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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 232

Episode 232

‘Well, even if he knew its value, there would have been no way for him to utilize it.’

In fact, it was like that in the history of my previous life.

Peng Gon-hu, who accidentally unlocked the secret device built into the mother-of-pearl lacquerware and obtained the Jangbodo, took it straight to the head of the family.

As a result, all he got was some silver coins and silk.

Let alone the legacy Muyeongshintu left behind, he did not even receive proper compensation.

The reason was simple.

This was because Paenga failed to attack Bidong.

‘Because there were a lot of obstructionists.’

In the process of finding the sacred object, the existence of Bidong became known throughout the central plains, and as martial arts sects and families from various regions participated in the scramble, the difficulty of the strategy increased several times.

No matter how much they possessed Jangbodo, it was far from possible for the Paeng family, which had its enemies in Hebei, not Sacheon, to gain an upper hand in the contest.

< It was the blood relatives of the main family who discovered the Jangbodo map pointing to the location of Bidong! >

< So, the right to attack Bidong first belongs to the Paeng family! > The

Paeng family claimed ownership of Bidong, but the Murim people who participated in the scramble claimed the legacy left by the thief. He snorted and asked, “Where is the owner?”

There were even those who agitated by raising questions about whether Muyeongsintu was from the Hebei Peng family.

‘In that sense, can we say that it wasn’t a transaction where Peng Gonhu lost money?’

It would have been better for Peng Gon-hu to hand over the grocery to me and receive a generous price.

Fifty gold coins was enough to feed and clothe my sick old mother with good things for the rest of her life.

‘…No matter what you say, in the end it’s just a rationalization.’

I sped up my steps and crossed the hallway.

Now that I had obtained the grocery store, it was time to find a new item.

In addition, there were many things to prepare in order to attack Muyeongsintu’s Bidong.

I thought I was going to be busy from now on.

* * *

Lee Jajang (彛家莊).

As I passed through the main gate and entered the well-maintained garden, an old man dressed simply came into view.

Lee Kang-hak, former head of the Blue Dragon Unit, glared at me with disapproving eyes and said.

“Are we here now?”

“Have you been well so far?”

“Well, I’ve been doing well.”

“Have the rest of you arrived except me?”

“Come first and wait in the living room.”

“I guess I’m a little late.”

“Anyway, aren’t you misunderstanding something?”

“what do you mean?”

“Do you know how absurd I was when they sent me a notice saying they were going to have a meeting at the head of this house? “My house is not a gathering place.”

“Is that so? I guess I’ve been wrong all this time. “I will be careful in the future.”

“Your face is covered in iron-faced leather made from 1000-year-old iron.”

“I may have a bit of a shameless personality.”

As I entered the room with Lee Kang-hak’s grumbles in one ear, a young girl ran out and greeted me with a happy expression.

This was Lee Kang-hak’s granddaughter, Lee Soo-yeon.


It was great to see him overcome his mental illness and become healthy.

I stroked her head with a smile on my face.

“how are you?”


Lee Soo-yeon nodded, her cheeks turning red.

Lee Kang-hak, who was watching from the side, made a shocked expression.

“I’d like to talk about what’s been delayed, but I can’t keep the invited guests waiting, so I’ll just go.”

“I will wait until you finish your business.”

“All right.”

I left behind Lee Soo-yeon, who had a sad expression on her face, and opened the door to the living room, where four men and women sitting around a large table all turned to look at me.

I gave them a quick greeting and sat down with my butt pressed against the chair.

A white-haired woman, Ak Yeo-ryeong, greeted me with a gentle smile on her lips.

“It’s been a while.”

“long time no see. Lord Taesang.”

Sitting next to her was her student Baek Ri-seon, opposite her were Seon-hye Dojang, a monk from the Shaman sect, and her teacher Yu Hwa-geom.

The evil woman poured tea into an empty cup and handed it to me.

“I heard that you made a big contribution this time. “You led a delegation to South Manchuria and negotiated a deal with the Lord of the Beast Palace, right?”

“Has that story already reached Lord Taesang’s ears? “It probably hasn’t been officially announced yet.”

“The commander of the military unit told me.”


I nodded with a soft exclamation.

Ak Yeo-ryeong and Baek Ri-seon had recently officially become monks.

[There is something I would like to ask my senior.]

[A favor?]

[Perhaps if the evil family member commits suicide, the reaction of those around him will not be so positive. In particular, the followers from the Hwangbo-se family will keep a tenacious check on her.]

[I hope we can help her settle down safely, but what are you trying to say?]

[That’s right.]

Having known about the two people’s plans to join the alliance in the past, I was very upset. I met Munhwan and asked him this.

Please protect the two from any possible checks from those around them.

‘It was worth asking for it by giving me a famous sword as a gift.’

I felt somewhat satisfied when I found out that Pang Mun-hwan and Ak Yeo-ryeong were constantly interacting.

The support base for me to become an elder in the future was being built step by step.

Light greetings were exchanged.

Seonhye Dojang placed her empty teacup on the table and opened her mouth.

“Why did you invite us here?”

Watching her strangely fidgeting made me laugh.

The angry look he had when he was pushing Damun was nowhere to be seen.

It seemed like he felt burdened by being in the same space as Ak Yeo-ryeong, a senior member of the martial arts group.

“I have a few things to tell you. “I also want to suggest something.”


“You might be wondering. “Why did you bring the dojo and the former Akga Master together in one place?”


“Don’t be surprised when you hear this. “The Lord of the House of Lords said he would help me avenge the seal.”

“…What does that mean?”

“I mean it literally. The Shandong Yue family decided to cooperate in punishing the Sima family.”

Seonhye Dojang’s expression became blank.

Yuhwageom, who was listening to the story next to him, also looked surprised.

“Is that really true?”

“It’s true.”

“Why did the head of the Taesang family treat me…”

“It’s nothing to find so strange. “It is the result of mutual understanding.”

Ak Yeo-ryeong, who had been quietly watching, spoke in a sharp tone.

Yuhwageom, who managed to regain his composure, demanded a proper explanation.

“Where should I start talking?”

In a relaxed tone, Ak Yeo-ryeong gave the same explanation as she had given to the owner of Hwayang Sangdan in the past.

The moment when the family decided to move.

The reason why I chose Jiangsu as the area to move to.

A plan was made to punish Sima Sega in order to minimize opposition from the martial arts forces that were previously active in the region.

And there was even talk that Hwayang Trading decided to cooperate with the plan.

After hearing the whole story, Dojang Seonhye looked back at me, holding her trembling hands.

“I had no idea you were preparing such a plan.”

“Are you surprised?”

“I would like to ask why you are doing this. “I don’t think there will be any bad blood between the branch manager and Simase.”

“The governor declared revenge, and Secretary Dam promised to help. And I said I would support Secretary Dam’s will.”

“Just for that reason….”

“You shouldn’t look at it like that. “It is in my best interest.”


“Anyway, this is the main point. The Shandong Yue family is planning to attack the Sima family in order to move to Jiangsu, but the problem is that there is no justification for this.”


“No matter how much it is to punish evil, it is impossible to attack Sima Sega without justification. As a result, even if Sima Sega’s evil deeds are revealed, wouldn’t it be meaningless for him to be criticized by the world? “There is a need to be especially careful to ensure that Jiangsu residents do not feel insecure.”


“So I hope the Dojang will provide that justification.”


“I heard that the master is Geum Geum-ok-yeop (金枝玉葉), a merchant from Jiangsu who boasted considerable power. “If the seal reveals Sima Se’s sins and appeals for the legitimacy of revenge, there will be no more powerful justification than that.”

“It’s a pretty plausible plan.”

Yuhwageom let out an exclamation and shook his head.

The wrinkled mouth drew a dark line.

I finished my explanation by placing my chin on my clasped hands.

“A man from the shaman faction who lost his family due to Sima Sega. A Sandongakga who accepted the request of the leader and stepped forward. “I think this would be a pretty good picture. What do you think about the seal?”


Seonhye Dojang, who had been silently lost in thought for a while, nodded with a heavy expression.

Ak Yeo-ryeong leaned against the back of the chair and sighed softly.

If Dojang Seonhye had insisted on taking revenge with her own strength, things would have been troublesome.

“In that sense, I have one thing to recommend to you.”

“What kind of recommendation is this?”

“Give up being a member of the Suzaku Troop and go under the care of Lord Taesang.”

Seonhye Dojang’s shoulders trembled slightly.

She glared at me with eyes filled with complex emotions.

There would not be an easy answer.

In some ways, the remarks I made just now could be said to be heartless words that did not take her pride into consideration.

[I plan to join as soon as the Yongbong branch ends. You will be promoted step by step, and eventually you will reach the position of master of the master. If that happens, my voice and actions will gain strength. She will be able to punish Sima Sega by following the proper procedures.]

Originally, she had the intention of ascending to the position of the head of the Suzaku family and punishing Sima Sega herself.

‘I’m sorry to say that.’

It was a waste of time to wait leisurely until Seon-hye Dojang ascended to the position of main lord.

Currently, she was not even a member of the main team, let alone a high-ranking member of the Murim Alliance.

While we didn’t see each other, his skills improved and he reached a level comparable to that of a member of the Suzaku Army, but that was all.

Even if he somehow managed to get into the main position through connections, it would take at least twenty years to reach the position of great lord.

‘Maybe I won’t be able to become a great lord forever.’

In the first place, the premise that he could punish Sima Sega if he became the Great Master of Suzaku was wrong.

Is it easier said than done to follow the proper procedures and hold Sima Sega accountable for his crimes?


Seonhye Dojang lets out a long sigh at the end of a long read.

Everyone held their breath and waited for her answer.

“All right.”

“Well thought out.”

After taking my eyes off Seonhye, I immediately emptied the water in my teacup.

He then looked back at Ak Yeo-ryeong and said.

“There is something I would like to recommend to Lord Taesang.”

“Tell me.”

“Would you like to take charge of a unit directly led by a Meng elder?”


The evil girl’s brow furrowed slightly.

It seems that he did not have a very good impression on the elders of Meng.

“The Taesang family leader must increase his position within the clan as quickly as possible. But there are limits to normal methods.”

“So you’re telling me to join hands with a high-ranking member of Meng?”

“yes. “There just happens to be the right person.”

“To be honest, I don’t feel very good. “Who on earth should you go under?”

“I am an elder from the Namhakgeom and Joint faction.”


Is it because an unexpected star name popped up?

Ak Yeo-ryeong and Baek Ri-seon looked at me with puzzled expressions.

His face looked like he couldn’t understand why he was being asked to go under Namhakgeom and not someone else.

If they had heard the story from Pang Mun-hwan, they would have known how I came to visit Nanman.

“I will explain why now.”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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