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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 30

Episode 30

“From now on, I will lead the way. If you want to live, just pray. “You must not give up or lose consciousness midway.”

After quickly conveying the business, he raised the woman’s upper body.

As she sat with her back facing me, I placed my hand on her famous acupuncture point.


Take a deep breath.

I closed my eyes and focused my attention on the woman’s inner self.

All work had to be completed before the woman lost consciousness.

‘It doesn’t work right away.’

The woman’s nervousness was conveyed through the hand on her back.

Because he hadn’t practiced fortune-telling for a long time, it seemed like he was having trouble moving his inner energy as he wanted.

‘I guess so.’

When I examined the woman’s acupuncture points by inhaling my energy, I found that her blood vessels were narrow and stiff.

The power supply was badly shriveled and the operating channel was full of mud.

You probably felt a lot of resistance just by trying to move your inner energy.

‘Of course there will be pain.’

However, I had no doubt that she would overcome many adverse conditions and succeed in moving the bet.

Humans’ desire for survival sometimes causes miracles.

What’s more, didn’t she ultimately overcome Simma in her past life?


As some time passed, a faint energy began to emanate from her dantian.

It was worth watching with patience.

‘Come this way!’

Right now, I don’t have the ability to use advanced techniques such as intra-family damage techniques or interrogation techniques.

However, I could do as much as lead the way and help fortune, just like Dokgo Woo-jin did for me.

‘That’s enough.’

The method of treating sima was simple.

All I had to do was to transmit a complete mind method that was free of toxins, meaning that the defects intentionally introduced by the religious leader were excluded.

Defective simbeop is bound to cause internal injury or simma.

The martial arts practiced by the woman in front of me were also like that.

Master Ma planted poison in five martial arts books.

A poison that is so secret and deadly that even a warrior who has reached a state of ignorance cannot even notice it.

The poison that gradually accumulated in the body without the practitioner’s knowledge would have slowly eaten away the body.

By the time you noticed the strange thing, it was probably already too late.

‘But even a turbid current will eventually become clear if the water continues to flow.’

If toxins have accumulated in your body, you can remove them.

If you continue to use the right mental techniques, you will one day be able to overcome the mental demons and recover your body.

‘All I can do is lead the way. The rest is up to her will.’

The faint energy emanating from the dantian ran through the bloodstream following my guidance.

It was slow at first, but it picked up speed as time went by.

Once, twice, three times.

As the number of encounters with the heavens increased, various reactions occurred in the woman’s body.

My breathing, which had been irregular as if I was calling a snake, became stable and my tremors subsided.

The breath I exhaled was thick with turbid air and sweat was constantly flowing out.

‘I shouldn’t get exhausted.’

In particular, the amount of sweat was unusual.

The woman’s entire body was drenched, as if she had fallen into water.

It made me wonder where on earth this skinny body had this much moisture.

How much time has passed like that?


After completing the practice of meditation, the woman collapsed and lay down on the bed.

I asked the old man outside who was just watching, unable to do anything, to bring me a wet towel and some water to drink.

‘The stench is overwhelming.’

The entire room was filled with a foul smell due to sweat mixed with waste products.

The windows were open, but the structure of the building itself was not very good, so ventilation was poor.

‘We’d better change locations.’

Of course, I had no intention of taking the woman with me.

Is there any reason to carry out a needless kidnapping?

All the rest was left to Haomundo.

I corrected the woman’s posture so she could lie down more comfortably, and then untied her clothes without hesitation.

Dokgo Woojin, who was watching from the side, let out a loud cough.

“Are you trying to wipe my sweat?”


“No matter what, you don’t hesitate too much when taking off a woman’s clothes.”

“I didn’t like it enough to have lust for a patient who was all dying like this.”

“You might think so. “But the thoughts of the parties concerned may be different.”

“But isn’t this something we can’t just leave unattended to? There is no need to take extra steps to help, and in the end, it is something that has to be done no matter who does it.”

You could say that it would be okay to ask someone else to do it, but the Hao Mun Dao were unable to move because their acupuncture points were suppressed.

The old man, who was presumed to be the owner of the pharmacy, was so scared that he did not want to enter the room.

However, I can’t leave the chores to Dokgo Woojin, so what can I do?

I had no choice but to step forward and take responsibility for the bad things.

“That’s… I see.”

Dokgo Woojin nodded with a nervous expression.

He was truly a noble man.

Where are the men and women in this kind of work?

In the first place, it must have been the Haomundo people over there who changed her clothes and defecated on her while she was coming to Sichuan.

“I’m here.”

“You don’t have to be so anxious. “I don’t intend to cause any harm.”

“Yes yep!”

The old man handed me a water bottle and basin towel with trembling hands and then walked away as if running away.

I supported the woman’s head, gave her water, and wiped her entire body with a towel.

While I was doing this, I looked closely to see if there were any memorable features.

‘There is a mole above the collarbone and a small scar on the side…’

I will continue to have a relationship with Hao Wen in the future.

I didn’t know when or how I would be reunited with this woman.

Memorizing a few identifying physical characteristics could be helpful in the future.

After completely cleaning up.

I stood up, looked back at the people in black, and said.

“We’ll just leave now.”


“The spotting will resolve over time. Once freedom of movement is regained, take the patient with him and move to his/her accommodation. “What is a slum when you leave all the other good places behind? A slum.”


“And of course, it is not a one-time treatment. “The symptoms may improve temporarily, but there is still a long way to go before a complete recovery.”

It was a body that had been damaged over a long period of time.

Of course, treatment had to be carried out calmly and over time.

Just because you sprinkle some water on dying land doesn’t mean you can start farming right away.

“From now on, I will decide the time and place. “Have one of you here represent me and bring the patient to me.”

“…There’s something I want to ask.”

“I will listen.”

“What is your relationship with the Demon Cultist?”

“I should have told you. “I’m not a witch.”

“That doesn’t answer.”

“What answer do you want?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“If you are asking how I learned how to cure Simma, I will tell you that there is no reason to answer.”


“I said the same thing to Mr. Hain of Manjangsegae before, but people who know the value of information better than anyone else should not try to obtain customer information on a daily basis. “Isn’t that right?”

I chuckled and walked away.

The burning gaze flew towards my back, but it posed no threat to me.

“Oh, and please pass this on to Lord Moon.”

Just before leaving the visit, I glanced back and added:

“Not three times.”

* * *

On the way back to Hwangryongmugwan with Dokgo Woojin.

I stretched and said thank you.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“If it weren’t for you, Master, I would have been in trouble.”



There was a strange silence.

My mind became tangled like a tangle of threads.

‘How on earth should I explain this?’

Things got very difficult because the Haomen Daoists were talking nonsense.

What is Dokgo Woojin thinking now?

‘I’m sure you’re not misunderstanding me as a member of the Demonic Cult…?’

Perhaps we would be questioned as to whether the kidnapping of Cheoneumjiche was a self-made play.

In the worst case, he could have been excommunicated.

The profile of Dokgo Woo-jin walking forward with expressionless expression could not have felt so scary.

After thinking about it alone, I opened my mouth with a feeling of confusion.

“Aren’t you asking?”

“What do you mean?”

“What is my relationship with the Demon Cultist? “You must have heard what they said.”

“I said something. “I believe in Yeon Yeon-un, a person I have personally seen, heard, and felt.”


“Are you by any chance a magician?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Have you ever tried to deceive me with malicious intent?”

“Is that possible?”

“Then what is the problem?”

Laughter naturally flowed out.

Have you ever seen such an upright man?

I don’t often give my heart to others, but once I give my heart to someone, I trust and support them until the end.

That was a man named Dokgo Woojin.

I felt like a fool for complaining to myself.

“I’ll tell you everything someday. “Starting from my birth, what past I’m hiding, and what I want to achieve in the future.”

“Please wait.”

A thought suddenly occurred to me.

Wouldn’t it be okay to tell Dokgo Woojin about returning?

Wouldn’t it be okay to just tell the story as it is without having to go through a lot of trouble piecing it together?

‘Somehow, I feel like this guy would trust me.’

I chuckled and shook my head.

Anyway, isn’t that too much of a leap?

Is there anyone in the world who would believe the story of going back in time?

It was fortunate that I wasn’t treated like a mentally ill person.

‘It doesn’t feel bad though.’

My shoulders, which had been stiff from tension, relaxed.

I crossed the narrow alleys of the slums with light steps.

* * *

Two years have passed.

Days spent learning new martial arts and putting effort into embodying them.

“I guess this is enough.”

“Is that true?”

“okay. The foundation has been completed. “You no longer need my help in your meditation practice.”


After a long period of suffering, I was able to receive confirmation from Dokgo Woojin.

The foundation for using the White Thunder Godkong in actual combat has been completed.

I barely suppressed the urge to cheer.

How frustrating has it been so far?

Let’s just say that due to restrictions on the use of internal skills, he was unable to perform even a proper martial arts attack.

‘Summon party!’

You don’t know how frustrating it was for me to carry treasure in my arms but not be able to use it.

The thought of finally being freed from this terrible restriction made me feel like I was flying.

“This is a much faster achievement than I expected. “I’m just asking this just in case, but you probably secretly practiced the White Lightning Demonic Art even when I wasn’t around, right?”

“I’ve never done that.”

I lied without even putting saliva on my mouth.

In order to achieve rapid success, continuous effort must be supported.

Ignoring Dokgo Woojin, who gave him a suspicious look, he took out the wooden box from his pocket.

‘at las!’

I haven’t even opened the lid a few times so far because I’m afraid the spiritual energy might escape.

Everything for this moment.

“Are you planning on absorbing spiritual energy right now?”


Without delay, I opened the wooden box and poured its contents into my mouth.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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