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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 80

Episode 80:

I was completely angry.

The magic technique that I acquired through all that hard work is magic.

Mindfulness was the core of Qigong.

So to speak, it was the root and foundation.

However, the author, known as Gosu of the previous generation, said he was looking for a successor to continue his progress, but he left behind Demon Gong.

It must have felt absurd and absurd.

“Every day, you piece of shit!”

The West Dao Ark looked up at the sky and swore.

However, there was no way that Sa Il-sang, who had already passed away long ago in the evening, would respond to that.

Seodo Ark, who was so excited that he was stomping on the Book of Sims, finally regained his senses, probably because he remembered that he was in front of his subordinates.


He turned his head.

He was glaring at me with his red face, as if he was trying to vent his anger.

I took a step forward and placed my hand on the sword soldier, as if protecting Damun.

So that you can go out whenever you want.

“Did you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“The martial arts that Sa Il-Sang left behind are magic arts.”

“How can I know that since I am not a god?”

“Yeah, I guess so. “I was so excited that I made a mistake.”

“As promised, we have enabled you to reach Bidong in Sailsang within five days. Now it is the Lord’s turn to keep his promise.”

“I need to adjust the terms of the contract.”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

“Don’t ask questions when you know. “Can you understand that the martial arts you acquired after investing a huge amount of money is magic arts?”

“You shouldn’t ask me that. And other than Simbeop, other martial arts skills are fine, aren’t they? That alone would be a huge income.”

“The balance is not right. “If you don’t have the most important method of thinking, what’s the use of it all?”

“It depends on what you think. “I have no intention of changing the terms of the contract.”

“Even if you don’t like it, you will have to accept it. “Unless you want to die here.”

“I didn’t know you would threaten me now.”

The atmosphere on both sides became tense.

I noticed a Seodobangdo creeping towards me.

I drew my sword and swung it lightly.


A ray of swordsman came out from the point of the sword and swept across the ground.

Seo Do-bang-do swallowed up the wind at the sword mark that appeared one step in front of him.

“From now on, anyone who crosses this line will be cut down.”


Seo Dao Ark’s face hardened.

It would have been unthinkable that the late index, who had just reached his retirement age, would have this level of inaction.

A breathtaking silence fell.

Everyone just glared at each other and no one tried to attack first.

How much time has passed?

Damun opened his mouth with a relaxed expression.

“Can I waste my time here like this? “I don’t think we have that much freedom.”


“Don’t you think the road to get here was too smooth? “Do you really not know what it means that we have not seen any of the warriors from the different forces that clashed so frequently?”


“Even as an outsider, I can see that it is strange. There is no way the other martial arts forces participating in the struggle will just sit by and watch. “Where do you think they are and what they are doing right now?”

“They must be following us. “Maybe we’re already there.”

“I guarantee you that if an internal conflict breaks out here, everyone will die.”


Seodo Ark said ‘Ugh’ and ground his teeth.

There is no problem in trying to remove Damun if you are in the middle of Mt. Seoldu Mountain, where other people’s eyes cannot reach.

All you have to do is tell the outside world that you lost your life in an unexpected accident while attacking Bidong.

But on the other hand, what if Damun comes down the mountain safely?

A flow would be formed that the West Island Ark could not resist.

If this party requests formal performance of the contract in the name of Hwayang Sangdan, Seodobang will not be able to refuse it.

‘I’m sure I’m worried.’

If we meekly withdraw from here, the losses will be great, and if we continue to bite, the only outcome will be mutual destruction.

‘There is only one option to choose from anyway.’

It wasn’t just Seodo-bang that was urgent.

Other martial forces, including Green Forest, Surochae, and Oh Gwi-bang, must have felt equally desperate.

What was the reason for them to just sit back and watch as Seo Do-bang proceeded smoothly with his strategy to conquer Bi-dong?

This was probably because the government wanted to end the struggle before the subjugation of the Japanese pirates was completed.

Ten days ago, news spread throughout Zhejiang that the government army had destroyed the Japanese pirate fleet.

The subjugation of Japanese pirates was virtually complete.

After the post-war process was over, the government offices in Zhejiang would begin to play their proper roles again, and Baekdo martial arts forces, including Botaam, would be interested in the secret activities of Sailsang.

In that case, the black people who had camped near Seoldu Mountain and fought while consuming enormous amounts of money and manpower would have no choice but to end up like dogs chasing chickens.

In the end, there was only one conclusion that the West Island Ark could come to.

It was a matter that literally depended on Bangpa’s fate.

To avoid the worst, you have no choice but to choose the lesser evil.

“…Is there a way to get out of Snowdu Mountain safely?”

“I have some ideas in mind as to how to minimize the damage… … .”

Finally, the Lord of the West gave in to his will.

It must have been judged that power should not be wasted here.

It was a task to safely escape from Mt. Seoldusan and return to the sphere of influence, but one also had to keep in mind the future resistance against other forces.

“I want to hear what that method is.”

“It’s simple. “You can use the formations spread out around Bidong in reverse.”

* * *

Each martial arts force put forth its utmost effort to completely end the ongoing struggle.

The Cheonnajimang (天羅地網) was spread around Seoldusan Mountain, and elites from each force climbed the mountain and chased after Seo Daobang.

“That’s interesting. “I never thought the day would come when we would all carry out joint operations like this.”

“That’s right. The martial arts factions that were busy bickering with each other until recently have formed an alliance as if they had promised in advance. “At times like this, you get hit hard.”

“Originally, an angular stone is bound to receive affection.”

“Well, we can’t let Seo Do-bang monopolize Sa Il-sang’s martial arts skills.”

A corner of Cheonnajimang.

Men dressed in royal robes were wary of their surroundings and flirting.

They were warriors of the Five Ghosts, rooted in Guju, and were in charge of the left wing of Cheonnajimang.

“Anyway, I wonder how the calligraphy room will turn out.”

“There are more than one expert who has followed up, so we won’t be able to handle that number.”

“Are you still going to negotiate? “It would be most reasonable to share it in moderation and call it a day.”

“Is that possible? Sharing the vision you worked so hard to obtain with other forces. “If that had been the case in the first place, I wouldn’t have participated in the struggle.”

“Wait a minute, but what is that?”

“It looks like a person… Wow!”

“It’s a calligraphy room!”

The warriors in the five ghost rooms were shouting and making a fuss.

The warriors of Seodobang came in like a rising tide and cut them down at random.

“Why are there so many!”

“How on earth were we able to descend with our power intact?”

“Stop it!”

It didn’t take long for the siege to collapse.

Although Ogwibang’s warriors fought hard, it was not enough to overturn the power gap between the two sides.

The West Dao Ark, which was at the forefront cutting down the emperor’s warriors at random, exploded the Lion’s Roar.

“Let’s get out like this!”

The reason why Seo Do-bang was able to descend without any significant loss of power was because Damun used his wits to temporarily trap the elites of each faction within the strategy.

The unmanned soldiers who had easily pursued along the path where the trap had been disarmed were surprised by the sudden activation of the attack and were unable to respond properly.

Seo Do-bang took advantage of the opportunity to descend down the path guided by Dam-un and hit the left wing of Cheonnajimang.

‘I hate to admit it, but I can’t deny that he’s a great guy.’

The Ark of the West glanced back and muttered.

A group of late exponents consisting of one man and one woman.

Damun’s excellence went without saying.

After meeting him, I continued to be swayed.

I felt like I was playing in the palm of the Buddha.

However, what bothered me more was the young man swinging a sword next to me.

The cotton woman was also quite capable, but she was nothing compared to the young man.

He effortlessly cuts down the attacking warriors of Hwang, while at the same time not neglecting to watch out for the warriors of Seodobang, who may betray him at any moment.

‘Judging by the atmosphere, the cotton woman and Damun are likely to be that young man’s successor.’

The fact that he has achieved achievements beyond himself at a young age and the fact that he has excellent subordinates is the same.

He was a person who could never be taken lightly.

Perhaps in the near future, his name will spread throughout the central plains.

‘by the way… … .’

This time, Seo Dao Ark’s gaze returned to the right side of the formation.

His eyebrows rose sharply.

‘Why is that guy begging like that again?’

The figure of Cheok Sa-geom (斥邪劍) swinging his sword with a frown as if something was uncomfortable came into view.

If you are hired for a lot of money, don’t you have to pay the price?

I felt like I had to protest once I got out of the siege.

Meanwhile, Cheoksa-geom was breaking into a cold sweat after hearing a message from someone.

-After you finish your work here, please come to Huayang Sangdan in Hangzhou.

-……All right.

-You’d better not try to run away. As I said before, I know where your parents live and who they are.

If one were to point out someone who could be said to be the opposite of Cheoksa-geom, it would be none other than his parents.

Until now, most of the money he had earned as a ronin was passed on anonymously to his parents.

-one more. Think carefully about your previous suggestions.

-Do you mean to become a subordinate?

-That’s right.

-There is no option to refuse anyway.

-I have no intention of forcing the oath of loyalty. So it has no meaning.

Cheoksageom laughed as if it was absurd.

What kind of contradictory words are there?

-If you do that, stop threatening me.

-You can’t do that. If you don’t have collateral, won’t you run away without looking back?

-Didn’t you say that there was no need to force an oath of loyalty?

-Walk around with him for a while and watch him. What kind of person am I? Is he a person worth serving?

The young Yeonsun curled up the corners of his mouth and smiled.

There was no need to be tied down by memories of one’s past life and be hostile to the killing of a thousand faces.

Is there no reason why the second brother-in-law cannot claim to have done what he did?

He said as if muttering in his mind.

‘I won’t intercept you.’

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