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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 222

Episode 222’s

semifinal match ended so simply that it was frustrating.

This was because the opposing participant declared abstention.

It was a natural result.

Because the opponent was a member of the Shi Gongja faction.

[Are you saying you will abstain?]

[Yes. I suffered severe internal injuries in a previous fight. I am in no condition to continue the match.]

To me, it only seemed like a flimsy excuse, but it was still a reason that the audience could understand this time.

If he had withdrawn for insincere reasons like in the third match of the finals, he would have been booed.

‘Well, it doesn’t really matter whether I get criticized or not.’

I saw the great effect of joining hands with the master.

The third match and the semifinals of the finals.

I ate as many as two matches raw.

Now all that’s left is the finals.

It won’t be long until we finish our mission and return to the central plain.


The cheers of the audience filled the stadium.

The second semifinal match was very intense.

The representative warriors of the three Confucius’ factions fought against one Confucius.

Every time Confucius swung the curved sword, there was a loud noise.

The opposing warrior also did not lose and struck back by swinging a large ax filled with strong energy.

The fight continued so tightly that over 200 sums were exchanged, and the excitement was contagious to the audience.

Kwakwakwak! bang!

The end of the match, which seemed like it would last forever, has come to an end.

Confucius pushed forward without giving up on victory and eventually defeated his opponent.

He placed the curved sword on the fallen warrior’s neck and licked his lips.

I couldn’t hear it because it was far away, but it seemed like they were urging me to surrender.

It was a very different attitude from when he brutally killed his opponent in the third match of the finals.

He was said to be a person who was infinitely generous to those he recognized, and it seemed like that was true.

The warrior who declared defeat with a disappointed expression left the match with his shoulders drooping.

“victor! “Wugajin!”

The elder of the Beast Palace, who took on the role of judge, shouted in a voice full of energy.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

Crowds chanting the name of Confucius.

Confucius, who was standing still and catching his breath as if enjoying the afterglow, turned his gaze towards the audience.

I took a moment to look at the Three Confucius as he left the audience, swearing, and then he turned to look at me with a fierce smile on his face.


Now that I think about it, I had a lot of unpleasant matches in a short period of time.

I thought it would be nice to have a fair stage where everyone can fully demonstrate their abilities in the finals.

* * *

Noon the next day.

“You finally made it this far.”

“I won and came up as you hoped.”

“I really wanted to compete against a midfield powerhouse just once.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind? “It looks like you used up quite a bit of energy in the semifinal match.”

“No problem. “I got enough rest to recover.”

The finals have finally begun.

Confucius Yu Ji-jin pulled out the curved sword from his back and held it in his hand.

I knew this as I watched his matches.

Every time that huge curved sword is swung, a violent wind rages.


Low bowed posture.

The bald head shining in the sunlight caught the eye.

It was an appearance that had never been shown in previous matches.

I hung the sword in my hand and observed the opponent’s movements closely.


As soon as the horn sounded, Confucius’s new form disappeared like a ghost.

To be exact, it was moving so fast that it felt like it had disappeared.

‘Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi (以形換位).’


The sword energy that poured out roughly scraped the ground.

I flew to the side, out of range of the attack, and then unleashed my Wolyeonggeom herbivorous attack to keep my opponent in check.

April, the twelfth herbivorous month.

The illusion of a sword fluttering like a dance covered the entire face of Prince Il.

“Do you think you can fool me with such shallow water?”

An illusion that is torn apart in an instant.

Gongja I, who had narrowed the distance in an instant, raised his curved sword and slashed.

The energy flowing along the blade rose and took on a clear shape.


The moment the sword and sword collided, a huge shock wave swept through the area.


Because my posture was relatively unstable, I lost the battle of strength.

Floating into the air, I clicked my tongue and poured out the Wolyeonggeom’s herbivores again.

The twentieth herbivorous month.

Dozens of strands of sword energy poured down to the ground.

Prince I burst into laughter and kicked the ground.

He soared up, clad in self-defense, and stretched out his left hand.


I never thought they would choose to attack me head on.

No matter how much you boost your energy and protect your body, you can’t avoid being harmed.

Yukchambone (肉斬骨斷).

The intention to give up the flesh and take the bones was clearly revealed.


Likewise, when I stretched out my left hand to catch it, a heavy shock traveled through my shoulders and into my intestines.

Using the recoil to increase the distance between me and my opponent, I managed to correct my balance and land on the ground.

Chimi suppressed the feeling of nausea and raised her sword.

Before I knew it, Confucius had penetrated into the gap and was drawing the curved sword diagonally.

Quang! Kwakwakwak!

The ground beneath my feet sank.

My knees bent slightly because of the weight.

‘Once they get the win, they push themselves so hard.’

I decided that if I wanted to overcome the situation, I would have no choice but to overdo it.

He swung his sword wide and pushed the opponent away, then took a step back, widening the distance, and unleashed a powerful attack with the Wolyeong Sword.

The 19th herbivorous month (播月).

Sword energy spread out in all directions and swept the area.

Confucius’ response was the same as before.

Instead of retreating, he pushed in like a bull.

Seeing him digging into the side as if he wasn’t going to let me go, I swung my arm so fast that the sound of the sword sounded.

The ninth herbivorous month.

A thin membrane covering the sides was formed.

At first glance, it looks like the sword membrane, which is a net of sword energy, has been spread out, but in reality, it was just a herbivore that gave the illusion that the sword membrane was spread out.

Since it was just an illusion, it had no meaning unless the other person was deceived.

Confucius Il’s thick eyebrows rose sharply.


He stretched out his curved sword with an eerie smile on his lips.

As if it were natural, the curved sword that penetrated the illusion roughly dug into his side.


The next moment, a look of embarrassment appeared on Confucius’ face.

This is probably because the sensation conveyed through the fingertips is significantly different from what was expected.

‘I got caught.’

I pivoted with my left foot and kicked the opponent’s head.

Confucius, whose posture collapsed after an unreasonable attack, was unable to respond.

I let out the breath I had been holding when I saw the figure of Il Confucius rolling around on the ground without even being able to take the fall.

Depending on the type of herbivorous plant called Howol (護月), it could also be used as bait to attract an opponent.

Just like I guided the opponent’s movements just a moment ago.

Confucius may have thought that he had seen through the essence of herbivory and stretched out his curved sword, but in fact, I had formed a layer of brain energy beneath the illusion.

Naturally, the curved path was blocked by a curtain of brain energy.

I took advantage of that moment and counterattacked.


Confucius frowned and stood up, struggling to straighten his posture.

I got kicked in the head honestly.

Even if he had been armed with self-defense equipment, he would have suffered considerable damage.

just as expected.

Confucius shook his head vigorously as if trying to shake off his dizziness.

I took a short breath and kicked the ground.

I had no intention of giving myself time to adjust my posture.

If we keep pushing forward like this without stopping, we will be able to secure victory with ease.

It was then.

Suddenly, Confucius plunged the curved sword into the ground.

Then, his head tilted back as if he was being pulled from behind.


A noise like the growling of a wild beast penetrated my ears.

The mokuldae rang loudly and an enormous amount of energy rushed over my head.

A mouth opened to its limit like that of an animal.

‘Something is coming.’

Feeling that something is out of the ordinary, boosting your internal strength and protecting your whole body at the same time.


A roar erupted.

The energy contained in the sound waves violently swept through the area.



Screams erupted from everywhere.

It appears that some of the spectators who were watching the match suffered internal injuries.

It was a power beyond imagination.

It couldn’t even be compared to the sound skills previously shown by Young Eum Dae-won.

I clicked my tongue inwardly, wiping the blood running down the corner of my mouth with my sleeve.

‘The flow was interrupted.’

Should I really say that he is a child of the Beast Palace Lord?

It looked like they weren’t going to give up victory easily.

‘Yeah, it’s not fun if it gets resolved too easily.’

* * *

Boom! Kwa Gwa Bang! bang!

The battle progressed into a protracted battle.

Neither side could secure a clear victory.

I was purely amazed.

‘That’s amazing.’

Honestly, I didn’t expect the fight to last this long.

Not all flower scenes are the same.

Due to the nature of Baekrei Shingong, I had no choice but to gain an advantage over other martial artists of the same level.

Yet, Confucius I was fighting on equal footing with me.

He was indeed a warrior on the verge of absolute mastery.

If there is a beginning, there is also an end.

As nearly three hundred sums were exchanged, the superiority and inferiority gradually began to diverge.


Confucius let out a faint groan as he was pushed away, leaving long marks on the ground.

Blood was flowing down from large and small wounds all over his body.

It was truly an expression worthy of being a blood person.

“Let’s end this.”

He carried the curved sword on his shoulder and lifted his index finger as if provoking him.

It seemed impossible to believe that he had suffered serious injuries.

I nodded and held the sword with both hands.


The brain energy flowing along the surface of the sword was condensed into one point.

‘I will not fall for the provocation.’

Confucius, who instinctively felt wary, placed a strong flag on the surface of the curved island.

The atmosphere of the area was heavy with the spirit of the two fire fighter masters.

The standoff did not last long.

It was me who made the first move.

The game had to be won before the brain energy, which had the tendency to spread, dispersed.

The moment the white-hot sword was swung sideways.


A storm swept through the area.

A powerful blow that even absolute experts can’t help but feel threatened by.

Confucius’ new model flew away like a kite with a broken string.

The shattered curved island scattered in all directions.

It was a moment when there was a clear distinction between the winner and the loser.

* * *

The competition has ended.

Miscellaneous events followed and finally the closing ceremony was held.

A podium was set up in the center of the stadium, and key figures from the palace appeared one after another.

The person who hosted the closing ceremony was none other than Lord Beast Palace.

When he, who was said to have been sick due to old age, appeared on the official ship, a murmur spread through the audience.

“Seogon, the winner of the competition, please stand on the podium.”

The right guard spoke in a voice full of energy.

I climbed onto the platform with leisurely steps and made eye contact with the Beast Palace Lord.

As always, there were two guards on the left and right of the palace lord.

The elders and other executives were lined up like a folding screen at the back.

“Be polite. It’s in front of the palace lord.”

A friendly way of urging with a stern voice.

He immediately got down on one knee and bowed his head.

The palace owner, who was sitting on a fancy leather chair and looking down at me, opened her mouth softly.

“The winner of the competition will be awarded gold and silver treasures, elixirs, and the title of Great Warrior.”


“Is there anything else you want?

Since it’s been a while since you’ve made me happy, I’ll grant you one special wish.”

The palace executives looked perplexed at the unexpected declaration of the Beast Palace Lord.

On the other hand, the audience’s interest reached its peak.

Everyone waited for me to give an answer with expectant expressions on their faces.

“If you do, I will be shameless and ask you a favor.”

I slowly raised my head and said.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was for this moment that I asked the Beast Palace Lord to host the closing ceremony.

“Give me your daughter.”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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