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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 249

Episode 249


The iron door on the floor remained the same, but suddenly the mound on the right side began to shake.

The solid ground crumbled and a cloud of dust rose up.

The huge awl rising above the mound caught the attention of the middle school students.

“What is that?”

“It’s not dangerous, right?”

While the rumbling noise spreads.

That’s it!

Following an unpleasant friction sound, the tip of the awl began to spread.

Like a flower bud blooming.

In preparation for any possible danger, the workers stepped back and widened the distance, and the warriors cautiously approached and inspected the iron flower.


A warrior who looked at the center of the iron painting let out an exclamation.

‘I see.’

I followed behind and looked at Cheolhwa and clicked my tongue.

Muyeongsintu seems like a person with a nasty personality.

Apparently, the large iron gate was not the entrance to Bidong, but merely a trap that looked like an entrance.

It is designed to collapse if a person who does not possess the sacred object tries to force it open.

‘This is why there was no progress in conquering Bi-dong even though so many experts were there in the past life.’

Inside the open circular hole.

I saw stairs going down to the basement.

In all likelihood, that passage was the ‘real’ entrance connected to Bi-dong.

The experts, who put their heads together and discussed each other, formed a line and entered the passage.

“Branch manager.”

Damun, who had retrieved the sacred item and stored it in his wooden armor, quietly approached me and spoke to me.

He seemed to be interested in the formations and institutions installed in Bidong, as he had an excited expression on his face.

“What about those named by Hao Wenju?”

“It’s not bad. Each person has outstanding skills. It’s surprising that many of them are unknown. However, there are some people with high egos, so it may be a bit difficult to control them.”

“I will name you Changmyeonggung senior and Blood Fire Sword senior. “Just two people would be enough to demonstrate force.”

“All right.”

“So what should I do now?”

“I don’t really have anything to leave to the branch manager.”


“Like when we attacked Cheon Gi-ja’s secret village, we are neither short on personnel nor short on power. To put it bluntly, even if a branch leader with no knowledge of the organization or organization joins, it won’t be of much help.”

“At least when the time comes when military force becomes necessary….”

“Just the presence of senior Changmyeonggung is enough.”

Damun answers clearly.

Unable to find anything to say in response, I kept my mouth shut.

“On the contrary, if the branch manager is absent for a long time, it may arouse suspicion among those around him. Haven’t the number of people monitoring the branch leader’s movements increased since he became a Baekdae expert? Go about your business as usual and be presentable to those around you. “It is better to do so in order to maintain security.”


“I will take care of all matters related to the attack on Bi-dong. “We will report progress periodically, so the branch manager should come and inspect from time to time.”

“……I understand for now.”

I nodded with a bitter smile.

Although I felt somewhat left out, everything Damun said was right.

As I officially became a 100-year-old master, many changes occurred in me and the environment around me.

It received a lot of attention and attention incomparable to before.

Perhaps because of this, the leaders of the Sacheon branch have had an unprecedentedly busy time over the past month.

‘Should I call this a positive change?’

Finally, the world’s negative perception of the Sacheon branch was lifted.

Just as it had mediated the conflict between the Hong clan and the Lee clan in the past, the Sacheon branch was increasingly able to carry out normal business as a branch of the Maeng clan.

Thanks to this, Woo Hwayeon, who had volunteered to share my work, was dying.

There have been many changes not only in the public sector but also in the private sector.

Numerous martial sects and families sent me letters, gifts, and people to form a relationship with me.

There were even hawks snooping around the branch.

There were more than one head of the household who, knowing that I still had no companion, was manipulating me.

Perhaps the fact that I had the ‘authority to act on behalf of the lord’ further fueled their greed.

“Then, please take care of this matter.”

“If possible, please recruit the party’s assistant separately and send it to us. “The people sent by Hao Wen-ju also have some knowledge of institutions, but they are nothing compared to Tang Xiaozhe.”

“Let me ask you a favor.”

After leaving the rest to Damun and coming down the mountain, I boarded the carriage I had prepared in advance and headed toward Seongdo.

As I stared blankly at the scenery outside the window, various thoughts passed through my mind.

‘It is only a matter of time before Bidong is conquered. Since there are no separate competing forces, it won’t take that long to discover it. ‘Everything can be completed in two months at the latest.’

The problem was how to distribute the excavated objects.

I wasn’t very interested in things like gold and silver treasures.

There is so much money that it is still rotting away.

Since they had stockpiled a large amount of food and medicinal herbs in preparation for the great famine and epidemic diseases, their wealth was already expected to increase exponentially next year.

Although Muyeongsintu was a great thief, there is a limit to the wealth that an individual can accumulate.

No matter how many treasures lay dormant in the secretariat, it would not be comparable to the wealth I possessed.

‘Elixir object martial arts book. These are what Hao Wen-ju has promised to yield to me. The problem is something that brings me back to the past.’

Hao Wen-ju was convinced that the secret of the return lay dormant in the secret cave of the Wu Ling Shen Tu.

If the object that caused the regression exists in Bi-dong, and Hao Wen-ju demands that it be handed over to him.

Can I really refuse it?

‘It must be difficult.’

There was nothing he couldn’t do if he made up his mind to fight Hao Wen-ju.

However, if you want to go that far and take over the legacy of Muyeongsintu, that is not the case.

To be honest, I thought it would be okay to just hand over the inheritance rather than having to deal with Hao Mun.

Whether Hao Wenju uses the legacy of Wuying Shintu to return like me, or leaves a plan for his past self to awaken his precognitive abilities.

Isn’t this something that has nothing to do with me in this life?

‘Well, let’s think about this issue later when Shintu’s legacy is discovered.’

The next thing that came to mind was the faces of the four men waiting for me in the branch reception room.

Dokgo Woojin’s old friends.

‘I don’t know if they are causing a ruckus or not.’

Today was the day I promised to tell them Dokgo Woojin’s answer.

I had left a message for Hong Seong-hyeon in advance, so he would have heard the story by now and was going crazy.

I can assure you that the four of you, especially due to the nature of the Yangtze River Cooperation Agreement, will not try to back down until they hear confirmation directly from me.

‘I guess we’ll have to finish the issue about them soon.’

* * *

When I arrived at the Sacheon branch, I went straight to the reception room.

As I opened the door and entered the room, I immediately made eye contact with Jang Kang Johyup, who was looking very angry.


Jang Kang Jo-hyeop withdrew his hand from pointing at Hong Seong-hyeon with a shocked expression.

He treated me very carefully after I was beaten to death in the gym a month ago.

He knew that if he offended him, he could become a piece of minced meat, regardless of whether he was a senior in the martial arts group or something.

Seonghyun Hong sighed deeply and greeted me.

When I saw him leaving the living room with a tired expression, I felt somewhat sorry.

‘You made me waste my energy on useless things.’

I headed to the head table, inviting the Yangtze-Council to take a seat.

I glared at Jang Kang Jo-hyeop, who was resting his butt on the chair with an awkward expression, and spoke in a low voice as if showing my discomfort.

“The fact that the four of you are still at the Sacheon branch probably means that the message I left is not acceptable.”

“There is no way I can understand it.”

Jang Kang Johyeop, who cleared his throat loudly, spoke as if representing the group.

The other three people didn’t say anything, but their faces seemed to agree with what he said.

“If you have any complaints, please speak up. “I will listen.”

“Dokgo Woojin rejected our request?”

“yes. “He said he couldn’t jump into battle and leave his family behind.”

“You said you wouldn’t even see our faces there?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you looking at us now and believing such a one-sided report?”

“Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t really matter. “I just gave you the facts as they are.”

“Can you prove it? “That’s not something you made up.”

“I don’t know if I need to prove it, but if you want, I will ask you to write a separate letter to Master. “If the four of you are close friends, you might be able to distinguish Master’s handwriting.”

“You can imitate anything, like handwriting.”

“What on earth are you telling me to do?”

I deliberately feigned an annoyed expression to show off my courage.

A terrifying energy engulfed the entire living room.

Jang Kang Jo-hyeop drooled and leaned against the back of the chair.

A heavy silence fell.

All four men just looked at each other and could not easily open their mouths.

‘You don’t know how to give up.’

To some extent, I expected this to happen.

If I was going to give up easily, I wouldn’t have come to the Sacheon branch in the first place.

‘It worked out better.’

When I heard Dokgo Woojin’s intention to refuse, a thought came to mind.

Wouldn’t it be okay to bring them under my command?

‘After watching for a month, the other three people, except for the Jangjiang Johyeop, had no particular quirks in their personalities…’

Their goals were largely two-fold.

To achieve revenge and to increase one’s reputation by participating in war.

The beggar and the excommunicated monk dreamed of revenge, and the fisherman and the ronin dreamed of achieving fame and fame.

If each person could satisfy what they wanted, it wouldn’t be impossible to have them all as subordinates.

‘Well, the priority is to get them to acknowledge me.’

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy.

Because their reference point is none other than Dokgo Woojin.

Still, I thought it was worth a try at least once.

While I was tapping the table with my index finger, I looked back at the small girl and opened my mouth.

“Let me ask you one thing.”


“Who exactly is the demonic cult that murdered my disciple?”

“I am a blood flower witch.”


There was a reason why the four people broke their shame and asked Dokgo Woojin for help.

The Blood Flower Witch is an absolute master who holds the top spot in the eight great demon armies.

If the Hongiljeom of the Ten Heavenly Emperors was an evil female spirit, the Hongiljeom of the Eight Great Demon Lords was none other than her.

It could be said that it was realistically impossible to achieve revenge with just four people without the help of Dokgo Woojin.

“What would you do if I offered to help you take revenge on behalf of your teacher?”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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