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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 4

Episode 4

If you ask me what is the most efficient way for the weak to kill the strong, I would answer without hesitation: poisoning.

Cheonnamseong (天南星), Rich (附子), Choo (草烏), Ibihwa (立金花), etc.

All of these plants are highly toxic.

The poison was so strong that it was used as the main ingredient for arrow poison and poison.

In my past life, I learned all kinds of knowledge and tricks to survive.

Among them, I learned the knowledge about poisonous plants and poisons at the age of twelve, during my struggling days in Jamma-dong.

Even though he is not comparable to the Tang family or the Germans of the poisonous valley, he can be confident that he is more well-versed in related knowledge than most doctors or herbalists.

‘Luckily it worked out well.’

In fact, it was an operation with many uncertainties.

If even one of the men didn’t drink alcohol, things would have been troublesome.

‘Well, I thought there was a lot of potential.’

Even in their past lives, they celebrated their victory and shared a drink after defeating the attacking Later Expeditions.

Among the data collected in the process of preparing the murder report, there was information that all of them were alcoholic.


“Wow! It’s big ……. ”

The men who can’t wake up in the poison that stirs the body.

I crossed between them and picked up the cutlery placed near the pot.

If you leave it like this, it will go off into the netherworld on its own, but it would be better to make sure it is dealt with.

“How is it.”

I crouched down in front of the scarred man who was glaring at me with bloodshot eyes and gave me a twisted smile.

Is it because of the poison or because I was scared?

The scarred man’s shoulders were shaking as if he had been hit by wind.

“Wasn’t my acting pretty good? “I was wondering how I could naturally get rid of the poisoned alcohol.”


“Oh, I can’t even speak properly because there’s blood in my throat.”

I felt like all the anger that had built up over time was completely relieved.

I placed my esophagus against the scarred man’s neck.

The plan was to puncture the carotid artery and kill him at once.

I wanted to kill him in a more painful way, but I needed to preserve my stamina.

“Consider yourself fortunate. “Because it’s the second time, I’m letting you go with ease.”


The man’s eyes, filled with urgency, filled the retina.

He pinned the man’s head, who was coughing and spitting out blood as if he was trying to say something, with his left hand and stabbed the blade in without mercy.

“It’s not working.”

The man’s body, which had been fluttering, soon became limp.

The blood that spurted out soaked the floor.

After pulling out and retrieving the esophagus with a whimper, I stood up on my knees.

“Then what’s next…”

The men who were looking this way with eyes full of fear slowly looked away.

I really liked the suffocating atmosphere.


I hummed and brushed away the blood from my esophagus.

* * *

Hooked! Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

After repeating the same operation five more times, the fragrant liquor disappeared everywhere and the smell of blood filled the interior of the safe.

I sighed, wiping the blood from my gullet with the clothes of the last man I killed.

‘Maybe I went a little too far.’

It was great when I was cutting, but once the situation was over, I was worried about cleaning up after myself.

‘There was no need to kill him directly.’

I ended up using too much effort and increasing the number of tasks for no reason.

I couldn’t deny that it was a foolish decision based on emotions over reason.

Anyway, I immediately put out the fire.

At least in this life, you can lead the life you want.

Thinking like that, I felt a strange sense of accomplishment.


However, the good feeling did not last long.

As the tension went away, extreme fatigue set in.

Not only did he run around until his mouth had a sweet taste, but he was also beaten severely.

Even though it was said that there was physical abuse, it was too much violence for a ten-year-old child to endure.

The thought of having to clean up after myself with this body already gave me a headache.

‘No, it’s a problem even if my body was fine to begin with. ‘I think it would be difficult to dispose of the body.’

It was impossible for a child to move the body of an adult man outside and bury it with his physical strength.

Even if it were possible, it would be better to save that stamina and use it for other things.

‘Let’s move while we have time to think.’

They pushed the men’s bodies into a corner and wiped the blood that had flowed with the clothes they had removed from the bodies.

As I removed a few wooden boards from the broken wall for ventilation, a cold wind blew in.

The night in the mountains was extremely cool.

Even though I was covered in several layers of clothing, the cold seeped into my bones.

I quickly sat down near the campfire and warmed myself.

The men had collected enough firewood, so there was no need to go out and get it separately.

‘How can I survive for a day or two?’

Two women lying in a row across from me came into view.

There didn’t seem to be any signs of the swelling going away yet.

Unfortunately, as I did not have even a handful of internal energy in my body, it was impossible to relieve the blood.

I have no choice but to wait for the blood pressure to resolve naturally over time.

‘The devil’s blood must have been used for restraint, and seeing as he hasn’t woken up yet, it seems like a blood transfusion was also used. ‘I saw you keep opening your mouth while you were sleeping. Did you notice a blood clot?’

We’ll have to wait and see, but it seemed like he wouldn’t regain consciousness for at least half a day.

Even if you wake up, it will be difficult to move right away.

‘I want you to wake up as soon as possible and act as my guardian.’

Although he escaped being taken to Jamma-dong, it still did not change the fact that he was thrown into a harsh world bare-handed.

The presence of a guardian who would guarantee food, clothing, and shelter until the child developed the strength to become independent was desperately needed.

‘I don’t know how much help the review indices that don’t know about the rest of the world can help.’

Still, it’s a lifesaver, but you wouldn’t throw it away mercilessly, right?

Even if they are rotten, Baekdo will not take mercy lightly as they are the latter-day leaders of martial arts.

I wanted to think so.

‘by the way.’

I sat cross-legged, enduring the throbbing pain.

Perhaps because I wasn’t used to the posture yet, my legs quickly became numb.

During the remaining time, I planned to just stare at the fire and meditate lightly.

I closed my eyes, breathed at regular intervals, and contemplated my inner self.

‘I can feel it.’

In my past life, it took more than 15 days for me to be able to feel the presence of energy.

However, in this life, I was able to feel the presence of energy as soon as I started meditating.

All things in the world contain energy.

Even though it was a living being, it was no exception.


If I were to define the act of luckong in one sentence, it would be this.

It gives will to the energy in the body and induces its flow.

Although it is simple in words, the time and effort required to learn the relevant knowledge and tricks was by no means small.

Of course, this story did not apply to me, who had memories of my past life.

Because all the knowledge and tricks are stored in your head.

‘in action!’

To put it metaphorically, it was the task of sprinkling water on dry fields.

So that the tightly packed ground retains moisture and loosens.

The softer the soil, the easier it is to gather it to create a hill and, conversely, to dig it out to create a furrow.


Instead of being impatient, I applied the stimulation step by step, persistently, and repeatedly.

Then, some of the energy in the body began to stir and react.

If I continued to stimulate myself like this, I would soon be able to use the energy in my body as I wanted.

‘At this rate, it won’t take more than three days to form a dantian.’

Compared to my previous life, it was an absurdly fast reality.

I only knew it after experiencing it myself.

What a great blessing returning is to a warrior.

The starting line was different from other martial arts beginners.

I was confident that it would not take long to recover to the state of my previous life.

How much time has passed like that?

Crack! Crack!

When I finished meditation and opened my eyes, the size of the bonfire had already shrunk to half.

When I relaxed my lotus position and stood up, my legs were shaking.

I relaxed my body and threw additional firewood into the bonfire.

They dragged the boards that had been put aside for ventilation, closed the hole in the wall, returned to the fire, and toppled over the new structure.

As I lay down on the hard floor, a moaning sound came out of my mouth.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

My body complained of fatigue, but pain and distracting thoughts interrupted my sleep.

A thought suddenly occurred to me.

What should I aim for in my future life?

After solving the urgent problem right away, I began to worry and worry about what would happen next.

I vaguely thought about living the life I wanted, but I never thought about what I wanted to do specifically.

Revenge for the execution that led to my death?

Of course it was something that had to be done.

My credo is to return resentment tenfold.

However, revenge can be a short-term goal, but it cannot be a life goal.

I realized that fact before I even reached the end of my life in my previous life.

‘I want to become a dream that I want to achieve… … .’

First of all, I had no intention of giving up my life as a warrior.

He couldn’t imagine himself living peacefully in the countryside somewhere, or living happily as a wealthy merchant.

I realized this again while being beaten to dust by the men.

Those without power are always exposed to unreasonable violence and humiliation.

There was no guarantee that the same thing would not happen in the future.

I had to develop the strength to at least protect myself and carry out my own will.

‘In the end, Moorim is where I should be.’

Of course, that didn’t mean I had even the slightest intention of committing myself to the Demonic Cult.

Isn’t it impossible to repeat the life of a past life?

It was probably better to distinguish between the white path, the evil path, and the black path.

I was willing to belong to anything but the magic world.

‘It’s difficult. ‘I should have thought about this before.’

I have no intention of living as a warrior stuck in an unknown mountain.

I have no intention of wandering the world and chasing romance like Pyo Sa, a romantic woman.

To begin with, I am not a very emotional person.

Rather, he has a very worldly personality.

There is usually a desire for material wealth, a desire for fame, and a desire for power.

I didn’t want to get hung up on romance at the cost of giving up a stable life.

I didn’t have the confidence to put my passion into something that was just hard work and wasn’t recognized by others.

So what about a grander dream?

‘The leader of the Murim Alliance, the leader of Sega’s family clan.’

…It was too ambitious and didn’t suit me.

It is certainly attractive to have all the money, status, power, and fame, but high positions tend to require corresponding responsibilities.

After achieving my dream, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in peace and quiet, but I did not want to live fiercely until I died.

‘It’s funny even when I think about it.’

You want a high position, but you want to avoid the obligations that come with it.

It was truly a contradictory thought.

But what can you do?

That is the human heart.

‘But I don’t want to work awkwardly for someone else… If possible, I want to set a big goal.’

At that moment, a thunderbolt struck my head.

there was.

A title that is synonymous with unfairness, as the power he possesses is as great as that of the Murim Lord, but the responsibilities and obligations he must bear are almost non-existent.

A shiver running down my spine.

A ray of light shone in the darkness where I could not see an inch ahead.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t picture a more perfect future.

Money, status, power, fame, and even the rest of your life.

As I pictured myself acquiring everything, the corner of my mouth started to tingle and I couldn’t stand it.

I suddenly raised my upper body and shouted.

“Elder of the Murim Alliance!”

An attractive title that is worthy of being considered a life goal.

I was sure.

It was clear that the reason I went back in time was to become an elder of the Murim Alliance and live a happy life.

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