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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 230

Episode 230

The guard, who was taking turns looking at the Archduke and Wu Hwayeon, soon hit his head on the ground in the same way.

Woo Hwayeon, who was looking down at the two people in silence, spoke to me in full voice.

-This should be enough.

-Are you going to send me back like this? As I said a little while ago, you don’t need to worry about my opinions. They were the ones who made the insulting remarks in the first place, so they also have a justification.

-it’s okay. I don’t want to waste my time on trivial things like this.

-All right. Would you please leave the matter of their disposition to me?

-There is no need to make it a hassle…

-I don’t mean to make it a hassle. I’m just trying to use them for my own gain.


I looked down at the back of the young man’s head as he continued to spit out words of apology, and a cool smile appeared on my lips.

I was wondering how to naturally contact Peng Kunhu, but a good idea occurred to me.

Shall we try a classic method for the first time in a while?

* * *

“The elder said he wanted to see the branch leader.”

“You mean Senior Nam Hak-geom?”

After visiting Dongjeong Lake, I returned to my accommodation and was taking a rest when a guest came to visit me.

It was a face I had seen once in the past.

I laughed and got up from my seat.

‘Your attitude is completely different from before.’

A warrior under the command of Namhakgeom.

Even when I persuaded Hwang Ho-jin to become my subordinate, he came to see me.

At the time, he had demanded that I accompany him in a high-handed manner, but this time he seemed to have decided to change his strategy.

“No harm will ever come to the branch leader.”

“great. Please guide me.”

“It would be natural to feel rejected. But please reconsider… Yes?”

“I thought we should have a proper conversation at least once. “I’ll see you later.”

I thought it turned out well.

I was curious as to why Namhakgeom came forward to help me in a gathering of executives.

I guess I completed my mission safely. At this point, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to answer the call.

“Please follow me.”

The warrior guided me outside the palace.

There was a carriage waiting in front of the main gate.


I got into the carriage, crossed my arms and closed my eyes.

“Im here.”

Some time passed and the carriage reached its destination.

As I stepped on the ground, a familiar place appeared in my field of vision.

Seon Seon-jang (鮮好莊).

After exiting the main street and moving for a while, I wondered where I was going.

This was the manor where Hwang Ho-jin was imprisoned in the past.

As I gave a message to the guard guarding the entrance and waited, an old man with a scraggly appearance appeared and greeted me.


“See you, senior.”

“He’s a senior.”

Namhakgeom, who had a smile on his face that I couldn’t tell if it was a mockery or a bitter smile, guided me to a pavilion in the middle of the garden.

Soon the in-laws set up a drinking table and brought food.

As I was looking at Namhakgeom’s face, I asked him a question.

“Why did you call me?”

“You also have an impatient personality.”

“Honestly, it’s not like we’re laughing and exchanging drinks.”

“That’s not true.”

“If you are thinking of asking for Hwang Musa back…”

“How is Hojin doing?”

Nam Hak-geom asks as he pours alcohol into an empty glass.

I narrowed my eyes and took the glass he handed me, slowly nodding my head in response.


“I’m worried. Perhaps he has a dark view of the world because he has been locked up for a long time. “Wouldn’t it be possible to get caught by a b*stard somewhere and get scammed?”

“You are overly worried. “Warrior Hwang is a much more knowledgeable person than you think.”

“Then you are lucky.”

Namhakgeom let out a small sigh and emptied his glass in one go.

He said, glaring at me with disapproving eyes.

“I’m not usually in trouble these days because of you.”

“What does it mean.”

“Woonseonggeom (隕星劍). That viper-like old man is so cruel to me. No, rather than a poisonous snake, it would be more appropriate to call it a fighting dog. “Once you bite, you won’t let go.”

Unseonggeom was the nickname of an elder from the Jeomchang faction.

I fiddled with my glass and complained internally.

A conversation I had with Jang Mun-in of the Jeomchang sect in the past passed through my mind.

[Actually, there is a separate person who presented his opinion to the leader and influenced him.]

[Who is that?]

[It is senior Nam Hak-geom, the leader of the group.]

It was worth selling Nam Hak-geom’s special title as if he were telling a story.

Apparently, while I was visiting Namman, there was frequent friction between Unseonggeom and Namhakgeom.

“What on earth did you do to make the Jeomchang faction take your side?”

“I don’t know why you’re asking me that question.”

“Don’t act like a fool. You can tell by looking at the Unseonggeom in the conference room. There is no way that person who is the embodiment of pettiness would show favor to you without any reason.”


“It looks like you have no intention of answering.”

“Did you call me here to ask that?”

“That can’t be all. There are so many things I want to ask. For example, how did they find out about Hojin’s existence? “What is your relationship with Sohyeongeom?”

“As I said before, we are not close enough to exchange information freely.”

“I did put the first button on wrong.”

“And you were the one who gave the reason for the fight.”

“I won’t deny it.”

“Now that I think about it, there was something I wanted to ask before.”

“Are you saying that while ignoring my question?”

“Didn’t you answer the question about Musa Hwang’s current status? If there is something to give, there must also be something to receive. “This time, it’s your turn to answer the question.”

“Your friend is as shameless as Sohyeongeom.”

“I will take it as a compliment.”

“So what do you want to ask?”

“Did you receive orders from the Golden Dragon Merchant?”

“…Did you know?”

“I had some guesses.”

“Speaking of which, I would like to ask you a question. “How on earth did you end up being hated by the owner of the Golden Dragon Company?”

“Didn’t the Namgung family recently cut off business with the Geumryong Sangdan?”

“I heard. “Did you say you made a new deal with Hwayang Trading Company?”

“I am involved in that.”

Namhakgeom burst into laughter.

He put down his chopsticks and looked at me with bewildered eyes.

“Is that really true?”


“This is ridiculous. It’s natural to be hated. “After doing something like that, how can the Golden Dragon Company stay silent?”

“I never thought that that incident would lead me to visit Nanman.”

“Tsk, I got caught in the middle and only suffered losses. “If I had known it would end up like this, I wouldn’t have accepted the request.”


“Do you have any plans to improve your relationship with me?”


“It might sound shameless to say this now. But I don’t want to be in conflict with you anymore.”

“Was it for this reason that you seemed to help me in the conference room?”

“Is there any other reason?”

“Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed. May I ask why you are proposing reconciliation?”

“You’re guessing, aren’t you? Because you have my son with you.”

“Is that really all it is?”

“There are several other reasons, but it is undeniable that this is the biggest reason.”


“I want you to know that this is a decision that will cost me a lot of money. “Because I have to deal with the owner of Geumryong Trading Company, who was a strong supporter.”

“You seem to be weaker than I thought.”

“If not, I wouldn’t have raised and cared for Hojin so much.”

As I watched Namhakgeom’s attitude of acknowledging me so obediently that it made me lose my temper, I felt uneasy.

The bond between blood relatives was scary.

I never thought that Namhak Sword would be this weak.

I drank a glass of wine to quench my thirst and opened my mouth with a calm expression.

“Even if I reconcile with my senior, I will not send Warrior Hwang back. “He is already mine.”

“I don’t even want it. “I just hope that I can help him achieve his full potential.”

“Don’t worry about that part. “I tend to be a bit harsh on my subordinates, but I do not spare any support for their growth.”

“……What I said earlier may be a bit confusing, but I understand for now. “Let’s try to believe it.”

Namhakgeom nods his head with a nervous expression.

I put down my glass and raised the corners of my mouth.

“You offered me your hand first, and I have no intention of turning it down.”

To be honest, my feelings about Namhakgeom were still not good.

There was still resentment between him and me, and it wasn’t so small that it could be resolved after just one drinking session.

But basically, I was a person who prioritized practicality over emotions.

‘There is no law that says you have to bear the blame forever just because you had a bad relationship with someone once.’

The benefits that accrue from attracting senior members of the alliance and the ill will that have already been resolved to some extent.

There was nothing to weigh.

It was clear which one to choose.

“Then you are lucky.”

“If I have to visit Maeng’s headquarters in the future, I will visit you once in a while. “I would also like to tell you what Warrior Hwang is up to.”

“Yes, I would be grateful if you could.”

* * *

Peng Gonhu, a subordinate of the Hebei Peng family, walked along the road adjacent to Dongdong Lake with a dejected expression.

He suffered a setback in the test he took the day before.

‘It’s sad.’

When I thought of my friends who passed the exam, I felt envious.

At the same time, a sense of self-destruction washed over me like a wave.

I heard that the threshold for entrance blindness has been greatly lowered recently.

However, the reason I couldn’t pass the exam was purely because I wasn’t confident enough.

Since I was young, I was unable to properly practice martial arts because I had to take care of my elderly, sick mother.

I was confident in my natural strength, but that was it.

‘I came all the way to the ceremony after shouting loudly, but I don’t know what to say to my mother when I go back.’

He sighed and kicked away the boulder at his toes, speeding up his steps.

How far did you walk like that?


Pang Kunhu slightly frowned at the shock transmitted through his shoulder.

I bumped shoulders with a giant running from the other side.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Anyone could see that the other side had intentionally bumped into him, but Peng Kunhu bowed silently and offered an apology.

Because I didn’t want to get caught up in a pointless dispute.

However, the other person seemed to have no intention of letting him go.

“under! “It’s ridiculous.”


“Do you think just saying sorry will solve anything?”

Clothing that is so open that it feels burdensome.

The muscular upper body dazzled the eyes.

Fang Kunhu frowned and took a step back to increase the distance between him and the other person.

“Chief, let’s not make this a big deal for no reason.”

“Execution? “Didn’t I say Daehyup wrong?”

“Honestly, if I were to judge right or wrong, the executioner didn’t hit me on purpose.”

“Now you’re going to blame me for my mistake? “This is someone who shouldn’t say anything!”

The giant glared fiercely and pulled out the weapon tied to his belt.

Peng Kunhu, who had never expected his opponent to be so aggressive, looked embarrassed.

‘It’s a disaster. I left my weapons at the dorm.’

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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