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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 84

Episode 84

“This guy!”

“What kind of evil trick are you using?”

It was definitely there.

These are people who cannot accept the outcome and act unreasonably when it doesn’t work out.

Hwang Bo-jin, who struggled to get up using Yoo Kang-hoon’s shoulder, smiled with bloodshot eyes.

“Suppress it!”

I clicked my tongue as I looked around at the Hwangjangdae warriors slowly closing the distance.

These guys are the pillars that support the Hwangbo family, which occupied the first place in the five generations.

The future of the political faction Moorim was truly dark.

“Well, Murim is a world that runs on its own power.”


I muttered in a voice mixed with laughter and stepped forward.

The ground sank down and a heavy wave engulfed the area.

The warriors at Hwangjangdae looked nervous.

As I stared at them as they hesitated, unable to get closer, I unexpectedly rotated my new form and sprayed Wolyeonggeom’s cutting blade.

The 19th herbivorous month (播月).

Sword energy spread out in all directions and swept the area.

While the warriors on the magnificent yellow poles jumped up and widened the distance between them, I rushed at the Janghan behind him and struck out a single sword.

The first herbivorous Paam Fist of Byeokryeok Fist.

Implementing a regime with the might of ten thousand years of strength.

Jang Han’s wrist, which struck a fist, was broken with a horrifying cracking sound.

When I threw a roundhouse kick into the screaming Jang Han’s abdomen, he flew away with blood spurting from his mouth.

I didn’t stop there and rushed straight towards the next target.

He blocked the opponent’s vision with the illusory blade and spread the ghost bomb to immediately take over the rear.

I poked a few acupuncture points with my straight index finger, and he collapsed in place, foaming at the mouth.

Yoo Kang-hoon shouted urgently.

“Do not scatter! Let’s form a camp and engage in wheel warfare!”

“That order should have been issued a long time ago.”

I snorted and kicked the ground.

The others ignored him and ran in a straight line toward Hwang Bo-jin.

Yoo Kang-hoon opened his eyes and blocked Hwang Bo-jin.

“Stop him! hurry!”


The moment my fist and Yoo Kang-hoon’s fist met, a loud noise echoed throughout the area.

I let out a small exclamation.

‘They said he was the leader.’

He was definitely more skilled than others.

The level of Hwangjangdae members is at best at the peak level.

Hwang Bo-jin was only slightly better than them.

On the other hand, Yoo Kang-hoon was a strong man who had completely mastered his state.

The peak of ripeness.

It wasn’t strange when I stepped into the state of transcendence.

I thought he might have similar skills to the calligrapher Bangju I met in Zhejiang.


Yoo Kang-hoon spun the new model around and got into the gap between me.

The intention was to close the distance so that he could not swing his right hand holding the sword, but the opponent was not good.

As I was predicting his movements, I slashed at the top of the opponent’s head with my sword.

A tactic used by Ilho, a subordinate of Eumsalgwima, during a fight with the Ghost Army in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


Yu Kang-hoon hurriedly covered his head with the gauntlet he wore on his left hand, but that alone was not enough to completely protect his body from the impact.


The strong sword broke the gauntlet.

Yoo Kang-hoon’s new brother fell face first into the ground.

I gently stepped on the back of his head and looked back at Hwang Bo-jin.


Hwang Bo-jin is wasting his time.

After blowing the wind and suppressing Yoo Kang-hoon’s blood sword, I showed my teeth and smiled.

“You rude b*stard!”

“Get off!”

The remaining Hwangjangdae members belatedly attacked, but it didn’t take long before they were overpowered and had to lie down on the ground.

After defeating the last member of Hwangjangdae, I approached Hwangbojin, who was backing away in fear, and asked.

“I guess you didn’t forget your promise.”

“Hey, promise?”

“Didn’t you make a bet? “I wore the Cheonjamboui and he wore the Gwon-gap.”

I pointed with my index finger to the gauntlet that Hwang Bo-jin was wearing.

At first glance, it was an item that had the appearance of a luxury product.

The color was different from the gauntlets worn by members of Hwangjangdae, including Yoo Kang-hoon.

“Can not be done! This was given to me by the head of the family on the day I had my coming-of-age ceremony…”

“Is there any reason why I should take care of such personal circumstances?”

“Aren’t you afraid of Hwangbo’s retaliation?”

“retribution? What justification do you have for retaliation? “They were the ones who robbed someone else of the room they had reserved, and they were the ones who set up a fight because they couldn’t accept the outcome of the dispute.”


“I’m sure they don’t intend to publicly announce the fact that eight people left the group because they couldn’t handle one late Jisoo of unknown origin.”

“There is one thing you don’t know.”

“What do you not know?”

“Actually, there is a reason why we took away the accommodation.”

“At some point, I heard it was transferred through legal procedures.”


“Please continue talking. “I will listen.”

“There is a distinguished guest to attend. I can’t invite him to a cheap inn or anything like that. So, I had no choice but to occupy an empty room in Cheonho Guest House.”

“Guest of honor?”

“Sohyeongeom (昭賢劍) Wanlyekwon (萬力拳).”


“I don’t think you know, so I’ll tell you. The two are elders of the Murim Alliance. Both of you are famous figures in Moorim. Sohyeongeom holds the position of elder of the Hwasan faction, while Manryokwon holds the position of elder of the main family.”


“Do you understand now? “If the two distinguished guests even find out what happened here, a big problem will arise.”


“No matter how outstanding your martial arts skills are, you are nothing more than a reviewer. “You don’t think you can turn the Murim Alliance into an enemy and get away with it, right?”

I thought it was strange.

Among the group of people traveling with me were a Taoist from the Tang family and a Taoist from the Huashan sect.

There was no way Seo Ho-seon didn’t mention it when he protested against Hwang Bose’s warriors.

‘Well, Seo Ho-seon doesn’t know that Dang Seo-yeon is the daughter of the Dang family and that Cheon-woo Dojang is a disciple of Plum God Sword.’

Even so, it was clear that the two people were not of ordinary status.

However, Hwang Bo-jin showed a high-handed attitude towards me when I went to get my room back.

Even though he couldn’t have known that it was a potentially problematic behavior.

‘He probably thought of me as just an errand boy. Were you planning on driving him out coldly and making Seo-yeon Tang or Dojang Cheon-woo come visit him in person?’

It would not have been possible to inform a mere errand boy of such important information that a Meng elder was visiting as a guest.

If Dang Seo-yeon or Cheon-woo Dojang, rather than me, had knocked on the door to protest, there was a high possibility that they would have explained the situation and asked for understanding.

‘Anyway, I wonder if a person without a strong backing will live in sorrow.’

I chuckled and held out my left hand wide open.

Hwang Bo-jin, who was looking at it with a puzzled expression, soon frowned.

“Didn’t you hear me?”

“I heard it and I understood it. But our bet is something else. As promised, you must hand over your armor. “Please return my room.”

“Crazy guy. “Do you really not know what the consequences of your actions will be?”

“Probably what the small cooperative thinks will not happen.”


“You probably know that my group includes a poisoner from the Tang family and a Taoist from the Huashan sect.”

“That guy over there said something like that.”

“Actually, those two people are each disciples of Tang Family Lord’s Yeosik and Plum God Sword.”


“If the story is told to the two elders, it will be them who will be angry, not us.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

“Do you think this is a lie I made up to avoid the situation?”

“It’s obvious. There is no way that people of such great status would go around with someone like you without an escort.”

“Then please meet the two of them directly and check.”

“…Can you really?”

Instead of answering, I nodded slightly.

Hwang Bo-jin’s expression became blank.

It seemed like he finally realized what kind of situation he was in.

“That can’t be possible.”

“Do not ignore reality.”

“Do you really want me to be fooled by such nonsense? “Don’t try to fool me by making up reasonable words!”

“So didn’t you say you would confirm it?”


“This is already the third time I’m saying this, but I will accept the armor.”

“I can’t give it to you.”

“If you won’t give it to me, I will take it away by force. That is the law of martial arts. “Isn’t that right?”


“It’s no use trying to force it. The result is fixed anyway. Would you rather give up and surrender, or be beaten and robbed?”

Hwang Bo-jin, who had been conflicted for a long time, finally took off the gauntlet from his hand with a tearful expression.

I looked at the scene with a happy smile.

* * *

Hwang Bo-sega’s warriors each packed their belongings and left the lodgings.

“Take a look. “I won’t see you off.”


Hwang Bo-jin gritted his teeth in response to my bitter farewell.

I, who was waving my hand while staring at the backs of the heads of Hwangbo Family’s warriors rushing out of the guest house, straightened up and said,

“The room on the far right will be used by Tang Sojeo, the room next to it will be used by Cheon Sojeo, the room on this side will be used by Dam Sohyeop, and the room on the far left will be used by Cheonwoo Dojang.”

“…I guess my room is far away. Even in the aisle. “You can hear the noise of people passing by.”

Cheonwoo Dojang made a noise of disgust, but he completely ignored it.

Where did you spend a lot of money to provide accommodation?

For your information, Seo Ho-seon was using a room located in the back on the opposite side.

It was late in the evening when my group and I unpacked our belongings and immediately gathered at the restaurant on the first floor to eat.

I asked Jeomsoi, who came to take my order, to bring out all the dishes served in the guesthouse.

“…I am always surprised to see the small cooperative’s appetite.”

“You should eat it while you can.”

“You sound like you don’t eat much normally.”

Dojang Cheonwoo shook his head excitedly.

In the eyes of a Taoist monk who had spent his entire life living a life of moderation and living alone in the mountains, the sight of me frequently binge eating was a strange source of health.

After finishing our meal, my group and I dispersed to take a rest.

I went for a walk to digest what I ate.

Should it really be said to be near Dongdong Lake?

Even though it was late in the evening, the streets were still crowded with people.

Colorful lanterns disturbed my vision.

The sound of a drunkard singing aboard a small ferry and tipping a bottle of liquor pierced my ears.

I walked around for a while and looked around.

“Are you Yeon-woon?”

An old voice pierced my ears.

An old man wearing a uniform with plum blossoms on the sleeves was looking in this direction, running a hand over his stylishly trimmed white beard.

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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