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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 71

Episode 71

‘Was it like that?’

I thought the future had changed because of me.

So, I thought that Zhuge Hye had joined the government army instead of Ji Rong.

But it seems that wasn’t the case.

The future has not changed.

Just like in his previous life, Jiryong participated in the subjugation of Japanese pirates and made great contributions.

‘I never would have thought that Zhuge Hye was an earth dragon.’

One less thing to worry about.

If the Japanese subjugation is delayed compared to the previous life, Damun’s plan will be shaken from the foundation.

Although I had heard about Zhuge Hye’s excellence from Damun, it was true that I honestly felt uneasy.

I know that the future can change greatly with even the slightest chance.

Even if Zhuge Hye truly had superior abilities than the Earth Dragon, there was every chance that the subjugation of the Japanese pirates would be prolonged.

However, if Jilong and Zhuge Hye are the same person, the story is different.

Since history had not changed, the time when the subjugation of Japanese pirates was completed would have been the same as in the previous life.

‘There is a possibility that a variable may have arisen due to the contact between me and my group with Zhuge Hye, but…’ I

decided not to think about it.

‘Anyway, that’s a strange thing.’

Suddenly, a curiosity arose.

What on earth was Jegal Seju thinking when he concealed Jegal Hye’s existence and gave her the role of a man?

* * *

Same time.

Inside a military barracks located in the waters of Zhejiang.

A young man sitting in front of a table with a map spread out was lost in thought with his chin resting on his arm.

The sleeves of the blue school uniform had a white flag symbolizing the Zhuge Dynasty embroidered on it.

He wore a hero’s gun on his head and a cape around his shoulders.

Her skin was as white as jade, her facial lines were slim, and her facial features were harmonious.

An artist of beauty who seems to have jumped out of a painting.

Among the lay disciples of Bo Ta-am (普陀庵) who joined in the subjugation of Japanese pirates, there were quite a few who admired him.

ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

The sound of drums announcing departure pierced my ears.

The young man looked down at the map in silence for a long time, then sighed softly and leaned against the backrest.

‘Now that we have regained our maritime base, it is only a matter of time before we drive out the pirates. Next spring, I will be able to finish the subjugation and return to my family.’

When the recapture operation took place two days ago, he directly participated in the battle and led the soldiers.

There was no need for that anymore.

‘There is no need to go all out to suppress the remnants.’

Even if you don’t do that, it won’t affect the trend.

The more frequently you appear in front of the public, the more likely it is that your identity will be discovered.

Therefore, there was a need to adhere to mysticism.

If possible, I planned to minimize public appearances.

At that time, a familiar voice was heard from outside the barracks.

“Confucius. This is Chuso. “Can I come in?”

“Please come in.”

The young man corrected his disheveled posture and answered.

The warrior who entered the barracks politely handed the young man a letter.

The young man who accepted it with a puzzled expression looked at the contents of the letter.

“…Is this all?”

“That’s right.”

“All right. “You can just go out and have a look.”

After issuing an order to celebrate the samurai.

The young man frowned and placed the letter down on the table.

‘Hometown is unknown. At the age of ten, he entrusted himself to the Wanzhang family in Haji, Guangxi Province. At the age of fifteen, he entered the Hwangryongmugwan in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Become a disciple of Cheon Kwon, the leader of martial arts, and learn martial arts.’

The young man’s eyes narrowed.

‘I know he is a person with a history of location, but this alone does not explain it.’

To find out about a person, an investigation was conducted using the family’s information network.

However, the results were not very satisfactory.

‘It’s so ordinary.’

Not long ago he saw clearly.

The sight of a man who introduced himself as Yeon-woon handing a red jewel to the warrior guarding the main gate of Hwayang Sangdan.

‘If I remember correctly, it is a mark symbolizing the distinguished guests of Hwayang Sangdan.’

I remembered seeing the same item decorated with the Zhuge Dynasty’s Household Hall.

There was no way that a huge top, about the size of a Hwayang top, could easily give away a sign symbolizing a distinguished guest.

Among the numerous family members of the Zhuge family, the only person recognized as a guest of honor at Hwayang Sangdan was the head of the family, Zhuge Seojin.

But Yeonsun had something like that.

The implications of this were significant.

‘The owner of Hwayang Sangdan sees Yeon Sohyeop as an important person as much as his father.’

I couldn’t help but wonder.

What is the true identity of Yeon-woon, what kind of past is he hiding, and what is his relationship with the owner of Hwayang Sangdan?

The young man picked up the letter that had been placed on the table and slowly looked through its contents.

The words “origin unknown” caught my attention, but there was something else that bothered me more.

What made him feel uncomfortable were the regional names written in the letter.

Haji, Guangxi Province.

The capital of Sichuan Province.

Both regions were located too far from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

‘Yeon Sohyeop and Hwayang Trading Company. To begin with, the two people have different areas of activity. How on earth did the two sides come into contact?’

My imagination ran wild in my mind.

Perhaps Yeonsun helped him when Hwayang Sangdanju, who was on his way to another country, was in danger?

The owner of Hwayang Sangdan, whose life was saved, repaid the favor in his own way as a sign of gratitude.

‘That can’t be possible.’

The young man smiled and shook his head.

There are degrees of contrived situations.

In the first place, the premise that Hwayang Sangdan would go directly to a distant land did not make sense.

Isn’t there a place where a person as high as the head of a large merchant can travel up and down the country in person?

‘What is it… … .’

The young man, who folded the letter and placed it in his chest, got up from his seat and headed to the bed.

“Should I go and ask in person?”

He collapsed on the bed and muttered.

I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some time to visit Yeonsun before returning to the family.

‘It’ll be okay if you just hint at it.’

* * *


A massive light wave swept across the area.

Dojang Cheonwoo, who was glaring at us with bloodshot eyes, let out a sigh of relief and collapsed in place.

“Thirty seconds.”

I put a smile on my face and tied the retrieved sword sheath on my belt.

Dojang Cheonwoo, who was lying on the ground in a large position, looked up at the sky and muttered.

“But I somehow held on this time.”

“I think you’re getting the hang of it.”

“I hate to admit it, but honestly, I feel like I’ve grown.”

“I think we can increase the intensity of the training.”

“Please just bear with it. “It’s still scary.”

“It was a joke.”

“You’re telling me a joke.”

“I have some good news and one bad news. “What would you like to hear first?”

“Starting with the good news.”

“We will end training as of today. You no longer have to be alert to your surroundings while sleeping or eating. “There is no need to waste time in a smelly side room.”


“It’s true.”

Tears flowed from Cheonwoo Dojang’s eyes.

Perhaps the hardships of the past time are unfolding before your eyes like a flash of light?

“So what’s the bad news?”

“The plan will be implemented from the day after tomorrow.”


I explained Damun’s plan to Cheonwoo Dojang.

After hearing the whole story, Dojang Cheonwoo looked at me with a blank expression and asked.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“He is perfectly sane.”

“It can’t be as easy as it sounds to draw the attention of the powerful martial arts forces in Zhejiang to one place.”

“It won’t be easy. So, we put a lot of effort into preparation over the past time.”

“Huh… … .”

“It’s going to be busy. “You will have to travel all over Zhejiang and act as a bandit.”

“But why is that bad news?”

“Didn’t you promise? “He said he would help me with what I am planning without compensation.”

“…I thought I had finally escaped hell, but another hell was waiting for me.”

“I’ve had enough training, so shouldn’t I use what I’ve learned in practice?”

“Sometimes I wonder if Sohyeop is even a person.”

“Do you think it’s too much?”

“I am also human. “If you overwork it, you could die.”

“People die less easily than you think.”

Dojang Cheonwoo laughed at my sly answer.

“That’s a good thing. “I think it would be rewarding to eradicate bandits and relieve suffering people.”

He struggled to get up from his seat.

I said as if staring at him as he walked shakily with a tired face.

“Please get plenty of rest.”

“I think so even if you don’t say it.”

* * *

A rumor spread throughout Zhejiang.

Sa Il-sang, a martial artist of the previous generation, left behind a world-class military legacy for his successors.

Bigeop is buried in Xuedu Mountain, located in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province.

Those who overcome the hardships and obtain the secret will become the rulers of Zhejiang Black Island.

At first no one believed it.

Even the powerful Segana factions of the Black Island only hesitated to confirm the authenticity and did not take any significant action.

However, the situation changed as additional rumors spread.

Si Il-sang was a magnate who ruled the Black Island of Zhejiang more than two hundred years ago.

The Four Heukryeons, which he led, once had so much power that they even surpassed Botaam.

The person who spread the rumor about Sailsang is a descendant of the leader who led Saheukryeon in the past.

After much deliberation, he thought that Sa Il-sang’s martial arts skills would not be passed on to the people of the Black Island except now that the eyes of the officials and the Baekdo martial arts team were focused on subjugating the Japanese pirates.

In addition, an unknown person began to send letters to each black power.

For those of you who are having a hard time trying to determine whether the rumor is true or not, I will include in the letter the first part of Sa Il-sang’s martial arts story.

Even if you track me down, you won’t be able to get the latter part of the story.

The only thing that has been passed down to me and my clan is the martial artist’s name and the first part of the story.

If you want to continue the progress of the four days, go to Xuedu Mountain.

Everything he left behind lies dormant there.

Sa Il-sang was a real person.

It was also true that Saheukryeon briefly surpassed Bothaham.

With the help of Cheon Ga-ryeong, while they were selecting warriors from the squadron to borrow their names from, they found the perfect person and decided to use him.

The Martial people, drawn by the rumor, flocked to Seoldusan Mountain.

As the existence of the camp spread out on the mountainside was confirmed, the rumor spread like pouring oil on a fire.

With the situation like this, not even the large Black Island Segana faction could sit idly by.

One by one, troops from each faction began to camp near Seoldusan Mountain.

As green forests and waterways joined in, things grew out of control.

Everything went smoothly.

I smiled with satisfaction as I read the report Damun sent me and took out the fox mask from my arms.

It is time to start acting as a righteous enemy in earnest.

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