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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 47

Episode 47

The fight ended quickly.

At the point when Dang Seo-yeon and I stepped forward, the outcome was almost certain.

Cheon Ji-ryeong didn’t even come out of the carriage.

There was no damage to the group.

The messengers took turns looking at me and Tang Seo-yeon as if they were looking at a monster.


I frowned, looking down at my clothes covered in blood.

‘At this point, there is no point paying a lot of money and entrusting the escort service to Pyo-guk.’

I got caught up in a meaningless fight and wasted my strength needlessly.

It didn’t feel that good.

‘It’s hard to find water to wash in these mountains.’

I glared at the captured bandits with annoyed eyes.

The bandits were tied to ropes and kneeling on the ground, their necks hunched over like turtles.

There were no injuries among the surviving bandits.

Except for those who gave up their weapons and surrendered, everyone else died.

Tang Seo-yeon had no mercy toward her enemies.

As a Tang family warrior, his hands were extremely cruel.

Of course, it was the same for me as a demonic cultist in my past life.

I could not feel any reason to show mercy to bandits and the like.

‘Then why are you picking a fight with the party’s military officer?’

As I watched Dang Seo-yeon interrogating a bandit with a dagger pointed at his neck, I couldn’t help but sigh.

In the eyes of the reporters, she would appear like a powder keg that could explode at any moment.

She was the one who ignited the fight that could have been avoided.

This was the reason why I stepped forward and helped subdue the bandits.

What if the party’s victims became victims due to the party seoyeon?

In all likelihood, unfavorable public opinion would have been formed.

Even if a customer paid a high price, it was human psychology to want to avoid the plague god that brought danger.

‘Anyway, I can’t even get on the carriage like this.’

It was difficult to have the smell of blood on a carriage that was supposed to be used for a long time.

However, since it was not possible to take the messengers’ horses and ride them, they had to travel on foot until they reached a nearby village.

I couldn’t help but feel so obnoxious about Cheon Ga-ryeong, who was looking at me with his head sticking out of the carriage window.

“Yeon Sohyeop.”

After finishing the interrogation, Seoyeon Dang called me.

“It is said that their base is not far from here.”

“Are you really saying that we are going to go rob the mountains?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Do you really need to go that far?”

“If you don’t know, you don’t know, but even if you know, you can’t just ignore it.”


“It is said that there are women kidnapped from nearby villages in the mountain quarters.”

As I listened to her story with a sour expression, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

If I rob the wild vegetables, wouldn’t I be able to get a horse to ride to the village?

No, it may be possible to solve a more fundamental problem.

‘I might be able to find water and a bathtub to wash myself.’

I laughed and stretched.

I felt absurd that I had decided to take down bandits just to take a bath, but at the same time, I felt good.

The reason I was able to come up with this idea was because I had the power.

In the end, Moorim was all about strength.

I could feel it again.

That all your efforts have not been in vain.

I asked, tilting my head loudly.

“Where is the mountain vegetables located?”

* * *

earth! earth! earth! earth!

A bandit standing guard at a watchtower rang a bell announcing an attack.

Maeng-pyeong, the head of Maeng Ho-chae, who was absorbed in molesting a woman he had kidnapped from a nearby village, frowned and got up from his bed.

“what’s the matter!”

“Chaeju! “It’s an attack!”

“Are you a government soldier? “How many people?”

“Not the government army! Two people! “They say a man and a woman came in from different directions!”

“Only two? “Are you saying that right now?!”

“They say it’s not normal! In particular, women are said to be like the poisonous people of the Tang family because they freely use poison and memorization…” “

What? German?”

Makpyeong opened his eyes wide.

I couldn’t understand the situation.

No, why on earth would a Tang family’s poison attack a mountain plant located in such a remote area?

“It seems that the party group that was trying to collect the toll tax included a member of the party!”

“Holy shit!”

Makpyeong, who was swearing and putting on his clothes, picked up a spear and a bow hanging on the wall.

Although his subordinates did not know this, he was actually from the government military.

He had a talent for martial arts and at one time rose to a fairly high position.

“First, focus the kids in the direction the Germans attacked! “I’ll take the man’s side!”

“yes? If we don’t kill the poisoner quickly, the damage will increase…”

“That’s stupid! There is a limit to the number of memorizations an individual can possess anyway! “If it becomes a war of attrition, we will have the advantage!”

“I see.”

“And if we subdue the man first and use him as a hostage, we might be able to stop that b*tch from going on a rampage!”


After the subordinate gave an exclamation and left to deliver instructions.

Makpyeong climbed onto the roof of the log cabin and observed the situation of the war.

As the subordinate reported, the situation was not that good.

It was infuriating to see a group of about 40 people struggling to cope with only two people.

I immediately flew in the direction where the scream came from.

As he jumped towards the man who was cutting down his subordinates with a sharp sword, he lashed out with the lion’s hooves.

“this guy! How dare you tell me where this is!”

The man, who glanced back at Makpyeong, snorted and walked forward.


The ground sank hard and there was a loud noise.

The ground split apart around the foot that struck down.



The bandits who surrounded the young man stumbled, unable to keep their balance.

Makpyeong’s expression became blank.

‘……That’s the power that humans can produce?’

Even if something goes wrong, it is definitely wrong.

As the young man swung his sword, countless phantom blades appeared before Makpyeong’s eyes.

‘What is this!’

I didn’t even dare to resist.

How on earth can they withstand such a brutal attack?

Makpyeong instinctively closed his eyes tightly.

The next moment, he rolled on the floor obnoxiously.


Makpyeong came to his senses late and raised his upper body, frantically groping his body with both hands.

Even after washing my eyes, I couldn’t find any sword marks.

“Hwangeom! “You were fooled!”

As soon as he picked up the spear that had fallen on the floor in a fit of rage, a sword pierced his temple.

The man who grabbed the back of Makpyeong, who fainted without even being able to scream, narrowed his eyes and muttered.

“Just looking at this guy, it looks like he’s a debtor. Do you think there will be a reward if I take him to the government office?”

* * *

Same time.

Oksa (獄舍) located within the mountain chae.

Jang Han, who entered the shabby cage, grabbed the terrified woman by her hair and dragged her out, shouting.

“Come out quickly!”


“You b*tch! “You can’t stand up when you say something nice!”

The women trapped in the cage opposite looked at the scene in horror.

The man was Meng Gil, Meng Hochae’s debtor.

When he heard that the attacker was a member of the Tang family, he immediately went to the prison where the kidnapped women were imprisoned.

‘No matter how notorious the leader of the party is, he is ultimately the leader of the political faction. If you stage a hostage situation, there is a good chance it will work.’

He carried the woman on his side and left the prison.

When I put my fist into the face of the woman who was violently resisting, her struggling stopped.

“Now he’s a little more calm… keuok!”

Maeng-gil, who was laughing in satisfaction, collapsed in place with a scream of death the next moment.

This was because the woman who was hiding under the eaves stabbed him in the back of the neck.

The woman, Cheon Ga-ryeong, muttered as she wiped the blood off her dagger.

“It’s obvious what a plan the bandits would think of in a situation like this.”

She hummed and removed the rope from the woman who had fallen on the floor.

She handed a bundle of keys to the woman who nodded in pain but nodded.

“Take it and free the others too.”


“All of Meng Haochai’s bandits will soon be defeated. Those who were captured will also be able to return home.”


After speaking, Cheon Ji-ryeong’s new form melted into the air like a ghost.

The woman who witnessed the incredible sight rubbed her eyes with both hands.

“I guess I’ve done my part at this level.”

Cheon Ga-ryeong, who was standing on the roof of the prison, yawned and muttered.

Most of the bandits who flocked to Tang Seo-yeon were scurrying around, poisoned by the poison she had sprayed.

There didn’t seem to be any need to join in and help.

Needless to say, it was the direction where the fire clouds were located.


Cheon Ga-ryeong’s eyes narrowed as he watched Yeon-woon cut down the bandits like they were straw bales.

The movements were incomparable to when they sparred at the Hwangryongmugwan two years ago.

“There are no such monsters.”

I couldn’t even guess how wide the gap had become.

Suddenly, a conversation between Yeon-woon and Dok-go Woo-jin not long ago flashed through my mind.

[Even if an emergency situation arises, I am fully capable of protecting myself.] [

Well, if you are the one you are now, you could easily join the ranks of the world’s 100 greatest masters….] He

says it as if he were asserting . The teacher and the disciple who accept it as if it were natural.

I laughed at the time, but I couldn’t do it now.

“He is a master of the hundreds when he is not even young.”

There are many people in the world who are called great talents, but at least in the field of martial arts, there is no one who can compare to Yeonsun.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me.

Perhaps he is watching the birth of a hero who will leave a mark in the history of martial arts.

* * *

After completing the subjugation of Meng Hao-chae, I called in the ticket troupe and asked them to clean up after themselves.

The secretaries who had been looking at me and Tang Seo-yeon with eyes full of fear smiled on their faces when they heard that they would share compensation for the subjugation.

There were more goods stored in the mountain than expected.

However, in my eyes, it was only a small amount of money as it was rejected due to a purchase request made by the owner of Hwayang Trading Company.

‘It’s a hassle to carry everything with me.’

I gave some of the captured goods to the martyrs and martyrs as money for their trouble.

The rest was equally distributed to Tang Seo-yeon, Cheon Ga-ryeong, and the kidnapped women.

After staying overnight at a mountain lodge, the group headed to a nearby village early the next morning.

The captured bandits were handed over to the government office, and the kidnapped women were delivered to a branch of Haeulpyoguk so that they could each return to their homes.

However, such follow-up action led to unexpected results.

“Did you hear that story? “They say it was two young men and women who defeated Meng Haochai and rescued the women captured there!”

I don’t know where the rumor started, but people praising my achievements began to appear one by one.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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