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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 72

Episode 72

The entire Zhejiang Province was abuzz with the story of Si Il-sang’s disappearance.

Whether it’s guest cup or base.

Whenever people gathered together, they shared stories about the Murim people who had camped on Mt. Seoldu.

“They say Cheoksageom (斥邪劍) has entered the battle.”

“Is that really true?”

“okay. “I heard you joined hands with Xu Daofang’s Ark?”

“Huh. “With a master of that level joining the team, the momentum of Seodobang must have increased significantly.”

“But that’s not true. It is said that other powers are also recruiting their own experts, and in the case of Nokrim and Surochae, they even requested the dispatch of executives to their superiors. “I have no idea how the situation will develop in the future.”

“As competition heats up, things to see that are rarely seen are emerging. If possible, it would be better if we could destroy each other amicably.”

“Don’t even mention such things. “If someone involved eavesdrops, you could be in big trouble.”

“yes. You have to be careful. “I was drunk and made a mistake.”

“But did you hear that story? “I heard that bandits have appeared in Guju recently.”


“It is said that he suddenly appeared and wiped out a group of black swords and bandits, taking their goods and distributing them to the residents of nearby villages.”

“Huh. “There is someone like that?”

“The surprising thing is that only two people did it.”


“Can you believe that just the two of us defeated all the black thieves and thieves who had made their home in Guju?”

“They don’t seem to be people with average skills.”

“Of course, it is possible because the best Bangpa in the nine states, Oguibang (Five Demons), jumped into the fight for Bidong, but even so, it is true that it is great.”

“So what did you say about the two people’s identities?”

“I don’t know. “They said no one has seen his face.”

“No one has seen your face? “What does that mean?”

“They said they couldn’t recognize their faces because they each covered their faces with fox masks and masks. Still, there is a story that the two people are superior-subordinate, and the one wearing the fox mask is presumed to be the superior.”

“I don’t know who it is, but I’d like you to come here to Geumhwa. “Wouldn’t it be great if we caught up with the black thieves who are committing evil acts on this day and age?”

“Shh! “Friend, be careful what you say!”

“I guess I should get up soon. “It looks like you drank too much.”

“Okay, I guess it would be better to call it a day and leave. “Get up quickly.”

Two men, presumed to be residents of a nearby village, paid for the drinks and set out to run the bases.

As I quietly watched the scene behind me, I picked up my drink with a smile on my face.

The man sitting across from me, Cheonwoo Dojang, sent a buzzing sound.

-It seems our activities are quite well known.

-Of course it is. I came to defeat all the bandits and bandits of the Savior.

-I wanted to shake off the five ghosts if possible.

-As I said before, you must not touch the Murim forces that participated in the battle for Bidong. Your plan may go awry.

-I know. I just tried it. Anyway, in people’s eyes, I seem to be seen as a subordinate of the small cooperative I founded.

-Of course it is. I’m leaving all the miscellaneous things to the dojo.

-Aren’t you treating me too harshly?

-Didn’t you tell me? He said he would treat him harshly.

-……I shouldn’t say anything.

-For some reason, you just let it go. If it were normal, I would have protested more.

-If I resist, you won’t use that as an excuse to beat me up again.

-You noticed.

-There is no choice but to increase.

Cheonwoo Dojang sighed deeply and played with his chopsticks.

I burst out laughing inwardly.

The work of cultivating Cheonwoo Dojang’s tact through frequent beatings was progressing smoothly.

It’s a bit of a waste of time like that.


“Who is it?”

As a woman entered the guest room, a murmur spread throughout the base.

The attention of the middle school students was all focused on the woman.

A woman wearing a bright palace dress, paying no heed to the stares of people, came to the table where Dojang Cheonwoo was sitting.


The woman, Cheon Ga-ryeong, handed me a letter she had pulled out of her sleeve.

I accepted it and got up from my seat.

“I will organize everything within ten days. Please go straight to the next area and gather information.”

“Ten days? Aren’t you holding it too short? “I think it’s quite unreasonable even in Guju.”

“In order to cover all regions within the period, there is a need to speed up the pace.”

Zhejiang is divided into a total of eleven regions.

Hangzhou, Guzhou, Jinhua, Lioshu, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Hoju, Ningbo, Zhushan.

Among them, it was decided not to engage in militia activities in Hangzhou, where security was relatively stable, and Jusan, which was occupied by Yeongpa pirates and where the government army was stationed.

Eight regions remain.

We had to be busy to tour all those areas before spring came.

Even if you count it as 10 days per region, that’s 80 days.

Including the time spent on moving, resting and cleaning up, it was estimated that it would take at least three to four months.

Maybe it could be longer than that.

By using Hao Moon’s information capabilities, he was able to identify the locations of black thieves and bandits in the area and optimize their movement routes, so he was able to stick to a tight schedule.

“Okay then, see you in Wenzhou.”

After running the bases, Cheon Ga-ryeong and I took steps in different directions.

Dojang Cheonwoo, who was glancing behind him with regret, asked me.

“What on earth is Xiaoje Chen?”

“What does it mean.”

“No matter how ignorant I am of the world, I can tell you that Cheon Soje is not an ordinary person. It would also be a lie to say that he was from the Hwangryong Military Academy. “Isn’t that right?”

“It is true that I am from the Hwangryong Military Academy. “There are many people who studied at the same school as me and can prove it.”

“……Oh really?”


Dojang Cheonwoo scratched the back of his head with an embarrassed expression.

I looked away from him, opened the letter I had received from Cheon Ga-ryeong, and looked at its contents.

‘First of all, start with the black tiger snail.’

* * *


The leaders of the Black Tiger Sect, who were leisurely gambling like any other day, frowned at the sight of the assailants who suddenly stormed into their office.


“Who are you?”

“Where are these guys?”

A monster wearing a fox mask took a quick look inside the office.

Soon, hell unfolded.

The monsters were too strong.

It made me wonder if they were the same person.

The furniture shattered and the human flew through the air.

Some people, realizing that they were no match for them, threw away their weapons and raised both hands.

However, there was no mercy for the assailants.

Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

The black thugs screamed at the merciless beating of the sticks.

Those who learned martial arts had their dantian shattered, and the rest had one of their limbs cramped.

“What kind of grudge do you have against us?”

A black swordsman who was beaten without knowing why let out a heartbreaking cry.

The fox masked man grabbed the black sword’s hair and chanted in a low voice.

“So what grudge do you have for harassing and exploiting the residents of nearby villages?”


“You’ve probably heard of the term retribution, right?”


The fox masked man grabbed Black Sword’s left arm and twisted it strongly.

A desperate scream erupted.

A masked monster was busy collecting valuable items in the office.

They even showed thoroughness in cutting the walls on all sides to see if there was a hidden secret space.

After finishing all the work, the two monsters left the office like ghosts.

Only the groans of the leaders of the Black Tiger faction echoed hollowly inside the office.

* * *

“How much did you get?”

“Not that much. “It’s probably about 100 silver coins.”

“For now, let’s put the money in the underground safe of the base we prepared in advance.”

“Have you also set up a base for your activities in Geumhwa?”

“Isn’t it obvious? “We have prepared several activity bases in all the regions we will tour in the future.”

“You prepared it so thoroughly that it was scary.”

After moving the wealth collected from the Black Tiger Sect to the base, they immediately attacked the next target.

Cheonghyeolchae (淸血砦).

It was a mountain chae (mountain shrine) where about forty bandits lived, and the chaeju (砦主) was known to be a considerable expert.

According to the contents of the letter delivered by Cheon Ga-ryeong, it seems that there was a recommendation from Nokrim to become a lower organization.

‘Yes, I am a mountaineer.’

In the evening when the sun was setting, Dojang Cheonwoo and I climbed over the wooden fence at the same time and sneaked into the mountain lodge.

Role distribution was simple.

While I wipe out the bandits in the mountains, Dojang Cheonwoo rescues the kidnapped people.


“It’s an enemy attack!”

I cut down as many bandits as I could and ran in a straight line toward the wooden building where the owner lived.

Meanwhile, Cheonwoo Dojo moved quietly, hiding himself using the surrounding terrain.

‘They said they were recommended to Green Forest, so the average level is definitely high.

The bandits of Cheonghyeolchae were different from the bandits of Meng Hochae.

Each member was trained in martial arts.

Of course, even if it was, it wasn’t enough to pose a threat to me.

“this guy! “Do you think it is possible to handle this number of people by yourself?!”

Chae-ju, who belatedly rushed out of his residence, threw away the spear in his hand and shouted.

I bent my back sharply to avoid it and then went straight into the gap between the opponent.

“No way!”

Chaeju raised the dagger he had drawn from his waist and lowered it from top to bottom.

A wave of energy formed along the surface of the dagger.

It was an art of swordsmanship that only a swordsman who had reached the peak of his powers could display.

I placed my left hand on the trajectory of the dagger.

A brain energy instantly formed at my fingertips.


A horrifying friction sound rang out.

Chaeju’s eyes widened.

It seemed as if he had never thought that a sword clad in a sword would be caught with bare hands.

The white lightning energy concentrated at one point could be a weapon of enormous power or a shield that protects the caster.

After blocking the opponent’s movements, I immediately delivered the finishing blow.

There was no need for a grand herbivorous meal.

The first herbivorous current month.

The sword’s trajectory drew a gentle curve.

The sword shot soared upward from below and passed through Chaeju’s abdomen.

“Ugh… … .”

He kicked Chae-ju, who instinctively grabbed his abdomen to prevent his intestines from spilling out, and knocked him down and took his hand.


“I’ll join you!”

As the supply of creditors was thrown to the bandits who belatedly rushed out with weapons, shouts of astonishment erupted here and there.

I swung my arm once and brushed the blood off the sword.

“If you drop your weapons and surrender, I will destroy your Danjeon and lead you to the government office. On the other hand, if you resist to the end, you will die right here.”

Of course, the bandits did not give in easily.

Losing one’s sword was like saying that one’s life as a warrior would end.

What warrior in the world would meekly accept a declaration that he would destroy his Danjeon?

‘Well, if you’re going to fight to the death, it’s better for me.’

There is no need to waste time leading survivors to the government office.

I swung my sword at the leading man with a fierce smile on my face.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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