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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 43

Episode 43

“It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

“How have you been?”

The office of the head of the Sacheondanga family.

Dok Go Woo-jin, the head of the family, and Dang Seo-yeon sat across from us at the table.

Dang Ga-ju was not an old monster with a fearsome appearance, as is known to the public.

On the contrary, if you look at his appearance alone, he was so clean and neat that you could believe he was a Taoist monk.

‘When I saw it on the battlefield, there were no demons or chasals.’

The future King of Power and the next King of Poison.

It was a strange feeling to see two people sitting together and chatting.

In my past life, I never thought these two people would be friends.

“Yes, I asked you to give me Cheondogdan.”

“…I know that Cheondokdan is a precious commodity that even the Tang family can only produce in limited quantities. “I also know that I’m asking an unreasonable request.”

Dokgo Woojin fiddled with his teacup and spoke with difficulty.

Even he, an absolute expert, seemed to be feeling nervous right now.

“But in order for a disciple to achieve success, Cheondokdan is essential. So…”

“I turned into a fool while I was not seeing you.”


“I’ll give it to you. Because it was that kind of promise.”

“Thank you. “I will make sure to repay this debt.”

“You don’t have to pay it back. Wouldn’t I be able to do this to the benefactor who saved my daughter’s life? By the way, the student’s achievements are not ordinary. “How old are you?”


“If you’re seventeen, you’re two years older than Yuna. “He’s at his peak at that age…”

The head of the family looked back at me with a strange smile on his lips.

Even though I just made eye contact, goosebumps appeared on my forearms.

It felt like I was lashing out at a poisonous snake right in front of me.

I did my best to pretend to be calm and raised my hand.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“You seem to have some guts.”


Let’s exchange small talk for a while.

Dang Ga-ju, who put down the empty glass on the table, looked back at Dang Seo-yeon and said.


“Yes, matriarch.”

“Guide the guests to the Medicine King Department.”

“All right.”

Seoyeon Dang immediately got up from her seat and took the lead in leaving the office.

As I was about to leave the room, the family’s voice pierced my ears.

“Unfortunately, I’m busy with work, so I can’t give you much time. “I hope you understand.”

“I understand.”

“Let’s have a drink sometime soon.”

After leaving the office, Dokgo Woojin and I followed behind Seoyeon Dang and headed to the back office.

The party price was wide.

Due to its closed nature, it is known to be the smallest of the five generations, but it boasted a vast area that was incomparable to those of the Manjangse.

Did it move about an angle?

A huge palace appeared before my eyes.

The signboard had the words “Medicine King” written in a handwriting comparable to that of a warrior.

Just before stepping into the building, Seoyeon Dang looked back at Dokgo Woojin and said.

“I have one request from my benefactor.”


“I would like to do a dance with the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Administrations. Could you give me permission?”

“You chose the wrong person to ask for permission. “You should ask yourself those questions.”

“All right. Yeon Sohyeop and me….”

“I don’t like it.”

I flatly refused her request.

Are you saying you are crazy enough to engage in a dance with the daughter of the leader of the party within the party?

The situation was different from when Cheon Ji-ryeong proposed Bimu.

‘Whether I win or lose, I have nothing to gain.’

I didn’t even have the slightest desire to get angry.

In my past life, I have been sick of seeing mothballs who suggest a fight first and then hold a grudge when they lose.

“You are more timid than I thought.”

Tang Seo-yeon covered her mouth with her sleeve and sneered.

It was a blatant provocation.

I picked my ear with my index finger and pretended not to hear it.

“If the cooperative wants, we can provide a place where others cannot see.”


“Or how about making a bet? “I happen to have something that might tempt Sohyeop.”


“Small cooperative?”

As the inaction continued, Dang Seo-yeon eventually got tired of the effort and withdrew with a disappointed expression.

I glanced at the back of her head and pretended to spit.

‘There is no way to use such a shallow provocation.’

* * *

A practice room within the Tang family.

Entering the sealed stone room, I sighed as I unwrapped the paper wrapped around the sweet ring.

‘……I don’t know. it will work out somehow.’

I closed my eyes tightly and popped the pill into my mouth.

Unlike common elixirs, Cheondokdan did not have the bitter taste or strong scent characteristic of medicinal herbs.

Because it had a high viscosity, it stuck in the mouth and had a greasy taste like chewing meat.

If you ask me if it tastes good, unfortunately it doesn’t.

The squishy texture was nice, but the fishy smell that stung my nose made me vomit.

I couldn’t understand why the Germans of the Tang family ate this kind of food because it was good for them.

Soon after I passed what I had in my mouth down my throat, poison began to spread throughout my body.

I quickly drew on Dantian’s energy, suppressed the poison, and pushed it into a corner.

[If I, who am not a poisoner, ate Cheondokdan, wouldn’t I be poisoned and die?]

[I won’t die. I can’t say it’s not dangerous.]

[Could it be that the White Thunder Divine Technique also has an ability to neutralize poison?]

[There is no such ability. However, since the nature of internal energy is heavy, it is easy to suppress the poison.]

[Even if you suppress it, doesn’t the poison ultimately remain in the body? It seems dangerous if there is no way to neutralize the poison or remove it from the body.]

[You don’t have to worry about that. If I achieve Brain Spirit, I will be able to burn away the pent-up poison with Brain Spirit.]

The conversation I had with Dokgo Woo-jin two years ago flashed through my mind.

‘shit. They say bad feelings fit right in.’

I cursed under my breath and poured all my strength into using the White Lightning God Attack.

I felt heat as if my insides were burning.

Sweat flowed like rain from the pores of my entire body.

Dokgo Woojin said that two effects could be achieved by taking Cheondokdan.

The first is to improve durability.

Second is resistance to poison.

It may seem good at first glance, but it is the way of the world that high expected benefits come with corresponding risks.

‘If you think about it with common sense, is there a possibility that there will be no side effects?’

It wasn’t difficult to suppress the venom.

It was also easy to burn off the accumulated poison by burning it off.

However, quickly removing the poison did not mean that there was no burden on the body.

The pain and fatigue caused by the addiction gradually accumulated.

Naturally, my concentration broke and it became difficult to control my energy.

‘This has to be repeated every year.’

After a long period of continuous luck, I was able to remove all the poison and store the increased internal energy in the Danjeon.

After struggling to get up from my seat, I looked down at my slightly shaking hands and frowned.


I had a feeling that the future training would not be smooth.

* * *

Afterwards, I went back and forth between Hwangryongmuwan and Dangga to focus on my martial arts training.

Once a fortnight, he visited the family home with a letter bearing the seal of the head of the family.

Stop by the Medicine King’s Ministry, receive the Cheondokdan, rent a practice room, and digest it.

There was one thing that I realized while continuously taking Cheondokdan.

‘The energy gained by consuming a long-acting elixir is not cut in half.’

If you think about it, it was natural.

In the case of instantaneous elixirs, internal energy could be improved by absorbing the spiritual energy contained in the elixir.

On the other hand, long-acting elixirs were items that temporarily increased the efficiency of accumulating energy of learned mental techniques.

For practitioners of the White Lightning Divine Art, Cheondokdan served as a strength enhancer with higher efficiency than the summoning dan.

‘Damn it. I should have saved it too.’

Once again, I regretted taking Demon God Dan (魔神丹), despite its low effectiveness, when I was living in Manjang House.

How great it would have been if I had been able to take the Demon God Dan after learning the White Thunder Divine Technique.

‘Well, there was no other option at the time.’

Continuous use of the drug caused various side effects.

Things like tremors, chronic fatigue, indigestion, or loss of appetite.

In addition, I had to experience inconveniences in my daily life due to minor problems.

But surprisingly, as time passed, I could feel my body adapting to the poison.

‘Aside from the inconveniences of daily life, the uncomfortable feeling in my body that I used to feel every time I took Cheondokdan has barely been felt these days.’

As the number of times I took Cheondokdan increased, the pain and burden decreased.

On the other hand, the efficiency of Baekrei Shingong’s internal power accumulation has increased.

Although the process was difficult, the results were steadily followed.

* * *

As I left the practice room after completing the Cheondokdan dance like any other day, I noticed a woman standing with her arms crossed at the entrance and frowned slightly.

‘Here we go again.’

Dangseoyeon, a women’s restaurant from Sacheon Dangaju.

She seemed to want to do something with me in some way, but she started arguing in various ways every time we ran into each other.

At first, he just made clumsy provocations, but recently he even pretended it was a mistake and threw an object.

At this rate, I was worried that I would soon lose my memorization.

“Why did you come again?”

“I would like to ask you to help me.”

“I think I’ve told you dozens of times that I have no intention of having a fight with Sojeo.”

“I told you that I would keep asking until you accepted me too.”

“It looks like you have some time left.”

“I took time out of my busy schedule to come here.”

“Let’s ask now. “Why are you so anxious that you can’t dance with me?”

“It’s because you are a disciple of your benefactor.


“I know his true skills.”

“Just because the teacher is strong, there is no way that the disciple will be strong as well. “You will be disappointed because your skills are so poor.”

“There is no way the talented person selected as his disciple is ordinary.”


I couldn’t speak.

‘I guess I should say I’m glad that they didn’t start a fight today.’

I had a gut feeling that if I didn’t deal with it once, I would be stuck until the end.

I eventually raised both hands and declared surrender.

“I lost.”


“Let’s go bimu.”

“If you could set a convenient date and time and tell me…”

“Right now. ” There is no need to postpone it until later.”


“If possible, let’s make a bet at the same time.”


“Didn’t you tell me before? “I have something that can tempt you.”

“…That’s right. All right.”

“Hang on. “I will offer you an appropriate price.”

I had no intention of losing once I decided to do a secret dance.

It doesn’t matter if my own evaluation is low, but I can’t tarnish the face of my teacher, Dokgo Woojin.

“Oh, and if possible, I would like a place where other people’s eyes won’t reach.”

“I have a private gym that I use. “Please go there.”

“All right.”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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