be difficult for him to participate in the competition any longer, and eventually told the organizers of the event that he would withdraw.


Same time.

Exclusive accommodation for VIPs in the Beast Palace.

The old warrior, who had been devouring the food handed to him by his squire, let out a painful groan as he clutched the back of his neck.

After suffering for a while, he finally fell, hitting his head on the table.

His bluish face suggested that he had been poisoned.

An unpleasant incident occurred to several fighters who participated in the competition.

Although only two days have passed since the competition was held, there have already been more than a dozen victims.

Warriors belonging to the military department were dispatched to determine the truth of the incident, but no significant results were achieved.

Not only did the evil beasts leave no traces, but the biggest factor was the absurd lack of investigative personnel.

Most people were busy managing and supervising the hastily prepared event.

There was no time to worry about every little incident.

“I had expected this situation to happen to some extent, but…”

Hwa Ga-won, the military master of the Beast Palace, clicked his tongue and buried himself in the back of the chair.

As I listened to the news delivered by my subordinates, I felt a headache.

Although I sincerely advised that there should be no quarrels of any kind until the competition is over.

“Isn’t this an issue where the palace’s authority is at stake? “I guess I thought it was not the time to choose between means and methods.”

Across from me, the city warrior said with a wry smile.

Huigawon nodded and straightened his posture.

“Either way, things have to be resolved.”

“How can I handle it?”

“How are you sleeping? Isn’t this an issue that has no benefit from being known to the outside world? “Conceal it as much as possible.”

“All right.”

“I don’t know what kind of trouble I’m going through in my later years. “When the palace lord was on active duty, there was no one who would dare do something like this.”

A heavy sigh echoed throughout the office.

* * *

We finished the preliminaries safely.

I looked around, wiping the sweat from my face with the towel that Changin Dojang gave me.

‘It’s gotten quite a bit of attention.’

All the warriors in the waiting room were glancing this way.

It was a natural reaction.

In the first round of preliminaries, I knocked out all the participants except myself.

In the second round of the preliminary round, he competed against as many as seven warriors and won.

‘I can’t help but feel wary.’

Even though it was a rule that was not necessary, it produced a large number of dropouts as if to show off.

It goes without saying how the warriors who watched it from the stands felt.


Curiosity Fear Hostility.

It was difficult to find even a favorable look.

If he hadn’t been wearing a mask, he might have been cheered like he was in the Harel tribe.

I guess the biggest reason they were wary of me was because of my suspicious-looking clothes.

‘No matter how much the Namman warriors reverence their power, they can’t help but feel uncomfortable when an unknown stranger is nearby.’

It was a time when I was taking a leisurely rest, wiping the blood from my gauntlets.

A mumbling noise was heard from outside the waiting room.

Feeling excited, I sensed a presence outside the door and narrowed my brows slightly.

A person radiating a familiar aura was approaching the waiting room.

The heavy stone door opened and a large man strode into the room.

The warriors who recognized the man’s identity all held their breath.

“I watched the match well. “It was quite impressive.”

The eldest son of Lord Beast Palace, Duke Wu Jiajin.

I met his gaze with narrowed eyes.

I couldn’t figure out what I was thinking when I came all the way to Ye.

He must have known that it would not be good for the princess’s child to pretend to know me, who participated in the competition while hiding his identity.

“What is your name?”

I laughed inwardly.

It was a question that clearly revealed its intention.

It seems that Woo Ga-jin wanted to pretend that he and I were seeing each other for the first time today.

“It’s called Seogon.”

I bowed my head politely and gave the pseudonym I had prepared in advance.

First of all, I was thinking of getting along with it appropriately.

“I’m looking forward to a match with you.”

“Did you come to me in person to say that?”

“Do we need any more reasons than that?”


He seemed to have a burning desire to win after watching my match out of fear that someone might think he was a martial arts fanatic.

Unable to control his temper, he goes to the other person and provokes them.

He is not a hot-blooded young man who appears in some charlatan magazine.

‘He’s a man who is old enough…’

In a way, he was the most warrior among the five brothers.

To be honest, I was also looking forward to the match with him.

Did you say that a good father has no knowledge?

As befits the Beast Prince’s son, he possessed great inaction.

‘A master who is on the verge of becoming an absolute master.’

I was able to be sure by watching the preliminaries he played earlier.

That he was one of the strongest fighters who participated in the competition.

Perhaps, even if we face off against a swordsman, we can achieve superiority?

-I’ll tell you right now. You definitely have to come up to where I am. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what I will do.


I felt absurd.

Is this a threat or encouragement?

-I will not tolerate defeat. If you are thinking of joining hands with other brothers and abstaining on purpose, I would recommend that you stop.

-Do not worry. That won’t happen.

-Let me keep you looking forward to it.

Woo Ga-jin smiles, showing her teeth.

As I stared at his back as he leisurely left the waiting room, as if all his business had been accomplished, I muttered in my heart.

‘At least he doesn’t have the personality to engage in behind-the-scenes work. Unlike my younger brothers.’

* * *

Late at night.

Hwang Bo-kyung, who was walking through a deserted mountain, looked back and asked.

“Have you finished preparing everything?”


“The bait is ready and the net is completed. Now all that remains is to lure those insolent b*stards and catch them.”

When he gave a signal with a glance, the warriors lined up behind him all spread out and hid around him.

About half an hour passed.

“Elder Hwangbo.”

“You arrived later than expected.”

“Did things go well?”

About a dozen warriors appeared around Hwang Bo-kyung.

Everyone was wearing night clothes, masks, and curved swords dyed black.

Hwang Bo-kyung, who swept them aside with a disapproving look, nodded and answered.

“of course. “He will appear here soon, so get ready.”

“Thank you for your cooperation. “I’ll give you a big thank you when the work is done.”

“The way you talk is quite annoying. “Your master, this Confucius, also did not treat me with respect.”


Ilyoung, the leader of the masked people, laughed inwardly.

They say I have an authoritarian personality.

He was very blatantly treating me like a subordinate.

Hwang Bo-kyung, who had been exchanging nerves with the warriors for a while, slowly turned her head and looked in the opposite direction.

“You’re coming.”


There was a look of puzzlement on Ilyoung’s expression.

I tried to cheer up, but there was no sign of being caught.

I couldn’t figure out what was coming.

“I’ll just get out of here. “There is nothing good about them seeing me.”

The next moment, something amazing happened.

Hwang Bo-kyung’s new form disappeared as if melting into thin air.

While Ilyoung looks around in panic.

“Who are you?”

About a dozen men suddenly appeared across from me.

Ilyoung opened her eyes wide.

I can’t believe you don’t notice the other person’s presence until you get this close.

It was my first time experiencing something like this.

I felt like I was possessed by a ghost.


The masked people all pulled out their curved swords.

To keep up, the group that appeared on the other side also each pulled out a weapon and held it in their hands.

‘What is this?’

Ilyoung’s eyes trembled slightly.

I couldn’t understand the situation.

The group that appeared on the other side was wearing clothes that were quite similar to their own.

Night clothes, masks, and even weapons painted black.

“Hwang Bo-kyung! “How on earth did this happen?”

I shouted and called, but there was no answer.

The person presumed to be the leader of the group lined up opposite him muttered, his eyes distorted.

“……Hwang Bo-kyung?”

It was a single bido that broke the imminent standoff.

The rain that flew in without a sound pierced the knee of the leading warrior.


A man collapses in place, screaming.

The masked people, indignant that their colleague was attacked, roared and rushed toward the opposing camp.


“You guys! “I’ll kill them all!”

Nearly twenty people came together and started fighting.

Kaang! Let’s go!

A harsh metallic sound and screams echoed throughout the area.


The young man who was hiding in the fantasy camp and watching the scene let out a soft exclamation.

He, who was watching the fight with his face pressed against an iron wire, slowly looked to the side and said.

“It went as planned, Elder.”

“I feel a little better now.”

The old man, Hwang Bo-kyung, chuckled with a satisfied expression.

“You idiots. “I don’t think they’ll try to take advantage of me just because I gave them a little favor.”


Young Damun tilted his head.

You flattered me?

After showing such a high-handed attitude?

“They are truly unpleasant and arrogant. Did they really think I would do what they wanted? “I thought that someone might be a barbarian…”

“I never thought the elder would ask us for help.”

“Then did you think I would betray the delegation by falling for the barbarians’ trick? “How on earth have you been looking at me all this time?”

The old man, Hwang Bo-kyung, frowned and responded bluntly.

Damwoon, unable to find anything to say in response, awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

Hwang Bo-kyung seemed to be satisfied with the response and snorted, “Hmph.”

“What can I do? Due to the decision of the Sichuan branch leader, all Hwangjangdae members were left behind at the Yunnan branch. “I can’t deal with that many people alone.”


“It was said, ‘Iijei (以夷制夷).’ We can just let the barbarians fight amongst themselves. “We just have to wait until they get tired and then clean up after them.”

Yeo So-ok, who was eavesdropping on the conversation between Damun and Hwang Bo-kyung from behind, burst into laughter.

I wondered what was going on because he suddenly asked for help.

I had no idea that he was preparing such a plan without others knowing.

The most surprising thing was that the person who led this plan was none other than Hwang Bo-kyung.

‘I thought he was just an old man who always complains about his wasted days.’

The masked people who appeared earlier were shadows belonging to the faction led by this Confucius.

The group that appeared next were members of the faction led by the Three Princes.

To put it simply, Hwang Bo-kyung planned and executed a plan to screw over the heads of the ‘two factions’ who approached her.

I was looking forward to seeing what the two Confucius and the Three Confucius would look like when they found out about this.

‘Well, I don’t think he won the position of elder of the Five Great Families by gambling.’

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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