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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 23

Episode 23


The demon’s hands tore the illusion into pieces.

However, from the beginning, April (娑月) was an herbivore that focused on deceiving the other person’s senses, not killing.

The illusion was just a means to deceive the other person’s eyes.

While the Demon of Eumsal was struggling in the air, I, who had bitten the Shinhyeong, stepped forward with all my might.


As I kicked up the cracked ground with my left foot, the rising dust covered the area.

You can’t fool the senses of a transcendent expert with just a speck of dust.

However, when dust gets into the eyes, the eyes become itchy, and when foreign substances enter the respiratory tract, breathing becomes disturbed.

There was no distinction between ordinary people and martial arts experts.

Of course, the story is a little different in the case of those who transcend human limitations and can wear self-defense skills.

‘If we can reduce the momentum even a little, that’s good.’

The first herbivorous current month.

The trajectory of the cane drew a gentle curve.

Perhaps because he realized that he had been deceived by an illusion, the devil with a scrunched up face lashed out with his left hand.


Just before the collision, I let go of the handle.

Unable to overcome the impact, the staff, which had been cut in half, spun around in the air.

‘I suffered internal injuries, so there is no reason to engage in a power struggle.’

I rolled on the ground to avoid the large figure that was attacking me like an angry beast.

I quickly corrected my posture and raised my head to see a palm the size of a pot lid flying towards my head.

He tilted his head to avoid the attack and then twisted the wrist that passed over his shoulder with both hands like a snake.


The demon of Eumsal immediately jumped off the ground and spun the new model once in the air.

By rotating the body in the direction of the force, the arm was prevented from breaking.

‘Damn old man. Very acrobatic.’

I thought it would be an effective move, but the opponent’s response was more agile than I imagined.

Strength, stamina, physique, practical experience, and even improvisation.

During his active years, Eumsalgwima was a complete powerhouse with no missing parts.


Immediately I let go of my hand and tried to widen the distance, but I was hit by the shoulder of the demon demon that was charging at me like a bull, and I was sent flying about three feet away.

I managed to correct my posture and landed on the ground, but this time a kick struck my abdomen.


Even though I blocked it with my crossed arms, the shock seeped into my bones.

The body was thrown back and rolled around on the floor miserably.

This time I didn’t even have time to correct my posture.

“Cough! Cough!”

The ground was stained red by the blood vomited.

Still, thanks to the increased distance, I was somehow able to get some time to catch my breath.

I grabbed my shaking legs and lifted myself up.

The Demon Demon, who was looking down at his hands and licking his lips as if he didn’t like something, suddenly let his upper body go limp.

With both hands bent like pitchforks and eyes flashing fiercely, it looked like a hungry hunting cat.

I swallowed dry saliva and stretched my fisted hand forward.

‘I’m really going to die at this rate.’

How much longer can I endure?

As soon as he could let out a groan, the demon’s hand invaded the gap.

‘This old man continues from before!’

Even though I was watching closely, I couldn’t tell the moment the opponent was attacking.

At first, I thought it was running in a straight line, but now I saw that it momentarily fell into a blind spot and then accelerated rapidly.

It seemed to be a trick and strategy that Eumsalgwima herself devised, which was different from the martial arts herbivorous technique.

‘Left side!’

Even though my level was relatively low, I wasn’t so foolish that I fell victim to the same techniques over and over again.

A dull sensation was felt in the fist I reflexively swung.

There was no time to turn my head to check.

Immediately, they spread the ghost beam to widen the gap and prepared for the next attack.


The next 20 seconds of battle.

The demon of Eumsal’s hand movements were fast and powerful.

I managed to block it or get it out, but as the collision continued, the internal injuries got worse and it became difficult to move.

“You rat!”

A loud roar bursts out.

The old man seemed annoyed because the fight took longer than expected.

Impatience was evident in the punching and kicking.

‘but. ‘I wonder if my pride will be hurt because I am behaving indecently in front of my subordinates.’

I pursed my lips and a laugh escaped.

His appearance overlapped with that of his second brother in a previous life, who was overly conscious of the gazes of those around him.

For some reason, my mind became more relaxed.

At the same time, I became cold.

‘There aren’t many herbivores that I can utilize right now.’

There are three main reasons why I have been protecting Sura Cheonsimsu.

First, it was because it was a martial art of Demonicism, second, because it was a manual skill that was difficult to demonstrate its power without reaching the level, and third, because there were many herbal skills that required enormous consumption of internal energy.

It goes without saying, but now that I have used up most of my internal energy, there aren’t many Sura Cheonsimsu herbivores that I can utilize.

‘Avoid what you can avoid and shed what you can. We seek ways to prevent even that from happening, but to reduce the impact as much as possible.’

As what can be done is limited, what needs to be done becomes clearer.

Defend rather than attack.

Basics rather than fancy herbivore operations.

Maximum efficiency with minimum consumption.

‘Even if we accept minor losses, we will never allow one decisive blow.’

My vision was blurry and my senses were dull, but my mind became clearer.

I was filled with joy from an inexplicable sense of elation.

A strange feeling, as if watching the fight from a third party’s perspective.


I felt confident.

I am confident that what I have gained through this fight will serve as a foundation for my growth in the future.

* * *

Man Il-ho, who was watching the fight between Yeon-woon and the Demon of Eumsal with his arms crossed, muttered quietly.

“That’s amazing.”

The words were not directed at the evil demon.

His gaze was fixed on Yeonsun, who was barely able to dodge the demon’s attack.

‘At first glance, it seems like we are being pushed back badly, but we are not allowing even fatal injuries.’

It was amazing.

I can’t believe that a boy who doesn’t even look like he’s made his mark can fight as hard as I do against the elder of the Ten Thousand Demon Palace.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

Considering the gap between the two sides, it was a fight that should have been decided within fifty or thirty seconds.

“You rat!”

But what about the situation unfolding before our eyes?

Even though the battle lasted for over 200 seconds, there was no sign of a conclusion.

The sight of the boy fending off the onslaught of the demon demon with precarious movements as if he would collapse at any moment was reminiscent of a jiangshi in a folktale.

‘On the other hand, the elder… has completely lost his senses.’

A wrinkled face flushed with excitement.

He looked like a child who was anxious because he couldn’t get the plaything he really wanted.

I thought there would be no end if things continued like this.

‘We shouldn’t delay any longer.’

If you disobeyed the order, you would face a lot of hardship later, but now was not the time to worry about such things.

As the master of demons, his role is to put a stop to demons running rampant.

He was looking for an opportunity with his hand on the sword, but he disappeared and took over the back of Dong Yeon-woon.

Yeonsun, who belatedly realized that Ilho was participating in the war, urgently leaned back, but was slow to respond and ended up receiving a sword wound on his side.


Blood flowed out from the thin cut wound.


Then, the demon of Eumsal’s fist plunged into Yeonsun’s chest.

Yeonsun’s new model, which had risen, fell into the center of the already collapsed warehouse.

“What are you doing?”

He shouted, glaring at Il-ho with the shining eyes of a ghost demon.

Ilho answered with a calm expression, shaking off the blood on his sword.

“I will join you.”

“I would have told you not to come forward!”

“It’s too late.”

“How much of a delay has it been?”

“You must keep in mind cleaning up and moving to a hiding place. “There isn’t much leeway.”

A theory that everyone has no choice but to agree with.

However, to the extremely excited Demon Demon, Il-ho’s words were nothing more than meaningless nonsense.

“Get back! “If I don’t tear him to death with my own hands, my anger won’t go away!”

“You must not kill. They must be captured and interrogated.”

“Not required!”

Yeonsun, who was lying down in a large position and just raised his head to watch the two people arguing, clicked his tongue.

‘Anyway, these things are called demons.’

It wasn’t a story about being simple or stupid.

The Mines were a race faithful to their instinctive desires.

Eumsalgwima belonged to the group of dogs that could not control their impulses.

I don’t know, but the number of women murdered by him could easily be in the three digits.

From the beginning, doesn’t the byeolho mean that it is a demon from a demonic religion who enjoys obscenity and murder?

‘Whatever it is, it’s a big deal. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like he will retreat to the extent that the demon of evil spirits is able to stop him.’

It was a bleak and hopeless situation.

The evil ghost alone was too much, but on top of that, a man who was presumed to be the ghost master also came forward.

He had lost his sword and was barely surviving with red-handed empty fists, so there was no way he could hold on.

Even the already severe internal injuries got even worse due to the final blow from the demon demon.

I think a few ribs were broken, but I was fortunate that no internal organs were pierced.


Yeonsun whined, raised his upper body, placed his hand on his chest, and frowned.

For a moment, he turned his head and stared blankly into space.

“Didn’t you notice?”

“What do you mean?”

“He was using the martial arts of the Demonic Cult.”


“I don’t know about the sword method, but the recommended method was definitely from the Demonic Cult.”


“We must save him and subdue him. There’s a lot to figure out.”

The Demon Demon of Eumsal, who had been glaring at Il-ho in silence for a while, stepped forward as if to vent his anger.

The ground sank hard and debris flew everywhere.

“You must also keep the Qingcheng faction in mind. “There is absolutely no chance that the Taoist monk from Cheongseong will escape pursuit and escape from here, but if he dies and contact is lost, the sect may come forward to investigate.”

“……For now, I will postpone the punishment for your rebellion until later. “You better be prepared.”


Il-ho, who had been silently nodding his head, suddenly raised his head.

His pupils dilated greatly for a moment.

The next moment, something with a huge presence fell on his head in a parabolic arc.


A loud noise that echoes throughout the area.

Thick dust covered the area.

The demon of evil spirits hurriedly leapt to the back and widened the distance between the intruder and trembled its shoulders.

I knew it instinctively.

That the being in front of me is an unstoppable force.

“Who are you?”

Absolutely! Absolutely!

Instead of answering the question, the intruder wrapped in white electricity turned his gaze to the boy sitting in the middle of the collapsed warehouse.

The boy, Yeonsun, fell down and laid his body on the ground, grumbling.

“It’s too late.”


“If you’re sorry, please deal with them quickly and take me to the doctor. I’m going to die like this.”

“Of course.”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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